‘Keep your Consciousness whole, unfragmented’

CHRIST says:

“It is of the greatest importance to your health, relationships, success in life and your happiness, that you should fully understand the true nature of Consciousness (Letter 5 & 6 onward) and of your own unique Consciousness.

“You must fully grasp that what you THINK – and FEEL – and what you DO, is a ‘consciousness energy’ which forms the entire fabric of your experiences in life. It is the driving force behind all that happens to you and what you do. It is the ground on which you build your life and the reservoir of strength giving impetus to your daily life. It is all you ARE beyond your soul, at this present moment. It is the full scope of all you can be and do at this precise moment. The state of your consciousness limits or promotes your wellbeing. Therefore, the contents of your consciousness, the degree of your spiritual awareness, insights, perceptions, beliefs, knowledge, standards of behaviour, qualities of nature, morals, are your treasure from which you build your life. You can only build on what you are at this present time. And what you construct will be built of the elements or bricks of your consciousness – nothing else.

“Therefore, as hundreds of thousands of people are finding world-wide – if you want to change your life, you must first change your consciousness.

(Letter7 describe how to do this, very clearly)

“When you drive a car, you make very certain (if you are wise) that every part of the car is in good working order. Every tiny contributing factor to the trouble-free running of your car must be attended to – the battery topped up and leads connected. Spark plugs cleaned and tuned, petrol in tank, oil in sump and so on.

“Therefore, to create a happy successful life, you must take the greatest and daily care of the various elements and facets of your consciousness.

“You will remember and try to practise non-criticism and non judgementalism for these are destructive of others and eventually, we find ourselves in a similar firing line. You will try to control your anger, searching your mind for reasons why the target of your anger, behaved as they did. This will defuse your anger. You will try to find lovable traits about everyone you meet or see throughout your day, otherwise, you will, all unknowingly, be radiating an offensive consciousness energy which will be picked up and resented by others.

Possibly, all of these facets of consciousness are already known to you. But now I want to tell you about the dangers of fragmenting your consciousness.

You do this even when you tell a white lie. A black lie is a horrendous insult to your own consciousness and to the consciousness of your listener. You may think that it is of no consequence but when you lie you send out a stream of false consciousness on which you expect other people to build their responses. Such a hitch in your consciousness, since you know you have lied, creates holes in the fabric of your own consciousness.

Where there are holes in your consciousness there is a hiatus in the life force you expend on activities and goals, and a foul-up in the consciousness which keeps you healthy and happy. Even in your communication, it will cause a lack of the vibrancy and certainty that those with whole and healthy consciousness fabrics, are able to impart when speaking to others or even simply leaving a spoken message.

A healthy consciousness is created when you treat others as you would like to be treated. Therefore, fulfill your promises or make provision that the breaking of a promise will not cause undue frustration or unhappiness or difficulty. Tell the truth in such a way as your listener will not be offended. Love always finds a way.

Do not ‘fabricate’ stories to make yourself a hero of heroine or victim.

Do not exaggerate a circumstance in any way since you can send another person away with a falsehood in their minds. This can be more injurious to them than you can imagine. Never ever cause another person to stumble or fall along their daily path.

Let everything you think, say and do, be a harmonious whole directed in your mind and heart by love and concern for every other person’s wellbeing. In this way, you create the foundation of a whole, happy life for yourself. You create the type of consciousness which is easily attuned to that of Divine Consciousness.

Then, miracles happen.

If you lack success, examine your consciousness. Do you keep your word?



  1. I can now see within myself, I truly need to do a lot truth searching with my own Fragmented Consciousness. I’m beginning to see the Holes within the Whole.

    It’s just amazing that for me to really start to feel that a HUman BEing born on this Earth, 2000 + years ago went through so much Spiritual Growth within his Own Consciousness, as he knew he had a fragmented Consciousness, while being in the Desert for six weeks dealing with his life and knowing that their had to be more.

    Divine Power of Father God… working within his Heart/MInd and his Consciousness. For I can almost see, Jesus, walking about contemplating this Fabric of Existence in Life Creativity restructuring his Subconscious to project in the HUman Consciousness.
    Now walking back out of the Desert, knowing how to put the fragmented holes of his Subconsciousness merging with the HUman Consciousness into the Whole of Divine Creative Power of Unconditional Love , but still dwelling with Human thoughts of excitement of all of what he felt within his Heart to present it to the populace.
    Meeting that well Dressed man in the Desert whom shared his meat and bread with Jesus, and wondering why such a man would be in that Desolate place, as Jesus was conversing with this man, Jesus explained how he was Enlightened as to the True Nature of the Creator of the World and shown the Natural Laws of Existence, the man smiled and nodded.
    Jesus,… saying how he wanted to tell everyone what he had learnt,… how he would be able to heal them and bring them release from every sickness and trouble.
    The man replied sadly: ” It Will Take Many Millennia ”

    I now know why Jesus,…has said in these Christ Letters,… to read them slowly and Contemplate them page by page or read them again and again so that the Father Consciousness can meld within your Fragmented Consciousness, of Mindset, and Consciousness Energy, Every single WORD within Each of these Christ Letters as well as Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses, it must be felt through the Nurturing Love of Mother God as well as the Divine Power of Creative Consciousness of and through Father God all brought together from Universal Unconditional Love of Prime Source Creator of all that is and ever will be.

    Blessing of Love

    Karen Arnold

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    1. Dear Brother Peter,
      I like this Article the most…
      So treat others as you can treat yourself to avoid any problems….
      Be truthful always….this is the reason…to take care of our Consciousness which is our important energy…
      With Love & Light and Blessings,


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