Dissemination of Information?

Stardust flowing from an open hand. Digital illustration.
Stardust flowing from an open hand. Digital illustration.

The Work of The Elemental Grace Alliance shall be made available free of charge to anyone who cares for it.

I shall send anyone who asks, in e-book format or other WordPress or PDF publications, of any and all literary information that is available.  It can be then used by anyone who feels its value and support, and deem that sharing it would without doubt, be mutually beneficial and for the Greatest Good of All Concerned.  I shall also produce a book, a paperback and hopefully a hardback, because if there are any out there like me who likes the feel of a physical book in their hands, then there will be one made available. These will obviously require payment for book, packaging and posting with a small profit to help this Project to unfold.

God has made it clear to me of His/Her Desire to do this by making this statement;

“These are My Words and it is My Desire to have them made available for All of My Children, yet it is your choice to do so or not.  I Created the Word for I Am The Word.  It is only the human personality that claims ownership and the right to use them for their own selfish gain and vain acknowledgement.  My Words are free for All to use, regardless of their perceived origin or whose mouth they come forth, for I Am the Origin of All Creations, All Thoughts, All Languages, All Words and All Manifestations.  Man has always claimed My Creations as his/her personal domain, but this is a false proclamation and one that holds no value, no substance and no Truth in My Impersonal Life.” 

And so by offering all information free via e-book, other publications or website/s, I will also make available hard copies so people who choose to have them as an alternative, may obtain them in this format also.

Due to this unusual choice to facilitate this Work, this Project will just the same, require private and public support to raise the funds through other forms of income or remuneration. Certainly in the short term.  Perhaps through donations, or contributions from those who see the true value of this Project and the information shared.  Whatever transpires, I have Trust and Faith that God Will provide in all areas, the resources, financial, personal help, hardware and computer programs and whatever else is needed to support and maintain this Project so as to spread the word and assist in the Creation of Gatherings and the New Christ Councils that shall come from this.

If anyone feels within their Heart, the call to bestow a financial Blessing toward the Elemental Grace Alliance Project, I will be very grateful for your generosity in receiving such a gift.  It will go towards an even momentum to Deliver this Divine Plan in Service to Humanity, The Elemental, Nature, Devic and Angelic Host Kingdoms!

Here is the PayPal link should you wish to make a Love’s financial Donation or you may contact me for other ways to contribute if you do not have a PayPal account.

Peter’s PayPal Koha Blessing and Credit Card Link

Koha means ‘Energy Exchange of the Heart’.

If you would like to receive a free e-book, please drop me an email and I will place you on my list to send it out as soon as it are ready!  If anyone has any thoughts, feelings or Higher Information that they may feel would help this Project in any way, I am very open to receive.

Bless You In All Ways

In Love We Share, In Light We Give, In Life We Live!




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