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Dear Soul’s, The Elemental Grace Alliance is about many things, but one of the most important facets of the Proposals to Create a Bridge to Freedom is the Creation of the Christs Councils around the world , now within the physical realms of humanity.

I am being guided Now to Create various Christ Councils of 12 around the world, so if you feel you would like to partake in such a Group or would like to receive more information about these Councils, please let me know. But a great beginning would be to read the Elemental Grace Alliance for there are some very specific criteria that one must achieve and thus attain to be able to pass through the ‘Rings Passeth Not’ of such Christos Consciousness.  What we are being told by the Hierarchy is that there are many Light Workers now approaching these Rings very quickly!

For the Book, the Elemental Grace Alliance, symbolically speaking I have placed within the Alliance’s Logo a Symbol for God; the Circle with a dot in the Centre of It, referring to the Infinite and Eternal Life of All of God’s Creations. So the title of the Book, The God Awakening, could also read, The Christ Awakening or even The Christ Councils; a Holy Trinity of symbolic representation O for One, The Father/Mother, The Son/Daughter and the Holy Spirit/I Am Presence of Human Beings. I have created the Logo to look like a Sun, our Solar Sun or the Great Central Sun, which ever you prefer.  But if you were to download and expand the image, you will see that the Rays turn into 12 Golden Chairs. The Dot or Ball, in the Centre, is the Golden Planet that we all live upon; Mother Gaia, representing the 7th New Golden Age of Transformation and Ceremony through St Germain. The 12 Seats Represent those Who shall sit as the Council Representatives, Whoever They may be, at the time!

It is my understanding that the first wave of those who have come to fully embody the Christ Consciousness upon Earth, the 144,000, shall be these who appoint themselves to such Seats within these World Christ Councils.

I, just this minute while writing this information for the new Christ Councils Book, speaking with Sue about the event of passing through the final Rings Passeth Not; stepping into our Siddhi Levels of Consciousness as detailed within the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd quoted this passage to her out of the Elemental Grace Alliance Discourse by Helios, Round 4; Narayana and Divine Grace.

“The Resonant Energies between now and 2020 shall increase exponentially, which means that those who are aware of such things, especially those now opening themselves to become the New Disciples, will have to consciously recalibrate themselves and each other, upon each Eclipse, Equinox and Solstice, so that they will not be adversely affected. These Dear Souls then, can Work with the Resonant Fields of Humanity to assist them and so this We offer yet another Constructive Use for the Radiation Centres. So please become aware of such increases in the influx from Us. Dear Ones, these magnifications will come from Us, your Solar Sun. Just another reason for you all to now become much closer to Understanding Our Radiations and to Know how to Use them for the Greatest Good of All Concerned.

“It is imperative Dear Hearts, that from now on, you know that while there are still a great deal of tumultuous activities taking place around your Planet, it does have Great Purpose. So do not feel bad when something you are Working upon, does not receive your expected or anticipated result. Instead, Know that it is Your Radiance that will keep it in Perfect Alignment with God’s Will. The years 2038 and 2075 shall be milestones for change, but the focus, concentration, and dedication must begin now, even if by only a few to get those Inner Sanctuaries up and running! It shall only be fear that will remain as the destructive, chaotic and imbalanced forces that shall maintain any disparities. Remember, you shall be in a training period for a while, just as Beloved Maha Chohan indicated. So Patience Dear Hearts, get to grips with the Order of the Day, set everything in sequence, as you now wish to continue”.

So there is still a lot of work to do, yet preparations are truly under way in a much more intrinsic way than ever before! So we all must be ready for those supporting Energies that Our Solar Sun through Helios and Vesta shall provide.

Beloved Metatron shared this with me during the Discourses within the Elemental Grace Alliance;

“I Am Metatron and extend to you my Brother warm greetings of Love and Light.  Peter, you are now moving into position for some very important work for humanity and the Hierarchy.  We are now ready to respond in a way we have never done in the past and this opportunity shall be the first of many.  It is important that you know the depth of importance for this, for within the foreseeable future,  we are going to be acknowledged by your governments and this means that it is time to interact on so many new levels for humanity as a mass consciousness.  This awareness is now ripe and although we do see some minor glitches that will occur by those whom will not wish to believe, we believe that those who shall represent the New Changes will follow through with our “live contacts” and will assist us greatly during the initial periods.

“So tonight we shall do as you ask, but please move swiftly now as we wish to set these new plans in motion.  We shall fill you in on all the requirements and intentions of our part and you  shall be told of what shall be required of you and your colleagues.  Those that are now gathering  are nearly ready to do this and you are in a most favorable position. All you need to do now is to open this live transmission Template and be ready for the next steps to manifest.  We bid you good night and shall speak again before you sit tomorrow”.

Thank you Metatron I shall be ready to open the gate and honor you and all with my Service.  Blessings – Peter

Beloved Shekinah of the High Council of Elohim, through my colleague Mel, says this about the New Christ Councils;

“The Human Angel Circles or Christ Council can now accomplish great steps forward to achieve the foci of human yearning and endeavor, bringing God’s Love and God’s Truth to the surface Realms of human thought and belief. The Christ Consciousness now has a centre of focus, activation and stabilization that has successfully bridged the chasm, between the Higher and lower Realms; as above, so below, and as below, so above. 

“The pulsing Radiance of you all, is a Joy to behold, by All of Us in the Higher Vibrations. There are Prime Processes within the Universal Laws of Creation, All large and small scale Evolutionary Developments begin at a single point of focus, (a thought, word or idea), that expands rapidly outward, to self replicate, and thus achieve radical changes and developments.

“Bringing together two or more human beings, co-creates an energetic of possibility which will indeed, lead to the unexpected and successful change in the fabrics of your realities. Such a development would not have been conceivable, let alone achievable, without all the wonderful Love Light Energy being anchored now, by so many Star Light Seeds. Beloved Children of God, dare to look outside of what was and dream of that which you desire to be; then go and live it”!

These Councils will be imperative for the search of Universal Solutions and Resolutions to all problems relating human interaction with each other, the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host as well as Beloved Earth as set out within the Elemental Grace Alliance.

“To achieve any solution to any problem, first you must Let Go and Let God! No personality can be included in the seeking of Truth, no ego or any thoughts that support self gain or self aggrandizement, can be present during such Discourses. Intentions must be the Purest of Heart and ONLY for THE GREATEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED, in Grace, Harmony, Balance and Unconditional Love. It is this simple fact that will guarantee success of the objective!”

So let’s now look at these Christ Councils and what they are in Principle.

Christ Councils are Councils of Enlightened Masters that Create, Oversee, and Implement the Divine Christ Consciousness. They are the Educators and Supporters of The Christos Energies throughout all times, the Ones behind The Christ, the Ones that you never see, or hear about. That is until now, when they shall make themselves known here upon the planet is physical human beings. They have always remained veiled and behind the scenes in order to Serve Their Purpose. They have Created and held the Seeds for the Evolution of Humanity since the beginning of the Divine Plan, to culminate in the Birthing of Christ Consciousness in this Age: the New Golden Age for Joy, Happiness, Love, Wisdom and Power.

Beloved Lord Melchizedek gives much detail about the Christ Councils and Christ Consciousness with His Discourse within the Alliance. Definitely worth a read!

The Christ Councils oversee, organize, and execute the Divine Christos Blueprint which for us was first realized notably as established by the 13 members of the Body of Christ 2000 years ago. They were principally responsible for the Conscious Birthing of this movement. Thus preparing the dissemination of the teachings of Christ, and His Inner Circle of Close Apostles. They numbered 12, and were responsible for Over Lighting, or supervising, the bodies of the 12 Apostles of Christ Yeshua when they were alive. Yet there were also many others whom we know as the Essenes, 72 in number to begin such a movement that would culminate Now! The Christ Councils are the Lineage of Christed Masters throughout history, from the beginning of time, the beginning of Creation.

The New Christ Councils upon Earth shall be responsible for Activating and Grounding the Quantum Shifts in Christ Consciousness amongst the Christ Families, the present incarnated 144,000, more if possible, as set out by Kuan Shi Yin within Her Discourse, by sharing practical tools and transmissions that will very rapidly accelerate the mass consciousness of humanity, leading to the eventual Involution into the physical bodies, first among the New Disciples Themselves, and then through the Consciousness of the whole planet.


This Divine Involution of the Cosmic Consciousness as we move into the 7th Golden Age is seen as part of the flowering of the Christ Consciousness, and will lead to global transformation on a mass scale. Imagine the Christ Councils fully embodied; just by Their mere Presence alone, millions of people in suffering will be instantly counterbalanced by Their Light. This is the next step for those committed enough to become Empty Vessels of the Christ Light. The Crown is where this Divine Involution occurs. This Divine Involution is what made Jesus the Christ, by The Christ Consciousness within Yeshua so he became Christ Yeshua. The Disciples of Christ after his Resurrection were also all Over Lighted by the Divine Mother, who gave them all the Power to heal and share the Christ Energy with many others.

The Divine Involution is how all Great Masters incarnate; through Grace. Some traditions refer to this process as being ‘Over Lighted’ by the Masters. Some speak of it as the ‘Baptism of the Holy Spirit’. This Divine Involution is similar to the process of enlightenment. Before enlightenment, most of us identify ourselves as a ‘self’, as an entity fixed in time and space, with a history, personality, and individual memories distinct from any other. Upon enlightenment, we discover that this sense of a fixed or permanent self is an illusion, that we are simply a witness to a series of personalities that come and go.

The Divine Involution takes this one step further. As Our Divine Impersonal Self or States of Consciousness start descending into a body, we begin to dissolve many of these human personalities that govern our existence. We become more and more identified with the Divine and the Impersonal that takes over our lives and destinies.

These Divine Impersonal Lives are the Primordial Energies or Aspects of God that have existed since the Beginning of Creation. In different traditions these Primordial Energies are Identified as The Christ or Melchizedek Energies. Many Masters and Ascended Beings throughout history, have been ‘Over Lighted or even Merged with these Primordial Energies in varying degrees. This Divine Involution is one of the processes that enable human biological bodies on earth to embody the Qualities of Enlightened Consciousness that are represented by the various Masters on the Christed Path. These Masters will come to those who are fully ready to serve as vehicles for the transformation of humanity, and are ardently dedicated and willing to go the Whole Way in the Full Embodiment of the Christ Light.

Divine Involution occurs ONLY by permission, and only when there is a truly Sacred Intent and deeply Heartfelt Invocation and Decree on the part of the individual and then it must be sanctioned and presented to Godmother Vesta for Her Investment of Her Energies. This is a Universal Law, that is a Divine Part of the full Grounding and Anchoring of the Christ Consciousness into man or woman. You have heard of the saying “By the Powers Vested In Me!” Well the Truth of this Reality is something that very few people upon Earth today have any reasonable awareness of; that of the Truth of this Investment of Powers by Beloved Godmother Vesta!  This is explained in detail By Beloved Vesta Herself, within the Discourses.

It is this process, that allows for the New Disciples to then be used as a Divine Vehicle for the Delivery of Divine Consciousness on Earth, for the Greatest Good of All Concerned. This is an unprecedented move by the Councils of Christ, and the Orders of Melchizedek, to Embody Itself into humanity fully, as part of the Divine Plan for the Expansion and Anchoring of the Christ Consciousness. Those who have been preparing for the last 2000 years who are here now to begin these Christ Councils are only now, beginning to uncloak themselves, in a way never been done before.  Lord Melchizedek has Sounded The Clarion Call now.

The Hierarchy and All of the Universal Beings of Love and Light and in particular your I Am Presence, are offering help, support, guidance and practical transformation on an unprecedented scale to each person ready to answer the call! They are opening the doors to the Councils and The Temples or Radiation Centres of Christ, amplifying the Involution of Christ Light onto Earth Now, because it is the right time to do this. To gain access to direct teaching, one must be fully clear and available to engage their Light Body. It is vital that particular clearings open the crown chakra, clearing away all obstacles along its pathway, all the way to God via the Holy Spirit or the I Am Presence within!. These clearings then allow for direct initiation, guidance, wisdom, and the Gnosis from the Apostles or Masters within the Christ Councils that you are most connected to.

Christ Consciousness is the Co-Creator of the Divine Plan with God. Christ, through Love, embodies all of humanity within ourselves; to hold the world in the crucible of our own consciousness, which IS Consciousness, and help to transform it. In Christ Consciousness one sees the Perfection in all beings, and simultaneously sees the correcting that is required that obstructs another from Self Realizing Christ. One can align to many human beings at once, and what is occurring within their consciousness. This means that many people, very soon, can become the Divine Vessels that shift and impact mass consciousness directly, working on large numbers of people, and on towns and cities themselves.

Conversely, one is also more able to Serve in helping others by holding them in your prayers in a powerfully felt way that deeply transforms them. This occurs naturally as you realize more and more that you are One with all beings, and it becomes easier to hold them within your own consciousness, serving to dissolve their limitations and separations from the One that they are too. I AM GOD AND I AM THAT I AM.

Christ is the Consciousness of The I Am Presence and God acting out God’s Desires for Itself. As you are God acting out your own wishes, you realize that there is truly nothing to do; and yet the actions flow through your Empty Vessel, actualizing the wishes that have already happened. Christ Conscious Beings in this New 7th Golden Age are going to create something new, for this is what God perpetually Wishes to do. Therefore Christ Conscious Beings create things which have not yet been seen, or done upon Earth before. ‘They do not teach what has already been taught, They do not create what has already been created, They do not invent what has already been invented’. This is delightful which in turn creates even more bliss. And Bliss and Joy is why God Creates. This Bliss is where God’s Creations come from, and to where They shall dissolve back into when Their usefulness has ended! So this is another mark of a Christ Conscious Being; They Create that which leads to Bliss.

The Purpose of Christ Consciousness then is to Create Guides, Leaders, Educators, and Way Showers of the New Conscious Paradigms. They are here to help Guide, through Their Educating Procedures to those who are ready and make the choice to step forward and claim their part in the Divine Design of God’s Plan.

How will you respond to this Clarion Call?

If you would like further information about the Christ Councils, you may do so by reading the Elemental Grace Alliance – The God Awakening. This 777 Page E-Book is free to everyone.  Just come to the Elemental Grace Alliance Web Site and place your order on the ‘Contact’ page.

In Love and Blessings of The Christed Light

In Loving Service to Humanity and the Earth





7 thoughts on “Christ Councils – Metatron – Peter

  1. Hi Peter, In response to this e-mail, I did put a request through the website for an e-copy of the Discourses. As that was a week ago, I wonder whether it has been picked up? Feeling drawn to this work – much to be digested, so looking forward to receiving a copy of the Discourses! In Gratitude – the time is now! Much Love & Blessings, Celeste x


    1. Dear Celeste, I must apologize for not responding but I have simply not seen your request else I would have responded immediately!
      Please go to my website and in the Contact page, fill in the form requesting the e_book and I will send immediately! Your name and email address is all I require.

      Again My Apologies

      In Love and Light


  2. Dear Peter, thank you for including me in this invitation to consider this beautiful opportunity.  I read through the message and initially I am VERY interested. I will download the ebook and begin reading, later today. I am sure it will take me some time to get all the way through it and discern whether this is my next step.  I hope it is.  May You Be Blessed. With Infinite Love &  Light, Laya (Northern California).

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone


    1. Bless You Laya, yes write to me from the Contact page of the WebSite or I can just send it to you using your email address from here.

      Love and Light

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