Elemental Grace Alliance July Update


Dear Soul’s,

I write to you today after a long interlude of deeper contemplation for what is transpiring in through and around the Elemental Grace Alliance Project.  What is becoming VERY CLEAR to me, is that even as an unascended human ant, just doing the best I can to help humanity, the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host, it is extremely apparent that The Energies of the Discourses with The Mother’s Love and the Father’s Light of Divine Consciousness is indeed beginning to touch the Hearts and Souls of those who have been drawn by their I Am Presence led to it!  I am just one, but We Are Many!  If you have read the Elemental Grace Alliance you will know that I make no claim to this work, no copyright, and it is available free of charge to whoever desires this Divinely Inspired Creation that is Over Lighted by the Divine Creation Itself.

The potentials of the New Radiation Centres, The physical manifestations of the Etheric Light Temples of the Masters and Archangels and Directors of this World, are now not just dreams. There are many who are now not only open to this potential, but who are by their own volition are becoming part of this Design Plan!

But this can only happen with your help, this can only happen with your participation, this can only happen with your Prayers and Invocations.

I believe in sharing and I include here today some sharings that have been given to me from others Dear Soul’s and indeed the Hierarchy Themselves for your consideration and discernment that continues to weave in through and around your interest in this Elemental Grace Alliance Project.

Today, Beloved Ones, Great is Your Privilege! Great is Your Freedom, which stands with the Door wide open facing into the Great Eternal Light which holds all things for you. Will you not accept It? Will you not continue? The Great I Am Presence has pushed back the doors of doubt and fear, and over you is written in Golden Light, ‘Your Way To Freedom’. Will you not accept It? Enter in now with greater firm determination, and see how quickly will all disturbance dissolve and disappear from your World.              I Am St. Germain

I have found the book compelling. I love the very powerful energy that leaps out of every page and feel privileged to be reading it. It and all the Beings sharing in the Discourses are so alive.  They willingly offer us their unconditional Love and Assistance. I feel so inspired, supported and trusted in, that it all becomes feasible, a strong possibility.  Jenny

You inspire and amaze the very heart and soul of your reader absorbing deep grained truth, one just knows it is true as the words come from such a pure and gentle heart so full of giving Love to help in the Healing of Humanity. God Bless your beautiful shining soul! Your beautiful book has certainly moved this reader body and soul in every magical way, never thought in a million years the doors would close to my studio, yet it sure does seem that when one door closes, another surely will open, one more special than all one has ever known. This surely would never have happened without your Holy promptings to one’s own soul.        Imelda

I am currently on page 622.  I am totally immersed in the book.  There is a tendency towards exhaustion, but with the activations included, it can only be expected.  So I have been very gentle with myself, and resting as much as possible.  I also received Peter’s Soft Cover Book, and it is quite beautiful.  In fact, it is so beautiful, and holds such a Light and Energy that I am still reading on my tablet.  I just have the Book on the table next to me while reading from the tablet.  There is something about it that is Sacred and I can refer to it if I need to.  I am quite speechless as to the content, and the messages brought forth.        Cynthia

Who would have ever thought, that out of the ranks of the unascended human race, such a potent thought form, could have manifested to such a Grand Encouragement that has attracted the Whole of God’s Creations and Indeed Creators, to one point in time upon the Evolution of Mankind here on Mother Earth.     God Zeus of the First Secret Ray and Great Life Force of Akasha

If you would like a free E-Book of the Elemental Grace Alliance or would like further information, visit the Website at                 http://www.elementalgracealliance.com/

I am asking for donations and financial assistance now to continue with this project so if you can help in this area, no matter how small it may be, please, make your donation upon the Website from the Contact Link Page or visit GoFundMe at       http://gofundme.com/27hyhrt8

I sincerely appreciate all those who have already given from their Loving Hearts to make this Project a Mighty Victory!

I am so grateful to all of you for your Loving Support and Divine Interventions that you both privately and publically share.  The posts that I place upon the internet are always simply to offer information.  It is never more until it is energized by your own Feelings, Thoughts or words!  I Thank God for all of the I Am Presence Energy from each of you who have connected as part of this Divine Plan! Love is All There Is!

In Love We Share, In Light We Give, In Life We Live

Love, Wisdom and Power



2 thoughts on “Elemental Grace Alliance July Update

    1. Dear Brother Peter,
      Thanks for such an uplifting information about Kyria Hava Kyrie & Kyria Mystica Of Melkezedekia 144,000…..
      Music has power of Miracles and she is gifted by The Energy of our Father & Mother so that she can use Love & Light and with all geometrical symbols and Flower of Light, Sound is the main aspect with Light….and she is gifted with Light & Sound and Love is the Magnetic Power of the Divine….
      I wish that I can meet her some where some time in my life time….
      I am also a Melchizedek Facilitator since 2004…..
      She has given her contact numbers but for that my luck will help me if at all we can meet…


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