Lady Venus – New Earth Temples – Christ Councils

08 – Quality of Life And Freedom of Spirit -The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Beloved Venus and Sanat Kumara – 27th, August, 2015

Temple Idea

“Blessings from the Mother’s Heart, I Am Venus, Divine Consort of Sanat Kumara and I come to greet you all this Beautiful Day of Sun Love and Peace. It is with Loving Joy that I may share My Essence and My Radiance with this Esteemed Gathering that not only represents change for Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, but for Earth Her Self and All The Divine Elemental and Deva Realms and Angelic Host. We cannot forget all the other Sentient Life forms that live on and within Earth, so We extend the Hand of The Goddess to all these Beings and Creatures and in all their many forms, that bring forth The Love of God and the I Am Presence that illuminates Love and Nurturance Everywhere.

“I come today to speak of several aspects of Peter’s Proposal, but first there is something else that I wish to share with you. Life upon this planet has been overwhelmed with its troubles since the beginning of human civilization here on Earth, and although there has been many civilizations that have isolated themselves for a period of experience of Perfection, they too fell victims of the dark ones who chose to fight, rebel against and eliminate the Presence of God. Such a painful past that humanity has endured with these difficulties.

“When Beloved Sanat and I received Our Dispensation to Work with humanity so long ago, We could never have done this without those Beloved Brothers and Sisters of The Royal Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek, who offered Their support to Us and Who through the ages have played such a major role in turning the tide against the veils of darkness; 144,000 of these Beautiful Souls led by Gautama Buddha, known today as The Lord of The World. Today I wish to pay tribute to Them for without Their help Beloved Earth would not be where it is today.

“These Beloved Beings of God, knew very well the powers of such darkness, through other work that they have performed on other Stars and Planetary Systems, but They were not aware of just how powerful those were upon the Earth. And so They did not really appreciate the severity of the sacrifices that They were making in offering Their Service to Us in this Gigantic Undertaking. In Truth both Sanat and Myself and All of Our Brothers and Sisters amongst the Kumaras upon Venus, none of Us had any Real scope of what We had proposed in Our Divine Desire to assist.

“Why Am I telling you this? It is because Dear Souls, the intensities of this mission that We Volunteered for, is in direct alignment with the weight of the missions that you yourselves volunteered for. It could never have been entered into, if it was ever known just how dire things would become, or just how difficult it would be before We could all once again see a Light within the Heart of Humanity that would finally stand in Balance to oppose those who have ruled your planet for so long.

“Today, We are so overjoyed that so many are now breaking free from the shackles of despair, the turmoil of the impossible and the sleeplessness of the anxieties that have been imposed upon them. With the New Cosmic Consciousness and the Violet Ray of Freedom and Transmutation the Power of the People shall be returned to where it was always intended; The God Within the Heart of men and women, all over the Globe.

“We are Blessed by all those Ascended Masters and Beings of Light, all the chelas, aspirants and Partisans of the Violet Flame who stand for the Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit. We also Bless Lord Melchizedek, Who of Himself is shrouded and imbued with the Seventh Ray of the Violet Flame. We even have today, Beloved Omri Tas who along with His 144,000 Devout Masters of the Seventh Ray, who have come to assist and stand behind all of humanity who are now moving more deeply into the understanding and implementation of the Violet Flame. I would Whole Heartedly advocate the calling forth of Beloved Ascended Master Omri Tas, so that He and His Devotees of the Violet Flame can amplify your efforts beyond anything that you have ever experienced before. His Presence is another Blessing that Humanity would do well to open to receive and use for the Greatest Good of All Concerned.

 “Dear Souls, it has been a very difficult journey, and yet in many ways, these hardships for so many will continue for a little longer yet. That is, until there is a greater contingency of Souls who will begin an even greater, more concentrated and deliberate effort toward a greater and deeper devotion to the cleaning up of the Planetary imbalances; so clearly defined within this Elemental Grace Alliance. Much has already been initiated, but without the augmentation of far more individuals that form the New and Devout Gatherings of the Violet Flame, with many more Divine Virtuous Characteristics, then the movement toward Life’s Freedom will not manifest in the shortest time possible. The pinnacle of human participation has not yet been accomplished.

 “It is time Beloveds to declare Your Sovereignty and to use the Powers that God has given you to make the differences within the world that you desire, not only for yourselves, but those you wish to share with you, as your Brothers and Sisters. There is nothing standing in your way any longer. The Cosmos is behind you, the Ascended Ones are beside you, The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host are all around you and God The Prime Creator is Within the very Core of your Heart and Being. Whatever you see that needs doing, then Dear One’s, use the Grace and The Love and Power and the Wisdom to make it happen! I would like to now Address the points made by Peter”;

  1. To Make Divine Temples More Accessible and Rememberable For Those Who Attend In Their Light Bodies or Garments.
  2. To Open Closer Physical Contact With 5th Dimensional Beings And Higher.

“The Masters Retreats around the world consist of many different Vibrational Frequencies. Most at this point in time, are still within the Ethereal Realms. Yet there are also those that have been manifest within the physical Realms of Earth. Some that are known and others that are….. well, camouflaged so as not to give away too much to those who are not yet familiar with such Resonances or who have not yet done the work that is required before entry can be given permission for. All Temples and Retreats are open to those within the Etheric and Physical Realms, to those who come in their Etheric Bodies of Light, for here in these States of Consciousness, no ego or lower minds are present. It is all a matter of levels of consciousness and positions within the Evolutionary Scale of Their experiences that allows them entrance. This also is relative to the memory recall aspect of these who do obtain access and undertake lessons and such. Their physical recall all depends upon their human story and their Divine Mission to achieve.

“Some, need to have no recall and use their own powers of discernment and wisdom to attain the same levels of achievement that recall would offer. You Dear Peter are one of those Dear Souls who through your own efforts of Pure Faith and Trust in your own abilities and gifts, continue to prepare the foundations that others will build upon. Your confirmations over the years have been solely to identify that you are on or off track! This you understand only too well! The opening of such Retreats and the Lowering of Such Ethereal Temples down to Earth, physically speaking, will still be a matter of raising one’s consciousness to certain Vibrational Levels that blend and merge within the parameters of admittance and entry within them. I shall explain why.

“Within the world today there is still a vast contingency of the dark energies that draw toward the Light that is emanating from those people or places that generate such Vibrational Frequencies. They do this, not for the Light Energy, but to annul it, cancel it out, destroy it, to eradicate it, by whatever means it can. The minions of darkness are afraid of the Light and so they do everything in their power, at whatever cost, to eliminate it. The last thing they want is for people upon Earth to be personally Empowered. Personal power they can deal with quite comfortably, but Impersonal I Am Presence Power, Love and Wisdom, they have no way of either controlling, eliminating or even slightly effecting in the smallest of ways. This Power shall be their downfall.

“We have allowed physical Retreats to exist in the past, occupied by human beings, even High Vibrational Souls, but it has been proven, time and time again, without the Constancy of the Concentration of the Highest Levels of Love Substance, they all eventually, fell victim to the pressures of the dark. So, We are very cautious as to Who We can allow to become part of these New radiation Centres due to the Causal Works that they shall be asked to perform and execute while having to stand steadfast within the presence of the dark and their attempts to diminish the Power of such Light!  We are emphasizing here, the need of the Human activation of the I Am Presence, for within any Temple Gatherings of the Light, no personalities or ego mind characteristics shall be allowed to enter. If We did, then the dark shall enter also, and do their best to interfere and raise confusion and imbalance. The Work that awaits the Christ Councils is so Important Now that it is time to truly apply and abide by all the Universal Laws that pertain to such Higher Resonant Work! 

“We Know that hundreds of thousands of you have trained life times for this, and now you are ready, the opportunities are being made available to you to take it all to the next Level of Consciousness. You Know Who You Are! But only you can step forward and claim your Seat within such Councils of Light, there within the Earth’s physical Magnetic Realms. Light Workers know just how successful the dark can be only too well. So from the standpoint of a physical Master Retreat, where a specific Resonance is required to be maintained 24 hours of every day, there must be human beings upon the ground, within these Sacred Sites and Buildings, that can hold Their Light to prevent all levels of dark efforts that shall be thrown against them. From the standpoint of a Temple, if there is a collapse of concentrated focus by Human Souls within them, then the entire Structure of Light could disintegrate it. This may do two things. One, defeats the purpose of The Higher Purpose and two, reinforces the powers of the dark to make them feel so much more superior, and therefore more determined to continue. So as yet, apart from a hand full of Retreats around the world that are presently Over Lighted physically by Ascended Masters themselves, such places will have to wait until certain humans are standing in their I Am Presence, and in Their own Sovereignty. With this They can reach All levels of attainment in the completion of not only the Proposals within the Elemental Grace Alliance, but so much more.

“Here is the good news. Today We Are closer than ever before, for such establishments to be precipitated and by the continued efforts to clean up the lower consciousness resonances of humanity and the planet and the removal of those who do not wish to redeem themselves, you will soon be designing and creating these Divine Halls of Magnificence and Adoration for the Greater Glory of God.

“God has declared that it Is time to step fully into your Impersonal Individualized Expression of Your I Am Presence and that is why such efforts are now being made toward a greater and more concentrated articulation to such achievements. As one’s Vibrational Frequency rises and the Powers of Invocation, Decrees and Mantras are employed; as the spaces around you are prepared with the Grace and Benevolence of God upon the Altars of Your Sacred Places and Spaces, those from the Higher Dimensions will come and Greet you Face to face. With regards to the other ‘first contact’ that are being referred to, is another phase for what is transpiring upon Earth right now. I suppose that you could see them as two individual levels of consciousness and vibration. Those with whom this Elemental Grace Alliance is aligned to, will be in direct association with the Members of this Alliance, and those who are referred to as first contact are beings from other Planetary Systems that are not necessarily of the same Dimensional Frequencies and have not necessarily attained their Ascension Status in accordance to the Law of One.

“These beings will not be malevolent or have any intentions toward Earth or humanity other than Love and Co-operation, and their participation will play a large part in bringing about a greater awareness that will finally bring witness to ‘you are not alone in the Universe’. Their existence will prove to mankind just how much your governments have been keeping humanity in the dark, as well as the profound lies they have been feeding the world.

“I do not wish to make this a long speech, so I will now stop, to allow this information to permeate the Hearts and Souls of All Who come into contact with it. I Am Lady Master Venus, Loving You All with My I Am Presence, May the Violet Flame, Light Your Way! Bless You”.


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Love and Light 




9 thoughts on “Lady Venus – New Earth Temples – Christ Councils

  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    We know about Etheric Retreats and Temples where our Masters of Love , Light & Peace are there making connection with our souls giving perfect guidance …Faith & Trust in ones ability to prepare the foundations for others, Opening Retreat Centers and lowering Etherial Temples down to Earth is a matter of raising one’s Consciousness to certain Vibrational Frequencies that Blend and Merge within the parameters of admittance & entry within them, Specific resonance is required to be maintained all the 24 hours at each moment, and every day with out any break…..
    Our Physical Radiation Centers are utmost important what our Master Bhagwan Budhdha also has suggested and Blessed certain souls for this important essential work as the Councillors of Jesus Christ…..
    Few years back I was ready to accept Budhdhism …but one of my Master Teacher stopped me and now I am with You Now !!
    We all are Blessed here and our Masters have Faith and Trust in us ….so we should try to help our Masters in their Mission….They all are with taking care of us….
    Thanks for this essential post….


    1. Dear Peter,
      As usual, this message is right on target. I made the decision to visit Mount Shasta, CA on my birthday, September 25-28th. I felt a drawing/pull to this mountain NOW.
      Did you know that Mount Shasta is a direct doorstep and elevator to the Higher Realms – GATEWAY to VENUS, gateway to heavenly Energies, The Lords of the Suns of Venus, the Kumaras enter through Mount Shasta, Greatest Storehouse for the Violet Flame! Sanat Kumara is the Ascended Master Elect of 2011 and Goddess Venus is Ascended Master Elect of 2012. Mount Shasta was chosen by Venus as a Gateway to her Sons and the Flames of Venus. The Eternal Rose of the Heart, Mother Akasha os also closely connected to Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta shall become the Heartbeat of Venus. Mount Shasta will become the greatest Focus Point for the Greatest Love Supreme of the Empress of Venus, FOCUS of LOVE. Mount Shasta is the great LOVE mountain. I will be sharing and sending LOVE energies from my Heart to the Elemental Alliance Heart energies and to the Hearts of all mankind, nature beings, elementals.
      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this message,
      Love and Joy,


      1. Bless You Jeanette, You are a wealth of information and I really appreciate everything you share! God Bless You and Javier for all that give!

        There shall be another location that the Venus Energies will soon be grounding as the First Narayana Joy Akasha Radiation Centre, but I cannot yet reveal the location due to matters still unfolding! But all is secure and ordained by the Powers of Mother Father God!

        Love and Light



      2. Dear Jeannette,
        Thanks for sharing all the details…
        I know that Mt. Shasta has a strong connection with our master St.Germain…
        I have missed the chance to visit have taken decision to visit on your Birth day…is a excellent idea…
        My birth day is also 20th September ….The same month so we are here to work for the same project…
        God Bless you !
        Sending you Love, Light & Wisdom…


  2. Peter… Namaste and Amen… Amun…
    Amen… Kodoish kodoish kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth. I saw the Peace Dove For Us… I grew up with a Dove in my house… I found an abandoned baby dove when I was small and my grandma loved birds and raised it. She lived with us and every morning… We heard her doing her cooo-ing… So beautiful… Her song changed me in ways I am still discovering. I Love You Brother. The Western corner of the Triangke is ME!!! Lol… Probably Vortexes At My Parents house… We are the West’s who reside on Sunset Drive in Lee’s Summit … Our Summit is physically… The highest elevation in a straight line between St Louis and Kansas City… I watch sunsets and sunrises and storms in an area that is called Longview!!! 515-745-4547… Peter… I am Ready Sire… Is there any plans for manifesting these light temples that is of the known?


    1. Amados hermanos cuanta alegria encontratralos! Estoy asus servicios e igual frecuencia. Desde la union en amor oara traer el cielo ala tierra. Yo soy herramienta para el proposito y me pongo a su servicios. Desde el corazon de argentina resonando en frecuencia y armonia. Nos amo “Somos Uno” gracias…. shalom


      1. Belen te bendiga, y recepción de Amado Argentina!

        Gracias por sus amables palabras y sí Somos Uno! Si puedo ser de alguna ayuda a lo largo de su trayectoria, de hecho, la pregunta viene a la mente! ¿Cómo puedo ayudar o estar al servicio de la Argentina, en el nacimiento en su mayor calidad de vida y la libertad de espíritu?
        Amor y Alegría


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