Archangel Zadkiel – Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit – Angelic Host

09 – Quality of Life And Freedom of Spirit – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst – Angelic Host – 31st, August, 2015


“Greetings to All, I Am Archangel Zadkiel and with Me is My Divine Compliment Holy Amethyst, Who, Is the Divine Mother Attribute for the Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit, for all of mankind, The Elementals and Angelic Host. Amethyst, Who is reflected within the Jewels of Life, and Whose Presence is carried and held by those Who Are the Priests and Priestesses of Zadkiel and the Seventh Ray, within the precious ‘Amethyst’ Crystals which have been consecrated by the Conscious Activation of the Priest/Priestess Hood.

“We come today, together as One Voice, even though I Am the mouth piece Who will transmit Our Messages of Freedom and Transmutation. We come as the Representatives for the Whole of the Angel Host, to share Our feelings and thoughts upon this Blessed Event, The Elemental Grace Alliance.

“We have been very attentive of this effort from the very beginning of its inauguration when We heard. The news spread like wild fire that an unascended human being was proposing to change the Charters of the Elemental and Angelic Host Kingdoms of God. Who was this person who dared challenge God in the way He has Created this Divine Plan? I especially, Archangel Zadkiel of the Seventh Ray and One of the Mighty Seven Archangels, immediately gave pace to stand before this individual and feel into his heart, to read of his intentions and why indeed he would even consider such a ‘self righteous’ act against God!

“I Zadkiel, Whose Name means ‘Righteousness of God’ rose quickly for that which God is challenged, for when God is challenged, I Am Challenged also. And as it is one of My Roles to dissolve and transmute all ill thought and mis-appropriated beliefs in mankind, I was ready to place My Hand before this one, lowering him to his knees so that he would beg for Forgiveness and Mercy. Yet, I was stunned to feel the Love within his Heart, and to see standing before me, One of My Own Beloved Brethren Priests, who of His own accord, set out upon a voluntary ‘selfless’ path, to assist in the raising of consciousness of the people of Earth.

“What I discovered from this human Soul, who within the humility of Our Ranks here in Heaven, physically standing on Earth with a vision to help bring about Peace on Earth. Instead of an ignited and an inflamed Heart for concern, I was the One brought to My Knees before him and My Heart wept with Joy as I felt the sincerity of His Calls and the Divinity within his thoughtfulness seeking how his vision could be made manifest for the Greater Glory of God!

“When I returned to Beloved Amethyst and told Her of this new potential, of this one man’s goal, She fell into My Arms and wept for Joy, She was shaking, for We as the Angelic Host Who have seen the disasters and felt the catastrophes and picked up all the pieces created by humanity, so very deeply within Our Beings. It was like there had been a huge burden lifted from Our Shoulders, that We Ourselves could now see again A New Freedom looming upon the horizon.

“We have been the Ones Who, along with the Elementals, have stood behind the veil of maya (the transitory, manifold appearance of the sensible world, which obscures the undifferentiated Spiritual Reality from which it originates) that has been so strongly spun energetically through the use of such negative emotions and feelings within mankind, feeling the pain and anguish of their arrogance and innocence. Our Kind have labored to the points of exhaustion, for so very long, and it has been very difficult to keep the Universal Balance of human mis-creations through their use of mis-qualified energies. Is it any wonder that humanity is some 5,000 years behind its original schedules of Ascension for God’s Evolutionary Plan.

“The first four Root Races were all on track and then after the laggards came to Earth the original design began to fall into much disarray. So with new Plans and the Most Godly help and Service from Beloved Sanat Kumara, the Priests of the Order of Melchizedek, well I could go on forever in paying tribute to Those Who have given so much to save humanity and the Earth from total annihilation here within this Solar System. I can only say to Them All, God Bless You, God Bless You, God Bless You!

“Thankfully, We are at the beginning of a final cycle, that has been God Ordained as the last cycle upon Earth for Humanity. This is the last 2,000 year cycle within the Evolution of the old race of Humanity upon Earth. This is the Cycle of the Seventh Ray, where Beloved St. Germain presides as the Chohan and We, Zadkiel and Amethyst are the Archangels of The Violet Flame Embodying God’s Transmutation, Freedom, Alchemy through Invocation, Justice and Forgiveness. It is the Divine Qualities of the color violet, purple, pink and white, in their varying octaves and degrees, that provides the God Attributes for the unfoldment of this next 2,000 years.

“I wish to say that We have waited until the most appropriate time to come forward in this series of Discourses and when We heard, saw and felt the Vibrational Tones of Peter’s musings after the last Discourse by Beloved Venus Kumara, We knew that it was Our turn to speak. We wish to share with you an aspect of this Buddhic Column idea that perhaps you may not have considered before. In the image of the Melchizedek Symbol, it has been portrayed from a very logical and human standpoint. And when standing upon the point of activation it would be correct.

“Just imagine this for a moment. The entry of the Primal Source comes from the Great Central Sun and through the Solar Sun. It passes through each of the Planets including Earth at Their Core Centers and thus creates through various Pressures of Radiance Internal Suns, emanating back out to the surface and continues on its journey.

“There are no, real north or south poles on Earth, these are only electrically and geometrically ascribed for the purpose of this physical world. Now, if a Buddhic Column was to be a point of focus, viewed from afar, as if from space, the symbology would be better aligned to the direction from which the Primal Source Energies come. Ie: in the case this suggestion for the Ring of Fire, along the Equator in relationship to the cone of concentrated Sacred Fire and the Tube of Light. So in the image of the Melchizedek Symbol, the more appropriate alignment would be the Earth on its side with the Disc and Cone above or alternatively the Earth showing its perceived north/south orientation polarities with the disc and cone to the left or right. These are then more supportingly correct in relationship to the Vision of the Service for which they would be assigned, as well as more diagrammatically true to Hold and Radiate the Highest Levels of Vibrational Resonances.

“I would like to speak a lot more about this idea of Peter’s, but space for the moment is limited and indeed We have other matters that have precedence over those things that will automatically unfold, now they have been raised into the consciousness of All Those Concerned. So to continue;

“Beloved Amethyst Burns The Violet Flame within Our Retreat that hovers Ethereally over the Island of Cuba. Within the Walls of Our Temple, We aid and give Service to the Children of God, enlightening them to all the finer arts of alchemy and transmutation to free themselves and others from all human discord and the effluvia of human consciousness and creation. Our Work is Our Father’s Business and it is His Business that all come to be streamed in accordance with Their Life’s Expression throughout each incarnation.

“Here in The Temple of The Violet Flame, We define Divine Alchemy of the Sacred Fire. We placed this Temple directly above Cuba, for a reason, for here is a place, one of the mountain tops of the old Atlantis, where so much negativity, rebellion and resentment is embedded within the land and its waters and which is transmitted around the world through the human projections who feed off these negativities. So much of what Peter has identified within his Proposals, is where many of the headquarters are for much of the world’s turbulences and imbalances live.

“This is where they feel at home; in the quagmire of their own creations. So here We sit burning the Violet Flame, Transmuting, Transmuting, Transmuting; allowing the Resonances of Love, Light and Peace to flow out from Our Floors and Walls, to cascade like a huge waterfall of Violet Liquid Light all over the Cuban countryside and into their waters. Bathing the human Souls with a promise of redemption and emancipation, regardless of their vengeance and mis-deeds, when We have enough Awakened human Souls who can hold and transmute such things upon the ground.

“We have been able to stabilize to a certain degree these imbalances, but because this has not really, until now, had the unascended Divine Soul’s input, collaboration, Decrees and Invocations, the maintenance of these imbalances according to God’s Divine Plan and Charters Adjoined to Our Service, it is all We could do alone! So when Peter raised the point about Ethereal Retreats, Our Ears pricked up, for this is an opening We have been waiting for, for such a long time! The interaction and the direct involvement of human beings, incarnate upon the ground, working consciously from within the Realms of Our and Other Ethereal Temples and Retreats around the world, can now step up the Divine Pressures and Influences in matters that have been limited by degree before; This is God’s Divine Plan in Action in accordance to His Own Prescribed Laws! We Know it is from God because of the Way the Elemental Grace Alliance has been initiated and how it has expanded in Light and Resonance since it began.”

“Point number 6; To Make Divine Temples More Accessible and Rememberable For Those Who Attend In Their Light Bodies or Garments”.

“I have considered this closely and have consulted with the Karmic Board of Directors, asking for Their Blessings and Permissions to proceed. Under present Agreements and Fiats, We the Hosts of the Temples and Retreats cannot personally invite human Souls to attend Our Sacred Places. We can suggest they come but in Truth they can only attend by their own volition and voluntary desire to attend and in so doing must give the correct Invocation and Decrees that automatically align them with this potentiality, through Resonance and Vibrational Frequencies.

“There are those whom We Demand to come and who must attend as part of their Evolutionary process and preparations for their next incarnated life stream. However, in the Light of the Purity of this Elemental Grace Alliance, Those Who Are Supporting it, its Proposals and achievements thus far, We, Amethyst and I, have been granted Permission to make some personalized and more candid invitations to those that We Know are more than ready to make their transitions.

“With this in mind, As the Divine Hosts of The Temple of The Violet Flame, both Holy Amethyst and Myself, extend Our Hands and Our Hearts to you Peter and Sue, and to All Those Who Consciously align themselves with Dedication and Passion to The I Am Presence and the overall Elemental Grace Alliance Program, to come and spend time with Us and Our Friends here in Our Home.

“Amethyst and I will be your Hosts for the duration of your stay and will personally Escort you throughout Our Beautiful and Holy Violet Flame Temple. We will introduce to you Our Teams of dedicated Loving Divine Angels and Colleagues Who are in Our Service and Work with Us on behalf of humanity and the Earth. We will work with each of you in a much more concentric and concentrated way, so as to achieve the levels of awareness and dissolution of any and all remaining discord and imbalanced emotions and thought forms that need healing. Our aim will be to make this a very conscious experience for you. That is Our Promise!

“Peter and Sue, We extend a further gesture of Gratitude and Humility to you, offering you to stay here for 40 days and 40 nights, and this will be extended to others in due course, as they step forward with God’s Grace. Should you accept this token of Our Appreciation for all that you have done, We will ask you to find that space within your present day to day life, where you will not be distracted in any way, where you will find the Peace within your environment that will cater for the interaction and the transitions between the Dimensional Worlds.

“Perhaps you would be best to do this alternatively, for in Truth it is a very individual experience, but that will be your choice to make. Your desire, to come is yours alone to manifest for yourself, We are simply making the manifestation more tangible than what it may have been, up until now. We will await your approval and the time that will be most aligned with your physical reality. It is such a grand shift beginning to take place now, that We are so excited in being able to make this offer; now being facilitated by the Powers of God’s Own Hand and Heart! This is not a special offer limited to either of you, and will be offered to all in its appropriateness as the future unfolds accordingly. Bless All Of Us!

“Peter, you may ask why the 40 days and 40 nights? But your Knowing is already aligned to this, so until the matter comes up on behalf of others who wish to proceed through their own communication skills, for this is all part of the process and remains in place as required credentials, or more accurately speaking, correct resonances for Cognitive Conscious Communication and Interaction with the I Am Presence and the Higher Realms of Cosmic Consciousness.

“The time has arrived where humanity will be able to fully embrace Our Feelings, Our Peace, Our Love, and thus come to Know Our Powers, the Masters’ and Chohans’ Powers of Transmutation Through The Alchemy of the Sacred Fire and the Violet Flame. What better way than to be in Our Physical Presence, Feeling the Full Embrace of the Angelic Host Light!

“We hear you ask Peter, what is this Sacred Fire We speak of? The Sacred Fire is a Quality of Energy for the most part unseen, which has been consciously charged by some Divine Being with a God Virtue. In this case it is that of Transmutation, Freedom, Forgiveness, Alchemy and Justice. The Fire Element in the world of form, while sometimes it performs a constructive service, it can and does perform destructive service, because some of the salamanders who compose the Fire Kingdom, have not yet come fully under the control of the Great Beings who direct them, but no one need to fear the use of the Sacred Fire By Divine Beings of God’s Love Substance.

“The reason that such an invitation has not been extended sooner in this way, is that man has never embodied His/Her Own Sovereignty to the degrees that warrant such a natural progression. And if they have reached such resonances, they have never asked for this Service to be provided for them, in the way it has been set out within this Proposal. It is all about human interaction and the integration of the I Am Presence. It is about the personality leading the way by Virtue of working in full collaboration with the I Am Presence and God! The Power of Command goes hand in hand for the retrieval of One’s Sovereignty. Humans still have not understood that if they do not ask for what they desire, they will not receive it. That is a Law that holds no exceptions. But all this still does not eliminate the ‘Rings Passeth Not’ of Human Vibrational Consciousness and Knowledge.

“As revealed by Beloved Kuan Shih Yin, there are so many on the cusp of this achievement, but still remain under the umbrellas of other teachers, afraid of stepping out of their shadows, to stand upon their own two feet and rest upon the Truth of the I Am Presence within their own Heart Centre; always afraid at some level of making choices on their own. Afraid of allowing the Pressures of Love’s Flow to Grace, Guide and Nurture their own experiences as they go.

“Making mistakes is not something to fear. Not making choices is the greatest mistake of all, yet still not to be feared, just to be aware of the reasons why choices are not entered into. ‘Students’ as they are so often called, are never students in this sense of education. This is where the perceived teachers have not quite understood their roles. Not from the Spiritual Sense and the reminding processes of Remembering the God I Am within. We speak here of Earth teachers and not those of the Master Realms. Real Teachers of God are Educators, not teachers or trainers. There is a big difference between a teacher and an Educator.

“This is such a misunderstood concept, both on the part of the Spiritual teacher and that of the so called Spiritual Student. The only Real Teacher in this world is the One Within You; The God I Am, The I Am Presence, The Christ Jesus within you! There comes a time in the life of all human beings when God Desire’s them to Know their own definitive I Am Individualized Impersonal Plan and Purpose.

“God wishes each One to become a Co-Creator with Him and not a co-worker with those who consciously portray the relationship of teacher and student. This can only result in resistance and misdirection on some level, and in so doing, once again placing the effects of limitation in front of both parties. The reality is, there is no such thing as teacher and student. This is a differentiation that separates and segregates Unity Consciousness.

“There are no students and no teachers, just experiential interactions that allow information and energy to pass between each other, that assists in the recall of memory of what is already Known within the Soul! If a memory is triggered then the interaction has been achieved, if not, then the same topics of interaction will have to be entered into once again, and will continue until the Truth is Self Realized and not, teacher declared or acknowledged for you.

“The True Teacher is Impersonal, passing on information and offering wonderful guidance and direction that makes the heart sing. The difference is, these teachers do not see you as a student, but as an equal and will tell you so. There will be no differentiation between you, and they will not charge for their words or Services, in sharing what is God’s Alone to give! The charging is a very clear way to determine the underlying energies that bolster the offerings of help and the Purity of Giving. This again is a very confused area when it comes to the exchange of money for services; and one that indeed We could offer more insight, within another forum.

“It is only the personality that places itself between the divisions of student and teacher, and until these can successfully be removed, the Real Teacher cannot come forward; The Real I Am Presence cannot declare its own Sovereignty to God Him/Her Self! To become the I Am Presence and Allow God’s Will to lead you, one must truly know themselves, on all levels; how they think; why they think; they must know their human strengths and their human weaknesses; their limitations and tendencies to do this or that. Until this is achieved with such clarity, these misconceptions will play out, and that can only lead to further delays and resistances upon the Ladder of Ascension. Humanity cannot afford any further delays, can you Dear Soul’s relate to this information?

“I wish to admonish this further, so that each one can be more mindful of their position in relationship to their Own Individualized Sovereignty. When you associate yourself with another human being, whether you are following their teaching, calling or using their name, you are tying yourself energetically to that person, company, program, endeavor, group or organization. Look at the religious groups around the world and see how this works.

“Yet it also operates in much more subtle ways that one must fully become aware of also. In this case you are not fully aware of this Truth of being a God Free Soul. Allow Me to say that you are giving your attention to that person, group, etcetera and thus giving it your energy and in doing so you are diminishing your Own Sovereignty.

“Yet, when you use or Invoke any one of the Angelic, Cosmic or Divine Host Beings of Light, We, because of Our Divine Cosmic Consciousness, We Bring you the fullness of God’s Love, Power and Wisdom. We see your Three Fold Flame and We Know that Your Sovereign Power is in action with the Invocation, albeit at many varying levels of your own personal awareness. But We only see the Greatness in you and Only Respond to the Light That You Shine on behalf of God’s Presence within you.

“By bringing these Divine Virtues and Attributes to you, it gives Us the opportunity of bringing it into your world through you, and grounding the Primal Source of Love Substance into Mother Earth. So to use the Names of Divine Beings you are in the same way tying your energies to the Fully Gathered Cosmic Momentum of Being or Beings you call. This then flows in all directions from you as you go about Your God Business. The Sovereignty part depends on who’s will is being used, your will, or God’s Divine Will through your conscious awareness?

“Dear Soul’s We Love you all so deeply, and it is Our Greatest Joy to be of Service to you. We are beyond Ourselves with the Knowing that there is no turning back, and that humanity is finally coming to terms with its Own Sovereignty.

“Beloved Ones We thank you for your Love and For Heaven’s Sake, Know that the moment your thoughts embrace Us, and when you call to Us, We come with the Greatest of Our Divine Influences and Pressures, so that you may accept them for yourselves. We await your response Dear Peter, Sue and others. In the Name of the Father We return to Our Seat.

“In Love and Light We Bless You All – We Are Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst.”

I Am humbled Dear Zadkiel and Amethyst, and I will give this a great deal of thought – Bless You All and thank you for all your kind words. I was moved to tears myself, or perhaps they were your tears I had upon my face? Either way, I truly felt the Purity of Your Presence within, through and around me. Bless You and Amethyst again.

This teacher aspect, I thought I could offer a little more clarity by including a small excerpt from ‘The Impersonal Life’ by Joseph Benner. God Said;

“To you, who thought you had found it in some great teacher, who was perhaps the acknowledged head of some Society, Fraternity or Religion, and who appeared to you to be a ‘Master,’ so marvelous was the wisdom he taught and the works he performed; — only to awaken later to the realization that that ‘Master’ was but a human personality, with faults and weaknesses, and secret sins, the same as you, even though that personality may have been a channel through which were voiced many beautiful teachings, which seemed to you the highest ‘Truth’; And here you are, Soul weary and en-hungered, and not knowing where to turn — To you, I Am come.

“Likewise to you, who have begun to feel the Presence of that ‘Truth’ within your Soul, and seek the confirmation of that which of late has been vaguely struggling for living expression within; Yes, to all you who hunger for the true Bread of Life.’

I Am come. Are you ready to partake? If so, then arouse yourself. Sit up. Still your human mind and follow closely My Word herein spoken. Or you will turn away disappointed once more, with the aching hunger still in your heart.”

Excerpt from the Elemental Grace Alliance Book


3 thoughts on “Archangel Zadkiel – Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit – Angelic Host

  1. Dear Br. Peter,
    In Initiation with seven Rays with the guidance from Alice Bailey and helping by Master Djwhal Khul, I like to read more about A. A. Zadkaeil and Lady Amethyst….
    Because when we are having Initiations for Rule 14….the program for 140 days…!0 days for Rule one….so on every Saturday in our Group meditation we will invite A.A. Zadkaei and Lady Amethyst to transmute the negative energies from the field…and to transfer the energies in to require frequencies….
    It is all about human interaction and the integration of the I Am Presence. It is about the personality leading the way by Virtue of working in full collaboration with the I Am Presence and God! The Power of Command goes hand in hand for the retrieval of One’s Sovereignty. Humans still have not understood that if they do not ask for what they desire, they will not receive it. That is a Law that holds no exceptions. But all this still does not eliminate the ‘Rings Passeth Not’ of Human Vibrational Consciousness and Knowledge.
    I thought This Article will help me….so tried to read it and will have to read again and again .
    Thank you so much for this Discussion a essential part of E.G.A….
    In Gratitude and Love & Blessings,


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