Walking The Path of Peace

Walking The Path of Peace – Peter


Blessed Mother of Love, Infinite Father  of Light, I wish to call upon my Christed Over Self of the Light to share with me some guidance or inspiration for the coming years, so that it may offer me and those who may read and feel it, some insight to the importance of Walking Upon the Path of Love.

“As the Peace gathers around you these festive days, weeks and months for every day must be a celebration upon the Path of Love, Know that We Are here with each and every one of you.  For We Are the God Within, the Higher Self, The I Am Energies of the Christ Coming within each of You.   It is a time for Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward mankind and any time of the year Upon The Path of Love is vital for every Soul, in one way or another, as the longings to have a quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit in calling as your Natural and God Given Birthright! It is your Natural Estate for Being whether consciously or unconsciously aware of it!  It is the most Natural attribute that is so Divinely built into your DNA, It is the Divine Spark that gives you the Light and the Power to Love and Be whatever you wish to Be within your Expression of Love, Light and Life!  So why not extend Every day with the Spirit of Giving and Sharing God’s Love, and not just upon those days of commercial promotion of buying unwanted or unnecessary things.  Let the Heart soar to new heights of awareness and create  new ways of Joyousness through the expressions of Graciousness, Joy, Beauty, Harmony and Peace through Love Unconditional.  Love and Grace Dear Soul’s is FREE and costs nothing, neither to give or receive!

So let us create and manifest this message around Peace of the Joy of Grace.

We begin this communiqué with the message of Peace, for this Dear Ones shall be your greatest ally as you transit and traverse through these most auspicious years of vast changes to come.  For many, the years coming shall bring great challenges that will ignite memories of the past and this alone shall require due diligent consideration and attention on each individual’s part.  Your near future will be filled with many crossroads that nearly all who walk here will be asked to face and choose what path to continue upon, if any at all! There will be many levels of such potentials at each juncture of meeting the Self along each path trod.  In each one, no matter who you are or where you may be, no matter how much you know or how little, how educated or uneducated, no matter if you are an active soul or an inactive one, Peace will be what shall guide you through it, in the easiest, simplest, most harmonious and miraculous of ways.

“The Energies of Divine Love and Truth will guide, support and nurture the people of this amazing planet, so that brand new perspectives and the Knowledge of Truth can be grounded within the Hearts and Minds of men, women and especially the children of Earth!

“In the coming years people will become even more aware of their own abilities, gifts and indeed their Humane Rights and Human Rights; to be free on every level, both individually and en masse.  Those whom have stood over you for so long are now beginning their falls from their own self-aggrandizements, their powers of control, manipulation and greed; all these are most abruptly ending for them and their followers held within such limitations.  The people of this Earth are now just beginning to realize they actually do have a Voice.  When they stand together as One, Unified in Spirit with the same Core Essence in Love, Wisdom and Power, all they have to do to turn the cards away from control, is to say, “No, my heart does not align to this any more, you do not get my vote;  sorry I do not agree and therefore I simply say NO to it and shall longer support you with my energy!

All you need to do then, is purely to turn your back upon that which you no longer agree with and no longer give it your energy to.  If human beings only knew how powerful this statement is, stated from a place of Self Empowerment from the Heart within, without judgement or criticism, there would be no more demonstrations of the like you have seen during the years gone by.  We inform you that when these realizations occur and acted upon, there are already in place, in every field of humankind’s life, every aspect, those people that will step in and activate the desired Shifts of Consciousness of the People and for the People!  It may not happen overnight, as some situations and circumstances due to their complexities, will take several generations, but know that the potentials are immanent for the Greatest Good of Everyone Concerned you sit upon the Seat of Power yourselves, Knowing how to proceed and what to give your Energy and Consciousness to!

“All is appropriate and timely during the years to come, beginning today! For the planets and the stars and the Cosmos support and align all matters of human consciousness that Flows toward God.  As well as amplifying the loss and dissolution of all that flows against the Laws pertaining to God Love, Light and Life!  As such, humanity is now realizing to a much greater degree their connections to the planets and stars and the Cosmos along with the Creative Forces that they themselves represent here on Earth.  Your Now Moments shall be a time to share your experiences of all kinds, no matter who you are for these experiences hold the powers to heal and make whole again.  So gather and commune Dear Souls All in Divine Love with one another; one to one, in small groups or large groups, it matters not, for these are the places and times where the energetically encourage individual and gatherings shall do Their Greatest Work in Love!

The interaction with others through Faith, Trust and Willingness to share, shall leave no stone unturned to find yourself firmly Walking The Path of Peace that connects you to Source.  It shall matter not who you share with or what you share about, for the Laws of Attraction shall bring those to you that resonate energetically with you; there shall be no coincidences.  We wish you to know this also.  That all imbalanced memories are now being activated and recalled by the Higher Aspects of Self and these callings are for the purpose of release and making Whole again; raising their vibrational field into the Higher Realms of Love and Grace.

This means “All memories, this and past lives, ancestral, genetic, hereditary and more, call them fragments of Self if you like, but these lettings go, they shall be the true beginning of becoming Whole to the Embodiment of the Christos Energies.  The Energies of this Earth can and will no longer support those old memories that were or are still founded within the old paradigms of fear and judgement.  Those energies Dear Hearts have now lost their strength to hold the people in controlled cycles of bondage, slavery, poverty, lack, loss and manipulation any longer.  These coming years will offer many opportunities to clear the way for greater awareness and re-Union with Self and God.

“We could repeat much of a previous message, which We entitled “Scramblings of Insecurity”.  Many of the points raised then are relevant still, but for those who do make the conscious choices to step up to the block and jump into the challenges, then the insecurity’s shall indeed fade into the abyss of “powerlessness” and Peace shall fill its place along with Love, Wisdom and Power.

“So Dear Beings of the Light, Spirit, indeed God challenges each one of you to be different.  Step outside your comfort zones and begin to understand the concept that you have a vital part to play within the transformation and transfiguration of the Energies to come; else, you would not be here!  Do not see the catastrophes others may believe in, for you have the power to change such beliefs and transmute them to nothingness.  Simply learn to say no, I cannot support that old paradigm and then gently and in Peace turn your back to them and then see and believe and give your attention and energies only to that which will save and improve lives, lift lives to new heights and give Life Itself to the new and exciting adventures of your evolutionary growth and realization in Love and Truth.  Those whom wish to control you will soon get the message. They already have the message, but to reinforce it, do not be shy, stand up and be heard from within your Self Empowerment of Love Divine and the Christ Consciousness of Truth!

“No matter what the imbalances that are presented to any of you, whether it be, government, religion, economics, food production, health and well-being, community, mining or the manufacturing industries, ill health, lack or loss, remember people have the Power to change the world and human consciousness en masse of the world.  The People Know what resonates within their Hearts and from now on, the Energies that will continue to out-pour from God to you and the planet that will support the People to ground the changes throughout this world for the Highest Good of All Concerned.  You are a Sea of Consciousness that shall anchor all the New Potentials to come.

“It is time Dear Ones to come out of hiding, live your lives like you have always imagined, share your dreams and aspirations, take the routes less travelled, stand up and be counted in LOVE!  Be encouraged to move forward, away from old patterns and programs at their deepest cores and causes and then see the changes for the better take place in huge and gigantic steps; more than ever before.  However, when taken in small steps, and one thought, one word and one action at a time, the feelings of Peace that arrive within the New, will be MONUMENTOUS, EXTRAORDINARY, EMPOWERING AND FULFILLING!

So We shall say Now is a MONUMENTOUS Time for all of mankind.  History shall be rewritten, but it does start with each one of you and each of you MUST PARTICIPATE FULLY, for without you the ONE remains incomplete!

“Those in Spirit are all here to support each of you within these changes, so call Us when you need Us and We shall let you know We Are Here by amplifying Our Love for you, in you and around you. You WILL feel the Peace!

“In The Light and Love of God’s Grace, think, speak and act in Oneness”!

Peter ; “Thank you so much for these words of encouragement.  Can we summarize all that you have shared”?

 “Indeed!  In no order of priority for all are just as important as the other.

  • Seek Peace at ALL costs
  • Find the Stillness and Silence within you where your Inner Voice can Love You and shall Love with you
  • Think, Speak and Act in Love from the Heart
  • Do not judge or criticize anyone or anything for ANY reason
  • Give Love and Gratitude for everyone and everything in your life, no matter how awful or how dire they or it may seem. They come with a gift you require to grow
  • Think, Speak and Act outside the square you have been living in
  • Create and offer Random Acts of Kindness
  • Recognize your challenges are in fact great gifts in the conquering
  • Share your experiences with others, they have the power to heal
  • Get as much sleep and rest as possible
  • Do not try to do anything, trying will only activate resistance
  • Gather in the name of Divine Love and Divine Truth
  • Make choices with your feelings from the Heart Centre, not your intellect.
  • Ask Spirit or God for help or guidance each step of the way
  • See only that which you believe to be True!
  • See God in every single person no matter how dim the Light may seem! Hold that Light of God for them, while they are without sight to see for themselves
  • See only the best in people, it may be the best you see in them that allows them to open to the best they can be
  • Do not accept the reality of negativity, no matter what form it may come in.
  • Do things that you have never done before, EVER! Dare to Risk!
  • Challenge Fear – call your fears in and envelop them in Divine LOVE and walk through them.
  • Stand up and be heard, in the Name of Freedom and Power to the People!
  • Face all challenges with the Knowing that you hold the Power to rise above them
  • If you feel it, get on and do it! Always follow your Heart no matter what the consequences, the experience is what counts
  • Speak your Truth
  • Turn and walk away from all that no longer serves you
  • Learn to Be Your Higher Self!
  • Spend time in Nature and open the avenues to communicate with Them
  • Open to the potentials of Spirit, the Elemental and Nature Kingdoms
  • Create a desire to dialogue with your High Self, Guardian Angels, Spirit and God and then create the space to do so!
  • Forget everything you have ever learned from a human perspective
  • Stop thinking like a human
  • Trust in the process and find understanding through Peace.
  • Only do what makes you happy, do only what makes your heart sing and your feet dance
  • Learn to feel and use your moods to tell what resonance you are in at the time
  • Learn to adjust your moods so you can quickly change your resonance to higher levels of feelings

“We remain In Love and Joy

“And So It Is”!

Thank you I Am/We Are Grateful



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