Beloved God I Am of Incorruptible Matter at Infinite Speed, can you share with me how we as humanity in the New Energies can physically speed up and expand more quickly within our four lower bodies, to achieve our desires and creative abilities in the shortest time possible?

We Are here to support and Love You, Each One of you as you make your transitions into greater and more expanded consciousness. We have taken on board what you have asked and although this is a large subject that has many aspects of vibrational frequencies to it We will respond within the framework that each of you know best; the way to move forward by the processions of every day routines and physical actions.  We shall be brief and allow each of you to place your own interpretations upon this principles so that you may adapt and implement as you see fit. It is very difficult to Live a 5D Dimensional lifestyle within a 3D dimensional mindset and physical domain that presently surrounds you upon a daily basis.  So we hope that this helps to get those Cosmic Energies Flowing.  Let’s us layout 3 simple but workable routines that you can easily engage no matter where you are or what your present lifestyle is. They are Movement, Trust and Time!  

1st Movement 

Movement allows the Energies of all types to flow.  When one is inactive then the Energy is limited in its movement or flow.  This is the same within the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  This includes that of Spiritual as well.  So invite yourself to begin to become active on a grander scale than what is present within your lack of movement or that which could be deemed your insecurity in what direction to begin your movement toward at the moment.  This does not mean to the degree that one becomes preoccupied with the activity but active in the aspect that the Energies are in action or motion toward the goal or desire.

In the New Energies there is a very different aspect to the thinking process.

For example: Begin each day by greeting your Self, deeply within your own eyes in the mirror as you wake and then those around you, including Spirit.  Go for your walk, bike ride or the like; maybe a walk in the park, or some physical exercise that will limber up the body first thing in the morning.  Get those energies moving around and within the body.  Then shower and have breakfast.  Drink plenty of water as this is a great conduit to transmit electricity or electromagnetic currents of thoughts, words and deeds.  Take some time then to consult your self about the quality of your day.  Your desires for that which you wish to achieve during that day.  It is a time for reflection and activation!  Don’t be surprised that inspirations and new thoughts become a large part of this routine as the energies are already flowing at all levels within the mind, body and Spirit.  It is recommended that all physical activities be completed by around midday, so that after lunch you may settle back and do lighter duties such as computer work etc.  Take plenty of time off for yourself and remember when energies are moving it is easier for everyone to create and manifest that which is desired.  It is easier for Spirit to guide and direct the energies that are already in motion rather than cranking them up when they are not in motion.

2nd  Trust

Trust is an aspect that does not need to be explained to anyone at this level, but it is the implementation of this that could be acted upon in a little more of an active way.  You trust in yourself and the Energies of movement throughout the physical, mental and emotional bodies that interact with Spirit and they then all become entwined and motivate each other into action. We speak of the Unity and the intention behind the interaction in hand and with this you may move mountains through the Powers of Unification and the connection to All things.  The Oneness of the mind, body and Spirit, both of man and God in all their dimensions are activated and the energies expand and align the intentions desired.  You are not being told anything you don’t already know but this may be a gentle reminder to step forward in the Oneness of All and simply Trust in the Motion of your Intention.

3rd  Time and Timing of Resources

Here is the third aspect of what is taking place within this process.  You are One who knows and trusts in these matters of Divine Order, Sequence and Circumstance, however, you are being invited to be mindful that time and timing in the physical world is what is needed to be honored.  You are of course capable of shifting or warping time, but we are now speaking of interacting with others who may not be quite within your playing field.  As you move forward with the movement and your intentional desires, use your trust and faith. Time will slowly disappear and this is when all the Higher Dimensional Realms come into play within your 3D world.  Why? Because your Vibrational Frequencies are tapping into those Realms where time and space do not exist.  Remember you are integrating the Energies of Heaven through you consciously now upon this Earth Plane, so by using the Higher Concepts of Heart Mind Manifestation, you align these Energies and thus the Manifestation unfolds right before your physical eyes, both out of and within time.  Patience on your part is the advice given!  One cannot run before they walk, so this is all a learning and integrating experience.  The better the alignment, the less Energy it takes for your desires to manifest.  The clearer your intention and the Higher your Levels of Trust, the less movement is required on your part.  The closer you become to the Oneness of Mother/Father God the less you have to DO, leaving you a greater amounts of time to Simply BE!

You are Master Creators, so you are invited to put these various Masterships into action through Movement, Trust and all through God’s Divine Order and Timing.  Be in allowance and be clear as to what you desire to Create or Co-Create.  The clearer you are the quicker the manifestation.

Your Are Multidimensional Dear Soul’s, so within these 3rd Dimensional processes do not forget your Higher Purposes or Your Magnificence.

In Love and Joy for the Human Experience

We Are One

Peter:- Bless You, thank you, yes this helps a lot!


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