What Is The Elemental Grace Alliance? What’s It Progress To Date?

What Is The Elemental Grace Alliance? What has been its Progress up until Now? – Peter Melchizedek, 4th September, 2016

Dear Souls,

My name is Peter Melchizedek, and I am the Founder of the Elemental Grace Alliance, in terms of what we know as the Human Creative Experience.  In Truth however, I am not the Founder, but an individual who was offered an opportunity by My I Am Presence and God, to bring into physical manifestation a Divine Plan that was Created, Designed and Planned from way outside of my own conscious awareness before it unfolded before me.

Although I have explained everything about this Divine Plan in the Elemental Grace Alliance Book and the Website, I am being guided to now place upon YouTube a succinct explanation and fundamental outline of what this Project is all about and just how far it has come since I first received this idea, thought or vision.

So without further adieu I shall begin!

We all know just how much this world is influenced today by the disasters, travesties and chaos, both natural and manmade that pervade Our Beloved Mother Earth. I have dedicated my life to do all I can to find resolutions and bring about some form of Balance to all negative conditions, especially those whereby humanity, the general public, over 98% of humanity, are penalized, physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually, by those who would see themselves as more deserving than their fellow Human Family.

The Truth is, every man, woman and child upon Earth, regardless of race, color or creed, irrespective of their beliefs or religious practices, are born equal in the Eyes of God or Our Prime Creator. Equally, I have known just how much human consciousness and actions of that consciousness has defiled Beloved Mother Earth and humanity itself, but never, not really, have I understood the depth of what humanity has done to those who keep our planet and ourselves from disintegrating into oblivion.

We as humanity, the whole of the human race has not just exiled itself from Love, Light and Life, but even more so, the Builders of Form, Those Beloved Elementals, Nature Spirits, Devas and Angelic Host, to such a degree that Their Lives too, have become deeply entrenched and entangled within the mis-informed, and mis-applied conscious and unconscious manifestations of mankind. I was so saddened, and so overwhelmed when this realization came to me, that I asked God what could I do to help make this right; how could I, as a mere human ant, assist in bringing back to Humanity and these Dear Beings of God’s Creation, a Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit, that we and They deserve.

My experiences over nearly 40 years of study in the fields of Metaphysics, Ontology, Earth Energies and Quantum Physics, has finally taught me that to solve the problems of Earth and Humanity, one cannot expect to attain any mutually beneficial results that rely on any heads of state, or leaders, within world governments, economic, health or utility organizations or religious groups. We have to take it upon ourselves to do this, for ourselves! Compassion is no good on its own, it requires ACTION! And without Love in Action, all the prayers and forgiveness and compassion in the world will actually have very little effect in the shorter term. While non-action continues through one’s own Inner Heart Connections with Source or God, what we deny ourselves the benefit of, we deny the world and everything in it, particularly those who are responsible for the maintenance and sustenance of our lives most of all, The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host!

With this understanding, I took it upon myself, to enter this ‘Love In Action’, and decided to formalize my request directly with my I Am Presence/God. No sooner had I put forward my Soul’s specific and refined desire to know the way forward, Beloved God within me, impressed upon my mind, a thought that I could not deny, not for a second! It came in quite overwhelmingly and with what I can only describe as a Power that got my attention, and without question, I responded instantly! So with this, I decided to acknowledge the thoughts that I received and then handed it all back to God with a carefully constructed Invocation, that I would Be Honored to Serve this Idea and Plan within God, His/Her Full Guidance and Direction.

It took several years of setting the foundations and getting my thoughts and feelings together, before I really set myself to the task. I knew how to proceed in accordance with Universal Law and so when I could not rally any other human being to join me, to help me, to support me in a way, with a commitment to this Idea and Plan, Spirit finally said to me;

“The Elemental Grace Alliance is in Its readiness to continue immediately! It cannot wait for anyone any longer who cannot give absolute commitment to it. Take the reins Dear One, you have not forced anything as requested thus far and allowed those whom felt the call to respond as they saw fit, in accordance to the Law of Free Will, and now We ask that you proceed as you are once again being inspired to do.”

I knew I had to go this alone!

These Series of Discourses with a Cosmic High Christ Council, that I initiated or created from the Hierarchy of this Great Central Sun/Solar System, is just the beginning, the Initial Stages for an even Greater Plan by God through us human beings, to find Eternal Peace upon Planet Earth and within the Hearts of All of Humanity.

This Journey is not for everyone, but, if you find this information, book or e-book in front of you, know that ‘Your I Am Presence’ has led you to it for a reason. That reason shall be your Mission to Discover Its Truth for youself, through your own link through Love In Action, with your Creator! Discernment here is your greatest tool within the New Cosmic Consciousness of the New 7th Golden Age that we are now fully embedding into. In the Book ‘Brotherhood – A Call To Service’ by Joseph Benner, God says;

 ‘When a Message comes containing an opportunity for Real Service, and disclosing a Real Plan and a Real Work for the helping of your brothers and sisters; not some vague high sounding ideal, but a Definite Practical Work that your Soul recognizes, and your Heart leaps toward in glad response; know that such response is My Voice calling you to the Work I have been preparing you for, and you need not question or doubt, for your Soul commands you to obey’.

‘But if there is no glad response in your heart, not even a faint voice there calling upon you to investigate as there may be something in this for you; and instead there is only a coldness and an entire lack of interest; know that that message is for others and that that particular Work is not for you, for you could be of no assistance, not being ready for such Work as yet’.

‘But if hearing, and at first thus happily responding, if but for a moment, before doubts crowd in and from outer sources come advice and argument, criticism of that particular work or of the way it came to you, or of the messenger who brought it, fast smothering the urge in the Heart still trying to hold your attention, Know that I Am but trying and testing you, to see if you are as yet ready for the Work which I always have awaiting My Proven and Faithful Servants; to see if I can use you to awaken and prepare My other children so I can unfold My Nature in them that they can feel Me as the Love in their Hearts, and can thereby hear My Voice There, and know I Am their Higher and Real Self and that I Am Calling them also, anxious to lead them forth into the New Day’.

I know that this book may feel like it is all about me, but IT IS NOT!

Beloved Alpha said this to me when I asked for clarity on this subject. He said:

“Great question! Peter it has nothing to do with you, it is ALL ABOUT The God I Am! It is All The God I Am within you, and that is the All and End All of It! It is All About Me! It is My Experiences through All My Own Individualized Expressions through each human being that I wish to KNOW! There are no exceptions, from the most dire and most distasteful, to the Most Magnificent and Most Pure! For anyone who sees the personality or feels the judgments and criticisms rising within themselves, then they are not yet ready to fully acknowledge their Own I Am Presence or God Within. These Dear Ones will simply continue to struggle with their ego personalities, no matter how much they defend that situation or their need to judge. A Master does not judge, nor even has an opinion about anything, just sees what He or She wants to see within the world and Walks toward that. The Dear Souls who continue to mis-perceive these thoughts, the taste of their own personal ways of thinking, will simply have to continue along their paths, tossing and turning with their ego projections until they stop this insanity.

“Then and only then will I, Their I Am God Presence Within, will I have the opportunities again, whereby they can be shown the Lighter Way. I have given All My Children the capacity to be human, to know their personalities, but only to ever use it to its fullest expression to Know Love. That is Why God Created the Physical Realms, to Know Itself from the bottom up! To Truly Know Love, but one has to know fear, to know the difference between what is duality, and what is Polarity. Duality being the manifestation of good and evil, dark and light, better or worse, and Polarity that is Love and Light, Balance and Joy, Giving and Receiving! Need I explain further?”

And so I stopped all that I was doing in my daily life and committed whatever time was required to find the solutions and resolutions to ALL human and world imbalances, in accordance to God’s Will through the execution of Divine Universal Laws!  I spent 13 months in deep communication with myself, My I Am Presence and The Hierarchy of this System of Worlds, where we All took one meticulous step at a time, to take each situation and circumstance within Human Evolution and laid it out in the simplest way possible to draw the attention of other Dear Souls who have been in training for this Plan since the beginning of time here upon the Planet Earth!

If you do not already know, human beings are such a vital part of All Life upon Mother Gaia. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING revolves in, through and all around human beings and their use of consciousness.  All Life here responds to this consciousness and it is not until we really understand this, that very much upon Earth will change!

Fortunately, as this Divine Plan has outlined, the time is NOW to really anchor and make the changes here that must be made if we are going to raise the mass consciousness of humanity into the Ascension Status that will catapult us beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensional realms.

The Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses have covered virtually all of the Knowledge that shall take us to the next levels of Creation so that we can Heal not only Mother Earth, but the Whole of the Human Race, The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Hosts Kingdoms.  This is not the only way this is going to be achieved, but I can say through the Power Invested in me, by Beloved Vesta and the Whole of God’s Creation, this way shall be one that shall safeguard the success of the Mass Ascension of All Sentient beings here!  How can I be so sure?  Because this is not my plan!  It is one that has been Created by God, by the Divine Consciousness in each of us, being anchored within our human physical realities, by Our I Am Presences’, Our Holy Spirit within!  So it cannot fail!  That is unless other like minded Human Souls fail to respond to this calling!  Free will is still the Order of the day and Heaven will not arrive on Earth unless it comes through human free will!

I am so delighted to say, that since the Launch of The Elemental Grace Alliance and the publication of the Discourses in February of this year, this Divine Plan has reached thousands of Souls who have heard the calling, and felt their bellies ignite with their I Am Presence, that has fired them up to step forward and begin their responses in listening to their I Am Presences’ Guidance!

The Elemental Grace Alliance is not about healing or bringing about half measures of balance.  Its Goal is to fully engage the Embodiment of the Christ Consciousness so that all healings, all solutions, all resolutions are at a Causal Level, Complete and Whole! Whether that be human illness, mis-creation or belief systems and programs that no longer serve!

So in 6 months, what has the Elemental Grace Alliance achieved in physical terms, besides a substantial response from those, through conscious Self Awareness, that this Plan is part of their own I Am Presence Reality?

Allow me to list them for you!

We have achieved:

  1. The physical manifestation of the 777 page E-Book and Soft Cover Book which has been published for public dissemination.
  2. The Creation of the Elemental Grace Alliance Website.
  3. The Creation of The Elemental Grace Alliance Shoud Group.
  4. The interest of 4 individual persons or groups to Co-Create, under the Auspices of the Elemental Grace Alliance Narayana Joy Akasha Light Temple Proposals.
  5. A physical site that has been inaugurated by the Company of Heaven and agreed and activated to become, in the very near future, the First Elemental Grace Alliance Narayana Joy Akasha Temple of Light.
  6. The physical Metatronic Blueprint for The Institute of Creative Human Benevolence and Munificence. A business Plan of sorts that is the outline to bring into manifestation upon a site somewhere around the world, yet to be decided upon, as the Head Quarters for the Elemental Grace Alliance and Narayana Joy Akasha Temples of Light! Here many shall gather to become the Administration Team for this world wide Project to Physically manifest 12 Light Temple Sites, Headed individually by 12 Members of a Christ Council.
  7. The Creation of Our Elemental Grace Alliance Group Merkabah to amplify and align World Disciples and Our Divine Master Sponsors directly within this Single Proposal and Divine Plan.
  8. The Creation of Our Temple Merkabahs for each of the 12 Temples of Light as part of the Inter-connectedness to the Principle EGA Merkabah Field of Radiant Love, Light and Life!
  9. The offers now coming forward to physically participate within such Temple Environments and Head Office Administrational Structures that will support and maintain the various Research Faculties and Personnel, as well as the Academic Institutes and Narayana Joy Akasha Temples of Light, mentioned within the Discourses.
  10. The continued flow of Communal interaction between myself, My I Am Presence and My Master Sponsors for the completion of the Divine Template that will become The Elemental Grace Alliance – The Christ Councils – Book 2, as the complete foundational Blueprint to bring all this into manifestation according to Universal Law.

So let me repeat what was shared by The I Am Presence of Joseph Benner before;

This is a Real Plan, and a Real Work for the helping of your brothers and sisters; not some vague high sounding ideal, but a Definite Practical Work that your Soul recognizes, and your Heart leaps toward in glad response; know that such response is My Voice calling you to the Work I have been preparing you for, and you need not question or doubt, for your Soul commands you to obey”.

Beloved Goddess Tara told me when I was ready and the Plan reached the various stages of Manifestation people would come!  She said;

“Let Me remind you that I Tara, The Great Mother’s Love, Light and Life Stream, Flows through you and will Stand and Support you and We shall find the abilities required to respond to that which will Lighten your load. You see Dear Heart, this Plan of God’s is not happenstance, it is Divinely Orchestrated and those Who God has prepared, just like you, will join you in every endeavor at every turn along the way. Let me speak of ‘Vocation’ for a moment for indeed Peter, it shall be the Vocations of the many that will all make up a huge percentage of that which your task will soon require. Let Me jog your memory, that what is being asked for regarding these Radiation Centres, at least in the beginning is that a few dedicated Souls that will commit themselves to the tasks at hand that will be the ones who shall step forward. When I say a ‘few’, I mean perhaps a dozen or two maybe more, it is hard to see from where We are positioned at this time in accordance with Group Consciousness, let alone Individual Consciousness. Remember, this has never been attempted upon the planet before, so there is much we cannot evaluate with the clarity We would like. But for every ‘few’, there are billions who make their way through life learning simply the basics of how to earn the bread of life to survive, by the sweat of their brow. For the fortunate ones, they use their surplus earnings for the simple pleasures of their sensual desires, yet that is pretty much the extent of their existence.

“However, for the Evolution of a Human Race, God depends upon those ‘few’, whose Energies Draw and Magnetize the Sacred Fire Light to themselves and with correct Loving Tuition from Us the Masters, it can be sent out for the sustenance of the billions and to all the various activities within their societies. Again you heard the story of Jesus and Mother Mary within these very Discourses. This has to be this way, else the Race would ultimately destroy itself, perish through lack of spiritual growth or have to be relocated to continue their Evolution within another Earth Realm. These ‘few’ are the Ones who We offer the most Guidance and Support to, through the various Rays and Qualities. Now upon Earth the ‘few’ have grown to potentially, as Beloved Kuan Yin brought to your awareness, some 3.6 million, of which some 11,800 are the closest as yet, to be able to facilitate the New Radiation Centres. Remember the magic number of 144,000, which by percentage, is approximately 0.00195% of the Earth’s present population.

“Within those now ready to make the new shifts in Body, Mind and Spirit, you will find within those Beloved Souls there are born teachers, born educators, born presenters, born mothers and fathers, born bakers, born researchers, builders, musicians, horticulturalists, artists, IT masters, beekeepers, cooks, medical people, mechanics, indeed every trade and profession you will need, will arrive at your doorstep just as you require them. Nothing has been left to chance, but you know that, you have been living this way all your life, and it is because of your understanding of how to manage these Energies, that God saw the opportunity at hand when you offered your Life To His Service. So She has placed you in this position of Administrator, Curator and Custodian.

 “Peter, when Energies are drawn through desires in the Heart and the Feelings and both are passionate with each other, or the thought patterns in the mind which cause those Energies to set themselves into motion within the physical and inner vehicles, you have what you call ‘volition’. When the Energies are dedicated and consecrated to furthering some particular part of the Divine Plan, you have ‘vocation’. You Peter are a born ‘Attractor Field’ and your abilities to Delegate are indeed notable, and these gives you the Volition and the Vocation to succeed, do you see! Just look at what you have set in motion here with the Elemental Grace Alliance; a perfect example for anyone to follow these Simple yet Potent Principles.

“Life Streams, particularly those who have chosen to further the Divine Plan of Spiritual Illumination, and who have chosen to become the Missionaries or Disciples of Christ, to carry the Word of God and Life, are Consecrated in the Temple of Truth. Their Energies are Blessed and this too, you have been on the receiving end of just such Adoration and Blessings, and that is why you have so many Masters, now Declaring Their Allegiance to You and Your God Plan, to Build that Bridge of Freedom between Humanity and the Elemental, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms. You are Ordained to Spiritual Service and all through the Course of this Embodiment, a Brother or Sister from the Temple of Truth watches over you, aiding and assisting in the fulfillment of the particular Service and Vocation to which Your Soul has dedicated you to”!

This indeed is not just me, but every person who has come to the Sacred Awareness of their Divine Part within the Greater Whole!

So here we are Dear Hearts! Standing upon the precipice of great changes and what we need now is the financial sums to begin and Create the Centres around the World! So if you can offer any financial assistance, know anyone who is open to share their Wealth for the Benevolence and Munificence of the Greater Whole within this Earth World, We are ready to take it to the next level!

Any donations to help in smaller ways are also needed right now and will provide much support in the interim!

I shall close now and Give Divine Thanks and Gratitude to all Beloved Souls who can now see that the Elemental Grace Alliance is God’s Business and one that MUST be grounded through the Loving Consciousness, The Love in Action of Co-Operation and Co-Participation by humanity, else it would have been done long ago!

The Elemental Grace Alliance calls for your Self Empowerment to step forward on Behalf of the I Am Presence within You!  The time has come!

I Am Peter Melchizedek in Divine Service to Humanity, The Elementals, Devas, Angelic Hosts and Mother Gaia Herself. I look forward to any responses, especially anyone knowing of, or suggesting a suitable site for Our New Head Office!

Bless You, Bless You, Bless You!

And So It Is!


5 thoughts on “What Is The Elemental Grace Alliance? What’s It Progress To Date?

  1. Haleyluya, I am so glad to offer my service to Glory in this effort and you my friend, thanks again for all so far and my new found faith in Life and Each Other,Bless You, Bless You, Bless You. I shall pressurise and await Guidance, your Loving Brother

    On Sep 7, 2016 3:55 AM, “Elemental Grace Alliance” wrote:

    > Peter Melchizedek posted: “What Is The Elemental Grace Alliance? What has > been its Progress up until Now? – Peter Melchizedek, 4th September, 2016 > Dear Souls, My name is Peter Melchizedek, and I am the Founder of the > Elemental Grace Alliance, in terms of what we know as t” >


    1. Dear Peter,
      Your message is spoken straight from the heart. As usual, right on time! You are a blessing!
      Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth
      Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth
      Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth


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