Grants and Investments of Masters’ Energy – El Morya “I Am” Activities

Grants and Investments of Masters’ Energy – El Morya “I Am” Activities


From a complete mechanical standpoint, your radio programs are conducted only as far as the  beam of the local station can carry the vibrations,  dependent upon the force field which is the power behind the beam. The same Natural Law controls the direction of Spiritual Energies, Blessings and the Powers from the Octaves that are above the Earth plane.

If it were possible for Us to Direct and Expand Our Energies in an unlimited degree through the atmosphere of Earth, without the cooperation and assistance of mankind to be benefited, We would long since have transferred the Ascended Masters’ Octave to and through the Earth- and have done away with all the tedious business! However, the Natural Law allows Us to Bless the Sphere below Our Own through the Energies of those who are presently a part of that Sphere. The statement that “God needs a body” is a Spiritual Truth; even the coming of the Christed Ones have been effected through a natural body, incarnated, in every Spiritual Cycle .

As I have previously explained , We are allowed a certain amount of Energy in a given Cycle of Time to Invest in the Evolution of the Human Race. Whatever contributory Energies We can receive from among the Race to add to that store, is just that much more Capital with which We may Work. The Great Impersonal Cosmic Law demands a Balance for the Investment of Spiritual Energies in the Soul growth of those throughout mankind whom We are endeavoring to reach through a specific endeavor to Serve. If We show such a balance, almost without question, the Law gives to Us additional Energies to further Our/Your Cause.

You will see then, as We draw Together a few chosen Life Streams to become a Spiritual Force Field through which the Radiation of the Masters may Bless the Entire Race, so that the Greater the Power Focused through that Force Field, the more far-reaching are the results in the Transmutation of the thought and feeling centers of mankind. Those Energies which you draw forth through Directed Thought, Affirmation or Decree, through songs or contemplations or aspirations, become the Conductors through which the Masters Address reaches into the Consciousness of the people and through which the Masters’ Radiation Blesses the Inner Bodies as well.

Let us remember however, that there is a specific moment when the climax or apex of the preparation is completed, the Master Stands Ready, and that is the moment to allow His Presence precedence. You will feel it as you Attune yourself to the Preparatory Work so do not let it pass you by, for it is neither courtesy to Them nor efficacious to the Work Itself. Build to your climax, turning the Energies and Attention toward any coming Presentations, (any reading or Discourse or sharing of the Masters’ Addresses) so that the mental and feeling energies of the Disciples are ready in waiting for the moment He is ready to Step into the Created Aura to Energize it with His Love.

We are no longer dealing with the Spiritual amateurs that seek amusement or satisfaction of the cravings of the mental or emotional worlds. We are dealing with Life Streams who are willing to become Bridge Builders through the Investment of Their Own Energies in the preparation of the Auras through which the Masters can influence and affect the greatest number of people. This can and should be explained to each Disciple and they should happily and joyously desire to contribute their Individual Energies in such preparation for His Own coming alongside the Masters as Their Sponsors.

We can linger no longer in the personal self. We have to Now go forth to Build a World in which PERFECTION shall be apportioned to every man, woman and child! The Spiritual Sound of the Fire of My Heart Will Inspire those of you who wish to Join with Me in this Mighty Service. To those who choose to remain I say, “You will cross on the Bridge that shall We Build, one day, in safety, in a great deal more comfort and in a great deal more Peace. I cannot Force you to be among those who are the Builders of the Bridge, whose very bodies are sacrificed to the tasks, whose consciousness is opened to the almost super-human release from Our, The Master Sponsor Octaves.

There is blood and sweat and tears in the Service of those who choose to respond to the “Call” of the Spiritual Cause! For those who choose to wait, there will be a beautiful White Bridge made up of the Electronic White Fire Light of those Life Streams who have lived and died in Service, and it will be soft to your feet, It will be safe to your worries and concerns and the raging torrent beneath will have no danger for you! Someone who had gone before, will have stood to his/her neck in that water, and perhaps been washed away in the raging flow of its turbulence and chaos. These are the men and women who are the Builders of this New Golden Age of Cosmic Consciousness. Those of you who are ready have been given My Individual and Collective Counsel and Opportunity — benefit yourselves of It, if you choose. Either way, We carry on with or without you!

Beloved Ones, having delivered Myself along with My Message, may I assure you I also have developed, which was an essential ingredient of My Own Release, a sweeter side! I have spoken officially here, and now I speak to you as a Friend — I Love You! I Love You enough to Stand before the Mighty Maha Chohan and implore Him to give Me the Opportunity to Contact a few of you, and to prove that there are incarnate Life Streams who can believe in Intelligences who have no way and means of reaching the Outer Consciousness through the Veil, except through such an instrument as He/She would allow within themselves through Self Appointment, dedication and Commitment with Honor, Hope, Trust and Faith alone! I have pledged My Life, a Great Store of My Personal Individualized Energies harnessed reluctantly for I Am a Free Born Man in My Own Right, and I have written countless words harnessing the Energies of My World to coax you to understand that which is before you!- The Call is given. We await your Answer and Your responses!  Thank You!


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6 thoughts on “Grants and Investments of Masters’ Energy – El Morya “I Am” Activities

  1. Dear Peter is this from your book “The Elemental Grace Alliance” or is it a new message? I just don’t remember reading it…in any way, is there anything else we can do other than being the light that we wish to see in others (like if it was so easy..😅) meditating and doing the decrees?



  2. Brother of Light and Love. I Am a Builder and it will bring me Joy to build with You. I Love Joseph Benner’s words and intents, thanks. Let’s Go. Your friend

    On Oct 24, 2016 7:22 AM, “Elemental Grace Alliance” wrote:

    > Peter Melchizedek posted: “Grants and Investments of Masters’ Energy – El > Morya “I Am” Activities From a complete mechanical standpoint, your radio > programs are conducted only as far as the beam of the local station can > carry the vibrations, dependent upon the force field ” >


    1. Dear Brother Peter,
      Master EL Morya is very near to my soul as” I Am “with Him since a Member of The Theosophical Society…and he is helping the members along with Maha Chohan and Master K.H. ….Kuthumi…
      yes, one one hears the” Call”then becomes ready to shed blood or sweat to help the masters until the souls get Perfection….which is the aim…
      When I am with your project…I am with you according to your Mission for The Golden Age to Manifest on our Planet….
      ” I Am That I Am,”……
      With Hope, Trust And Faith in Your project…..
      Sending You Love, Light & Blessings,
      Om Namo Narayana….
      Om Shanti…



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