Protecting The Future – Pelleur and Virgo One of the EGA Discourses

06 – Protecting The Future – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Pelleur and Virgo – The Elementals – 20th July, 2015


“I Am Pelleur, and I have been Present within the Elemental Grace Alliance Council, patiently awaiting the opportunity to Speak at this Esteemed Gathering, especially in the Presence of Beloved Humanity; for what I Am about to share has the potency and the intensity of a woman bringing forth her child after her waters have broken. Dear Humans and Esteemed Members of this Alliance, the Waters of the Birth of the New Consciousness and the New Christed Children have indeed broken, if We can use this analogy; and We do! For this picture is one that I wish to paint for and on behalf of My Beloved Virgo through whose Womb this Consciousness and Children will come!

“’Oh My Lord’, I say as I raise My Arms to the Great Central Sun, ‘Oh My Lord’, I say as I send forth My Heart Love and Eternal Blessings to Beloved Helios and Vesta. ‘Oh My Lord’, I say to All the Elohim and All the Elemental Directors, Our Brothers and Sisters and all those who Serve Them so patiently and so fervently, the Sylphs, the Undines, the Gnomes and the Salamanders. ‘Oh My Lord’, Thank you for this time of Now and the manifestation of such a potent and concise gathering of such Blessed Colleagues and information to be transcribed, incorporated and embraced in a single volume of imminent clarity for humanity. Bless You for the Gift that you have Bestowed upon the Hearts of the Holy Bosom of Mankind.

“The prospect of finally making some radical transitions that will inexorably support and collaborate with Beloved Virgo in offering relief of the burdens She has had to endure for the Birth of the New Consciousness and the Conception of the New Human Angels; as well as the arrival of Archangel Michael’s New Children of God’s Holy Love through the Womb of Her Being.

“Beloveds, this may sound a little overplayed, over rated indeed, by Me, but believe Me when I say, We Elementals are Strong, Powerful, and Commanding Beings, more so are We in Great Adoration for all those who give so much for such little in return; and Adoration is a Universal Law few speak about. Though We are Mighty and can achieve Mighty things, the power of human projections, have pushed Us to the limits of Our Endurance, the limits of Our Patience and the boundaries of Our Resilience to that which humanity has enmeshed and cemented Us in. The effects and the influences of human thought, words and actions have created such effluvia into Our Waters; such pollution into Our Airways; such bombardment of atomic distortions throughout the Electronic bodies; the mountains of discarded waste into Our Earth; it is a miraculous thing that any of Our Beloved Elements are still here on Earth at all. The restraints They have had to acquire while remaining within the parameters of their Charters has been, and there is no other word that can describe it, miraculous indeed!

“I want to share something with Our Dear Humans; something extraordinarily important and something that few, if any, have ever considered at any depth before. I speak here to the Conscious Light Workers; those who are and have been cognizant of their Spiritual growth and journey and mindful of the work they do in clearing the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. You Dear Souls have been carrying the burdens of humanity within your four lower bodies, particularly throughout this incarnation and without you having agreed to this undertaking, the contemporary perpetual progress of human evolution concurrently with the Elementals and others would never have been achieved.

“You wonder why you go through so many aches and pains and stiffness within your bodies; you wonder why you can’t contemplate clearly or even meditate as you once may have; you wonder why your emotions are up and down and flare up for no apparent reason. You concern yourselves with absolute knowing that you have cleared certain personal issues only to find that they return in another form, seemingly with Greater levels of lethargy and sluggishness, sadness and depression. You wonder why the headaches and the lack of energy just to get out of bed some mornings. Well My Beloved Children of God, you are as the Elementals are, for that is their role also; to clear and transmute all negative encodements of Earth and human grids and matrices.

“What is transpiring at this time is the conscious awareness that through your unified collaboration with the Elementals this cleansing shall become far easier and far more effective. This combined effort of Synchronization and Purity of Purpose through the Divine Substance of Love will now not only lift you out of the tar pit of human consciousness, but it will transmute the tar into Light as you raise the levels of your realizations through a very focused and definitive attention to detail for others to follow. Achieving this will automatically raise the Elementals out of their tar pits within their working environments, and in performing such a Service to Humanity and the Elementals, a new collaboration will be forged in Trust, Respect, Adoration and Joy!

“Poisonous toxins, nuclear waste, chemical concoctions and by products, masses of material wastes, effluent discharges; you Beloveds have been bearing the weight of all these things both upon and within your biology. The cross that Jesus carried was that of human consciousness when He walked upon the Earth, you have come in with not only this cross to bear but that of all the misaligned creations of mankind and the symbology of that cross, that weight so charged with negativity from the results of man’s ill and mis-use of the Whole of Mother Earth’s eco System, you have taken on board as part of your Service to Humanity and Earth, now awaits a radical change for you! And you wonder why We All Love You So Much and Are So willing to come to help you every moment of every hour of every day. But We can only help those who ask for our support.

“We are bound by the Charters that God gave Us and part of these Fiats are that We can help no human being unless We are specifically called upon for that assistance and guidance. The cross that you bear Dear Souls could never have been carried by just One Soul at this time of Earth’s Evolution, and so God in His Wisdom gave it to everyone who asked for permission to join a Greater Team of Initiates to carry this burden. When the Clarion Call went out, thousands of you answered and said, ‘Dear Lord, I Am Strong, I Am Powerful, I Am Love and I shall hold the Three Fold Flame of Love Blazing in My Heart while Serving Humanity and Earth in this task. I will carry that Burden to this Flame within Me for Transformation, Transmutation and Transfiguration’; and So God gave you the responsibility and the Blessings that went with it. That is your Soul’s Purpose in this incarnation!

“I Pelleur and Virgo live within the Hollow Core of Earth, along with many other Divine Beings. There is so much about the Core of Earth that you know nothing about, yet humanity affects the Hollow Core more than We care to bring to your awareness, especially with the use of nuclear fusion, explosions and weaponry. But indirectly there is also the consequences that come from massive earthquakes that when compared to nuclear discharge and explosion, although nuclear emission are not included, truly creates a great deal of concern by Us. If one nuclear bomb can upset the Balance of the Hollow Core and its inhabitants, with Our levels of Purity and Balance, imagine what 20,000, 30,000 or 40,000 or more times a nuclear blast will do, when a whole surface mass of two or more continents shift, sliding under and on top of each other. The forces that are created through these movements are in catastrophic proportions not only for the surface dwellers, but also for the inhabitants of Civilizations of Inner Earth. These Earth shifts are not harmonically controlled, they are, as has been explained, abrupt movements that produce enormous shock waves, for no other reason, but to attain the Balance of human consciousness that has run rampant upon the surface of the Earth. Here in the Hollow Earth We have a Purity of Balance, where Our Sun is the Constant Sun of Even Pressure that maintains an even temperature all year round; where the seasons are not as you experience them on the surface.

“Our Light is soft and translucent that baths Us with a gentleness of Grace, Beauty and Harmony where all things grow in abundance and in a way that potentializes the very Essence that They Are! The Love Substance here is made use of by the Brothers and Sisters of the Elementals of Air, Water, Earth and Fire upon the surface. So Dear Souls We have a much easier time rebalancing and making good any damages. However, just the same, it is of grave concern for those Dear Souls living there while humanity on the surface remains out of control.

“Love Dear Ones is the Cohesive Power of Earth and this Universe, and I Pelleur, Am That Love that holds the Earth, not only in its orbit around Beloved Helios and Vesta, but I Am the Sun of Even Pressure within the Earth, Who Radiates the Love from this Core through Mother Virgo all the way to the surface and into the stratosphere and heliosphere. Without this Radiance nothing would be held here. Scientists call the stability of Earth ‘gravity’ yet they know not what gravity is, nor where it comes from. My Love and the Love of All the Elemental Directors, The Elohim and The Angelic Devas, are in very basic terms the Love (gravity) that allows Life to live and breathe upon and within this World and all other Planets throughout this Solar System.

“The Inner or Hollow Core does not have ‘gravity’, not in the same way it is on the surface of this World. The crust of Earth under you is the same floor or surface for those who live here. Have your scientists considered this? We wonder how many precious months and years they shall waste to find an equation that will answer that for them, when they do; base 12 not base 10 will comfort them! All in Good God time, Indeed!

“Love is the Prime Substance on which you stand. It is the Substance which makes up your human biology. It is that Love which holds all Beings Who belong to this Evolution and have been accepted by this Evolutionary Plan within the orbit of the Earth. It is that Love which has accepted again, again and again the excrement of human life and through Grace, Gentleness and Kindness has and will continue to transmute it into the Purity and Perfection of God’s Love and Life.

“We, Pelleur and Virgo are very aware of the moans and groans and the travailing journey of the Birth of the New Consciousness and the Christed Children, for They will come out of the Great Womb of This Mother; and I the Father, Will Be Present at Each Birth of this Miracle. We are the Consciousness of the Rejuvenation of Life and the Cosmic White Fire Flame, We Are the Consciousness of Elemental Life Serving All Planes of this Creation of God.

“The Elemental Directors are indeed Creative Beings of Love, and We are tenaciously Attentive to Our Endeavors in holding Planet Earth together and seeing that She fulfils all Her Objectives and Responsibilities, no matter what may obstruct Her Mission. So please be aware of Our Mighty Love which lies within cooperation, not only with the Directors of the Elements, but all those Loving Beings Who give so much to this Divine Creation of Love, including humanity!

“We therefore humbly ask that should there arise an occasion where you as individuals or any living thing requires assistance for the Greatest Good of All Concerned, You Being Our God-Family could give and will give that calming Balance, Peace and Understanding, even though you may not even to speak a word. Call Us to your side and We WILL come and show you the Essence of Our Love for you and through you and All of Life! Please absorb into your hearts what Beloved Aloha has shared with you, in the previous Discourse, for Aloha’s formal request is a most vital opening prospect to achieve a successful outcome and should not be allowed to collapse by the way side though lack of your attention. I wish to share with you another aspect of this clearing and cleansing that truly plagues virtually every inch of Earth where humanity is or has ever lived in the past. It is just as important if not Greater in scale and more potent in need of healing and making Whole again, than any other directive. It is one of the greatest impediments, blockages, obstacles and resistances that man faces from a day to day point of view.

“It has been mentioned in Aloha’s Address, but now I wish to elaborate, so that the message is loud and clear. I Pelleur wish to speak of this, for the occasion is ripe in the here and now! It relates to the embedding, imprinting and implanting of negative matrices of energy into the Earth’s records or registers by unconscious humanity. Within the Divine Creation of the Universe there is within it a Matrix of Consciousness that aligns itself to the Unity Consciousness of The All That Is, and so it is not difficult to appreciate that all thoughts, words and actions, of every level of vibration, upon every World, every alternate Dimension of Reality and within every form of life, in form or formlessness is recorded for all to know.

“Your DNA Dear Humans carry all of this information, did you know that? If one can grasp this, even from the most mundane of levels, then a more expansive awareness is born whereby nothing can ever escape the notice of anything else. It will be those who have the ability to tune in and receive such transmissions, expressions or movements that will be in a better position to respond to such recordings by taking full responsibility for their manifestations.

“These registers, within The Earth Crust and within human biology, hold great volumes of information that can be used for all types of situations; communication, healing, education, growth, travel, revealing the past, just to name a few. You have heard the saying ‘there is not a single sparrow that falls from the sky that God does not Know about’. This refers to the God Consciousness of All of Creation.

“Now please note that every feeling, every thought, every word or action that you have every given forth, in the course of all of your lives here and elsewhere has been and is recorded; every blink of your eye every gesture, can you imagine the potency that this has the ability to create; both positively and negatively in a physical, mental, emotion or etheric World. They are recorded in register formats within an Energetic Computer Type System that you would not understand. This information is collected both within and outside of the Earth, all physical matter, humanity included. Anything physical can and will absorb or hold such energetic records. Psychometry, the reading of physical objects, is the term you use to read such things, an antique knife, ring, old building or an Earth location where something has happened, such as a battle or some sort of meeting place or whatever the event.

“Now that you have the premise of what I Am alluding to, you will be able to appreciate that thoughts, feelings, words and actions that have been projected by humanity in the past have left the body and transferred and embedded themselves within the Earth; all of these consciousness energies. Now these energies are not dormant, they are living vibrant pulsations of electronic substance that will magnetize unto themselves the same like energy. For example, there may be a car crush along a very straight road, perhaps a driver who lost his life by falling asleep at the wheel. Before long there befalls another accident with a death as a result at the very same location. This is not happenstance, this is the magnetic pull and attraction of an energetic that draws unto itself the same scenario, the same molecular structure of the thought form, feelings, words or actions that where laid down within the soils of that location.

“Are you beginning to see the picture? Every civilization, city, ancient site has a story to tell and the best way to discover the story is to go to that location and sit upon the Earth where it once existed. We now know from what the Beloved Elohim have shared previously, these places and things of manifestation, that were created without the Protection of the Love Substance by Beloved Peace and Aloha, that were not Created in Loving Accord with the Seven Steps of Precipitation, will always dissolve, disintegrate and return to dust from whence they came. In turn will always repeat the same energetic profile. The locations of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes all repeat, repeat, repeat, under the same principle. However, even though the materialization may come and go in time, the Energetic Sensory registration patterns will still be present. That is until these records are released through cleansing and rewriting!

“Let Us take another scenario that in this case holds extreme Karma that is magnified beyond all imagination. The scenarios relate to war and war crimes; the action and implementation of ill intent and then including the application of such inhumane action, once the war is over and the intended results by the perpetrators have been achieved or not, there is a trail of embedded energy within these areas, that can include material devices and resultant continued destruction that not only holds such violence, but still hold the intention to maim, mutilate, disfigure, injure, wound and destroy.

“I will liken a direct example using Vietnam, where innumerable bombs were dropped over North and South Vietnam. So many that indeed large numbers never detonated. These bombs, even though the war has come and gone, are still being activated accidently by innocent men, women and dare I say, Our Beloved Children. ‘Oh My Lord’, look at the children in Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries who are being armed and using these little Souls for the purpose of their own inhumanity toward mankind. The consequences of these actions are so grave indeed! If you could only imagine a minute fraction of this, the World would change overnight.

“I know that you will say that they also have Karma to clear within themselves, but Dear Souls, I say with a Weary Heart, the bigger picture IS indeed understood, yet Compassion, Forgiveness, Benevolence, Grace, is not what is understood at these levels of inhumane and ill intended actions that are simply being compounded minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week! The consequences do not stop with humanity; they also encompasses the whole of the Elemental World, The Nature Realms and the Angelic Domains around this Planet. All warring nations, including the leaders and those who make these decisions and the people that allow these things to occur, have such an incredible responsibility of clearing up the messes that are made. I Pray to God, that this is being felt at the very Core of your Beings, for I Am not mincing My Words here. I Am deliberately taking you deeper within your emotional bodies because I Am going somewhere with this. So please bear with Me!

“Let Us not stop with warring nations, let Us now include, banking, financial and economic institutions that deliberately direct their actions toward stripping the general masses of their livelihoods by either depleting hard earned money, stripping away retirement funds, hoarding massive amounts of wealth, so as to control, and actually help to starve people of their God Given Rights! Look at Greece this very day, people who cannot pay their rent, cannot buy food for their families and cannot earn a simple living, all because the banks are holding onto their funds simply by keeping their doors shut. This is an outrage and is not the Action of God Man or God Woman. This is done without compassion and with no conscience or remorse for their actions. They actually enjoy the feelings of the power they so falsely believe in.

“You have pharmaceutical and drug companies who deliberately develop and manufacture drugs to use against humanity; vaccines, viruses, birth control and aids; all to continue ill health, stifle life by preventing the cures of human ailments and diseases. They pay and control governments for their own personal and private selfish agendas of making larger profits and controlling population growth and indeed evolution.

“You have food production companies who again deceive to control and are in the processes of genetically modified organisms (GMO) to eliminate good nutrition, stifle natural evolution and withhold the truth about the facts regarding their research and products and the damages that they are doing to the Earth, humanity and the environments.

“You have religious factions that mislead, mis-govern and use prefabricated information to gather followers for personal and selfish gains.

“Finally but not least you have the governments of your World. Not necessarily those at the front line, but more to the point, those who are behind the control of them. Of these electorates, very few, in fact, are actually there to serve the people. Not in a way that is required to offer Salvation to Humanity right now. Yes, they will argue and defend and keep the ball of untruth going around and around in circles, so as to confuse, yet when the Truth surfaces, the Truth will be so far from what people have been experiencing, so unbelievable, humanity in general will feel so offended, appalled and perplexed they will suffer speechlessly with emotions of betrayal.

“Beloved Souls, I Am not here making judgments, for everything is unfolding in a way that in Reality is supporting humanity on the whole, but the time has come whereby something radical within the overall scheme of things would be advantageous to implement to turn the tide quicker that is at present flowing in and out. What I Am bringing to the Light for those of you Who truly are beginning to feel the pressures of the hour, so that your attention may, from this time forward, be directed away from such things and toward a Love In Action; toward the maximum potential of change at any given time simple by the use of LOVE! Today I Am asking each of you to consider more closely to clean the land, to cleanse and remove and raise the vibration of all the places around the World that continue to resonate with the old pattern of human revolution, human mis-use and mis-directed and mis-qualified energies that have been created and that have taken so much Life and Love away!

“The theme of this round of discussions is all about ‘Protecting the Future’. ‘Protecting the Future’ begins by cleaning, cleansing, rejuvenating and regenerating the past. It is about the recalibration of Earth Energies through the recalibration of your own; just as many are now doing. But not on the scale that We would like to see happen now. There is much Earth healing taking place, but in Truth the foundations of their intentions are not as pure as they could be and healings are not that effective, not really! There are many mis-qualified energies that remain over shadowing the potentialities of these dear and lovingly intentional Souls, it is just that they are still not fully informed as to how much more profound their work can be. Many still allow the attachments to money, self aggrandizement, self empowerment and lots of other selfish aspects of human nature to taint the energies they transmit along with the healing thoughts and feelings. And most of all these healings are not being founded within the Laws of Love and Created through the Seven Steps of Precipitation that all Creations of God are founded upon. I feel that I have brought a great deal to the table and perhaps I have said too much, but in every word lays a gift, a gift of the transmission of the Substance of Love! I step back now, In Love and Bless Each One for having the patience to listen or read and to consider more deeply the Vibrational tones of the words, as well as what lies between the spaces around the words. You will Know what I refer to when you will take the time to be in Silence with the intention to discover the contents of such Earth records and registers!

“On Behalf of Beloved Virgo and My I Am Presence as Pelleur, I Love You.”

If you resonate with this information you can receive a free copy of the E-Book by writing to me.


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