St Germain – Protecting The Future – Elemental Grace Alliance

01- Protecting The Future – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – St Germain – 1st July, 2015


“I Am St Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray and I have stepped forward first in this Round of Discourses for I wish to say how pleased I Am to see how Harmoniously and Graciously the Elemental Grace Alliance is expanding within its Emergence. ‘Protecting the Future’ is an excellent suggestion for the change of direction that does uphold the qualities of the Divine potentials unfurling here.

“I have elected to step forward first as there is no order in which the Members of this Council have to speak. Each Representative will instinctively Know when it is Their time to rise from Their Seat and Address the Group. This is something that humanity has yet to discover while at the same time, to understand the Universal Principles of such actions within the Creation of High Councils. It is not the level of vibration that really matters regarding a High Council of 12 + 1, although the Higher the Resonance the Higher the Creative Powers will be, but the intention to provide the Highest Content of Truth that is both enlightening and uplifting will provide for very enlightened Goal achievements. It is the Joy, Peace, and Love In Action for the Greatest Good of All Concerned that is the underlying fundamental guide lines to these Councils and Alliance Formations or Foundations. However, this is another subject for another time!

“I wish to speak a little today about ‘Protecting the Future’ of life on Earth. The Truth Is no protection is required at all, for All is Divinely Orchestrated to a finite degree which the Energies of the Prime Creator flow naturally and inexorably within, through, around you with LOVE! Yet, We are speaking here for and on behalf of the human element of consciousness and that is where great diligence and awareness is required, so that life on Earth can Ascend at a much quicker rate than it has done so in the past. How will humanity protect its own future? That is really what is being asked here and what this Council will Address in accordance with the varying levels of awareness and Knowing.

“Human beings expand their consciousness through new choices that they make in each new Now Moment. Humanity has to change their minds about so many things in their lives from this Moment forward in time, especially accepting and acknowledging that they are not human, no longer thinking that they are! Humans have to stop thinking like a human if they are going to advance further toward their Ascension Status. The reason for this communication this day is to reveal that humanity has arrived at a new point in their Evolutionary process; another cross road, another turning point! Right now they are poised upon the edge of yet another chasm where the bottom is undetected and unknown. This is not a physical hollow gorge covered in mists of invisibility, but the abyss of profound differences between peoples of diverse and varying levels of consciousness.

“There are vast numbers of human beings who are presently standing upon this edge ‘of something new and exciting’ that is awaiting them for the Greatest Good of all mankind. So many aspirants are coming to the Self Realization that something new is transpiring upon Earth despite the chaos, turmoil and outrageous actions of a few radical groups and control beliefs systems. That something has arrived and those who are ready to become aware of it are gathering upon the precipice of this leading edge of advancement to be transformed. There is standing room only at this time as few have yet made the decision to jump into this abyss let alone to physically engage this transition. Imagine for a moment the picture of lemmings leaping off a cliff into the ocean as they follow their instinctive and intuitive Natures to be Transformed. This is what We see here with humanity, the moment they realize that life as they know it, is not life at all and just a substitute while coming to understand the Reality of Their Earth Sojourn.

“There is something else that I wish to be known at this stage, and that is, humanity needs to become aware that within this period of change all new age concepts, the ways of being seen as Spiritual through all associated modalities and ways of being, were only created as a process of introducing oneself to one’s Higher Self as to being Spiritual in Nature. Now that the Spirituality is accepted, albeit not fully understood, then the partaking of the Truth about Being Spirit must go hand in hand with thoughts, words and actions. A lower level of consciousness is now able to be transcended and elevated to Higher Levels of Awareness and Truth. Truth never stops expanding and to keep up with these rates of expansion one must make new decisions constantly within their lives.

“I tell you Dear Ones that alternative modalities, regardless of their natures are very rapidly becoming obsolete. The end of their usefulness is coming, indeed it has been superseded already and thus will secure the new age dissolution, making way for the next Dimensional Shift into and through Cosmic Consciousness! The old new age reality as it has been called was but another stepping stone toward more innovative, illustrious and illumined awareness of Who Human Beings Really Are. It was another rung set upon the ladder of human evolution that would allow human beings to see another side of what use to be recognized to make them feel different, more important, more Spiritual than those who were living far more unconsciously within the general populace.

“These are the perceived differences in consciousness that I mentioned earlier; ‘us and them’ mentality; ‘I am more Spiritual than they are’ attitudes; ‘I know better and so my way is why I am correct in my own self importance’. So many have used Spirituality as a crutch for their own protection from the Truth! That crutch is now being withdrawn and evaporated into the ethers of imaginary reality, so please hear what I Am about to say!

“Let’s call them Light workers. Light workers have assimilated and utilized the information and Knowledge from all sorts of Higher Entities for Guidance and Support and indeed these Loving Beings will always be available to Guide and Direct where necessary. These Divine Light Beings were given permission via Dispensations from God to open communications with humanity. These Dispensations were offered to provide relief of the Higher Laws and Originally ascribed obligations held within the Charters and Fiats of God, that prevented this interaction between Higher Entities and humanity on the ground. I Am not saying this communication will cease, what I Am saying is that the present forms that it takes is now beginning to wane, which will allow Humanity to stand far more within their own Powers of Connection with Their I Am Presence, and no longer giving Their Power away to anything outside of themselves. By giving Their Power away I mean by using such Higher Communication as a crutch for them not to stand in their own Power of the God Light Within.

“But what is being called for now, is for the Humans who Know that they are Be-coming the Christed Ones, to step forward and tell their stories of how they changed their lives through Self Awareness and how they made their connections directly to Their Higher Selves, I Am Presence, God – Goddess Within. These are the New Leaders of the planet, the One’s that will guide and support humanity from directly within the midst of the human experience.

“No, I Am not speaking of those who work in alignment of self gratification and self gain, I Am not referring to those who draw energy from others to make themselves feel better or more powerful or Higher in the overall scheme of things. And believe Me there are a multitude who take advantage of those around them through the use of Higher information and making themselves appear on the surface as more enlightened. Yes, what I Am speaking of, are those Beautiful Souls who are selfless distributors of the Light, the ones who work tirelessly behind the scenes and the lime lights of assumed Spiritual prowess. I Am referring to those who continue to hold the Presence of God in Their Lives simply for Loves Own Sake and not for any type of personal gain, be it money, power or position.

“These are the Souls We are now asking to become more translucent, to Shine their Lights so that others may see them more transparently, indeed with a more Crystal Clear Consciousness. We need you now more than ever before. Not for what you have to say, but for the resonances of the Light that Shines from within you! You Know Who You Are! Yes I Am Speaking with You My Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

“These Souls will be far more accepted by the general populace for they will be seen as Human Avatars, in the likeness that others can easily believe they can imitate and emanate from within themselves. So Their achievements will be accepted as potentialities fully attainable; given the work that is required to be undertaken. For those who have never read the ‘Parable of the Tar Pit’ by Kryon and Lee Carol, you would do well to read this simple yet most powerful imagery of Truth in Fine Light Print.

“I can tell you now Dear Souls, that these are the people that We are calling forth presently, to close the gaps of indifference, to bridge the chasms of ignorance and arrogance between the disparities of perceptions in alternative beliefs and understandings of the Truth about Life upon Earth and human relationships between themselves and Themselves and The Natural Kingdoms. Channeling as you presently know it, will soon become a thing of the past as there will be The New Christed Beings in your neighborhood, who will share their own firsthand experiences of Knowledge, Love and Wisdom, not as human medium of a Higher Voice, but a Human Angel Expressing the Voice of God Directly and first hand from Within Them!”

 “Let Me emphasize this one more time for I cannot tell you how important it is for you to KNOW this! The present new age is waning very rapidly and The New Cosmic Consciousness has arrived, flowing fervently to fill every crack and crevice of human thought form and conscious belief. This New Cosmic Consciousness is not about new age modalities, it is about Being and Living within the physical Realms fully embodying Greater Knowledge that now has begun to abundantly amalgamate Love with Action. Many are noticing that the old ways of doing things just do not seem to work any longer. Many have felt the pregnant pauses within their lives as they typically begin to step toward old ways, old beliefs and old programs. Many are realizing that there is no longer completion of old tasks, for they dissolve well before fruition.

“Well this is an invitation to all who wish to open their Heart’s to another way of achieving Higher States of Awareness and Accomplishments. The New Cosmic Consciousness is the Higher Truth of Who You Are and have always been.

The Resolutions found through this Elemental Grace Alliance will begin to draw closer, far Greater numbers of humanity who will begin to realize that there is a huge difference between what We call ‘spiritual glamour’ and Divine Spirituality. These are like chalk and cheese, and you are going to hear many messages from Spirit, channeled and otherwise, about this as time continues to flow toward Higher Vibrational Living.

“Spiritual glamour was and shall remain for 10-20 years yet as part of the new age concepts, their modalities and aspects of how they are promoted and used. The reason they are dissolving away is that they never really Addressed the deeper issues of the Truth held within the Genetic DNA profile of each human being. Not really! They did create ease for the discomforts, but never Addressing or eliminating the underlying factors of their cause. To do this the Causal Bodies must be contacted and communicated with, and that can only be attained through Cosmic Consciousness, Your link to God through Your Own Individualized I Am Presence or Higher Self. To grow one needs to expand their consciousness beyond the limitations of what they presently can accept as truth.

“The New Cosmic Consciousness is asking you to expand, Expand, EXPAND! To open your Supreme Mind to Greater potentials of wakefulness; to look even further afield by allowing your Higher I Am Presences’ to lead you away from the old truth and toward the ONLY Truth. There has never been such a Cosmically Supported potential as this in the history of the planet to date. Billions of years in the Planning, can you Imagine That!

“If you do not resonate with these words, then maybe you should look a little deeper into the Life and Times of Beloved Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Mother Teresa, Buddha, St Frances of Assisi as Kuthumi and many, many others. Indeed look at the lives that I have spent on Earth, over the last 2000 years! Look at the lives of those who lived upon Earth and physically reached Their Enlightenment and Ascension Status as an Ascended Master. Believe Me when I tell you, within the life and times of these precious Souls, there was no room for spiritual glamour, Their, and My Ascension came from Our Cosmic Consciousness and Its implementation into Our Physical and Earthly Lives through Our Conscious interaction and Love with The Elementals, Devas, and Angelic Host Companions. Our Lives became the Physical Manifestation of Spirit through the connections We Made to Our Causal and Monadic Bodies! We became the Full Embodiment of the Living Christ, The I Am Presence, The God I Am Within, just as you are awakening to do soon as you continue to walk toward it at this time.

“And so Dear Soul’s I Am here to tell you that this New Cosmic Consciousness is here for all to embrace now in a much more tangibly Loving Way. For Us it was far more difficult, but by doing this We have paved the way for many, many more on a much grander scale to achieve the same. It was, and is not easy, for that We can attest, yet the time is here, eons of years of training and preparation have brought you to this place of standing upon the edge of change once again, along with many of your colleagues, friends and Family who have supported you over the millennia’s. Standing room only indeed! Now is the time to open Your Hearts and to take Your next leap of Faith!

“To Trust in what you are being shown through those Who Love You immeasurably! Jump then, into the Cosmic Abyss of the Unknown so that the unidentifiable can be celebrated through clarification, the indescribable can be unmistakably definable and the mysterious can become the Known. And then once this has been experienced and integrated into your new lives, then it can become Your New Wisdom from which you will grow toward the next stepping stone, the next rung upon another Ascension Ladder. No harm will come to you for You Are A Child Of God! Remember Ascension is not a place it is simply the achievement of attaining a Higher Awareness of The Truth through Active and Conscious Expansion and Expression of God’s Impersonal Love and Life with All!

“Once again I ask that you listen very carefully to what I Am going to say, for I will not mince My Words. I Am Known for My Directness and Honesty. Your Ascension, Dear human beings, depend, from this point forward, upon your connection, voluntary interaction, co-creational activities and unity consciousness with the Elemental and Natural Kingdoms. Make no mistake, The Elemental Kingdoms, The Angelic Worlds, The Nature Beings, ARE YOU!

“What you are doing to yourselves you are at the very instant doing to Them as well. They Are everything you stand for, your life, your breath, your heart beat, your food, sustenance, health, abundance. Your thought forms, words and actions are directly reflective in what you see around you as constructive and beneficial creation or destructive and detrimental deprivation.

“This Elemental Grace Alliance has been Proposed to Bridge this gap in lack of awareness and understanding of the relationships between humanity and these Wonderful Light Beings and Builders of Form and not without virtuous reason. Human beings are very powerful indeed in their creations, yet the Power that you have yet to tap into, will come only from your new found Alliance with the Elemental, Nature and Angelic Host Worlds and Kingdoms. I Am not just saying it; Your Life, Your Ascension, now depends upon the merging of human consciousness more than ever before upon Planet Earth with these Dear God Beings.

“There is still a lot to share but as We are speaking within this Group of Discourses about the ‘Protection of the Future’ for humanity, We are also speaking of the Protection and the Grateful Thanks Giving’s to all Those Who support humanity in all Their choices, no matter how low vibrational they may be or may have been in the past. The New Cosmic Consciousness is here and So It Is for all of humanity to now have access to it as and when they choose to make that choice!

“I Am St Germain and I Am The Love of Humanity. I Know what it is like to be human, and I Know the processes that are required to uplift them into their own Power, Love and Wisdom with the All That Is! Your success is Our Goal!

“I now step back to allow others Who wish to step forward to offer Their Love to this Noble Cause.

“And It Is So”!


7 thoughts on “St Germain – Protecting The Future – Elemental Grace Alliance

  1. Thank you, Peter and St. Germaine for this simple beautiful truth from St. Germaine. I truly resonated with every word said. I AM with you every step of the way! I am sending you Love, Joy and Gratitude for this message. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth, Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth, Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth. Holy, Holy, Holy, is the lord God of Hosts. EHeyer Asher Eheyer I AM that I AM, Jeannette


  2. Peter… St. Germaine… Angellic Brethren and Sisters,..Gods and Goddesses… Four legged and Winged and Insect and those ofwater or land or air… All Fairies and Gnomes and Divas and Elves and All Fire Air Water Earth and Ether Elements from small to large and all in between… Forests and Plants and Stars in the Heavens… Whether You are Extra terrestrial or terrestrial or intra terrestrial…
    Whether I Look Inward or Harken Outward… HEAR YE HEAR YE HEAR YE My Beloved One’s. Our Strength of Life And Our Love Shows You It Is Ok To Come Here My Friends. We CAN BE Together My Children of Lights Knowing. My Feelings Are Strong Enough to Protect You. It Is Not Me anyways… It Is God’s Grace. I will repeat to you what I said to all dimensions upon High and Importantly… 3D and Below…. God Used Beautiful Verse to Harken the Plan of Platinum and Beyond Existence… It Is A New Day!!! It Is A New Dawn!!! It Is A New Life For You & Me!!! And We Are Feeling GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!😇🍀💚 Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish. Adonai… Tsebayoth. I Just really love you ALL So Very Very Much!!! You Amaze My Heart!!! So Increcible!!! Any Angel or Elemental or Fairy… I Open My 💚 To You… You Are My Beloved. I Got A Lot Of Hugs For You All!!! 😘


  3. Reblogged this on silverangelswings and commented:
    This is resonating with me, and I feel like I am standing on the precipice. Don’t yet know how this is going to work/happen, I have been found wanting on more than one occasion….however, I am really desiring change and to take the leap of Faith…..I am re-blogging this on Silver Angels Wings blog….thank you dear St Germain and Peter….Joy, Peace and Love to you all…..
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


    1. Dear Sylvia, Open your Heart to receive and ask what it is you desire clearly and precisely. It is there awaiting you!



  4. Dear Brother Peter,
    I Am with You !!
    Our Master St. Germain loves Humanity and to uplift that He is with us all the Time for the New Consciousness in Action and helps always in Transmutation and Transfiguration Of Energies required to uplift Love, Power and wisdom in its highest abilities….
    He is always taking care of me all the time giving perfect guidance for Ascension of my Consciousness making it stronger and stronger, giving perfect guidance to my I Am presence having constant connection with my Soul…
    ” I Am That I Am “!!
    Lots of Thanks to St. Germain my Loving Master taking care of my all the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energies for my love for this noble Cause To Protect My Future and For Elemental Grace Alliance Project, wishing a great success, giving Love & Blessings to all of us who are with Him, and who can follow Him !!

    Om Shanti !!



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