Neptune and Lunara, Directors of the Element of Water

11 – Introduction – Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses – The Elementals –


“Our Hearts Smile as We Greet each of You in the Name of The I Am Presence. We Are Neptune and Lunara, The Directors of the Element of Water. We come this day representing not only the Undines Whom are in Our Service and under Our Command, but in the Names of The Other Elemental Directors – God Zeus and Goddess Tara representing the Ethereal Elements and Life Force of Akasha, Beloved Oromasis and Diana of Fire representing the Salamanders, Mighty Aries and God Thor representing Air and the Sylphs and Beloved Virgo and Consort Pelleur representing Earth and the Gnomes. Each will have Their opportunities to come forward if They deem necessary, however, for now, We have elected to share Our Heartfelt sentiments for what We All have had to endure over time at the unyielding and unforgiving hands and consciousness of humanity.

“We are not here in judgment, nevertheless the reality is what it is within this physical Dimension and there is much to share so human beings may look at their world through different eyes and from perspectives that perhaps to date they have not considered with any depth of Their Beingness or Oneness from within the Heart of God! Indeed some may receive this information for the first time offering them advancement if that is their interest. Some may even dismiss it with no validity within their lives. We Honor all free will choice upon Earth! Our story is long and detailed and like the Elohim We too answered the call that was transmitted by Helios and Vesta to assist in the Service of Creating the Element of Water for a New Planetary System. Water as you know makes up the largest part of the Element of Earth and indeed is the larger part of the human biology including the emotional bodies. It is well known that without air a human will survive no more than 3 minutes, without water 3 days and without Earth (food) 3 weeks. Without fire Dear Souls, well, that would depend on the ratio of the other Elements, but remember this, it is a cold environment where nothing can survive without Beloved Fire!

“Does the human being really take Us that seriously? Indeed do they even know that We Exist as a Unified Consciousness in which their survival depends? How vital do they consider Us within their lives and how much is taken for granted? These are questions that humanity would do well to ponder very deeply indeed, if they are to advance to the next Levels of Consciousness toward Ascension. We pray then that these Discourses through this Proposal shall indeed Address these perspectives with clarity. People may then have Greater awareness and so be equipped with Higher Truth and Knowledge to make complementary enlightened decisions about their lives and how they express themselves within their Journey of Life or death of the physical biology they inhabit at this time. There was a time upon Earth when Water literally sang with Joy and Vibrancy. It Radiated Christ Consciousness with Crystalline Purity and an iridescent Glow of Love and Light. Its Consciousness gave Strength and Power and Life to so much and so many. Humans Loved Us so deeply and gave Us so much gratitude for all they received through Our Life Giving succor. It was identical for the other Elements of Earth, Air, and Fire also, for without each other, Wholeness of this Physical Realm would be non-existent. This time of which We speak however, faded away soon after groups of lesser vibratory consciousness, known as the laggards, migrated to Earth from other Star Systems and Planets. It was their ways that changed everything upon this world.

“Their numbers were vast and their powers of influence great. Their actions proved to be extremely detrimental to all life here and their morals and ethics took no prisoners. They created and left behind so much destruction in their wake and in doing so devastated the Earth, polluted the Air, defiled the Element of Fire, poisoned the Water and contaminated the consciousness of the humans that lived here prior to their arrivals. Everything began to change and nothing has ever been the same again since those periods of desecration and abuse. We would very much feel great sadness if humanity became divided like the laggards and had to be left behind as this Solar System Evolves into Its Next Dimensional Shift. A shift that is not so far away at all! These Dear Souls were Planetary orphans who had been rejected by their own races and while those of their Planets rose to Higher Evolutionary States of Consciousness, they decided that these persons would be impediments to their own growths and so rejected them and sent them away from their ever expanding Worlds. Earth in Her innocence and unknowingness at the time, chose to take them in as a gesture of Selfless Service, only to find out that this goodwill would be violated to such a degree that it infected the Earth with dire consequences. And in this process of migration, because of the low vibrationary levels of these Souls, others who were not invited also arrived to take advantage of these laggards. It was a cocktail for tragedy and disaster. This Blessing that Mother Earth gave to these castaways, eventually retarded human evolution on Earth by thousands of years.

“Beloveds, we use words here that may seem harsh and indicative of pointing the finger or casting blame upon those perpetrators. Yet We do so only to build and create a picture in the minds of humanity so that they may see that they themselves are only the victims of a past that is not of their doing. Just as the laggards did not know any better, they too were victims of their own past, their own histories upon their Planets and those who saw them as an opportunity to use and corral and foster with maliciousness and ill intent.

The scene We are painting upon this canvas is that the Element of Time has changed and today far more awareness in the way of Higher Knowledge and Wisdom is available to humanity to change the past, to alter, eliminate and release old patterns of belief and genetic programming that keeps humanity stuck in old patterns of behavior, limited as to potentials, and void of hope of happiness and Love. Today the potential arises to ascend this time without leaving anyone behind or indeed sending anyone away from the planet. This may still occur, as free will is a major factor of the Charters pertaining to Earth and Humanity.

“Like all Mastery, there is a requirement to consciously control the vibratory rate of action of each of the Electrons which are used for specific purposes in precipitation or shall We say the creation of physical manifestation. To create Water We had to Master Our Own thoughts to hold the Electrons in place to keep Water at a specific resonance of vibration; to sustain a harmonious and Balanced quality, so that all Beings that worked in, through and with Water could do so without deterioration, descent or the slowing down of the Water Vibratory System. When this Mastery has been attained, then there is no such thing a death, sickness, decline or even wear upon the manifestation. We make reference here specifically pertaining to the human biology but indeed nothing is exempt from the Universal Law of Precipitation. Once the destruction by the laggards and others incrementally advanced through the resonances of the lower vibratory creations, We The Elementals too had to change, or more to the point, lower Our Vibratory Rate along with the Undines that maintain and sustain the molecular structure of water. This meant that We had to consciously hold in place the Electrons in circulation and flow that it would allow its continuance to support life at these lower levels of expression. Our Charters of Service with God, are clear, We are to support the human race unwaveringly. We too were Ordained by God to support life for humanity, regardless of the consequences We had to endure. So this is what We did and in doing so the Undines over a great period of time became very discontented, unhappy, unhealthy and in many cases very angry; billions were annihilated in the process. This occurred not only for the Elementals of Water, but with each of the other Elementals respectively as well. It became so difficult for the Undines particularly, that a great natural rebellion began to rise up within them, to the point that Beloved Hercules through His Will To Do God’s Will, had to intervene and to take control. Hercules in His Wisdom made the decision to halt this rebellion, otherwise water would have created great floods of tremendous power that would have purified and cleansed by elimination. The pain for Water and the Undines, was that unbearable!

“Beloveds, so many atrocities have been created by mankind over the millennia and still today We the Elementals are those that are in the direct firing line of the consequences as a result. It is by Our Bound Charters with God that keeps Us working these days tiresomely and not without tremendous effort, to keep Earth a Living Planet for humanity and other life forms to continue their evolutionary path here. We are directly linked by human consciousness and therefore cannot respond other than as a direct reflection of human thoughts, words, actions and feelings. All earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, famine, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes are all such responses, so that We may keep a Balance for life to continue here. Else this beautiful world would have laid barren and disintegrated long ago! The Elementals will go into this in more detail as the Discourses progress, so for now let Us say that We fully endorse this Proposal and will do everything in Our Power and within Our Fiats with God to continue to support Humanity through these final periods of trials and tribulations. We apologize for such a concise summary of humanity’s history here from Our perspectives, but it has hopefully allowed for another standpoint to be evaluated. The details are beyond the imaginations of mankind and would indeed fill many of their libraries to overflowing. The aim here is simple clarity. May This Be So throughout the Gatherings of the Elemental Grace Alliance Council. We Love Humanity, Beyond All Measure!

“From Lunara My Beloved Consort and Twin Flame and Myself Neptune, We give thanks and gratitude for this new opportunity to speak upon these pressing matters. We bid You All Peace, Brotherhood and Sisterhood. In God We Love!

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  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    Thanks for posting this here as separate articles we can understnd better and it helps to remember also…


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