My True Mission



CHRIST says:

‘I know how very difficult your life is. As I descend from the heights of spiritual Joy to make contact with earthly vibrations, I, myself feel the changes of consciousness within myself and feel the pressure of the heavy, burdensome vibrations and your thoughts upon my soul.

When I came to earth two thousand years ago, my Mission was to enlighten the minds of people who had taken on and into themselves, a religion part pagan – part mystical. The people, who had so imbued themselves, were arrogant and convinced they were the chosen people of a God – Jehovah – whom they ardently believed in but who did not exist.

Their prophets spoke of their mystical perception of some transcendent spiritual Consciousness. They used imaginative language to describe this GOD. They created mental images of greatness and grandeur. They also produced the desired effect of controlling the people by fear of reprisals from Heaven in the shape of personal loss, disease, deprivation, pests and climatic disasters.

The purpose behind my, Jesus’, life in Palestine, was to teach the Jews that their perception of their CREATOR was entirely wrong. But their fanatical adherence to their treasured religious beliefs was impenetrable and consequently, instead of achieving my purposes on earth, I was crucified because of them.

It is not possible for me to return to earth in any form – either as a child, which could not contain my powerful vibrations, or as a Celestial Being. The multitudes would be unable to see me. Just as there are things seen and heard by animals which are invisible to the human eye, so do I remain invisible to people who are on an earthly wavelength.

Consequently, I have had to prepare the mind of an evolved soul who took on human form to bring my message to earth. Those who are sufficiently spiritually evolved to hear – will hear. Those who are not yet ready, will not hear and will not be able to receive – at this present time. But all people are on the upward walk leading eventually to the very highest Celestial kingdoms.

So what is my true Mission this time – through the mind of another?

It is to try to make people fully aware of the way in which their universe has been brought into visible manifestation and being.

This is the most important message ever brought to earth, since it goes way beyond superficialities, to the very basic level of all creativity and deals with the part that humans play in that creativity: in the creativity of their personality, health, relationships, environment, experiences and events in their lives. It explains the reasons for their success in their daily lives – or their lack of it. It outlines the sure way to change persistent failures into success.

This article is to draw your attention to the vibrations of consciousness. As your thoughts change, so do the vibrations because these are responsible for the appearance of all things. When trees are newly felled, they are healthy and their vibrations are of a certain frequency. But when the wood has lain on the ground for many, many years, the vibrations gradually drop – and the wood visibly rots.

You should understand that the appearance of the wood is only changing because the vitality and vibrations are gradually fading away.

Therefore, it should be easy to understand that the reality of everything under the sun is really within the underlying energy which supports it, not in the thing which can be touched, seen and heard.

The same applies to your bodies. In the beginning, vibrations in a healthy body are normal. Later on, through wear and tear and negative thoughts, the vibrations begin to drop to such an extent that the tissue changes and sickness sets in. When you are tired, exhausted, your vibrations in your body drop somewhat and it is no longer so easy to move around. After rest and sleep, the vibrations are restored and you feel able to continue your daily activities again.

Everything in existence is CONSCIOUSNESS appearing as different materials in plants, animals, humans, and in inanimate things such as the elements and stones, earth, metals.

Everything you encounter is really electrical particles vibrating at a certain rate, producing certain appearances. Change the vibrations of a thing radically – and inject it with a new consciousness – and you have a different commodity.

In this way could I, with the powerful use of my visual imagination and belief, draw together the electrical particles to create food. When you visualize what is needed, and believe with all your heart and mind that this electromagnetic blueprint will draw to itself the components to make it real in the world, eventually it will manifest itself.

This revelation has been around for a long time but the even greater revelation has been overlooked.

Beware of what you may be creating for yourself when you have no idea you are doing it.

Beware of those judgemental, critical thoughts which can harm another human being – and can return to harm you also.

Beware those unguarded emotional moments when you wish certain circumstances or events on another. Destructive thoughts bring about destructive consequences.

Have you found that things continually go wrong for you? Examine your attitudes and your thoughts about other people.

Remember that electricity sends out the message and magnetism brings it back – sometimes with interest.

Remember that when you look upon things with grave disfavour, or irritation you are interfering with their natural vibrations which make them what they are.

Beware, lest, unwittingly, you bring your own house down around your ears!

Beware when you contemplate the weather. Don’t complain about the rain and say you wish it would stop. It may stop longer than you want it to. Don’t complain about the sun and wish it would rain – it may come in floods.

When you WALK CHRIST’S WAY – MY WAY – you will take everything in the world which is posing problems to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – the ‘FATHER’ and ASK for adjustments or needs which will be entirely suitable for you.

In this way, the ‘FATHER’ which is intimately connected with you, within you and around you, will respond with the right input of CONSCIOUSNESS to put all things right for you.

The Christ Returns Excert from Letters.


10 thoughts on “My True Mission

  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    I wish that what is the message from Christ letters I can understand it properly and can have ability to act in my whole life according to His Guidance to make the life Beautiful, full of Knowledge, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Light, Love, Blessings, all Powerful in every respect, !!
    For which intention He came on Earth, I want to fulfill without any doubt or question….because this will be the way for being like Him….
    Our Father or the Mother in Heaven always like that their children should not wander here & there for Love , Peace or proper understanding to live a Peaceful and Divine Life !!
    We have to develop courage to follow our Father in His Foot steps…
    Sending Lots of Love & Peace,

    Om Shanti !!


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  2. Greetings my beloved brother, I have just returned from Barbados after a very relaxed holiday. I hope you have totally recovered from the fall and that you are even more healthy than before,so you can challenge those ladders again😁. Wonderful that you shared that script from Christ letters, I was listening to them all the time in (Bim) . I also had a wonderful conversation with (my)oldest son(brother) and was able to give him Joseph Benner-Impersonal life book.That made me so happy. Peter do you remember I mention that I was going to a Kryon festival here?well I did go and it was quite an experience ,and there was a few things. I did’nt understand ,1 of them was about the changing of name, I have no idea why and how to do that. My hearts desire is still to be part of what Father-Mother life is doing through you and EGA. I would like EGA to be my spiritual home and family. When I was at the retreat in Andalusia with Jeyem I really experience unity,joy ,love and I want that 24/7 so that it spreads to everyone I come in contact with. I will transfer the 35£ for you to do what ever is nessacery .Hope that is ok Tons of love to Sue and You,,,lynell Von meinem iPad gesendet


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  3. Bless You Karen for your sharing and we are indeed both on the same page.

    Dear Karen I make no claim to this message today as I am not the medium that brought this through. I only shared it due to the message it brought in relationship to what the Elemental Grace Alliance is sharing. It is simply a complimentary message that has come from another Source to show we are heading in the right direction!

    Our Victory is secure and yes much has to break down before people will actually realize how misled they have been through religionous practices!



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  4. Blessing to you Peter, for bring through Master Jesus.

    Many of the people of Earth ( Gaia ) have been programmed through their Religion that Christ ( Jesus ) will return in the Human form, I understand why he has chosen not to in Physical form.
    I see some difficulty in their way of thinking, discernment in how to prepare for their future, who will be their leader and guide them to Heaven.
    Even many Lightworkers will have difficulty with this also as their up bringing from childhood.
    I see many raising the Voices of concern and bewilderment and confusion, as they rely on some of what they were taught from early years.

    We are neither teachers or students, but Disciples of God Consciousness on a Journey of Love through Life a New.
    We all know the Source Creator ( God ) is not Human in form but in Atom’s of Consciousness of Being, through that consciousness has created many Higher Beings of Love/Light for each Universe, as a Mother/ Father God and their creation as well to enlist their trust in Spiritual Love and Faith of their Creation of the Planets and their inhabitants of each world through that God Consciousness of Love.

    We have what we call a Hand, a thumb which represents God ( Creator ) and Our index finger is Our Human consciousness of 3rd Dimension, Now the last three fingers is like a spider web of interconnectedness conscious thought.
    Now when a Human points that index finger to someone with bad intent they forget that three fingers are pointed back at them, and the Thumb is always pointed upward and Creator/Source/God, feels the vibration and the frequency level, now the ill intent will come unto them from that pointed finger.

    I’m a Being of NO religious up bringing but always knew that their had to be more then what was being offered and taught through the Bible. I know that the New Children of the future will bring Peace upon the world, But Us Lightworkers of NOW must clear all the Trauma of the Land of Consciousness for those New Children of Christ Consciousness to be successful for the world to Peaceful.

    Many Blessing of Love/Light and Life
    Karen Arnold

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