Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race – Mother Shekinah – Part 2 – Twin Flames

05 – 160915 – Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race – Twin Flames – Part 2 – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Mother Shekinah – 15th, September, 2016


“Beloved Members of the Elemental Grace Alliance Council, it has been brought to my attention, the potentials of confusion, uncertainty and mystification of that which has been shared over the years regarding Twin Flames or Twin Rays. Especially now with the Coming into play, the physical relationships between The Adam Kadmon Man and the, shall I say, the Lilith Kadmon Woman, if I may take the liberty to introduce and bring another Balanced Awareness to the Feminine Attributes to this Divine Equation? So can this be Addressed now for Greater Clarity please?

“Dear Hearts, I the Mother’s Love, return unto you this day to continue with the Discourse, that began a few days ago with Peter! Today I wish to Embrace the Full Embodiment of the Elemental Grace Alliance, All Its Divine Members and those Dear Souls who shall listen to, or read My Words herein!

“The Theme of today’s Discourse shall be Twin Flames, or what I shall refer to as Twin Fires of the Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light!  I will use the Adam and Lilith Kadmon Man and Woman in both ways, for reference sake, as part of the physical human archetypal union, and the Adam, Lilith New Human Divine Union Essence. This shall be aligned to that which is Known as the Monadic Body of God’s Love Substance. Yet you must understand that you are all still in this transitional period, but even though you are still in human biology, you are standing before the door that shall open unto you, The Fullness of Our Love to become One with Us!

“This Monadic Body is the Goal that We wish All of you to Aspire to, and so, even though many of you are aware of such levels of attainment into this unbridled Primal Essence of The Mother’s Love and Father’s Light; it is the Journey of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the astral body, the Causal Body, the Buddhic Body and the Atmic Body respectfully, that must be traversed each step of the way!  You have come so far Dear Hearts, and now the time has arrived, that you have opened to you, new opportunities to step even closer to Your Mighty Victory and Your Divine Magnificence!

“The Monadic Essence of you, is that part of you that embraces the All That Is, in all planes and dimensions of existence, all atoms and electrons, All Beings within All Galaxies, Universes and Cosmoses. This Monadic Body of Yours, Is My Body and the Father’s Body in Divine Unison, Divine Harmony, Divine Beauty and Divine Peace!  It is indivisible, inseparable, indissolvable, undividable, impenetrable, untouchable, and is the Divine Holy Union of All Love Substance and The White Fire Light Substance within All of the Mother, Father God Creations!

“Take a deep breath now Dear Hearts for what I am about to tell you, may undermine everything that you have ever believed about Twin Flames! Those Holy Unions that many of you have longed for, many of you believe you have found, many of you who rest peacefully, thinking the partner beside you is Your Twin Flame of the Love and Light of The Prime Creator.

“Oh Beloveds, in the way you have accepted these truths of the past, We know just how much energy you have spent in trying to find and create such unions, We Know that you have spent many lives in this Holy Search! But Now, because you have come all this way, with all the purity in your Heart and with the Knowledge that you are finally accepting within, as Truth, We can now reveal the Truth of Twin Flames as you believe them to be! Dear Souls, They are Not Real!

“They are yet another illusion, another archetype, that, to take the next step toward your Ascension, you must let go of, and release from all your 4 lower bodies!  It is not the Twin Flame as another human Soul that you seek, they that have been and may still be, the reflections of yourselves that you desire to know and Desire to Unite with! The Twin Fire, Twin Flame, Holy Union, can only be found within yourself; within you at the very Core of your Being! You have sensed this for so long, but the loneliness and the lack of understanding of your feelings, and even your desires, in sufficient clarity that has kept you tethered to these beliefs, that your Divine Compliment can be found as another!

“I Know that many of you are feeling somewhat confused now and in some ways deflated, yet this is only temporary Dear Ones for what I will do now is to bring to your awareness that which will fill in all the blanks of the past mis-understandings and mis-information. It is not My intention to deflate, but Uplift you in the Higher Truth’s of Who You Are!

“Love, Dear Souls, is Ever Expanding, Ever Increasing, Ever Intensifying, none more than within the Realms of the Human Race upon Planet Earth right Now! The New Adam, Lilith Man and Woman would not be able to be activated now, if this was not Truth! This New Opportunity for the Fusion of The Flower of Life is all part of this Ever Expanding Love! And it shall be responsible for the dissolution of that which no longer serves you, as you continue to awaken from your deep sleep of forgetfulness!  You see Dear Ones, it is the exposure to The Love and Light of Life that assists you to open to new potentials, new beliefs, New Truths and in turn, New Experiences. For it is the Light of the Father that supports the linear Growth of One’s Soul in human form, this is the Masculine Principle of Action. While the Universality of the Monad as the Mother’s Love supports the Evolution of the Soul incarnate! Can you see why I can Now come forward and Speak of such things to you? You, who have the Mother’s Love now consciously embedded within your Ever Expanding Consciousness, can finally appreciate The Beauty of the Mother’s Love that assist’s in the Co-Creation of linear evolution through other Dear Souls.

“I want you to know that it is this Love Substance that allows, in Grace, to have all old beliefs and perceptions to dissipate and dissolve while at the same time provides the Foundation for the New Higher Truths to become cognizant for the Ever Increasing God’s Love and Life in You! This allows for a much smoother transition and provides a Loving Foundation that Nurtures and Supports all aspects of doubt, unease, confusion and insecurity. But I must tell you, that what this Love is creating now upon Earth, is a division within humanity, for while the masses continue to partake in the old perceptions of fear, lack and loss, death and victimhood, Our Love and Our Light cannot yet penetrate the minds of these Dear Souls, for them to open to the Greater Potentials that you now have available to you!

“When We speak of Evolution within a human race, specifically here on Earth, we know that instability is the dynamo for change, and change being the transformation from one level of consciousness to the next. From this standpoint then, the masculine and feminine principles of the old archetypes, hold onto these co-creative principles.  And these principles hold out between all relationships and unions between both genders and within each Dear Soul.  The feminine continually strives for transformation and instability, while the masculine strives for realization and fixation. It is through each individual through their own free will that allows how this will play out as part of the evolving consciousness.  This unfolds, depending upon the beliefs and perceptions in the past and future and the dark and light as well as the good and evil. 

“While the masculine principle remains the governing force over the feminine principle, then all flows of Abundance are made barren by the impressionable experiences of one’s previous life or even lifetimes. If the feminine principle dictates over the masculine, the energy of Abundance cannot be fixed, and because of its high levels of changeability, it simply evaporates without ever seeing the light of day! It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that the Divine Blending of the Masculine and Feminine Principles MUST be aligned within a Single Impersonalized Soul.  It is these two Principles that make up this Twin Fire of the Holy Union of Love and Light within the human biology, inter-connected all the way to the Monadic Body!  You have read the Works of Joseph Benner, or if you haven’t, I would invite you to do so, and it is very clearly stated within them that each human Soul incarnated, MUST first surrender their entire Beingness to God’s Love, Light and Life, before it can be given the Divine Unity of another Dear Soul, who in their own Right, are the Full Impersonalized Expression of God Themselves!  This is all about Divine Sovereignty, Divine Will, Divine Impeccability, Divine Authenticity, Integrity and Honor!

“So My Beloveds, from the standpoint of the old archetypal masculine and feminine relationships, one seeks from another, the fulfillment of the voids, emptiness’s, hollowness’s, and cavities, that have not yet been fully amalgamated, assimilated or integrated with Love and Light!  This matters not whether the relationship is male and female, female and female or male and male, for I am not speaking of the genders, but rather the Masculine and Feminine Principles. The combination of genders, simply assists in the intensity of, or the speeding up or slowing down of such reflective lessons and realizations of that which is missing, to be brought into balance and harmony! So each couple or each relationship offer the other the missing attributes and aspects of themselves, and in so doing only provides a stability for a short time, relatively speaking.  Remember the female principle strives for transformation and instability, and the masculine strives for realization and fixation. So, as the gifting unions only provide a short term solution, the inevitable MUST occur. 

“Therefore no amount of Love and Light, being Over Lighted in, through and around these Dear One’s, will annul this growth necessity of Universal Law! So although The Monadic Essence of Both are present, each one, continues to function as independent Souls, outside of the Holy Union with the Primal Source Love and Light now amplifying its Presence within. This does not mean however, that the traces of such Monadic Substance held within both partners does not enlighten, and fulfill a Greater Love and Light that indeed shall raise the Vibrational Frequencies of each partner and those around them. For this will always be the way it unfolds.  It all depends on the Levels of Consciousness and Awareness of the Love and Light and Life of Mother, Father God within them!

“The Higher this understanding, the more resonant one is to these Higher Vibrations, the more work one has done to remove old beliefs and programs the greater the Levels of Light and Love will fill the Life of such couples. I must bring to your awareness now that such couples, partners or unions do not have to be physical, sexual, or intimately interactive, for it can also be through Energy Transference through the inter-connections of either or both persons, through the Mother’s Love and Father’s Light! All this can be very clearly defined by knowing the Assignments each person has Accepted and Initiated in accordance to their Soul Charter with God? But both Unions, physical or non physical are extremely important for the overall balances of the Masculine and Feminine Principles to be achieved within both Men and Women upon the Earth. Let’s talk about that for a moment!

“Many men and women come together at various times in the Act of making physical and intimate Love and this is, if consciously being undertaking at the Higher Levels of awareness possible can indeed assist in the recalibration of one or the other or both Souls during this Love In Action. Making Love in this way with another Heart Felt Soul is the highest way one in the physical Body can feel the Essence of the Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light! Just as Beloved Sekhmet explains in Peter’s Discourse within the Elemental Grace Alliance. One has always thought of these Holy Embraces as one shared only with twin flames, but Dear Hearts when the Sacred Heart if ignited with the Holy Union of Love and Light within each Individualized Expression of God, it can be achieved beyond this old paradigm of beliefs in twin partnerships. The most Sacred way to Express oneself with another is in the Sacred Holy Union of intimate Blending and Merging Mother, Father within each of you!

“Dear One’s this Divine Co-Creation of Holy Union is the Bedrock, the Church upon which the New Golden Age shall be built! And it is the rhythm of Divine Flow of One’s Consciousness that allows for the Creative Desires to quickly and miraculously manifest New Life upon Earth. Again it is not only the act of physical Union that achieves this, for close interaction and Energy Transference shall be just as potent a Creational Force!  This is the Foundational Principles for the New Christ Councils! Ideally, we would like to see 6 males and 6 females in Holy Union to make up the Councils of 12, and this will be a part of the criteria in later years, but initially the Council can start as Individualized Expressions of God Life!  My Beloved Shekinah, The Father’s Light shall speak more of this in Part 3.

“For the moment, We speak of Conceptualizations, until Divine Sovereignty and Holy Unions at these Levels can Unite with the physical domains of the New Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries and Radiation Centres. From within these Safe Havens, those of you, the Male Souls are created or born to Give as part of your Divine Role to humanity and to the Feminine Principles as well as the female embodiments.  This Giving is the Foundation for the Creation for physical manifestations. This is how the male gift ‘any’ creation.  While the Female Souls are created or born to accept the Gift of Creation and allows for the Full Realization and the nourishment of the two, The Light and The Love within the Integrity of Joint Sovereignty of the Realization which thus Creates, manifests and Gives Life to the Child. This can be the physical Child or indeed a New Creative Consciousness. For in Truth there is no difference in the Eye of the Prime Creator and the Love, Light Substance!  So whether by physical Holy Union, as in Love making, or the close interaction of ideas, thoughts, desires and choices, or indeed through Energy Transference while both parties are on other sides of the world, this is possible! But here is the diffuser, so be very aware of this when entering into any such Co-Creational Activities whereby the Holy Union or two independent beings are Uniting! If any of the interaction, or sharing and the Expression of such Energies are for self satisfaction or self gratification, or indeed anything with a personal agenda, the creative Forces of Mother, Father God immediately withdraw, thus removing the Element of Spirit and in most cases will only result in some sort of destructive force being the result! Not bad or evil, just no longer constructive or creative! Do you understand this?

“So WE Admonish anyone coming forth to Unite in these Creative and Sacred Unions, be very mindful of the reasons why you are Merging, Blending and Unifying as One Heart, One Mind, One Love and One Light! Worlds within Worlds Dear Souls, there is no difference between creating Universes or Creating Children of New Life Giving Consciousness. It is simply the reflections of the Macrocosm to the Microcosm! As Above, So Below! This is the way that the Elemental Grace Alliance was Created, The Love and Light of a human Soul, Merging and Blending with the Love and Light of Mother, Father God! Now it is a Living Entity, and Living Consciousness, A New Child of the Divine Compliment of Living Joy and Radiant Bliss and Ecstasy! You have felt it have you not? This shall be your Self Realization for what I bring to your New Awareness!

“As I begin to close this Address, I wish to share this also! As you know, there are still great differences in the Vibrational Frequencies of those now coming into alignment of the Elemental Grace Alliance Project, not just those who are desirous of helping to Creatively Expand this Divine Plan, but those who wish to become the Guardians and Mentors and Custodians of the many Temples of Light that are now in the planning stages. These variations of Levels of Resonance shall be proportionate to the abilities to create at these New Levels of Holy Union, Mergence and Integration. So the quicker one can Unite with their Own I Am Presence the quicker these Holy Unions with others will begin to manifest! Remember like attracts like, and so like resonant fields will attract the same. This is a Universal Law that is designed for the purpose of raising the Vibrational Frequencies of each Soul within these Proposed Unions.

“The Path of Evolution caters for everything Dear Hearts, and so the more you Know the more you are able to adopt and integrate into your lives! Again, find clarity in what your Desires are and this well help you beyond all measure! It shall be the New Adam Lilith Kadmon Couples that will without doubt be the Next Levels of Creative Force to bring about Divine Peace and Harmony upon the Earth! The New Adam, Lilith Kadmon Race are the Love, Light Principles of the Masculine and Feminine Attributes Of Love in Action!

“In closing I would like to share an excerpt from the Elemental Grace Alliance Book, by Beloved Omega, Me! I Bless You All My Dear Children of The Love and Light of the Divine Creator. I bid you good night!

Beloved Omega says:- “Make your Demands, and Commands with much more conviction, with much more confidence and assurance. Do not allow any doubt to enter your Decrees or Invocations, for these shall only diminish the results and slow down the Precipitation of Your I Am Presence Desires through you. Send forth Your Instructions and All That Is God, Divine Will shall Respond with All His/Her Power, Love and Wisdom and Know without Doubt, that Only the Will of God will Triumph! Do not enter any fear-based paradigms of what is right or wrong, or am I making any mistakes, or do I have the right to do this? If you Act Like God’s then You Are God Expressing God’s Desire for your own Individualized Expression of God through you! If you Know that you are Created in His/Her Image, then Think, Speak, Feel and Act like It!

“Do you think that We would give you all such Missions within Our Design for this Our Plan and not allow you to Express the Highest That You Are! Of Course not! Just remember the Laws Dear Ones, for your Creations will only be in Alignment and of that Perfection with that of your own Levels of Resonance and Vibrational Frequencies within your own Knowingness and Understanding of the Laws that Govern All Prime Creations. That is the only thing We would Admonish as this stage.” I Am Mother Omega!

The Flower of Life Fusion Support Documentation shall be available soon!

Love and Light



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  1. What a powerful inspirational discourse! Woke me up from a long sleep! Thank you for this remarkable truth! We are lucky to read this! Thank you!


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