Requesting Universal Appeal for Funding

Go Fund Me Universal Appeal for £1,500.00     Please visit link below or find all the details presented here. God Bless You for any assistance that you may be able to offer, even just a few pounds – all will help!

divine gratitude


Blessing Dear Hearts,
My name is Peter Melchizedek and I am the Founder of the Elemental Grace Alliance.  This Foundation or Project was given to me as a Divine Design to Initiate and Implement for the purpose of Bridging the Gap of Consciousness between Humanity and the Elemental, Devic and Angelic Host Kingdoms. The Purpose of this Project, was to find a solution and resolution to ‘All’ the World’s imbalances, so we can now through Unity Consciousness, begin to find a ‘New Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’. Over 14 months of Discourses with many Higher Dimensional Beings, We have the Created Solutions and have defined Plan to Truly Resolve All those things within this world, that keep us in denial of our Divine Rights of Peace, Happiness, Joy, Well Being, Abundance, Love and Indeed Protection.

My Whole Story can be found upon the Website at .  There you will find all the details of this Work, and there is an E-Book, 770 pages, called The Elemental Grace Alliance – The God Awakening of the entire Series of Discourses, that God through me is offering free of charge as part of the dissemination of this Divine Plan to anyone who would like a copy and who may wish to partake in this Mighty Undertaking!

Joseph Benner, said while channelling Mother Father Divine Consciousness says this about such potentials:-

‘When a Message comes containing an opportunity for Real Service, and disclosing a Real Plan and a Real Work for the helping of your Brothers and Sisters; not some vague high sounding ideal, but a Definite Practical Work that your Soul recognizes, and your Heart leaps toward in glad response; know that such response is My Voice calling you to the Work I have been preparing you for, and you need not question or doubt, for your Soul commands you to respond’.

‘But if there is no glad response in your heart, not even a faint voice there calling upon you to investigate as there may be something in this for you; and instead there is only a coldness and an entire lack of interest; know that that message is for others and that that particular Work is not for you, for you could be of no assistance, not being ready for such Work as yet’.

‘But if hearing, and at first thus happily responding, if but for a moment, before doubts crowd in and from outer sources come advice and argument, criticism of that particular work or of the way it came to you, or of the messenger who brought it, fast smothering the urge in the Heart still trying to hold your attention, Know that I Am but trying and testing you, to see if you are as yet ready for the Work which I always have awaiting My Proven and Faithful Servants; to see if I can use you to awaken and prepare My other Children so I can unfold My Nature in them that they can feel Me as the Love in their Hearts, and can thereby hear My Voice there, and know I Am their Higher and Real Self and that I Am Calling them also, anxious to lead them forth into the New Day’.

This Work, like all Projects, no matter what they may be, needs money to operate and the Divine Mother Father Consciousness through me, told me that all funding that would be required would come as and when I requested it!  Now, for the Universe to respond to my request, to flow such needs in the Elemental Grace Alliance direction, I have to make every effort to provide every opportunity for this to manifest with as much Ease and Grace as possible; hence this request!

Up until now, I have been running on empty, scrimping and scraping with little to no funds available and with old out dated computers and technology it is getting harder by the day. I charge nothing for my Services, so there are no means available with that form of revenue. I believe that no person should be denied anything that God Desires them to Know. The Truth of God is Free and must always be allowed to flow Freely without any hindrance from any human intermediary third party or any physical, mental or emotional circumstances.

So now, with the Work slowly beginning to build, the needs for some new IT hardware, travel plans and other personal requirements, it is becoming very apparent that I have come to that cross road of either moving forward or treading water until something else happens. I am calling upon the Divine Consciousness of All Universal Life, In Through and All Around me, to now come forth with the financial help I need to Expand and Promote further this Divine Plan to its next level! Even if that is to engage some physical help with up and coming administration.

So if you can find it in your Heart to support this ‘REAL Plan’, Designed and Manifesting now upon Mother Earth, in accordance with Divine Will, if you can, the Divine I Am Christ Presence within You, Who may be asking you to participate in helping to Create this potential for Humanity, The Elementals, The Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms, then your financial contribution, no matter how small, shall be most Graciously and Gratefully received and put towards The Elemental Grace Alliance Project.

Should you have any questions about this Higher Work or myself as the Administrator, Custodian or Mentor of Its Development and Manifestation, then you may simply write to me  or visit the Website and email me from there! I will be only to happy to reply.

In The Name of Mother Father Divine Consciousness I Bless You for your openness to receive and for reading this to the end!

In The Mother’s Love We Share

In The Father’s Light We Give

In The I Am Presence Life We Live

In Love Light and Life We shall find the Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit that is Our Birthright!

From the Christ In Me to The Christ In You!

Peter Melchizedek

Here is the link again, Bless You!


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