Workshops and Gatherings – Peter

Workshops and Gatherings – Peter – 22nd January, 2011


Dear God I Am, of Incorruptible Matter at Infinite Speed, may I ask, what guidance can be given regarding the thoughts of workshops or gatherings in the Higher Vibrational Frequencies? Thank you!

“We share with you now that which you have termed workshops. This is a rather antiquated idea and does not sufficiently represent the Essence of Service that you are presently moving into. The reason for this is that workshops imply a leader or facilitator, a head of the group, one that another can look up to and give their power to. It implies teaching in a way where there is separation in the form of teacher and student. This is no longer resonant to the levels of consciousness you are now entering.

“However, We do realize the need for words and to place them onto pegs upon such events for the expansion of awareness to be generated. So allow yourself a lot of flexible creativity within the design, programming and evolvement of such gatherings or mergings that move away from the idea of teacher/facilitator and students. The new gatherings will be based on Equality of individuals throughout the whole group.

“There is still a need for gatherings of like-minded Souls, more than ever before, working toward the understanding and potentials of mass ascension. So the more people that are furbished with information and Knowledge, the more people that take on their individual Powers, the greater the levels of Knowledge can be disseminated Worldwide. The problem these days is that there is so much information floating about that the way to discern what is right for you is to consider the Vibrational Frequencies of the words shared.

“We would suggest also a new type of Gathering. These would be relatively small in numbers to start with. Let us say between 2 and 22 people depending on demographic location of interested parties, time factors for regular gatherings and availability of venues. The greater the number of Members the more time the meetings would require. The purpose of these gatherings would be regular meetings (once a month, a fortnight or a week, even once a day would be very exciting) Purpose would be to share experiences, knowledge, information, feelings within the transition to embody the Christ Consciousness and Spirit.

“Topics would be designated at each gathering by each member in turn for the following meeting. There would be no leader, each person in turn would act as a chairperson for the meeting.

“The ‘talking stick’ principle would be applied whereby every member would share from their Heart uninterrupted. Everyone would contribute an agreed sum of money or gift to support the gathering and where there is a host who shares their home an amount in good will. There are no rules here other than the Law of Exchange.

“These gatherings are not for the purpose of mental interaction or sharing opinions, egos must be left outside the door before entry. These should be designed to hold the essence of Living in the Truth of Spirit, expressed from deep within the Heart Centre through the Heart Mind. Anything that is shared is Honored and received in Love and God. It may take a few meetings to gather a sense of Purpose, Guidance, direction and many gifts shall come forth for the growth and development of the Light within.

“We say this also, do not begin unless you have the Pure Intent to dedicate some time to these gatherings and to those whom become Members. This will allow the Energies to build into Higher and Higher Vibrational Frequencies. We are asking for a commitment to New Experiences of sharing Truth. Not from outside of yourselves, but Your Truth from deep within Your Cosmic Heart Centre of Your I Am Presence”.

“And So It Is!”



6 thoughts on “Workshops and Gatherings – Peter

  1. Amen…Amen…Amen… Hallelujah. To Infinity & Beyond. lol…Hi… Peter… I Am… Robert… I Bow to Thee In Divine Recognition… Namaste… Unlimited Expansion of Light Expressed Within The Divine Essences of All… Great Job… I Am Ready… Been Ready… Amen…Amun…Amen. It Is… It Shall Be😇🌈😈🌓🌌😌®… Hello Ms. Susan…It Is A Divine Pleasure to meet you… i have listened to you… i think… Hello. Dr. Shukla… havent crossed your path yet… but Dearest Sir… I Bow to Yo And Susan for The Light You Shine and Your Unwavering Strength… By Endurance… We Shall Conquer… It Is actually already done… The Light is Just Evaporating\ Transmuting the puddles of dark that may still exist… these too are in Divine Order. Mitakuye Oyasin… To All… Robert.


  2. Dear Brother Peter,
    I like this idea but to meet at physical level may be possible on Skype and that one can not enjoy like live meeting …
    This is very essential also to discuss certain aspects one to one !
    If it can happen and you can materialize the plan then it’s well and good …
    I can send lots of Blessings so that few members can join to discuss or solve any problems.
    To meet personally also can radiate different and Unified energies for Light and Love…
    With all the best wishes for this idea of gathering of Like Minded Spiritual Masters, Leaders and Way showers….
    Sohini .


    1. Dear Sohini,
      These meetings are happening now and will increase to stabalize the New Energies now flowing into the Earth through us! It is vital that soon many more come together in person. The internet is fine and suffices to date, but there nothing more powerful than a group of physical Souls uniting in One Thought, One Heart and One Body of Christ Consciousness!


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