The Great Divine Director – Temples and Pyramids of Light

Elemental Grace Alliance – The Great Divine Director – The New Gatherings and the New Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries and Temples (Pyramids) of Light – Peter – 19th July, 2016.


Divine Father, Beloved Mother and Life, I wish to receive Greater Awareness of where the Elemental Grace Alliance Project is presently, in terms of, progress within the Divine Plan of God, and the participation by those Dear Souls who have to date, offered their support and dedication, not necessarily within the Group We have called The Elemental Grace Alliance Narayana Shoud! May I ask The Beloved Great Divine Director to come forth now to Over Light me for the purpose of this sharing, as I have been feeling Your Presence around me for the past few days?  My humanness is presently unaware of Your Divine Role and would welcome anything that you would like to share!

I Am The Great Divine Director and I Come to you today Dear Soul, and to all those Loving Hearts that may listen or read this Discourse, for it is time for me to say a few words that I Pray will be placed within your Heart of Hearts for the benevolence of humanity, The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms.

Allow me to now Call Forth the Entire Elemental Grace Alliance Once again for it is, within the Resonance of this Combined ‘Forcefield’ That I wish to give My Address! And so Beloved Peter, As I Now Pressurize you with My God-Power and Direction, All The Members and Associated Circles of Love and Light have arrived and They too are opening Their God Presence to you and all those Human Beings whom have already aligned themselves to this Project, in one way or another, as well as those who will do so in your future time.

To keep in alignment with the format that has been agreed within the Discourses to date, I shall now speak a little of Who I Am within the Overall Scheme of things, so that you Dear Souls may have a Greater Awareness of Me and My Divine Service Here upon Earth.

My Name is Master Rakocsy but was given the Title of The Great Divine Director, in Adoration and Appreciation for The Divine Work that I do for This World.  I Am The Manu of the Seventh Root Race awaiting soon to enter the Earth within the Area you call South America. May I say here that the work of the Elemental Grace Alliance is imperative for Me to be a success, for without the Work planned here I will have to postpone the Entry of the 7th Root Race. So Dear Soul I Am fully Engaged with All Aspects of this Alliance for Its success no matter what!

My Qualities are Divine Direction and God-Power. I Reside upon and within the Inner Realms of Earth within the Cave of Light within the Himalayan Mountains of India. I also have a place of Residence within Transylvania, Romania, called the Rakocsy Mansion. You will have heard of this through Beloved St Germain. I was St Germain’s Teacher along with that of Beloved Jesus! It is from the Rakocsy Mansion that I Employ and Engage My Divine Mission for the Freedom of Europe. It is no mistake Peter, that you have been feeling the Pressure of My Presence around you at this time of the UK leaving the European Union. For this is not by accident, and is just the beginning of some major shifts that are required, to now disassemble and dissolve the strangle holds that has held humanity to ransom within these areas of the world, for far too long!  Those in power at the present time are now stepping up their disapprovals and will do all they can to prevent such a dissolution, as you are seeing in France and Turkey over the past two weeks. I shall call for your assistance in due course, but for now, let Us return to the matters at hand!

I Am also known as God Ganesha to the Hindus of this World, Lord of Success and Destroyer of Obstacles, God of Education, Knowledge and Wealth. And I Am One of the Directors Who Sit as the 1st Ray upon the Karmic Board of Directors! And it is this that I wish to speak of now that will introduce the subject matter that you so earnestly brought forward for discussion.

The Acknowledgement of your efforts Peter, to bring the Elemental Grace Alliance into Physical Manifestation has been declared by so many Hierarchy and Beings of Light that is an amazing achievement on its own.  During the Whole Process I have sat and listened intently to each and every word shared, not only by you Peter and the other Members of this Alliance, but now by every Soul who has touched the Essence and Resonances of the Book of Words and The Web Site made Manifest.  Neither you, Peter, or any other person who has yet opened a page of this Divine Work and Love In Action, can appreciate the dynamics or the wealth of information that pertains to it! Not can any of you, as of today even slightly imagine the potentials that are held within this Plan that God Him, Her Self has initiated through you Peter, on behalf of all of Humanity, The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms.

Dear Soul’s, what I wish to tell you so that it will penetrate your Heart at the very Core of your Being, is that the Life of The Mother’s Love and Father’s Light is now anchoring itself upon Earth like never before in the History of the Earth. I really desire for you to Know this for this Life of God is what beats your heart and it is the same Light that has drawn you to the Elemental Grace Alliance and this Divine Plan to Work out upon Earth. It is the Life that offers you your Ascension into the Sacred Electronic White Fire Light Body of the I Am Presence!  It is, My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, the Christ Consciousness, The Melchizedek Consciousness and so much more! It is the Fire you are feeling in your belly to step up and declare to the Universe and God that you want to help, that you wish to do and be the very best you can be by offering your Entire Being to this Divine Mission!

Yes indeed, this project The Elemental Grace Alliance may be a book of many words, but these are in many ways superfluous, yet at the same time vital in their awareness. For those who are ready, they shall awaken them from a deep sleep! By all means Dear Hearts, read and trace every word with your Heart and God Mind, not your ego mind, follow them and place them into your consciousness and DNA Encodements, for they have a High Resonance of Truth that have the Power to change your life forever. But if you know not what you read or understand what the meanings or terminologies are, this is not something to concern yourselves about!  As Peter said in closing the Book, if he ever had to rewrite the book he would do it in 13 words, ‘Love Is All There Is, Be Still And Know That I Am God!’ But that was the I Am Presence of Peter speaking. Meanwhile, while you all continue to work toward the full integration of your I Am Presence, words are needed for communication, understanding, knowledge and then Knowing!

The Groups that have been discussed over the last few days and weeks is a vital change that We are Highly Endorsing at this time. And although many are considering such Gatherings Now, there is much that needs to still be understood, particularly with those New Radiation Centres and Groups leading up to such levels of attainment. If one is choosing to align themselves to the Elemental Grace Alliance, Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries, at the very least, one person within each group must be fully versed with the understandings, knowledge and experiences of the processes and procedures that shall be required to pass through the very specific Rings of Consciousness. This must be so, before attaining any such Christ Council Formation, who will be then Fully Engaged to Work upon the Proposals set forth in detail throughout the Discourses of the Elemental Grace Alliance.  

One day Mankind will Self Realize the Blessings being presented to them here, for the Freedom that such Gifts are offering them. So, the Book of Words is the first stage that these contributions to the understanding, knowledge and experiences offer. It is sharing the processes and procedures that must be adhered to in accordance with Universal Law!  So Dear Hearts, for those who read without understanding or past experiences or previous encounters with such material, treat it as a part of the learning experience that is being offered as part of a New Endeavour that awaits you around the next corner. Do not, for Heaven’s sake, now that you have been drawn here, and that the Light and Life in your bellies have been ignited, put it all aside just because you think you do not understand. Your human mind may not, but believe Me, your I Am Presence Knows All, and has led you here to remind you that you too, Know All. Your I Am Presence Incarnate and you are here now to Fully Open to that experience, more that you could ever imagine!

This process Dear Hearts is so practical and mechanical, it is systematic and pragmatic in its application and procedures, Trust then and have Faith that you have been drawn here for a reason and that reason Is the Purpose you have come here; Your Divine Purpose to make a difference to All Life here upon Mother Gaia!  Have Faith then in this Love In Action!  I can tell you all who are listening or reading this, if anyone is drawn to this Elemental Grace Alliance and does not respond in accordance to that which Their I Am Presence Desire’s for them, well I shall just say, it shall be an unfortunate missed opportunity. If any Dear Soul is led to these Discourses and who turns away from them before time, then they are simply not hearing or acknowledging Their I Am Presence’s Call and shall negate drawing to themselves Greater Intensified Radiance for all future activities! Life makes no mistakes Dear Friends, it is precise, accurate, practical and mathematical in its Precision of Love In Action.

Do not mis-understand what I Am saying here! The Elemental Grace Alliance is not for everyone, and not everyone who is drawn here is to become a part of the Radiation Centres.  This is all about Self Empowerment and Self Realization. It is about the Reunion of the I Am Presence within your Life, Love and Light of Impersonalized Experiences at this most auspicious time upon Earth.  To attain Self Empowerment one may only need to read small portions of the Discourses, perhaps a paragraph or sentence or indeed just to hold the book in their hands. But if they are in ‘Touch’ and holding Clear and Pure communication with Their I Am Presence, then They are Following God’s Will for Them. It is within one of Peter’s Invocations and Prayers that says,

“I call forth My Beloved I Am Presence to take Me to The Truth of God’s Love and Light for me, through the teachers and Teachings of the Masters at every opportunity, that will allow me the most Joyous and Beneficial, Effective and Efficient information, for the success and completion of raising the Vibrational Frequencies of my 4 lower bodies, my physical ascension process and the healing of all aspects of my life, my Earth Mission in Service to Humanity and Mother Earth and my Holy Charter with You, Oh Lord!

The Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses or Web Site, Group or Gathering or Akasha Radiation Centres, may just be that teacher or Teachings of the Ascended Masters that will raise the Vibrational Frequencies, and heal all aspects of your lives! To ‘Touch’ the Alliance and then turn away before this Self Empowerment or Self Realization of the I Am Presence is achieved, would indeed be unfortunate.

Humans, only too quickly acknowledge and hold onto their so called problems and dismiss the importance for their Victory of Life, Freedom, Love and Joy! This Alliance is not the only way, but it can and will, make Life changing opportunities available to you, if that is your Holy Desire for yourself!

Many seek to know their Divine Plan, and I tell you, that it is always fulfilled in increments, rather than in one giant swoop. For truly the path is one of millions of individual steps and stages. And if you fulfill each step with Joy and Intention, with Love and Reverence, Focus and Adoration, Gratitude and Consistency, then the next phase of your Divine Plan will emerge, like a butterfly from the chrysalis, from the Heavenly World of your Divine Musings, Sponsors and Mentors allow it to be revealed unto you. Remember Sponsors have been mentioned within the Elemental Grace Alliance and this is so much a part of your Divine Opening! The penultimate charge of Life Energies to your human unascended beingness, coming into a more fully aligned Consciousness with your I Am Presence. So take heed Dear Souls for without this Activation and Investment you shall simply stand before that “Open Door” and be unable to pass through!

You have heard the phrase “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This is true. And in addition to the teacher are the means, the wherewithal, the teachings that will be yours to fulfill within your life in a practical and dynamic way. And these ‘means’, typically will draw forth, Dearest Hearts, required abundance, required support, required involvement of other people of like mind and heart who see as you see, who feel as you feel, who also know the anointing of the I Am Presence, with Its Radiance, Its Power, Its Glory to assist you in Self Realizing your Highest Dreams and Potentials.

Now, I wish to ask each who is listening to or reading this Discourse. “How can you ever experience anything in your life, if you do not give it your attention, your focus and your consistency?” You may believe that you achieve your goals and desires, but I Am here to tell you that you are mis-informed if you tell yourself this! And that is what I wish to speak of now before I close My Address this day!

In the Elemental Grace Alliance Beloved Sanat Kumara says;

“Beloved Kuan Yin made clear references to the potentials of those who are now moving into place for such a ‘Second Coming’, but Know this, igniting your I Am Presence within the 3rd Dimensional Earth does not automatically afford Ascension. There is still another aspect of the Divine Plan that today, 2000 years after Yeshua’s Ascension, where a Single Soul is no longer sufficient for the Salvation of the world, it must now come through the Soul Merging and the final Group Initiations of the Inceptions of Light! Then Dear Souls, if that is not hard enough, it then has to be integrated, fully into the physical Realms of Earth Now! Sounds hard indeed, but the Truth Is, once the Soul Merge has begun, living within the Multidimensional Levels of God the Father and Mother, those of the 4th through to the 9th Dimensional States of Consciousness will become as Natural to you, as breathing in and out of the Life of God! Living from the Centre of Your Beingness will become your Joy and Your Love, Power and Wisdom.

“To move toward with these potentials now Dear Souls, you will have to want it, want is so bad, that nothing will stand in your way any longer. It is time that you begin to ask yourselves the questions that will offer the Guidance to achieve what you Desire or indeed more importantly, what your Soul Desire’s for you! You have an unimaginable potential being offered to you now. What you do with it will make all the difference! I plead with you all who are listening to or reading this now, give this some deep feeling and due diligence and then step aside of your ego and your personality intellect and listen to what your I Am Presence wants you to Know!”

It may be something to this effect!

“If you wish to step into this Soul Merging it is imperative that you begin to fully acknowledge Me, to align with Me at every opportunity. You can no longer afford to play human games of resistance and reluctance, that chooses instead, that which drains your energies and disperses them away from Me, Your Divine Connection to God!”

In the Elemental Grace Alliance through Joseph Benner, it says this;

“How shall I tell you? How can I penetrate through the wall of unconscious self-righteousness, of self-sufficiency, of spiritual pride and independence, which your personality has built up around you, perhaps, and which often prevents My Words of Truth, spoken through others, reaching your Soul Consciousness? How can I get past the feeling which even now, maybe, is flooding your human consciousness, rousing your ire, anger, indignation and opposition so that you may not grasp the deep significance of My meaning? Can you not see, if such feeling is manifesting in your heart, that your personality is still much in evidence — when it can so control you? Can you not understand that, not until words such as the above, coming from any source whatsoever, can create in you nothing but a sympathetic comprehension of their loving and helpful intent; and that, should any feelings of a rebellious or antagonistic nature arise, not until you can immediately recognize them and their source and can proceed to transmute them into love and gratitude to Me for thus pointing out to you these weaknesses that still exist, — can you be a pure and true channel through which the Christ Teachings can flow?”

There is not a thing in the Universe greater than your Presence of Life. It only requires your Obedience, to draw up into Itself your power of qualification and discrimination. That makes the Ascended Being the Full Authority and Power in the human octave. Your Presence of Life as you stand today is not that full Authority, because your discriminating selective intelligence does not act within the Presence, except through your Higher Mental Body which It has provided for that purpose. That is the reason and need of your Eternal Freedom which must come through your Ascension. It does not come by your human effort; but by your call to the “Great and Mighty I AM Presence” of all Life which wants you to become as We Are.

We, having made the journey and won the Victory, are in a position to tell you what is required and help you to that same Glory. It is gratifying, very gratifying to see so many ready and willing to give joyful Obedience, for it enables Us to Render a Service that would be impossible otherwise. The release of these qualities into your world today will be the turning of the Key of your Life for the Victory of the future. Will you be kind enough to accept that and let It out picture the Fullness of all It wishes to do?

This is where your Decrees and Invocations come into play. They are vital to the success of your Ascension and this Divine Mission for the completion of the Elemental Grace Alliance Project and Proposals in cleaning up this world and your human lives. We the Hierarchy, The Archangels, Ascended Masters and Other God Beings cannot help you in any area of your lives unless you call to Us! This is Law and it is not until your Vibrational Frequencies are High enough to have open communication with Us that our efforts are thwarted in relationship to your calls! Lady Nada explained this in detail and I am making reference to it again for this is what shall help you to understand the importance of you now stepping away from all old patterns of human consciousness and ways of doing things!

Your constancy of Calls, your persistency of Calls must be this way until you are in direct communication with your I Am Presence for as I have said before, each step is a small incrementation of the Whole until the Goal is reached. The Goal, is Ascension into the Full Embodiment of the Christ Consciousness. So refine and define your Invocations. Know the Beings to be called as part of that which the Divine Beings are required. Use passion and Heart-felt emotion to make your Calls; Love your Calls, Cherish your Calls, Embrace your Calls and make them a very big and focused part of your lives NOW!

So that you will remember all that I have shared with you today I wish to leave you with this analogy.

Your desire to create the new groups and gatherings within the New Cosmic Consciousness can be likened, of sorts, to chefs around the world. You have chefs for take-aways, general cafes, diners, generalized cultural restaurants. Then you have specialized cultural chefs that flow through to Michelin Star Establishments. 1, 2 and 3 Star restaurants indeed up to a Chef who holds 28 Michelin Stars through several restaurants under his or her direct control and guidance. Ask yourself which type of Group you desire and then set forth and work toward it as the Group Creator, Administrator or Force Field.  Create the Dream and Design the Plan and put it into effect. But remember this, if you wish to have a Michelin Star gathering, then know the work and the dedication and the commitment that is required. Study, gain knowledge and experience. Practice and experiment with your creations and when the time is right Your Michelin Star or Stars will be awarded you, and dare I say, they will not be a plaque placed upon the walls of the Gatherings, but a Giant Cosmic Neon Black and White Light for all to see!

Dear Souls, Divine Bands of Colors await you, if that is your desire, if you have God’s Will within your focus and can Obey His Will to the Letter!

I Am Master Rakocsy, The Great Divine Director at your Service. Call upon Me and I will come and assist you in all your efforts. But Know this, I WILL Demand your Obedience!

Thank you for your invitation Peter, I Bless You and Endorse this Work through you with All My Beingness!

And It Is So!

Peter :- Bless You Beloved Master Rakocsy, I am so grateful for all that you have shared!  I have placed it into my Heart.


4 thoughts on “The Great Divine Director – Temples and Pyramids of Light

  1. Dear Peter, Connie and Great Divine Director,
    I am grateful for these Powerful, Loving Words that I will place in my HEART NOW. I have been truly uplifted, motivated, inspired and balanced after reading such WORDS.
    Dear Connie, what a gift you are! Thank you for your interpretation of the Divine Directors Words in Spanish.


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