Beloved Jesus’ Introduction To The Elemental Grace Alliance

03 – Introduction – Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses Master Jesus – 7th, February, 2015.


“Blessed Be All Hearts In Christ! I Am Jesus and I come to this Council this day with Our Beloved Mary Magdalene. We Are here at the behest of Peter and all who wish Us to speak of the Christ Consciousness that not only relates to the Human Soul incarnate, but those of the Elemental and Nature Realms who play such a radiant and illustrious part in All of the Creative Expressions of Our Beloved Lord God; Our Holy Father Mother!

“Peter, your introduction was very brief yet in those few words you covered the entire Nature of what has been placed upon this table for discussion and clarity. In these few words the solution in its simplicity is already Known and thus the Words were articulated in a Peace that precedes the new vision for change.

“Esteemed Members of this Alliance, I have had the pleasure of working directly with this Dear One many times in the past and none so more enlightening than within his last Alliance Council created solely and simply to make a difference for humanity; in the name of Human’s advancement through understanding and the experiential expression through the awareness of Greater Knowing. In this Light alone I/We come with Our Hearts outpouring the Love of the Father to All Present and to All Who will in the future, read and become part of these Discourses and their Evolutionary expanding of human consciousness.

“We are pleased to accept this Seat within The Elemental Grace Alliance with Gratitude and Joy, and will through Our Father’s Will, contribute all that may be required to assist in the attainment of this simple yet very complex objective. Both Mary and I will share much through the Discourses, and one of the most fundamental Principles that we will outline most ardently, is that of mankind’s need to discover the Peace and Love of God within themselves. For it is the Peace within, that is the Key to opening the door that will establish and imbue the lives of many with the Divine attributes of Trust, Honesty, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy, Defencelessness, Generosity, Patience, Faithfulness and last but not least Open Mindedness. These are the characteristics of the Teachers of God and these are the very features that the Elementals and Nature Spirits will so Lovingly respond to.

“There is a question that everyone must ask themselves before they ever take another step toward the Realms of Nature and The Elementals, not to mention the Realms of Higher Human Consciousness. That question is this, How can one attain Peace within a world of chaos, misperception, and lack of Trust? The discovery of this, within the hearts of humanity, will be the foundation stones upon which the Bridge of Consciousness shall be built.

“So yes, We are here to merge with each one here, to assist passionately with the expansion and raising of consciousness within all Realms of God’s Creation. The Universe is in Full Evolutionary change as We speak, not just humanity alone!

“We give thanks for this invitation and now allow others to share their Open Hearts. For the Greater Glory Of God, We Are!

“I Am/We Are Jesus/Magdalene; The Christ Love Within The All That Is. Amen”.

It was now time to have those who wished to join the Alliance to open with their mediumship and align themselves with the other Members of the Alliance, so I sent what was communicated up until now and waited for their responses. A week went by, then two, then three, still no response from anyone. I was becoming very concerned as to what was wrong. I didn’t want to interfere with the flow of energies regarding their agreed positions upon the Council or their connections with those whom they wished to represent. I most definitely did not want to place or exert any force upon any responses or involvement. However, I was becoming rather agitated by the lack of replies from those who had up until now, committed fully to this endeavour. I did explain to each, that to be involved within The Elemental Grace Alliance the requirement of full commitment was necessary, it was a most passionate condition, as I saw it. By the end of the fifth week I was feeling quite guilty in myself and felt that those upon the Alliance were perhaps feeling that we humans were letting them down again!

I had to make a decision and the decision was to ask for an explanation that would assist in bringing things to a point of forward motion again! I am not sure who answered my call, but what was most important was that my question, like always, was met with a clear and positive attention.

Re-evaluation of the Grace Elemental Alliance Participation of Potential Human Representative Members – Peter – 14th March, 2015

Dear God I Am, of Incorruptible Matter at Infinite Speed, I would like to call upon The Alliance to offer some rationale and understanding about why things are not flowing with those whom have been given the opportunity to join us and play a major role within the Discourses of the Elemental Grace Alliance. Any information would be gratefully received – Bless You.

“We are always Present and We would most certainly like to look at this potential again with you. As you know only too well everyone, every human being can only make decisions based on what they desire for themselves at the time in accordance with their levels of awareness. This is the personal aspect of human Nature, not the Impersonal One. This is not a bad thing at all, it is a very dominant trait. However, of the human characteristic and make up and one that has always played a very dominant part of any connection or communication with the Higher Realms. We understand this and have great patience in these situations.

“The problem that you face regarding your desire to create such a profound Alliance and Project is that there are not many people who can see or should be say feel into the new dynamics of creating from within the void, a place of no experience, a position of being wholly within the unknown. Virtually every human on Earth creates and makes decisions based on past experiences and thus their creations remain connected to and linked into such old beliefs and programmed patterns and so continue to repeat all the same old creations and manifestations. Again We are not suggesting that this is negative or bad, but it is a reality of what continues within the human framework of existence and the foundation of all egoic decision making.

“An experience such as what is being proposed as The Elemental Grace Alliance has never been attempted before and in so being has no link to the past or the future, there are no experiences to base its creation upon, no expectation other than the human ones, as to the result and so the potential experiences cannot be registered from a human standpoint. Therefore for those whom you have connected thus far, it plays no real significant part within their present lives. They see/saw it as a wonderful opportunity, but due to their own personal realities, it has yet, no bearing on their lives and so simply takes a back seat, one that they are not really paying any real attention to.

“You know the saying and We say it so often in the messages that Spirit give all over the planet “many are called but few respond”. Their intentions are pure enough, and their hearts began to race and their awareness and intuition shouted out “Yes! I hear the call and I will listen to this call and I SHALL RESPOND”! Then a day or week or month passes them by. Their enthusiasm starts high, and as their life takes over once again the enthusiasm diminishes until it is no longer part of their awareness any longer. A distant thought or feeling that may or may not ever return! And so the past beliefs and programs continue to lead them.

“That is why Spirit makes the same calls, sends the same messages over and over and over again. Humans do not listen, not really. They hear, yet they do not listen, they look yet they do not see! We are being very general here, We do this as not to make this point too laboured or directed at anyone specifically, because in Truth, everyone is different, everyone has their own issues and lives to live their own free will in governance. Do you remember what We shared with you not so long ago about the Synchronization of Energies that would be required for this Alliance to become successful? We told you that one of the major lack of correspondences that may yet play out is that because none of you are within physical meeting distance, the synergies that you yourself Know will be required, simply may not be available. This is now coming to the fore front as a reality and so We have to acknowledge it as a fact of life and so as a condition that is proving too difficult to effectively allow the Alliance to continue under the previous considerations as Members from within the physical Realms, especially when other Dear Souls are not in Perfect Alignment with your Visionary Intentions.

“This now requires your close attention so that you can make alternative arrangements, especially in Light of the continuing imbalances within the Realms of The Elemental and Nature Kingdoms. It is time Peter to make some new choices that will support the manifestation of this Alliance and to allow those who once showed enthusiasm to join you, to now continue to do their own personalized work. For without absolute commitment to this Impersonal Calling, what is awaiting to be shared may never see its potential, may never see the Light of day!. You know that for everyone called forth to do very specific Work, who does not respond, there is another waiting in the ranks to take their place. You know this only too well from your experience in Florida with Archangel Michael. Time cannot be allowed to pass any longer in waiting, for this calling is so important to what is happening around the Globe, no obstacle is too large to surmount one way or another.

“The weather patterns are continuing to change and are increasingly becoming more and more violent. Make no mistake, the Elementals need no support from humanity to clean up the mis-creations of humanity, but if left to Their Powers of Manifestation, Earth will make many physical changes that will raise and sink lands, flood and create drought like never known to humanity, and The Impersonality of the Elementals shall take no prisoners. Many lives will be lost and tremendous devastation will come that will make human life even more of a misery. Remember the tsunami of Indonesia? This is nothing as to the potentials that are now appearing upon the future event horizon. This is not a fear based statement, it is simply a fact that humanity must be aware of if the changes they seek for the Earth are going to be made manifest and a mass ascension made possible.

“We bring to your awareness again to the Body Elementals. As Above, So Below, the Body Elementals are simply the microcosm of the macrocosm. Give this some thought for indeed the reflections are there to pay attention to! Please make this known to all whom you speak to from this time forth.

“You read the last channel about Aries, The Director of the Air Elementals, and the Work They are being forced to do to clean up the Earth’s atmosphere due to pollution and chemical infestation by mankind. They have the Power and Might to do so, but cleansing at these levels will be absolute and complete. You have heard of the recent hurricanes in the Pacific Basin all in the past few weeks. These are not physical illusions and they will only get worse if humanity does not wake up sooner rather than later. All this Spiritual glamour and superficial exposure will soon be brought back into perspective for this too really has no place within human growth, when it comes to finding Peace within one’s own life or indeed Peace on Earth. Spiritual glamour is not helping create Peace on Earth, not really! Humanity is so blind to what is happening in their ignorance, arrogance and denial of the Elementals it is becoming imperative that new opportunities and information must come, if humanity is ever going to see beyond the illusions of fear based creations and belief patterns.

“The Elemental Grace Alliance is in Its readiness to continue immediately! It cannot wait for ‘anyone’ any longer who cannot give absolute commitment to it. Take the reins Dear One, you have not forced anything as requested thus far and allowed those whom felt the call to respond as they saw fit, in accordance to the Law of Free Will, and now We ask that you proceed as you are once again being inspired to do.

“We hope that this has provided a clear and direct reply to your request, in faith and Love We respond. Until next We speak.

“Blessings of Love and Joyous Light.”

Peter; “Thank you once again for all your directness and clear explanations. I Love You!”

It was obvious to me now that I had to place an ultimatum to all those who originally wished to be a part of The Elemental Grace Alliance. I could not wait any longer and had to write to each personally and ask for their responses immediately or their resignation of Membership. I had to go on now with or without them.

Sadly, the replies and no replies, indicated that no-one could commit to the Work due to their own personal life commitments and private agendas. It was clear now that I was once again without the support of any other associate human channels who desired to join the Alliance. I was seriously at a loss now as to how to proceed. Time was passing very quickly and the impetus of flow in the energies had waned again virtually to a standstill.

I completely understood what my colleagues were going through and how life does get in the way of one’s purity of intent. Time for me also now began to be filled with my own commitments and my daily work load, my need to earn and maintain a reasonable life schedule and in truth actually brought the Elemental Grace Alliance to a halt. Nothing was happening on my part either now. It was 15th May, 2015 before I could find the time to get back to my duties as I saw them. Yet in saying this there was not a day that went by that I did not feel the Energies of the Alliance or the inherent pull to get me back on track. Being human is without doubt a tough responsibility, especially when it comes to survival mode and not succumbing to the pressures of normal everyday life of earning a living! I find it hard at the best of times and I am sure pushes Spirit to the edge of giving up on me also and simply letting me go my own way! But what other choices to we have as humans, I need to earn money like anyone else. It is a fact of human life!

Yet, what can you do? I had to simply allow what was transpiring to unfold, knowing that when the moment arrived that was ripe again I would pull myself together and fully engage with Spirit and the Alliance again!

A few days later I got the calling I was waiting for to get off my proverbial and dive once again into the Alliance Council Proposal. I saw on television what was happening in Nepal with the Earthquakes over the past 2 weeks and the numbers that have lost their lives, not to mention those displaced and left without everything but what they stood up in! The Elementals were once again showing us Their Might, not with ill intent or malice, just that time and cosmic alignments must continue as they will, and as we as humanity have the choices to act or not to act as the case may be, shall provide the impetus or not, for the Elementals to respond to the Earth’s recalibration it needs from a physical level. I sincerely believe that if we can change our mind about how we think as humanity, as individuals and en masse, we can avert such catastrophes in the future.

End of Excerpts from the Book ‘The Elemental Grace Alliance’.

If you do not already have a copy of the Elemental Grace Alliance Book and would like one, please come to my Website and order the free E-Book. I will be delighted to send it to you so that you too, may consider joining this Divine Designed Project to Clean Up this Planet through Love, Wisdom and Power through Divine Mother Father Universal Consciousness. In Love and Joy – Peter

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