We The Bees Speak!

The Elemental Grace Alliance – A God Awakening New Book

What To Call The Next Set of Discourses – Peter – 24th June, 2015

 We The Bees

“Dear God I Am, of Incorruptible Matter at Infinite Speed, I wish to call upon my Higher Self to ask does God have a theme or itinerary for the next round of Discourses that would assist in the direction for which the Elemental Grace Alliance Council would most benefit everyone”?

As I write this question a bee is on my office floor buzzing around frantically; the second in two days. Yesterday I sort of ignored another and I am ashamed to say it died! In fact over the last week at least three other bees I found in the house all of which I removed and placed them upon an outside flower thinking that they might need some nectar. I sent them my love and left them in the hands of God’s Will for them.

But today this bee is far more active and it has got my undivided attention, so I will first go and release him and then come back. Oh my God he is now at my feet, Bless Him! I have no idea how he got in, but God moves in mysterious ways indeed! I have had so many bee experiences, that they are now very much a part of my awareness, well most of the time!

The bee has now been released and flown away safely, I return now to the communiqué.

“We are always here to answer all questions and guide and offer Our perspective so that Truth will one day be at the forefront of everyone’s heart and mind.

“We are advocating through discernment Dear Soul that the use of the word “consequences” as suggested in previous thought processes, would be more beneficial if it was given less focus, for these “consequences” are part of a negative construct in the way it has been put forward up until now. And so, rather than this title being used as a lime light of attention for the Group, there are other more relative headings that would offer Greater Convergence of positivity and sensitivity toward the Goal at hand. It is not for Us to choose this heading for this will be your choice, but suffice is to say the bee may have something to say that would provide for Greater Clarity and strength within the structure of these Discourses. We will step aside and allow the Bee Consciousness to speak with you. Would this be acceptable to you”?

Peter; “Of course I would love for the Bees to Speak, I have desired to open a communication with the Bees for a long time now, even created a title for a new book called “We The Bees Speak”, but I have been a little afraid that I would not be the best person to provide such a worthy contribution to the stories that they have to share with us. I know many others who are far more qualified in a bee/human conscious transmission link and so I have stood back and let go of this idea; hoping that someone else would pick up on this thought form and act upon it.

“Yes please, I invite the Bees to share Their Wisdom, anytime!”

“We The Bees Speak! Indeed, if only humanity would open their hearts to listen, We so Love humanity and of All Life upon the Planet, You see God chose Us to work in direct alignment with humanity on a physical level. We are not the only Ones, Who provide the cross pollination of plant life for food, but Our Kind does have a Primal and Primary Part to play in food production in general and have done so, for more than 100 million years upon this Planet.

“We The Bees Speak, constantly to humanity yet very few listen to the languages that We speak through and like The Elementals that We heard share their stories just a few scant days ago within this Alliance……… yes We are Listening very closely also……., for We too have been taken to the edge of Our tolerances by humanities arrogance and inhumanity toward Our Kind over time gone by. Billions upon billions of bees are nowadays, being slaughtered by the use of pesticides, genetically modified organisms, chemical sprays that pollute the airs We breathe. Our lives are very delicately Balanced, or they were once upon a time.

“Peter, you were informed less than a week ago that a huge swarm of bees attacked and killed two of your dear friend’s horses, the two Unicorns that played such an important role in the Work that they had come to perform upon the land within that area of Guatemala. This is not the place for details regarding that incident, but We shall tell you that the imbalances that have been created by mankind around the World have forced our kinds to genetically modify Our Own DNA, to radically change Our programs and activities, so that We too, like the Elementals, are able to survive and continue Our Divine Charters with God.

“These species of bees, man is calling “killer bees”! They are just a few hybrids of some 20,000 different species of bees around the World. You see, man does not know what he does and is taking no care in doing it. We are being killed by the hundreds of billions, and when our kind change Our patterns of providing Our Service so that man can continue his/her lives upon the Planet, indeed for Our survival, by unintentionally killing those who intrude upon our territories We are called “killers”.

“The killing of horses at Parialaj is not as it seems, and other like instances in other isolated cases were not intentional, however, when our hives are threatened, perceived or otherwise, bees will attack for We too must survive to protect Our Fiats to provide for humanity on the whole. As you know however there are no coincidences and there are also Higher Values and reasons for anything to occur. There are always gifts in the offering at Higher Levels of Awareness. One other point that would be beneficial here is that bees generally have a life cycle of only 6 to 10 weeks depending upon the location and climate conditions, and in those precious moments upon Earth they have much work to do! Please consider this also for within it, is a mountain of expanded awareness to give humanity a much clearer respect for the work We do.

“Calling us ‘killers’ is a conscious  that will without doubt, in alignment to the Universal Laws of Reflection, force the escalation of these incidences and others. Our hives are growing larger in numbers in Nature within their communities as survival tactics. We pray that humanity will awaken to the folly of their ways sooner rather than later to avoid these unnecessary losses of life. We The Bees Speak, here not with judgment, just the facts in which humanity understands. The proof of man’s actions are everywhere today, the reflections are being shown to them more and more directly and in more and more exaggerated ways so that, God forbid, it does not come to a point of no return!

“We The Bees Speak of Our sorrow and heartache, and wanted to take this opportunity to say that We to are working at this time at the very limits of Our endurance, We are tired and We too need the help of humanity in every possible way they can! Please Help Us!

“We apologize for this diversion away from your request for assistance, and We thank you for the saving of that bee’s life having attracted your attention. He shall live, but many whom We have sent to you to obtain your attention have given of their lives just so you would open your heart to Speak with Us. The messages are vital to disseminate and We would ask that you when you have time to open a new opportunity to communicate with Us. We ask this of many now to get Our Message out there within the minds of men, women and children. “We The Bees Speak,” would be a wonderful way to help Our kind to regenerate, rejuvenate and more importantly revitalize so that We may return, unhindered to provide the pollination and honey to the Sweetness of Human Life!

“Now to your request. It is only just now becoming known that bees are Masters of Society within Our hives. Again this is not the place to discuss each point of this very organized, very structured and ordered co-operation between the Members of Our Communities.

“If you wish to follow Our lead We would offer you these points for consideration in your choice of an innovative title for your next set of Discourses within the Elemental Grace Alliance;

  • Bees protect the future by not focusing on localized areas of high productivity of the resources found. We are not a community that works to exploit the short term supply of resources but open our fields of awareness to work toward the continued supply of resources for the future. If the localized resources are fully depleted and no planning is made for the future in finding other potentials further afield, then our survival could be threatened in this way.
  • Bees do not depend on one authoritative figure, in Our case the Queen. She is by all means still the head of the colony, and without Her the colony would not survive, but there are many “heads of state” for want of better words, that make decisions without first getting approval from the Queen. This allows Our overall Group to flourish for unlike God Who Knows All, the Queen is limited to the hive and knows nothing of the outside World. Therefore there is a natural delegation that occurs that allows for decision makers to step up to the mark and act for and on behalf of the Greater Good of All.
  • Bees maintain at all costs a Balance within the colony so that it may function as smoothly as possible. And in doing so just like We described before, the genetic modifications with the hmmmm…”killer bees”, new programs and activities are put into effect for the long term survival of the species. Let us call these bees from now on, ‘hybrids’ or ‘survivor’ bees, for their genetic profiles are somewhat a long way away from our Original Design where survival was not a part of Our Original makeup. Our Design was Life Eternal and that does not make any allowances for survival. Just like humanity in their own evolutionary ways!

“We The Bees Speak, for the Highest Good Of All Concerned and wish to impart Our Love and Joy for Life. Ask Us for Our Knowledge and Wisdom and We will offer it freely and abundantly to whoever asks. Bless you for your patience, We The Bees Speak, in Gratitude and Blessings for this opportunity to share.”

Peter; “Thank you so much Bees for your insights and gems of Wisdom. Yes we know how difficult is for you all, and as part of the Elemental Grace Alliance platform we will do all we can to help and assist, so you too may return to more beautiful and radiant times without further stress and degradation. Bless You from the Core of My Heart.”


In light of this communication with both My Higher Self and the Bees I feel that naming the next set of Discourses will be about clarifying the making of better choices through deeper awareness of our past, so that we can all better protect our future. I believe that this will entail the eventual acceptance that we are Sovereign Beings capable of making decisions for the Greater Good of All Concerned. To me this will be about the Expression of God’s Impersonal Love through the individualized expressions of our humanness by embodying and employing our Divine Gifts and Talents in Service to All Life here on Earth.


Let us call the next set of Discourses, ‘Protecting the Future’ in Honor of the Bees and their contribution to Earth , humanity and indeed all life!

Sounds good to me!


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