Its Not About Marijuana, But About Parting The Clouds Toward Sovereignty!

Oil on polyester 56 x 76cm

Blessings Everyone,

It seems that the mentioning of marijuana was a very sensitive issue with many, and indeed I have been receiving a number of replies that have opposed the comments made. So I have decided to restate my position so that there are no further misunderstandings.  I wish to say first that all comments have been appreciated and I truly encourage all to share their feelings about such a subject, indeed any subject that brings up feelings of imbalance. This can be very humbling and honorable when done in Love and Honesty, and most of all in honor of your own feelings! So my last post regarding the mention of marijuana has created a little confusion. And so I shall try to bring further clarity to this. Not to address this issue of marijuana, but to clear up any misconceptions of why I used this example!

It is not my place to make such statements, and if you have read my book fully, several times, in fact, many times within it I say in more ways than one, “Don’t Believe A Word I Say”! The Elemental Grace Alliance is about any subject matter that relates to those things that hold us back from our Divine Consciousness, it IS however, about parting the clouds that prevent us from reaching and accepting Our Own Divine Sovereignty through Self-Empowerment.  It is not about telling anyone what to do, how to do it or what not to do! I shall repeat again here, all this is just information, nothing more! It will be what one does with it that shall make it positive or negative.  Mother Nature is the same. She does not discriminate giving Her Energy to anything, that includes wheat or night shade, a Redwood or Marijuana. You see, it is not God or Divine Consciousness that discriminates, it is humanity. So it is the human being who decides whether something is good or bad, to use something for good or evil! This is the premise of everything here on Earth, just like iron ore, one can use it for making cooking pots or weapons of mass destruction.

Comments about this subject is so very far reaching and indeed has many levels of consciousness attached to it.  For me the message is not about marijuana, but about the desperation we as humanity have reach to fully embrace this so called evil, although I don’t like that word, it actually does not exist, to make the necessary changes that will remove ALL aspects of what is keeping humanity from stepping into their own Individualized Sovereignty. We as human beings are 5000 years behind in our evolution and part of that delay is that, people have been so disempowered by malevolent beings over the past 2 and half million years regardless of the help from Spirit, and so we just do not seem to be able to take that final step into our ascension (Divine Consciousness) to be able to Save Ourselves, let alone this world! People, even the Light Workers and Spiritualists, are not grasping the amplitude of this fact! It is not me saying this, the messages having been given repeatedly to humanity, without the desired results and so here we are, on a collision course with our own demise! Believe this or not, that is everyone’s free will choice, but either way Evolution is what it is! And Mother Earth WILL Evolve with us or without us! That is also a Fact!

The Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses has now been within the public domain for 4 months. In that 4 months even though it is available free of charge, only 200 people have a copy. To my knowledge only 5 people have read the whole book. Recently I sent out request for help to assist me in identifying the response to this radical opportunity, and only 3 people replied! I Know why, and the Discourses explain this in great detail as to the difficulties people have to any sort of radical change, so it is not surprising!

Once again, the bottom line is not about marijuana, or drugs or even war, it is about an opportunity for people who are Spiritually ready to make the next major shift in consciousness that can only be taken when one steps outside of the mass consciousness and consensus of opinion and becomes Self Empowered God Beings in Their Own Rights. That is the message, that is what the Elemental Grace Alliance is alluding to, and to do this we must begin to stop thinking like a human being! That is a difficult ask for any human being for most if not all, make choices or have opinions based on past experiences, not the unknown that presently awaits us to embrace..

What we are attempting to do through the Elemental Grace Alliance is not to think like human beings and to step fully away from the mass consciousness! It has not been done before in this way, but I Know it is possible. We are now being asked to approach and step through the next Ring Passeth Not of human consciousness, this is not just essential, it is UNIVERSAL LAW before we can advance to the next Levels of Awareness.

Not to comply with such Laws only sends us back through the experience of death in the physical to place us once again upon the re-incarnational ladder back to Earth.  But what nearly all do not know is that if humanity does not ascend as part of the ending of the Procession of the Equinoxes they shall automatically enter another Evolutionary period of 26,520 earth years. It is a very complex system I know, but it is what it is, and we are now being given the opportunity to step away from such  another set of incarnational cycles!

What I can also tell you is that there is a definite divide of consciousness throughout  humanity whereby some will ascend upon the new Earth and others will not return here and have to ascend on another Earth Bound world!  Our next great shift here upon earth is 2027, and we are being given all the information to allow us to pass through, not only unscathed, but in a position to be able to help humanity cope with such changes that are coming!

So you see, this subject of marijuana is nothing in relationship to the bigger picture! St Germain tells us that Spirituality as we know it no longer serves humanity, it shall take around 15 years to filter through spiritual souls who are adamant to hold on to what they know, but they will not have an easy time doing it and sooner or later the Truth shall face them a no longer ask for change but will Command and Demand it!

What I can say quite adamantly, is that all harmful drugs, plants, fungi, GMO Crops, all weapons and other harmful machinations, indeed all the malevolent beings who use such things to control, manipulate and harm humanity, shall be removed from this Earth! Either by The Elementals or by humanity themselves, those who finally step into Their Own Christed States of Sovereignty.  Why Am I so adamant? Because this is what The Divine Consciousness Demands for us, NOW!  The calling has been echoed so many times now. Please, I ask with all of my Heart, we cannot allow the Elementals to take charge of the clean up of Earth, that will not be for the Highest Good of All Concerned, not in the shortest term anyway!

So it all comes down to free will choices, beliefs in old paradigms or not, openness to new information or closed minds. But through the Charters we all live by in accordance to God’s Will for us, our own free will to agree or disagree, accept or reject, do or don’t do is all down to us individually and within a Group Consciousness!

Blessings of Love and Joy to All again, for I honour you in your choices and if you have any questions I am always here to offer my assistance if I can! I will close now with this excerpt from the Discourses by Beloved Arcturus of the Seven Mighty Elohim!

“These Souls who are now stepping up to the Authority They Hold Within, shall be the Ones who indeed will hit the Home Runs through the use of Their Gifts, Blessings and Powers in Alignment to Universal Law; thus commanding and demanding the changes that are now required for the intractable human race. Regardless of the imbalances and mis-creations by mankind We will once again see the Perfection of Our, The Elohim Creations, blossom once again upon Mother Earth.

“Healing Dear Souls, must now be provided at the Causal Levels and it shall be the Quiescence of These Souls that will provide the Light needed to make this transition possible. The Light of God used in the Beginning by Us is the same Light that God’s Children will use to bring about the Balances so clearly defined within these Proposals. From the Great Central Sun, through the Silent Cosmic Watcher, Helios and Vesta and the Silent Planetary Watcher, through We The Seven Mighty Elohim, through the Chohans, Ascended Masters and Archangels and many, many more, the Light and Love of God shall Flow once again through the I Am Presence and the Christ Within Humanity to Create Peace as it is in Heaven upon Earth.

“You see Dear Humans, the Power is yours just as it is Ours. There is NO difference for All Life has the same Primal Source cascading through it and, that IS what your Solar System Is Created from. This is the Energy that Miracles are made of and indeed you shall use this Power, Love and Wisdom to Create many changes upon Earth that the masses will see as Miracles. The parting of the waters of the Red Sea by Moses will be a walk in the park once you truly grasp what We Are Illuminating for you here.

“The Beloved Members of this Alliance with all Our Love and Light, with all Our Intensities and Pressures of Our Entire Beingness, are urging you, each one, to bring into your reality the Virtues, Qualities and Attributes of the Divine so that the changes that you desire can be achieved with Ease and Grace, while still Working within the Authority of the Universal Laws and God’s Divine Charters for humanity.

“We will teach you, not only the outer manifestation of that which you desire of the heart for a ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’, but We will at the same time teach you how to etherealize both your manifestations; as well as those of others which have been mis-created and mis-aligned with the Greatest Good of All Concerned. And We All Know how much of that there is upon the planet.

“It has been Our Intention as part of the introduction to this Address, so that We can dive more deeply into the awareness of Peter’s Proposals, whereby the removal of certain manifestations upon the planet can relieve humanity of such conditions as stress, anxiety, worry, frustration, fear, panic and trepidation. And from the physical side, the removal of obstacles, obstructions, buildings, structures, manufacturing, industries, companies and government matrices, wastes and contamination of land, water and air, so that a new paradigm of purity may be brought forward from a totally different thought construct.

“Be very mindful then, that if you truly have the desire to create a perfect world, beginning with your own individual life and that of your neighbor, no matter where you are; if you truly desire Freedom and a ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’, it shall be My Beloved Diana and Myself that will help you, through Constancy to invoke and command all change that leads to these achievements. We will not rest until Your Dreams for a Perfect World are Made Manifest in accordance to God’s Will. And that IS God’s Will for you and all of humanity!

Bye for now,



6 thoughts on “Its Not About Marijuana, But About Parting The Clouds Toward Sovereignty!

  1. Beloved Ones,

    not thinking as a human does also imply great TRUST (to your Higher Self, your Presence )and PEACE within!

    I would like to use the metaphor of the caterpillar growing into a butterfly;

    the caterpillar is guided from THE INSIDE, from his DIVINE NATURE to grow into different phases without knowing what or why, or what the outcome will be..
    It just IS and the drive from the inside, and the SURRENDER to it’s natural Beingness, to LIFE, will lead to the miracle of flying away on the beautiful wings of a butterfly!

    Do not think about TIME! BE in the NOW and ALLOW yourself and ALL to grow into The New, in Divine Timing, without attachments, prepared to let go of the old.. 🙂

    Follow your HEARTKNOWLEDGE and LET GOD inside you take the action or non-action.
    At least, that ‘s how I intend to do it, and how I made it to this point in time on this planet, in this NOW….
    The Divine Plan can but materialise, it can not fail, otherwise it would not be Divine…Don’t you agree? There is no-thing wrong with the world, it’ s a phase of growing in the Plan, a phase of undoing the hard crust of the crysalis to unfold our wings. The key is in the knowing this and in the surrender…

    In Love Light Truth Power Gratitude Harmony Joy Abundance and Simplicity we LIVE




    1. Dear Krista, You are right of course and the caterpillar is a great metaphor! But there is more and attached to there is much more to it. The problem, or should I say the nature of human beings is to use its consciousness to justify, determine and express itself from a base of lack of understanding of Truth. It has until now only been able to respond to life according to its past experiences. A caterpillar or nature does not do this, it does not assimilate or question or swap and change beliefs, it is driven by the innate knowing held within it.

      So when we say stop thinking like a human, what is being offered is simply to look at things not from the past, but from a knew platform of unknowingness and just trusting in the process, just as the caterpillar does! The caterpillar does not question its Divinity, It is only humanity that does that! Everyone is right! but all are still invited to look beyond what they already think they know! Is that not what we are all going through now! New thoughts, new opportunities, nothing less!

      Bless You Krista, a great post!



      1. YES, making KNOWN THE UNKNOWN… I often get the feeling that I can not even keep up with the words, with my own words…Everything could change the next moment…which is of course GREAT! 🙂



  2. Dear Brother Peter,
    Now The cause for destruction are so many and very few souls are working to bring all positive result including all our Masters and all Divine personalities including Gods & Goddesses…I think every thing is in relation for time to come….Now we have reached and hope is there that as you say 2027…giving the number 11…which is the perfect time but what until then ?
    Pray & Try….along with complete faith with unity consciousness..and one
    This is the mission of our Father and we should be like our Father to help in His mission…means like Gods & Goddesses…with all impersonal behavior we all will get strength from within and WHEN TIME WILL COME, EVERYTHING WILL BE IN GOOD SHAPE !!YES, HEAVEN IS NOT THE PLACE WHERE ONE CAN GO & REACH BUT IT”S THE ATTITUDE OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS…..
    So when we have hear the call , when we are with our Father….follow The Rules and Win The Game….WE all are actors for this Divine Drama….Director & Producer is our God Father /Mother…..


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