Divine Design – Worlds Within Worlds

Sue's Front Cover Divine Design
I am pleased to announce that Sue has finished her new book “Divine Design – World Within Worlds” and it is ready for purchase as a soft covered book!
If there are any astrologers, professional, studying or just interested in Astrology and Cosmo-Biology, this book, I can assure you is a must read!  It is filled with information that places a whole new conscious awareness around who we are as human beings within this solar System of Worlds Within Worlds. This book also holds great potentials in changing one’s Life through this new understanding our lives here on Earth.

“When we take our first breath on Mother Earth  we are stepping into a boundless adventure that is indelibly intertwined with  the Cosmos and our unique individual DNA Encodements and Individualized Genetic Template.

“Since the dawn of time Man has studied the heavens to make sense of our place within the Universe. However, it is only since the advent of quantum physics and Cosmo-biology that we can truly explain  the intricate design that  underpins all of life  held with the Universal Field and revealed through the planetary cycles as they weave their way through Time and Space.

“As we enter the Aquarian Age, with all that is being revealed through quantum physics, this Cosmo-Biology greatly facilitates our evolutionary journey, as it gives direct insight into our unique genetic DNA Blueprint and equally to the Cosmic Cycles that are unfolding.

“This book has been written to inspire all astrologers who read it, to reconnect to the Divine Design and remember the immense miracle and beauty that life is holding within each of us, just waiting to be born”.

You can get a little more information about the book or order it from the Elemental Grace Alliance Website. Just follow this link!
Or you can go direct to Sue’s Website, http://www.astrolight.co.uk/Store
If you require any further information about this incredible book you can contact Sue directly,
Also, I wish to let you all know that I have updated the Website and have included the Christ Letters with audio MP3 links to download if you wish to listen rather than read? Just follow this link!
Having spent the last few days going through the Website, I am still very excited as to the amount of valuable information being offered there! I know we are still in the early stages of creating the Radiations Centres, but I Know all is on track for this project to become the success it is destined for.
All Love Blessings

One thought on “Divine Design – Worlds Within Worlds

  1. Dear brother Peter,
    Congratulations to Sue for her precious Book publication .” Divine Design “….’The Worlds Within Worlds ‘…..for astrological details…
    Thanks also for Christ Letters pdf and mp3 audio recordings…This will be so much helpful…
    In Gratitude,

    In Mother’s Love We share
    In Father’s Light We Give
    In The I Am Presence Life We Live,

    Om Shanti !!



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