Mighty Victory’s Request!


Mighty Victory

This is not my normal blog experience, but it has touched me so deeply that I have to share my feelings in this way! I have just received an email from a Dear Friend who said “that we are obliged to heal the earth and we are doing so in our support of the calls for help from Spirit”! And this was my reply!

I know what you are saying, and I wish it was true! The Truth is, it is not true, not when we really understand how the Universal Laws Work and are applied to this Earth Realm.  I believed, just like you, and particularly having written the Elemental Grace Alliance, my eyes and Heart have been shocked, at some of the Truths, that we as humanity, even at the levels of consciousness we ‘think’ we are at while trusting and believing we are doing the right thing, the best we can as we live our lives in this world of human projections and chaotic thought manifestations.

We all, with the greatest purity in our heart, want to believe we are making a difference as we go about living our lives, and maybe we are making a difference, indeed we must be! However, as we continue to live within the entrenchments of both our own and others’ creations, we indeed are not even scratching the surface of our human potentials yet.  The Elemental Grace Alliance tells me/us that!

I may be sounding a little pessimistic right now, but it is not pessimism, it is another level of deeper sadness that I am feeling, since I read something yesterday, that has once again, outside of the Elemental Grace Alliance, where we the spearheads of human evolution, truly need to wake up and come to grips with what we do within our everyday lives and especially how we think! Even the most enlightened of us, are somewhat complacent in living our lives, me included! I am not excluded here and so this is a REAL wake up call ONCE AGAIN for me.

Over the last few weeks, Sue and I have had to step more deeply into our earthly responsibilities while having to step away from what we are both Spiritually working on, Sue with her new book and me with the Alliance. I only speak for myself here, but with all that has been happening in our normal lives, I have had to virtually ignore the Alliance work. As a result, emails have piled up, writing has ceased, even the GoFundMe has withered and died midway!  In other words, for me, anyway, I have lost the momentum that I had created up until now.  My humanness has felt very guilty for it is not about me, but about what we are all working towards to assist in the healing of this Beloved Planet, the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host! Not to mention as I will explain now, Humanity.

For me, when one makes a commitment, as I have for the Elemental Grace Alliance, for such a task and a Plan Directed by God Intelligence, then nothing can stand in the way!  For me it is about absolute self-sacrifice, we are told this in no uncertain terms in the book and the Earth needs Peace now, more than ever before, at ALL costs! This Higher Work is not for everyone, and we are told within the Discourses only a few will rise to the occasion. We are told that even the most dedicated chelas and students around the world, who are presently setting forth decrees and invocations must accept the next levels of Consciousness to move into the Higher Vibrational Frequencies needed to succeed in this Plan! Else nothing much will change! As Kuan Shi Yin has told us, there are 3.6 million Souls making this transition and only 11,200 to date who are at the thresh hold of the Rings Passeth Not!  Time is of the utmost importance now and so once again the call is being amplified to create a greater momentum that IS required now for the Salvation of the Planet and All Its Life Streams.

All this has all risen again in me, when yesterday morning I opened a newly downloaded file from a post I read on the net!  I was guttered to read what I saw before me, especially when I have lost the momentum in me and allowed outside influences to quash the Demand and Decrees and Need for what I, through God, have been given to do! This is that message!

It was a channelling by Edna Ballard from Voice of The I AM Magazine, I AM Activity MIGHTY VICTORY’S REQUEST

Subject: Marijuana (Excerpt from Mighty Victory’s Discourse at San Francisco Class — February 6, 1938)

(Even though it was referring to the USA, it was a world message! Remember this is exactly what the Elemental Grace Alliance is all about and in this case in 1938, this message was for the Highest Resonant Souls at the time, that had come together within the Presence of the Master’s and Great Sacred Fire Light!) Here is that message!

“The greatest menace to the American people is the nefarious dope being spread among them secretly! Today (1938), We have found the means of freeing them forever. You have no idea the inroad it has made in your America! By it, the sinister activity has wrecked the Nations of Earth for centuries upon centuries. It has spread, as a sinister breath in the most cunning secret way, all over your America. It must be stopped for the Protection of the Young People of America! We need and must have them for the Incoming Golden Age. We also need your Blessed Calls for Their Protection.

The Great Powers of Light think We have found a Solution for this problem; and through it, We expect to quickly absorb the whole thing throughout America. It will be done almost as secretly as it came. You have no idea, Precious People of Earth, the danger which has confronted your young people of the entire Americas! Many unfortunate beings, who have been pretending to reveal this nefarious thing to your people, have been but the claws for its dispensing. Beloved Ones, will you do Us the kindness —the Powers of Light—the kindness, to issue a Mighty Decree for the dissolving and consuming of all dope in America and the World? I shall ask the Messengers to put a paragraph in next month’s Magazine asking the students all over America, to issue this Mighty Decree, for the dissolving and consuming of all dope—its cause and effect in America; to call directly to the Forces of Nature for its annihilation and to no longer allow to be produced that from which it is made. Then, at your call, We will take up this activity and in all parts of the world where this substance has been grown, it shall wither and disappear.

I say This to you that you may know the far-reaching power of Your Call. Saint Germain has touched upon it but very little. Perhaps, you think war is your great danger today. So it is! but this poisonous breath and substance, which has been spread among the people, would unfit them to protect themselves if war came into your country.

Then, the sinister thing would seize upon the FEELING of mankind; and by the use of dope make them unfit to cope with their adversaries. This is why tonight, “I AM” asking all sincere students of America, individually and in your Groups, to make That One Decree.



It is incredible that the cunning of the sinister force can spread a condition of this kind, with such rapidity over the entire Americas. It is largely because in the large cities, things go on unnoticed which in the smaller localities would be quickly discerned”.

So Dear Souls, here we are, 78 years on, nearly 4 generations of “Young People” have now arrived upon Earth and I do not have to tell you of the malice, destruction, sickness and death through the manipulation, control, dissemination of not only marijuana but the many other drugs and substances that such dark forces have created, to keep humanity as slaves to their own bidding! Nor do I have to say anything about the wars that have and still are taking place both within America between the people of that country and by America, and many others around the world.

The Decrees and Invocations made in 1938 by these Dedicated and Loving Souls, that gave of their lives to this God Request, failed and failed to such a degree, that has allowed the malevolence to continue and gain even more strength against humanity and against all humane rights!

Can you imagine what the Earth would be like today, if We as humanity, for this is all about Us –  Humanity, if these requests from those who represent God Intelligence and Divine Consciousness were fully embraced back then? It sadly wasn’t, okay what about now? I believe we can, but it shall require the dedication and commitment at Higher Levels of Consciousness than ever before known upon Earth!

Yes it saddens me greatly, for I never knew until this day, that this sort of activity to clean up the Planet, as human beings we were being given the Power to actually not only remove such threats from this planet, such things as marijuana, but those whose life streams were and continue to be responsible for its production and dissemination! Now I KNOW why the Elemental Grace Alliance has been created. I mean I know why? But I mean Really Know Why!  The importance of the use of Our time left upon Earth!  It had to be this, for the truth is people are just not listening! Or if they are they do not know what to do that will secure these desired changes?

People, just like me, are simply doing what we can to the best of our abilities, yet, the Truth is, the belief of what our abilities are, is only a false perception on our parts, and while we maintain these illusions, billions of people around the world continue to suffer at the hands of a minority!

Now I know why, Spirit is getting a little uptight with us and why Mother Earth and the Elementals are beginning to say “enough is enough”. Why the Elementals nearly left us to our own destruction not so long ago!  They have asked for your help, but how can we help Them, when we cannot help ourselves! And so, there is another option on the table, one that I believe can be avoided if we begin to rally just as we are now being Guided by God Divine Consciousness.  Do we desire more earth destruction and loss of human life and other Life Streams?  The Elementals do not have emotions, They see everything as “It Is, or It Is Not! The EGA Discourses explain all and are very, very explicit in these details!

We do not have much time to turn all this around, and while people who are in the most advantageous positions to help, continue to go about their everyday lives, ignoring the Deeper Callings, things will only get worse for humanity. It must do, for that is the Law! Spirit (Divine Consciousness) can’t help us, without us doing the work to clear our own 4 lower bodies, of us requesting the assistance from Them. They just can’t, it is written into Their Divine Charters. It is written into Ours!

So, we have the information now to truly sort out, not only the problems of drugs and malevolent substances and diseases upon the planet but every imbalance, every illness, every lack, every fear, every being with malicious intent, that holds humanity and the Earth in contempt.  We have 20 -50 years to do this. It won’t be easy and it is not for everyone! As Beloved Goddess Mother Tara, Feminine Principle of the First Ray of the Element of Ether for the Akasha Life Force of the Elementals and Nature says,

For the Evolution of a Human Race, God depends upon those ‘few’, whose Energies Draw and Magnetize the Sacred Fire Light to themselves and with correct Loving Tuition from Us the Masters, it can be sent out for the sustenance of the billions and to all the various activities within their societies. This has to be this way, else the Race would ultimately destroy itself, perish through lack of spiritual growth or have to be relocated to continue their Evolution within another Earth Realm. These ‘few’ are the Ones who We offer the most Guidance and Support to, through the various Rays and Qualities. 

The Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses has been Divinely Created with the Plan, one of many, I Am sure, so all I can say to those reading this, “where to from here”? Is this for you?

Bless You All for listening to my gripe! I know it is my humanness that has presented this in this way. But I wanted it to stop you in your tracks. Not to say this is for you, but rather simply to take the moment to ask yourself once again, having already been led here by Your Higher Self!

Life, our old ways of living, based upon the foundations of old beliefs and programs that continue to dictate to us, rather than following The I Am Presence Design of the New Christ Consciousness for us upon Earth! It continues to remain your free will choice!


If you wish to receive a free copy of the Elemental Grace Alliance E-Book, please go the website and request from there.  God Bless!


In Deep Respect to All

In Love and Light



10 thoughts on “Mighty Victory’s Request!

  1. Peter , no te adentres en el desanimo , es lo que las fuerzas siniestras quieren , desestabilizarte, para que no prosigas en el tu camino , de tu Plan Divino
    Sentimos su ataques , yo personalmente se lo agradezco , por que me ayudan a superarme, y doy un salto evolutivo,
    Los decretos del Amado Victori , son muy efectivos y se siguen decretando, hay muchas personas que siguen decretando y trabajando en ellos y gracias a estas personas y otras muchas en distintas disciplinas, hoy estamos aquí, Fortaleciéndonos en la Luz y hemos pasado en marcador de los equinoccios, Estamos tomado consciencia , de lo que somos ,e inclinando la balanza hacia la Luz , hay mas coeficiente de Luz , de lo que haba hace unos pocos años, y eso es significativo.
    No hay fallo , no ha fallado nada ,
    ¿ Como se combate la oscuridad ?
    Con Luz y Amor .
    Fortalecerte en la Luz y Brilla , y responde con Amor Incondicional, e ilumina el camino a tu alrededor y decreta en la Luz .
    A nuestros hermanos los Elementales , les hemos hecho hacer verdaderas barbaridades , es hora de liberarlos de esas cargas y hacernos uno con ellos para trabajar en lo correcto,
    En Amor y Luz


    1. Amado Marisa,
      Bendecirle para sus pensamientos de amor. Lo que admitir que me sale de vez en cuando un poco abatido. Pero esa es mi parte humana cuando se devuelven los pequeños respuestas. Pero mi disco duro y celo de este trabajo es accionada por la gracia y el amor que se ha dado a mí por Dios.
      No tengo miedo de las fuerzas oscuras, he tratado con ellos en muchos niveles, sé cómo contenerlos, desterrarlos y quitar cuando sea necesario.
      Lo que es más importante ahora es crear la base firme de muy alta Frecuencias vibracionales para iniciar este trabajo de liberar toda la vida fluye de todas las restricciones malévolas. Esto está en marcha y no se pondrá en funcionamiento, para esto es el deseo de Dios para nosotros y cómo puede uno detener las creaciones de Dios se manifieste!
      Gracias tanto por su cariñoso apoyo y amables palabras!
      En Amor y Luz


  2. Hello Peter,
    I thought you would like to know, I am pretty much living at ground zero for the new legal Marijuana edict here in Seattle WA. There are at least 7 dispensaries within walking distance to my home. What I have noticed is that there are NEVER any cars in the parking lot, and most of them have someone standing on the street corner trying to get people in. I also used to smell it around my home (I live in an apt.) quite frequently, and within the last 6 months or so, that has totally diminished. I am not sure what it means to you, but to me, it seems that people are just not that interested in it now that it is legal. That is good news…right? Drinking alcohol seems worse to me, in my experience that is much more harmful to the human body/psyche. Also, there is a young man named Wes Annec who has a wonderful blog called…The Culture of Awareness.” He is a marijuana advocate, and honestly, he seems to be one of the most enlightened people I have come across since my awakening 3 years ago. I am not a proponent, I have had my issues with addiction, and handled it 27 years ago. Clean and sober since then. I just thought that maybe you might be interested to know what is happening with boots on the ground in this part of the world!

    Another thing I wanted to ask you about is Atlantis. I have recently left another teaching position, my second in 2 years. The same reasons…the utter disregard for the sacred sovereign being of the child. I am a Montessori teacher, I absolutely do NOT believe in public education. But have come to realize unless I start my own school, I cannot/will not teach/treat children in ways I don’t believe in. I don’t believe in organized anything…something I am sure you gathered about me! I have a fear/hatred of authority that goes deep. Real deep…So in my recent experience, again, I left, under a dark cloud, as the “hero” of the children/certain progressive staff, and parents. And, the loud mouthed, malcontent/trouble maker in the eyes of administration. It was so similar to my previous experience, along with the guilt/victim feeling, that, coupled with my recurrent dreams in which I am hiding/helping others to escape, and in the end, not being able to escape, and waking up sweating and consumed with guilt that I needed to face it. Also, I finally had some time to THINK about it. I read a book about Atlantis by Jennifer Hoffman, that discusses the guilt some of us have, some of us that were on Atlantis, saw the failure, knew something was wrong, and could do nothing to stop it. How, until we REMEMBER we will not get off the wheel. I “remembered” some things…..pretty intense things. Also, I believe it might be one of the reasons I chose to incarnate at this time. We are close to Ascension for Gaia/us now as well!

    Another thing I wanted to mention is that I read many blogs, and really they have all been very positive about events lately. Yes, clearing has been VERY heavy with the solstice, and dealing with old crap always sucks….but the general consensus has been….good??? I am halfway through your book…and my feel for many of the discourses is…hopeful? I sometimes feel a “glow” around me when I am particularly connecting with them. That to me is also…hopeful and profound.

    I guess I just wanted to tell you that I feel that things are on the right track….no worries!



    1. Bless You Castley for your sharing, it is always I pleasure to read about your journey and how you feel! Maybe all your changes are the stepping stones to starting your new school, I do not know how you would do that but part of the Elemental Grace Alliance shall be certainly expanding into that field of New Education for the New Children, so if there is anything that I can do to help, anything that I can do to engage the Hierarchy to assist and direct you, then that is why I am here! Yes it is all good and there is great hope now, but just a little more deeper understandings of the Universal Laws, in my opinion will go a long way!

      God Bless and stay in touch! Sending you Love and Light


      1. Got it. Education is the answer…in my opinion. I am just trying to understand what I am to teach 😉 I am drawn to Spirit Schools…and sometimes when reading your book, I feel as though I am in a Mystery School ;)))

        What do you think about Brexit??? Again, I feel underlying hope….but then again, I am a Revolutionist. Power to the People!


        1. Dearest Castley,

          Sounds like you have come to a Wonderful Realization and perhaps your situation at present now allows you the time to take the next step. If this is what you really wish to do, then it is time to make your declaration to God and then follow the Seven Steps of Precipitation to manifest it for you! Maybe my Prayer or invocation at the front of the book may get you started??

          Ask the children what they wish to learn and then follow your Heart to garner the information and direction.

          I did not vote either way fro Brexit for the vote I made was not on the ballet papers! I am not attached to either result for I believe that the Highest Good for All Concerned shall be achieved and even if that means several years of utter breakdown! When structures collapse it gives the opportunity to re-build from a new platform and when the people start to take control and not act like sheep, but become active in claiming their I Am Presence saying no to what they do not believe in then perhaps, and I only say perhaps, because man loves to re-create what they already know and are use to, they can break free!

          Only time will tell!

          All Love



  3. Yes Sohini, It is the connection with the I Am Presence that that lead every human Soul to Freedom away from anything and everything that is not of Love and Peace Eternal!



  4. Peter, this is just such synchronicity because I just came onto the computer to respond to your last e-mail with apologies for not responding sooner, because I too have had to back away from all my spiritual work to concentrate on protecting myself during a most vicious attack from lower grade energies! I don’t make that statement lightly and I know the difference between what I have suffered mentally and physically over the past few weeks, and souls trying to take control of my energy. This has been mighty indeed and has taken all my energy and strength, with the help of course of my ‘Upper Team’, the Mighty Merlin himself, calls to the Divine and Archangels for support. I was warned of an attack back at the beginning of April, when an ‘Angel’ in the form of a Clairvoyant working in Swansea attending the Spring Equinox Celebrations we were holding on a nearby Sacred Site, positioned herself opposite me at a lunch arranged before the ceremony, and proceeded to give me a warning of such an attack. Although I sat with this, feeling very disturbed, I could get no clear vision of how this would unfold or who would be responsible. I have since received information which has given me specific direction and although I feel the specific threat has abated and the energy has changed and moved, I still need to proceed with extreme caution. I have been working more with the energies of the Radiation Centre, with the help of a beautiful friend and member of our Group.

    When on the subject of the Radiation Centre, I wanted to ask if you have any thoughts on what appears to be happening here – I would welcome any insights you may have.

    …….A couple of years ago, we noticed that certain trees and shrubs were dying which we had planted here since we moved here in 2004. The attacks on the trees and has continued up until recently and I was given a message in guidance cards that the Elemental Realms required my help with a problem here. I took time in the portal area and managed to intuit that this was the area affected….I believed it could be a flooding problem from the railway line running adjacent to the garden and that the contamination from the trains’ diesel tanks may be causing a problem under the ground. I had been in contact since Jan this year with the main office of Network Rail and thought I already had the problem under control and promises rolled in but no action! Although a team arrived a couple of months ago to replace the boundary wire fence, when I challenged them on the flooding problem, they didn’t seem to know, only that it would take at least 12 months before any action would be taken on anything due to financial constraints!

    I could not ignore the cry from the Elementals and knew it must be serious to ask for help. I asked ‘Jo’ to get involved when I noticed a clear line of destruction across certain trees and shrubs…she is a committed environmentalist and works at a deep level with sacred sites/ceremonies. She has an affinity with the Elemental Realms.

    Jo had to spend ‘some time’ before things regarding the destruction of the trees and shrubs became clearer, and what she relayed to me at the time was:- ‘There is a very dark energy, which is ‘stealing’ energy from the Dragon Portal (Radiation Centre)… it is coming from a total of THIRTEEN different dimensions’! I was truly shaken as I know that if Ancient Sacred Sites are not used they can be taken over by dark forces. Having only discovered the Portal fairly recently, we have started to hold ceremonies there again; the problem with that is because we are not operating the Centre during this period of re-birthing, we have few dedicated Souls to form a forceful group. We had a wonderful Beltane ceremony where six of us lead a powerful ceremony with a promise of more to come as soon as we can get the Centre up and running again!

    “Jo” also gave inspiration in that the dark energy was abating, being replaced by the Pure Light and Pure Love from the work we are doing and time spent in prayer and ceremony at the portal. Have you any thoughts on the 13 different dimensions, etc.?

    Whatever our Soul’s journey is will unfold, despite all attempts to stop us from bringing in the vital changes needed now on Mother Earth. I can feel where you’ve been – but you’re thankfully back to fight another day. I know, like me, you’ll never give up as we follow our Soul’s purpose…thank you for being there, thank you for all you have achieved so far, it’s truly beautiful and an inspiration to us all who share your vision – thank you for sharing this blog.

    I am reading the Book but at a very slow pace as my energy will not permit focus for too long at present levels…..but hey, that’s changing now thankfully..every day a little better, a little stronger! That’s a powerful blog image…does it depict a ‘Joan of Arc’ energy as I definitely resonate with it!!

    I will be in touch again shortly about building/architectural matters which threaten to slow progress as we move through the initial building phase – your offer of help is gratefully received. For now my HIgher Self is telling me to take a rest.

    God Bless Peter In Love and Light, Celeste (and Rob)


    1. Dear Peter,
      I could feel your love for America as a part of our mother Earth…
      We all are trying to remove any negative energy from any where, as our Consciousness of the higher level has dedication and commitment for making all people on Earth Happy and Healthy…
      Marijuana is not only one drug…there are so many drugs which can do more harm than good for the person who is suffering from any discomfort, mentally or Physically…Now the people have less tolerance and want instant result, with out any discrimination of the drug, weather it is good for them or not !! No time to think and no time to listen the inner Voice if it is from the Higher self…
      Sometimes the addicted persons also know better the consequences, yet they do neglect the inner voice….and we want to heal and make the people of the Planet earth Healthy and Happy and want to remove all negative effects…
      This is a very tough job and we should work at higher level of consciousness, may be at the Level where the Universal mind or the mind of God or higher consciousness resides at higher realms…may be we say at root level…
      And this we can help with Unified consciousness ,because it requires strong power and strong will also and that comes from our I Am Presence of United together…
      I can feel your pain , Elemental Grace is there and it is associated with concern Angels and Masters to help but one should have ears to hear the call of that negative and suffered souls, due to inner compassion and ready to help by any means…
      Prayers can work but that also should have in groups and for the same cause…
      Love is the answer for any problem…
      We can ask the help from our associated masters….they are always with us , ready to help us if our intention is good…for the benefit of the whole humanity…


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