Latest Newsletter Elemental Grace Alliance


Blessings Once Again Dear Friends,

I am delighted to let you know that I have update the Elemental Grace Alliance Web Site with some minor page changes, but more importantly have added 3 new pages!

Each new page is fully detailed and all the information provided for all relative subjects!

  1. Adam and Lilith Page

  1. EGA Merkabah Page

  1. EGA YouTube Page which is found in the Bees and Blogs Page!

There are also 3 new videos now up and running!

160929 Joseph Benner Impersonal Life ACIM

110718 Divine Blessings Of Love

Christ Returns Letter 2

I have also now made it possible for all books to be downloaded directly from the site by clicking on the images! I am trying to make it all as simple as possible.

Finally, I have had a serious accident falling from a ladder and have to take it easy for a couple of weeks so I will now stepping back for a while to review this situation more closely and recover from my injury.

This will also be the last newsletter I post here on WordPress so if you wish to receive and updates for The Elemental Grace Alliance please send me a message to subscribe you to the Newsletters.

Name and Email address is all I need!

So until next we speak

In Love We Share, In Light We Give, In Life We Live

Love, Wisdom and Power



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