Shekinah – Elemental Grace Alliance – Responsibility Invocations and Decrees

02 – ‘Quality of Life’ And Freedom of Spirit -Elemental Grace Alliance – Shekinah – 14th August, 2015  (Full Discourse (Unedited)  from the Book)


“Dear Ones, I Am Shekinah, and I have stepped forward this day with Great Joy in My Heart. I would ask each and every One here to be up standing in Gratitude and Adoration for The Presence within the presentation that Peter has brought forward. I Know that you will agree that what he has outlined is indeed and very concise and responsible offering to God for His/Her consideration and deliberation through this Elemental Grace Alliance.”

(As I am writing I can feel a huge rush of Love and Gratitude flow through my body and tears fill my eyes, I can hardly breathe as it caught me by surprise).

“Bless You, be seated!

“When I gave Peter the guidance toward his Address, I did not for a moment, nor could any of us have envisaged such a detailed format of Proposals. Looks like We have Our Work cut out for Us! (Laughter everywhere) I wish to speak not of any of the Proposals, for this is not my responsibility here. But what I wish to Address is responsibility itself. Not in terms of Those Who sit and or Who are listening, but I will direct my comments to all those who are directly engaged with the evolution of their species and forms. I speak to the Elementals, Humans, Devas and Angelic Host, all those working within the 3rd and 4th Dimensional Realms of Earth.

“Responsibility belongs to the Presence of Life, Love and God! Responsibility denotes the ability to Respond and in this Higher Definition We can see that Life, Love and God all call for the Responsiveness of Action from all those who are here to make a difference. Peter has indeed integrated great responsibility in his actions in formulating and executing his Proposals. These responsibilities are indeed all aligned and link to Love, Life and God and it was action that was called for and now through his invocations, action is called for at not only those levels of consciousness held within the Earth Realms but through All Realms, All Dimensions and Even Calling forth the Action of God Him/Her Self.

“Now as powerful as all this may seem, nothing is secure, except the engagement at present by this Council on behalf of the Whole Universe through this Elemental Grace Alliance. The Presence, Our Presence, The I Am Presence, has been called into Action and by Action We SHALL Respond indeed and if We All stand in Unison of Love, Life and God, nothing can stand between Its accomplishment. That is, nothing except further non action on behalf of humanity themselves. For no matter how much action is taken at Our Levels of Consciousness mankind still operates under a Free Will Charter with God. So unless God alters and Decrees otherwise, this shall remain intact.

“So Dear Humans, Elementals, Devas and Angels, who have the free will, it shall be through your Actions taken with Divine Responsibility that will make the changes that are desired for Perfection. Perfection comes from Action. It will be the use of Action in the outer World, your physical world, the astral world, that Your Presence will Light the way. It shall be through Responsible Action that will Ground the I Am PRESENCE within your biology, within your etheric bodies, and that will expand Your Inner Light, Love, Life and God and raise you to the next levels of your Evolutionary Processes.

“It is commendable that the use of Decrees and Invocations have been used for every request for Action here, but realize Dear Souls that each Decree and Invocation will only be answered through the Wisdom of the I Am Presence of All Those Concerned. Many humans upon Earth today are using Decrees, Mantras and Invocations, but they are not necessarily coming from a place of the I Am Presence within their own Heart, they come from the place of the mental perception of the I Am Presence, and that is not the same, not at all! They are calling forth with no heart emotion, they are declaring with expectation and may I say, still holding an energy ‘that they will not work for me’ attitude, and this is not taking Responsibility for your Actions.

“Before Decrees, Mantras or Invocations, ask your I Am Presence to remove all mis-qualified energies and to fill you with the Presence of Perfection and the Responsible Action for Life, Love and God. When you do this, it is the Power of Light that comes forth as Its Response to You! Can you see the Cohesive Power of Love, Life and God when right Action is Taken?

“Esteemed Members of this Alliance, today We have seen a display of Responsibility in Action and through this Action of Love, The Christed Ray of Love has been sent to every person upon the Planet, to every Elemental, Deva and Angel, indeed to Us! These calls made through these Proposals have been enveloped with the I Am Presence, The Holy Spirit and God and We Are Grateful indeed! I shall close now and leave You with this message.

“Within every human being is the greatest Attractive Force of Cohesive Love and Power! The use of Responsible Action will release that Force and will attract the ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’ back to Its Source and all who use it Wisely and in accordance with the Divine Universal Laws! Let us be up standing once again for Humanity, The Elementals, The Devic Realms and The Angelic Host. We Love You! And So It Is!

“I Am Shekinah.”


It is St. Germain who has made Himself known that I feel will be speaking next.


Since Shekinah completed His Address St. Germain has impressed upon my consciousness many aspects of what I have proposed and I am, expanding now with so much information that I must admit I’m finding it ……….. not difficult to assimilate, but …. hmmm ….. more, the application of how to put it into words, that will not confuse or misalign the present outward flow of the Proposals given. So best that I just leave it up to St Germain to define accurately while keeping it in the potentiality of perspective as to where we are, as human beings here at this time.


2 thoughts on “Shekinah – Elemental Grace Alliance – Responsibility Invocations and Decrees

  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    Thank a lot for posting this discourse from Master Shekinah with Lots of Love & Gratitude to help us in this project….
    Our Responsibilities to be fulfilled our Loving Shekinah has sent the Love Of Christ, The Ray Of Christ Love has been sent to every individual Human being on this Planet earth including Devas, Elementals , Angels embracing the I Am Presence of All….

    Love from Shekinah is always with us to fulfill our Mission….To release the Force of Love & Light can Attract Quality Of Life And Freedom of Spirit…..
    We all are Blessed ….
    Love, Wisdom, Light and Peace we share Unconditionally.
    In Love & Gratitude,


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