Part 1 – Adam Kadmon Race – Metatron

Part 1 – Adam Kadmon Race – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Archangel Metatron – 10th, August, 2016


I herewith call forth the Elemental Grace Alliance Council to reconvene Now, for the purpose of a Discourse that will assist myself and My Dear Sisters and Brothers in this Divine Plan, as part of the unfoldment of the Elemental Grace Alliance Project. I wish to ask how does the New Adam Kadmon Man and Woman, fit into this God Design for the Christ Councils and Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries, to be now made Manifest upon Earth? Also, I ask how can we, the Beloved New Disciples, who have, or are aligning to The Elemental Grace Alliance Plan, who shall Bridge this Expanding Consciousness, begin to Co-Create these potentials? May we hear from a Beloved Member of the Alliance regarding this matter.

“Esteemed Council Members of the Elemental Grace Alliance, Beloved Peter, and All those Dear Disciples of the Golden Age who shall read and become part of this Alliance. I Am Metatron and I have come to you this day as Part of this Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan that has not only now been placed before humanity, but has been Inaugurated, Consecrated and Sanctioned by All of God’s Holy Creators and Creations! My Name Metatron, means ‘The Garment of Shaddai or God’, and I Am the Manifestation of this Garment around All of God’s Creations in this outer Universe.

“I Am the Teacher and Divine Guide to Enoch, and the Keys that Enoch brought forward to humanity in the early 1970’s, Known as the ‘Keys of Enoch’, as part of this unfoldment of the Divine Plan. My Work is to place My ‘Garment of Shaddai’ around all that is not yet expressing God in His, Her Totality! What is this ‘Garment’ I speak of? It is the Body of Light that is made up of The Electronic White Fire Light Substance of the Sacred Flame. I Metatron, Am the Creator of the Electron!

“I have waited until now to truly come forward and Address this Alliance with My Garment, for until now, what I am about to share with you would have made little sense to those reading!  It still may make little sense, yet there are a few with Whom I can now converse, that will understand all that I am going to share, and with a few, many others will follow! Even you Peter, the One who has brought forward most of the pieces of this giant puzzle in these Alliance Books, have not, until now, seen the bigger picture and that has been for a very good reason!

“Now with My help this picture shall be outlined in greater detail for others to see as they pass through their ‘Rings Passeth Not’ within this Journey of the Soul!

“The Topic of today is the Adam Kadmon, and I will Address this as I go. However, there is much to this Story and to garner what is needed for those reading, there shall be a time of deeper integration needed, so I will take it slowly and keep it as simple as I can along the way!

“I cannot begin to tell you Dear Souls just how profound the Books that you have read or are now reading, called the ‘Elemental Grace Alliance’ are! Alpha Himself has called it a ‘Book of God’, and So They Are! It may not be as detailed as others we could mention, but just the same there are many Keys, many Signs, many Pieces to the Puzzles that will free humanity from their present states of anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment. These Elemental Grace Alliance Books are like road maps of sorts, and it is not until one has followed the roads through Higher Guidance and who have taken in all the Sights and Points of Interest along the way, that they will be able to pass through the Next Ring of Consciousness. Each aspect of this Soul Journey must be fully Self Realized, Accepted and then placed into each Life through Integration and Experience alongside their Own Exclusive I Am Presence’s Participation!

“So before one can understand the Adam Kadmon Race Principles, first one must come to a point in their life that understands fully the impact that ‘Touching’ these potentials have! This Universe, and I say this Universe for this is not just about Earth, is far more than you may realise yet, but you as humanity, or perhaps I should put it in this way. You as representatives of all the Human Races within this Universe are the one’s who have agreed when you had the Minds’ of God, to come and show Us how to Evolve a Planetary System, indeed, an Outer Universal System.

“You see Dear Hearts, Earth is your temporal home, one that has been governed by universal beings of lower vibrational frequencies and intentions. The Earth and this Universe continues to be controlled by these dark energetic influences. And so, it was decided by the Grace of God, to use this opportunity to discover what type of Consciousness, what type of Intelligence could or would be able to traverse and eventually rise above such fallen realms of imperfect bodies of Light, who see themselves greater than God!

“And So Dear Hearts, you have been told by Beloved Shekinah, how They, the Elohim, having reached the Throne of God, was asked to go forth and Create a New Universe. It is ‘This’ Universe They Created while Holding the Potentials within Their Hearts and Supreme Minds’ of a Universe, that would Transcend, Transform and Transfigure a present Universe held in control by lower vibrational beings and planetary bodies. They did this by planting a Seed of Consciousness through a Series of Energetic DNA Encodements throughout certain Lineages and Races of Human Beings. The Seed Race is called the Adam Kadmon Race or the Adamic Race!

“I Metatron, through Beloved Enoch and in turn through the Elohim offered Light Commandments and Ordinances of Fire Projections to Create such New Worlds and Universes. Can you see Beloveds just how complicated things are from your perspectives of human consciousness?  It is impossible for any of you to comprehend any of this in your limited capacities while you remain incognizant of the Practical Truth of Who You Are! In other Words, The Truth of Who You Are, Expressed Practically through Love In Action there, within and upon the Earth Realm.

“However, Now is the time that those of you who are ready, may Ascend beyond those limitations, by fully accepting the Reality of All The Many Mansions of The Father in The Kingdom of Heaven as you understand it, or at least can appreciate it to be. The Mansions of The Qualities of Life and Freedom of Spirit!  You must understand that nothing is separate and even though We refer to all these lower vibratory beings and planetary systems, they are all still part of the Infinite myriads of Creation that evolve through a Finite Plan of Processes that ultimately lead back to the Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light for Life!

“To do this once you have separated yourselves from the Godhead you must work through vast educational programs of the divided soul or the fragmented part of the soul before one can return back to the Parent Soul.  Through these processes one can return to the Higher Love, Wisdom and Power that reunites your Bodies of Light and then provides the Foundations for your own Creative Experiences Individually, Expressing The Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light In, Through and All Around You! Each Ring of Consciousness that you pass through, allows you to use and Express Greater and Greater Awareness of the Higher Worlds of Light within your every day earth bound reality within and through your physical biological body!

“Our Teachings, The Teachings of the Masters, through All Their Individualized Educational Programs help to make you aware of the Divine Light, in through and all around you, thus offering vast opportunities to Co-Operate, Co-Participate and Co-Create with infinite Worlds, Universes and Divine Intelligences that are all part of your Original Birth Blueprints and DNA Encodements. You see Dear Souls, the Blueprints and Encodements that you already carry are not random, they are not new, they already exist in other Realms and Other Dimensional Vibrational Fields of Light and dark!  They existed long before you incarnated into any physical domain or materially manifested worlds.  So you see, your physical body, your DNA Encodements, your Divine Blueprints come from a Timeless and Infinite Foundation of Love and Light, now offering each of you, a new opportunity to rise above, to Ascend beyond, that which no longer Serves you or the Human Race now upon Planet Earth. It is the Adam Kadmon Seeding within you that is calling to complete the final stages of this Divine Plan on Behalf of The Godhead, The Ancient of Days, YHVH, Alpha and Omega, The Supreme Mind of The Infinite Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light!

“You, the New Disciples of the 7th Golden Age hold the biological Encodements and Divine Blueprints of the Christed Ones, the New Christed Race, The Adam Kadmon Race! You are to Evolve and Now Ascend into the Image of Your Holy Father and Divine Mother through what is called the Paradise Sons (Sons and Daughters) and not through the realms of the lesser forces of Light.

“It is time for you who have chosen this potential to now come forward and begin the final stages of this Ascension Process! This Universe and its worlds within it, are awaiting for this to happen Now, and it is not just about the human races, but whole Solar Systems and Worlds within this immediate Universe. For like Ourselves and the Masters, who have connection and Total Unity Consciousness with all these Systems, so too will you have these Gifts, Talents, Qualities and Virtues upon the Attunements and Attainments of your Adam Kadmon Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience, there upon Earth!

I cannot express enough, how important the merging of your I Am Presence is now. Through your ability to communicate with and through your I Am Presence, the Greater the Gifts of Spirit shall be given to the Christed Race to mankind.  It is time for the Masters, The Angels of Light to prepare all Messengers to Gift other Disciples of Earth for the Coming Christ Councils of Light which shall ‘Be’, in one way, but not limited to, through the Elemental Grace Alliance and the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries for the New Erthe and the New Heaven.

“Once these Akasha Sanctuaries are Founded, Incorporated and are In an Active State of Co-Operation, Co-Participation and Co-Creation with the Councils of Higher Light We can All Truly get down to God’s Business here on Earth!  All Radiation Centres will have to be established in the Name of the Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light. After which, the Brother and Sisterhood’s of Archangel Michael and Archaii Faith, The Brotherhood of Enoch, and the Brother and Sisterhood’s of Lord Melchizedek and The Councils of Light, can step in and fully embrace this world in Service with Greater Intelligences, through the New Members of the Adam Kadmon Race, to ‘repair’ all human races and Planetary Systems of this Universe.

“Through the human beings of the New Adam Kadmon Race a new Spectrum of Light will be able to biochemically recalibrate and respatialize human beings by activating the body chemistry in one’s mind to then participate with, rather than against the Word of God! Remember this, if one was to remove all the space between the cellular self of the human body, the mass would equate to less than the size of one cell within your body.  So to respatialize your beingness shall mean to expand the space to greater distances thus allowing the Electronic Light of the White Fire Substance to be seen in Greater Capacities!  

“Once this happens, this Greater Spectrum of Light moves into the entire 4 lower bodies of mankind thus allowing the Christ Consciousness to fully embed within each person! You have heard of the 100 monkey syndrome. 144,000 Ascended Masters of the New Adam Kadmon Race there upon Earth, shall be this trigger of human consciousness!

“Therefore, you are being Guided now to the Pyramidal Grids that shall make up the Temples of Light that you shall call the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries. These Pyramidal Structures will encompass within Their Foundations the 54 (plus 10), Keys as set out and will be given through J J Hurtak, Enoch and Myself, in The Book ‘The Keys of Enoch’.  The activation of the Adam Kadmon Seed Encodements are being triggered within you now, as part of the next Evolutionary Stage for Earth and this Local Universe!

“Do not expect immediate Transmutations Dear Souls, for changes within the biology cannot happen overnight and must allow it’s own Individualized Expressions to become Manifest.  However, in saying that, for those who are ready this will happen very quickly if it is embraced with even greater Awareness and Openness to receive this Love of The Mother and Light of the Father. As these New Levels of Consciousness make Their way to the forefront of your Minds, these will decrease and put to an end the old thought programs and manifestations of them within, through and all around you!

“Remember this is not about the dissolution of the physical body, for to Serve within a material world, one must be physical and material, else We would have Evolved this Universe long before this! The New Adam Kadmon Man and Woman must therefore become a Physical Manifestation and although the Forms of the Biological Systems will change with New Physical ‘Garments of Shaddai’, they will become an Undeniable, Untouchable and Incorruptible ‘Forcefield’ within this Universe! These Physical Forms shall be Spirit Manifested with the Full Cognitive Powers of Mother, Father God, Expressing Outwardly within a material world! 

“They shall still be vehicles of flesh, but not as you presently know them to be. They will be much Lighter in density, while remaining physically visible and Real to the human eye! You of the Adam Kadmon Seed, were created simultaneously with the Heavens and agreed to be transposed along the Sacred Electronic Geometrical Light Patterns into physical incarnations. You began your Existence from the Godhead and you shall return to the Godhead when your Individualized Expression of God’s Infinite Divine Consciousness is completed here.

“The Work that you are doing here is offering, not only Earth, the potentials of expanding Consciousness into the Christ Consciousness but in more physical worlds than you could ever imagine right at the moment.

“I wish to close this Discourse now and I shall call this Part 1 for I wish to continue in an effort, to place an even Greater Awareness around this topic here within the Elemental Grace Alliance. But before I close, I wish to say this!

“The Adam Kadmon Race has been known to those who revolted against All That is Love, for eons of time and in so knowing this, they knew that their powers would be diminished if the Adam Kadmon Race was allowed to flourish and expand. So they did everything in their powers to retard the development and growth of such beings! This was done on many different levels. They interfered with all their might and continue to do so!

“Even in other realms before you entered this physical realm, they created diversions and false beliefs and malicious programs that slowed down the spin of all of your Electrons. We are here to help you clear and release these Beloved Electrons and bring them back to Speed, back to Their Pristine States of Consciousness and Awareness for you, so the Adam Kadmon Seed of the New Human Race can use and develop and promote them to your fellow human beings!

“It shall be through the Offices of the Christ, working through I, Metatron, and Lord Melchizedek and Beloved Michael and Those Who have Pledged Their Services to YHVH, that the incarnate ‘Children of Light’ shall have an opportunity to form Communities of the ‘Living Light,’ such as the New Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries or Radiation Temples. These Communities, shall be dedicated to the Mother, Father, and shall Work directly with the Heavenly Hosts and Masters’ of The Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light, especially Those of This Divine Alliance, but not limited to It!

“I step back now and shall return again shortly to Address You All again in Part 2 of this incredible Story!

“I Am Metatron”!

Blessings of Love and Light



17 thoughts on “Part 1 – Adam Kadmon Race – Metatron

  1. Sorry blimin messenger keeps going off, is that how many strands of DNA we really have, this stuff fascinates me, I believe my guides have been showing me to different websites,I started off at summit university, from there light grid and sister site, from them to you and forgot the other

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  2. Hi, Peter,,,this was channeled to us in 2001-2 via Alton Kamadon in our Melchizedek Method seminars for our soul group and we received the Metatronic encodements and seeds, etc…back then…but was told we were the 1st soul group, that there would be a second and after 2ß12 the 3rd ( larger) group who would be ready for this. thanks fo writing about it now for the 3rd group. I offer these activations in my sound channelings.


  3. Dear Brother Peter,
    Thanks for this message from Master Metatron..
    64 Keys of Enoch & Activation of Adam Kadmon Seed Encodements are being triggered within our Human Consciousness, The Adam Kadmon Race was allowed to flourish & Expand !!
    “It shall be through the Offices of the Christ, working through I, Metatron, and Lord Melchizedek and Beloved Michael and Those Who have Pledged Their Services to YHVH, that the incarnate ‘Children of Light’ shall have an opportunity to form Communities of the ‘Living Light,’ such as the New Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries or Radiation Temples. These Communities, shall be dedicated to the Mother, Father, and shall Work directly with the Heavenly Hosts and Masters’ of The Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light.
    This will be much helpful for Radiation Centres, for whci we are making efforts…
    In Gratitude To Archangel Metatron,Lord Melchizedek And A.A. Miachael …..


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