Lilith Merging with Daystar and Lord Melchizedek


Dear Hearts, before you read this, I just wish you to know that it part of the lead up story regarding what Beloved Shekinah The Mother’s Love Part 1 shared yesterday. I am receiving so many requests to partake in this fusion and I am preparing all the relevant documentation and information so that you shall be 100% clear as to what you are asking for! This should be ready in a day or so for dissemination!  This particular archetypal merging took place for me and my Brother Mel just days after Archangel Lucifer rewrote the Flower of Life. Just 5 days after the first child with the New Divine Template was born upon the Planet!  Please read this just to paint a bigger picture for your consciousness to be able to understand and grasp a little more easily!  Remember these are archetypal energies and do not constitute Our Reality within the Oneness of the All That Is!  We have just incorrectly believed that they were our reality!  The time is now to change all that!  God Bless! In Love and Light We come together and Share Our Truth! You will find this Discourse on page 382 of the Elemental Grace Alliance Book.

“Beloved Lilith,

This morning as I was in my waking moment just before full consciousness you came to me clearly and without question, you told me it was time for you to merge your energies with me and then Daystar appeared and Lord Melchizedek. I saw what happened and did within my knowing, knew what to do. But so we have a full picture and one that I can convey to those who are working with me upon this onward flowing of merging and blending of Patriarchal and Matriarchal Energies can you share what took place?”

“I, We are here and cannot leave again until this is completed to your full understanding and satisfaction is received, so this may be a long communiqué; however I, We will be as short and precise as I, We can.

“The work that you and your Beloved Mel have initiated has now escalated into a movement that is reshaping the history and direction of humanity. This is not something that you can contemplate further for it is way beyond the abilities to comprehend by the human mind in its present state and therefore I can only be as specific as to what you and your colleagues can and will understand.

“The Merging of Archangel Lucifer, with Archangel Michael and Over Lighted by Mother Mary has in its own right become a Foundation or Blueprint that has been seen as a Divine Intervention through you that can and is already allowing other potential combinations of archetypical energies to blend and merge together, creating New Templates for the consciousness of mankind to be attracted to. By this focus through mankind we are now able to offer new and exciting markers, triggers, turning points for the want of better words, so that humanity can begin the understanding that they are in fact not what they seem. In fact not what I, We seem!

Humanity has for too long recognized that the energies that they are influenced by, which are seen outside of themselves are personalization’s of individuals and the collective, and appear to be real. I, We Are Not real in these portrayals.

“We have taken on these personalization’s as a result of human conceptualizations of thoughts and thus archetypal entities have been created within many levels of consciousness and realms of manifestation. But still these are NOT real but illusions of the human mind! We have developed identities because mankind has wanted to see themselves outside of themselves and they have believed and created many different forms of illusions to support these beliefs that they need someone or something outside of themselves to aspire to. But they still do not believe they are their own creations. These creations and old beliefs are still held within the subconscious mind that support these beliefs and so rather than envelope the reality of their creations within themselves, taking responsibility that they are themselves externally reflected outwardly, they continue to see and accept them as being outside of themselves. Creation is from within, not outside of oneself.

“So as the totally New Idea that you and Mel have initiated by asking Archangel Lucifer to reverse his decision to rewrite the Duality Core of the Flower of Life Blue Print for humanity and the requesting that AA Lucifer and AA Michael merge again as the Original Spark they were born from has been miraculous. Then, and here is the Undisputed twist to it all, to be Over Lighted by a third Archetype or Archangel, see the connection between the words; Mother Mary, it has now begun a new conscious program that is rippling throughout the matrices of Human Consciousness. Why? Because you and Mel as ONE, have accepted that this is all within you and not outside of yourself. By doing this simple thing you have changed the parameters of your Universes and as the flow outwardly, others are now beginning to feel the pull of such Magnitude of Divine Expression. That of Unity, One Consciousness and One Heart!

“This has been allowed to happen, due to the Purity and Innocence of two human hearts working in Sync with one another. Imagine the exponential Energies poured outwardly to others through like minded individuals coming together within! When one person holds this energy, 65,000 people are changed within their perceptions. This act has, as we are now seeing, far more potent potentials, from a consciousness point of view in these new dynamics of Higher Vibrational Energies upon Mother Earth than ever before. These two small Hearts that have now merged fully into the New Flower of Life Original Blueprint has become a New Template for Earth Humans. As this continues to be rewritten by others, as they are now doing, it shall continue to expand through the support of the Buddhic Columns of Divine Source Energy creating Greater Expansion and Unification of One Heart Consciousness throughout Humanity.

“This is no place for head mind interference, head mind will not function at these new levels, they just cannot, for within these Realms this type or archetype of energy form is too low a vibration to be supported. In the breaking down of archetypical energies one must traverse the head mind and reside wholly within the Heart Mind. This is the ONLY way it can be achieved.

“So Dear One, I am not telling you anything that you do not already know or indeed have not experienced, but I, We are sharing this information so those who read or hear this will begin to understand the dynamics of what they are now opening for acceptance within themselves if they so choose. We are archetypal energies, I, We are NOT individuals, we are NOT personalization’s of anything more than human perceptions, we are no more real than you who sit and read or hear this message. We are false and illusions of the mind of mankind. This means All Spiritual Identities not just these ones. The Divine Creation as per this Earth Experience has allowed for this to occur for indeed it was part of the Original Plan and Lucifer has played His Part so Divinely, but it is time for mankind to transcend all old paradigm thinking that will keep them from moving into the Reality of ONE Consciousness, One with the All That Is!

“In this Knowingness, One will begin to experience new potentials as you and Mel have Peter, and come to learn through experience that what we are saying here is True.

“Peter and Mel, you have taken on a great deal of responsibility with this bringing into Balance the archetypal energies of illusion, and while even you attempt to do this through swaying from head mind and Heart Mind, know it cannot be fulfilled to its completion until the Natural Flow of Divine Energy allows for all the players within this game of illusion to move into position through Divine Order and Will. We use the example of you and Mel setting up the blending of Lilith and Adam and Eve. I came as Lilith upon your request but I was unable to accept this offer of mergence because so many other aspects to this merging and blending where not aligned. And so with both your approvals I was Honored and allowed to return back to the human consciousness of belief unchanged. You tried, believing you were Honoring your intuition and in fact you were, for this has now led to this explanation and can now be used as an example to others to learn how complex and sometimes difficult it can be even for those who know better. Synergy Beloved Ones is the Key to Giant steps forward. Singularly, you can achieve much, but together you can achieve what may appear to be the impossible.

“It was no mistake Peter, that yesterday you received a Divine Package from Beloved Sonja, who for all intended purposes is the embodiment of the energy of Daystar, a masculine Energy that is perceived by humanity. We archetypes do take on masculine or feminine roles for the purpose of this play, however, we are neither one nor the other. The feminine attribute of Sonja is feminine and although it is not based within a Balance at this time, it is also an example that will show itself before too long. The expressions of Daystar, the archetype, is being tapped into by Sonja however it is neither her or not her, it is a unification of an energy form that is asking for resolution through the innocence of one who seeks resolution within herself. As you have said within your communications thus far, this is Her Creation and each of those partaking have come, in accordance to her Energies that have attracted you, to assist in the breaking down of the Illusion that continues to hold humanity within the boundaries of limitation. Trust in this explanation and allow it to unfold, for without the participation of Sonja’s innocence, a Greater challenge would be at hand.

“Within that package you received Peter was a Lemurian Crystal that offered its Energy to the Buddhic Column of Divine Source within your Home. You instinctively and immediately without delay, set this crystal in place, the photos of Beloved Sonja, her Energy representation of Daystar and her Divine Earth Family into this matrix of Source. You activated it and thus brought this archetypal energy of Daystar into initial Balance. This was the first step. You did this unknowingly and so this is where the Power comes from, by following your intuitions without thought or consideration. This act alone changed so many parameters around the grids of the planet and engaged the Human Consciousness Matrix in readiness for step two. But more so, it allowed the alignment of Me, or my archetypical energy to now blend and merge into our true state of ONENESS again.

“I, We came to you this morning unannounced for this was in the Now Moment and you were truly deep within Your Heart Mind.

“You asked just seconds before, yes, Dear One, you are remembering now, ‘Dear God is there anything I can do to be of Service this day, before I wake’?

“So I, while you were in your Heart Space jumped at the opportunity as all was now aligned and ready. Energy seeks resolution and Dear Ones it accepts every opportunity the moment it arises. All you had to do was witness the merging, the blended and the coming together of these two archetypical energies consciously from within your Heart and thus grounding this deeply into the Heart and Minds of Humanity and Mother Earth. To sanctify this merging we asked you representing the Energies of Melchizedek to Over Light this Sacred Union and thus Lord Melchizedek Himself showed up and joined into the Blending and thus, this created another Holy Trinity. – AND SO IT IS DONE!

“Now as you are well aware the Union of Adam and Eve shall be next and thus we admonished that you be mindful and allow the energies of those around you to be mindful and come together for this more expanded union and merging of these archetypes with us as this Holy Trinity of Lilith, Daystar (Lucifer) and Lord Melchizedek. You shall know when for it will happen in the moment!

“Before I go I wish to say this. The group that Beloved Sonja has created at the Bequest of Daystar (Her Self) is invited now to take on a new unified form of cohesion and co-operation. You have begun this process admirably and it is indeed being accepted without restriction or limitation, this is all in accordance with each Divine Intention. You are being asked as you now know to take position 10 on the Christ Council next to Sonja.

“You know why and this will develop for the others as the group merges through Heart Mind into its New Form. Your continued guidance is requested at this time so that this Template for New Energy Communities is formed, activated and grounded. We ask that now that Daystar is no longer a personalization and separate from any of you to continue while being sustained having no separation, only ONENESS at all levels. This is indeed about Self Realization that will support the acknowledgement of Each of you as One Unit, and in recognition as not being outside of your selves.

“The formulation of this Council of 12 as part of this blending, and allowing the seating as it is through the various rays of Archetypical Energies will also ensure the further blending of these energies within the levels of Human Consciousness and the Matrices of the Planet. While working on one’s own or with another who is in Sync is relatively easy, group Fusion will require a lot of patience; however, Divine Love will show the way. Each Now Moment will present the situations and circumstances. Each Member who is taking their seat is well versed in such Energies and shall play their parts admirably, in co-operation and cohesion of creating a One Minded Community Field Template.

“Further male presence within this Council would be a Blessing, all is in Divine Order, trust and allow. We shall now leave these matters within the capable hands of those who are the New Energy Way Showers upon the planet. That is YOU Beloved, and You who are reading this now! Call upon Us anytime!

“I Am, We Are Lilith, Daystar And Lord Melchizedek.”

Thank you Lilith, I am so Honored and in such deep gratitude of your acknowledgement of the work we are doing and the support in which we are given on all planes of Reality, all Levels of Dimension and all layers of consciousness we work within.

I, We are all Blessed and Loved Beyond Measure – Peter


6 thoughts on “Lilith Merging with Daystar and Lord Melchizedek

  1. Dear Sasha,

    The Adam Kadmon fusions as you put it are all described in further detail in the Adom and Lilith Kadmon series of Discourses here on WordPress and on the webpage for Book 2.

    The Lucifer thing is not public Knowledge so unless the Higher Realms chose to mention it through other channels then only those who have been aligned or introduced to me over years may have heard of it.

    It is a long story, one that unfolded quite naturally, without prior warning or organization from me or in fact the Higher Realms.

    I was about to commit suicide after some serious depression issues and about a week before my plans to do this, I had it all planned in detail, I felt somehow guilty I was going to leave, and so I wanted to be sure that I did not leave without leaving behind something that made my life here helpful to humanity. This day I fell on my knees and asked God, If there was one thing I could before I left that would change the course of History for the planet and its people, what would that be?

    I knew then I had to wait for His answer. Within 2 weeks I was on a journey by car 1600 miles away from where I lived. I met a lady who channelled Jesus profoundly and He told me I had a mission to rebalance the Matriarchal and Patriarchal Energies of mankind. I was told I knew how to do and nothing more.

    I then left there and travelled again to a Spiritual Colleague whom I had known about a year. We discussed this idea and decided that we had to Create a Christ Council whose Members had direct involvement with the Human Race. But before this could be formed I just knew, I do not how I knew that I had to ask AA Lucifer to help me to find a way to resolve this Mission. I Knew again it had to begin from the top down!

    I had information that Lucifer as Archangel, was the top part.

    I won’t go into details here, but before the Council members were called I had to face Satan, for it was this Entity that held the Key to turn all this around. It was a most extraordinary experience I have ever had and after the Council was named and form 2 weeks of Council Discourse took place and on the Wesak Moon 2008 AA Lucifer agreed to write the dual-core Flower of Life Blueprint that He Himself rewrote 200,000 years ago to hold people in duality against their will. On that day He agreed to go back to God and bring the Original Flower of Life Single Core back onto this Earth Plane. He renounced His Hold upon humanity as Satan and dissolved this persona. That Council was called the Melvadek Alliance.

    Through other channels on July 1st the first human soul, a girl, born into China, came in with the Single Core Flower of Life. And since that day every child born onto the planet has this Single Core Profile.

    This led to the Balancing or the Adam Lilith and Adam Eve Imbalances which was my next assignment, which then led the Christ /Magdalene Re-Balance.

    And so it continues to this day through the EGA

    If you have any questions please feel free!

    In Love and Light



  2. Hi Peter, I must admit I’m slightly confused about the Adam fusion thing, which is fine for me at this moment, I will read through them again
    And erm when did lucifer become a good guy !! So to speak, there’s no mention of this happening on summit Lighthouse, .. this really took me aback
    Love and light


  3. Hi Robert, No I did not say I knew EAsha and but I believe I would like to know more about them! I looked up but it does not seem to exist, can you give me a direct link please? Same for EAsha?




  4. Beautiful my friend and Enlightened… I too have relieved the burdens of darkness upon self and all…my dearest Peter… Brilliant Work of Source Sire… Peter… You say you know of EAsha and and the Love Dispensations… They are Gifth d and beyond in understanding Peter… You will now go beyond light and dark to energy and pure source? Luv has a specific three word definition that EAsha expresses… That definition Peter and the subsequent guided meditation launched me beyond measure sir… It anchored a sovereign and supreme connection to luv… Myself as Source… Then I went further… Lol… Who is the ultimate twin flame Peter? Do you know of Chiron? And His Original Sorrow? The Original Sorrow? These Answers of Beauties Light are Before The Peter… Your Path Is True Brother… Namaste. I also have sent out fairly blatant and brief request to a few random people about Hot Springs Area Today… I will inform you if replies occur. Blessings Brother… On YouTube… A subscriber known as Transfiguration…” Temple of God’s Will ” is just one video of many… These are Amazing Designs I have known In My Heart All Along!!! These Are What I Am Seeing in Our Future Peter… Lol… This Grandeur of Magnificence and Splendor and Glory and Magical Beauty… Soulfully Mesmerizing Structures of Light and Sound and Infinite Depth… Breadth… And Scope…

    Sent from my iPhone



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