Adam / Lilith Kadmon Race – Shekinah The Mother’s Love – Part 1

04 – Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race – Part 1 – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Mother Shekinah – 9th, September, 2016


“Beloved Members of the Elemental Grace Alliance Council, it has been brought to my attention, the potentials of confusion, uncertainty and mystification of that which has been shared over the years regarding Twin Flames or Twin Rays. Especially now with the Coming into play, the physical relationships between The Adam Kadmon Man and the, shall I say, the Lilith Kadmon Woman, if I may take the liberty to introduce and bring another Balanced Awareness to the Feminine Attributes to this Divine Equation? So can this be Addressed now for Greater Clarity please?

“Dearly Beloveds, I Am Shekinah, The Mother’s Love of the Elohim Creators through the Great Central Sun!  I Am all aspects of the Mother’s Purity and when I speak, or when I come to human Souls in the many forms that I Am, you feel me through your Heart Connections of Me within you!

“Every Goddess you have ever heard of, every woman that has ever given birth to a Dear sweet child, every hand you have held, every hug you have embraced, every tear of empathy, of compassion, of Joy, of sincerity, It was Me Divinely Expressing Myself Through You! I Dear Hearts, take many forms, I Am All Women! Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, Sister. I Am the Flora and Fauna. I Am The Elementals, Nature Spirits, Planets and I Am the Energy that beats your heart and the air you breathe! And when you feel the Qualities of Me I Am sharing the Essence of Who I Am through you!

“Likewise, when you hear of Me as Mary Magdalene, I Am offering you Purity of Heart, Kuan Yin, Compassion, Mother Gaia, Nurturance, Beloved Meta, Healing and Rest, Sekhmet, Sensuality and Sexuality through Love and Creativity. As Lilith I offer you Power! There are so many more Goddesses, Queens, Princesses, Eloah, Angels and Archangels, and Masters that you know so well! Likewise however, I am in all men, with the same messages to teach and guide them with the Love Essence of the Divine Mother!  For without the Mother’s Love running through their veins, they shall never feel the Love that They Are, nor be able to offer the Love that God Is! I come in many forms yet I Am, Simply the Wholeness of the One Love and One Light that Beloved Shekinah, My Dear and Beloved Light of the All, That Is Created through Us and of Us as One!

“Peter, I have much to share tonight, but first I wish to offer you My Blessings, for once again you have offered a new vibrant and active ingredient to the recipe for Wholeness and Holy Union. This Principle Component is the Vital completion of the Flower Of Life Human Blueprint which I will speak of shortly! The Mother’s Love has been so denied, particularly by men for a very long time and suppressed within women in fear of their lives and the exposure of Truth of the Power of such Purity within the Fullness of All Prime Creations. Men have feared this rising and so have used all their forcefulness, powers of control to suppress this Divine Quality within the females of the human race.  It was not always like this, once the role was reversed. But today I Am not concerned with the karma of such things, rather, how this can all come into balance by a new awareness for the eradication of old belief systems that have created so many 3rd and 4th dimensional archetypal manifestations. 

“So when those Dear Souls who understand the processes involved, come forward to dissolve and Etherealize all imbalances within the Human Race, consciously through Higher Vibrational Resonances within themselves, such as the New Christ Councils and Second Coming of the Christs within, it will all unfold and expand very quickly! Once the proverbial snowball begins to roll down the hill, it shall gather in size and momentum, and things will really take on a new Dimensional Shift! I can tell you that many will struggle to keep up with the changes taking place and will be seeking those who can Guide them through such periods with Ease and Grace.

“So Peter, when Lord Sananda asked you to bring balance to the Patriarchal and Matriarchal imbalances upon the planet, and you and Brother Mel, began by asking Archangel Lucifer to rewrite a 200,000 year old Human Blueprint, that kept these imbalances in place, regardless of what people did to balance them within their lives; you began at the very place that would change the history of Planet Earth forever! That was what you asked for and so it was given unto you! Without the rewriting of the Flower of Life, this potential would never have begun! It would have been virtually an impossibility to achieve. 

“Now that your Endeavours, with Mel have succeeded with the rewriting of the Flower of Life back to its Original Single Core, thus eliminating the principles of duality with the human DNA Encodements, can be implemented throughout humanity. Yet those coming into contact with this information must know this!

“Everyone who was not born after the 1st July 2008, still continue to hold the old Duality Core Flower of Life as their Energetic Human Blueprint.  But now this is being offered to all Souls who wish this to take place within themselves. Anyone and everyone, through their own free will choices, can now call forth the Fusion of that Double Centred Duality Core back to its Original Love and Light Polarity Single Core Centre.

“Peter, you have never been able to offer this for dissemination around the world up until now, because humanity was not yet ready for this Fusion potential.  That is why you have never had any response to your repeated attempts to share your story! Again this is not the only way, but We can assure you, that it shall bring far more simplicity and indeed more accessible opportunities to speed up the raising of One’s Vibrational Resonances that We are so ardently, and passionately calling for, to Create the New Christ Councils and Radiation Centres.

“It has been 8 years, since the first Fusions took place with you Peter and Your Beloved Brother Mel, along with the other 20 Souls. In all that time, as you Know, We have been Monitoring you all with meticulous care and focus, with every type of technology that Cosmic Science can offer from an Advanced Human Society and Race, even that which your scientists upon Earth are still unaware of yet and shall not be for many, many years to come. We have had no adverse effects whatsoever. And so The Elohim are now ready to invite such a transmutation to anyone who may wish this to take place within themselves, and on a mass scale! But know this Dear Soul’s, you, who are attracted to this potential, one does not have to be aligned to the Elemental Grace Alliance to ask or have this Fusion take place within themselves.

“Why do I call it a Fusion? Because this is what it is; a synthesis, a Holy Union of re-uniting the Love and Light throughout the entirety of your DNA Encodements thus dissolving the duality of good and evil, presently residing within your genetic profiles. It is not a blending process, for it is not a transitional change, it is a Dissolution, an Termination and Etherealization of that which no longer serves you, replacing it with That which you were Originally Born to BE, long ago! 

“It doesn’t mean that one’s life will change over night, for one must also allow the existing consciousness to change also. It can be instantaneous, or it can take as long as it takes each person to change their old belief patterns the way you perceive your lives to be!  But, the New Potential shall be present, the work shall remain yours just as it has always been, as part of the Free Will Charters you have with God!

“I shall therefore allow you Peter, to set up the opportunities for those whom will come forth, requesting such a change to their Flower of Life Blueprint.  And you can answer any question that may be asked regarding such matters! So I will leave this with you.

“Peter, you have offered a Great Service to this world with this opportunity; opening another dimension that has never been truly embraced by human beings to date.  Your reuniting Beloved Lilith with Adam, and reuniting Eve with Adam and Lilith, has now opened the floodgates again, to re-establish Me as The Mother’s Love, and Lilith, as the Original Human Woman along with All Her Original Genetic Encodements and Direct Connections to Source. 

“Like wise with Adam, but Adam has always been the focus of attention! But now that you have dissolved and eliminated the archetype of Adam, Lilith and Eve, and indeed invited Lilith, to once again step forward to take back Her Original Blueprint and Original Purpose, as well as Her Equal Position beside Adam. I cannot begin to tell you of the changes that shall soon be initiated!  Lilith has now been given Her Power back so that She can come forth and Use Her Qualities and Virtues to bring about a Greater Equality within the Whole of the Human Race! Particularly through Her Holy Union with Beloved Adam! This Invitation by you, in Holy Union with Adam, will soon expose many changes that will take place through Their combined Forcefield of the Mother’s Love and Father’s Light; not only within individuals, but more so with Divine Partnerships and Holy Unions where two people shall live and breathe as One Soul!

“Beloved Lilith will show Her Presence to many now and will indeed exhibit the Mighty Power that She Is, I Am! And believe Me when I say, We are not afraid to use Our Power, In The Name Of Love!  This has not been possible until now because for Me to Fully Manifest in A Physical World, I, We, have to be invited, called upon and embraced from within the Heart of men and women.  This simple act Dear Souls, has given rise from the healing of the Adam, Lilith and Eve reunion and setting them free from all the archetypal tethers, has allowed this potential to come forth in Torrents of Love that will not be discouraged by the dark or any other form of fear based manifestations, ever again upon Planet Earth.

“The New Presence of Lilith, will draw forth the Energies of the Mother’s Love through Those Who represent Me; Beloved Sekhmet, Goddess Tara, Goddess Evening Rose, The Beloved Mary’s and All the other Mother Forms, will use the Energies of Love, the fullness of Me, all aspects of Me, especially the Sacredness of My position as Protector for those I Love! The breaking down, the healing, the release of the archetypes of the Adam and Lilith and Eve story re- Unites yet another balance with a Creative Force that shall be a Strength, a Power, an Intensity to reckon with.

“Beloved Lilith, back in the Divine Union with Adam, has given Her, Me, and all recipient human Souls, a re-energized, invigorated, revitalized, recharged, equality of Love and Light, to now enter the New 7th Golden Age of Transformation through Beloved Human Souls and Their Divine Holy Unions with each other. Yes, one cannot pay homage to Woman, by calling an entire Human Race the Adam Kadmon Race and so let it be known As The Adam and Lilith Kadmon Race from this time forward!

Let us call this Part One, otherwise it shall once again be a very long Discourse with a lot to take on board in one sitting! 

I Am Beloved Shekinah, The Mother’s Love of All Creation, Sending you All a rejuvenation of the Power of Love for The Co-Creation and establishment of the New Adam and Lilith Kadmon Human Race and New Erthe!  God Bless You! And So It Is!

End of Part 1


16 thoughts on “Adam / Lilith Kadmon Race – Shekinah The Mother’s Love – Part 1

    1. Hi Tanja,
      I am preparing all the support as I type! It shall be out over the next 2 days! I want it to be both fully understood and with great clarity, so I need to have all aspects covered! Speak again soon! – Love Peter


    1. Hi Lynell,

      My paypal accepts any other currency but they take 5% commision to exchange, but that is normal I believe? Hope this helps! God Bless! – Peter


  1. Peter. I came across Shekinah yesturday while reading a book. Anna, The Mother of Jesus.
    I understand this to be the I Am, the Feminine aspect of God.
    How do I once in for all terminate the old programming.
    I am calling this in and desire this form of my self to transform all physical and mental limitations. To unite in one Love , one consciousness.
    I don’t want it to be about me anymore..but to be about Love and service to others??
    I feel there is much much I am still veiled from and if there is a way for me to become more….it is my souls desire.
    Much Love and Thank You


    1. Hi Laurie, Blessings to you Dear Soul,

      I am working on this for anyone who is tired of the old! In the next few days I will share the next step and Part 2 will also reveal more information that is yet to be shared with humanity. The Elemental Grace Alliance is all about Causal healing so if that is what you seek, you are welcome to join us and partake helping others in the process!

      More tomorrow!




  2. Dearly Beloveds,
    What a mind blowing discourse and so edifying ,all I can say is lets get this Holy train rolling.IAm 100 o/o board.
    Love lynell.


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