The True Nature Of Consciousness – From Christ Returns Letters


Christ Speaks:-

I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU ABOUT THE TRUE NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS – of the difference between UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, Divine Consciousness, and human consciousness. You truly need to understand these differences to enable you to live spiritually pro-active lives within your world… Which is what I have come to help you do.

CONSCIOUSNESS Transcendent and human consciousness!

Consciousness is now a word used widely, even lightly, but is not fully understood by many dear seekers of Truth.

You have drawn your being from Universal Consciousness split into Divine Consciousness at the time of the Big Bang. (See Letter 5)

This is the perfect Consciousness of Loving Intelligence and Intelligent Love. IT is IMPULSES. These IMPULSES are the very basic energy, the MAINSPRING of all existence. This Consciousness is indeed within you, surrounds you, transcends you and can lift you in ever higher strata of spiritual ecstasy and ephemeral perception,. This Consciousness is what many call God.  It is within you and transcends you.

But what humankind must fully realise is: that it is of such a high frequency of vibration, ……so spiritually refined in meaning…….that it cannot be drawn into your own human consciousness to make Itself known to you, until you begin to overcome your ego and ascend in spiritual perception of Truth. Your ego is the barrier to Super Consciousness.

Only the most systematic and persistent daily attempt to cleanse your consciousness of ego thoughts and behavior, will make it possible for Divine Consciousness to SEEP into your human consciousness bringing you new insight and perceptions. Illumined by new insight and perceptions, your thoughts, words, actions will begin to change.
When you SEE things differently, you will begin to ACT differently.

Your human consciousness is imperfect. It is fabricated out of selfish egotistical drives. Let not your ego resist this valid statement. You are in no way to be blamed for this, because the ego is divinely created in order to separate Divine Consciousness into individual people. You need the Ego. It defends you and it draws to you what you need to survive BUT it can overwhelmingly force an individual into behavior which is sick psychologically speaking. You know that Ego is the impulse behind all the crime in the world.

I would have you know it impels people into such deep-seated narcissism and self-interest that anyone trying to arouse in such a mind any empathy or sympathy, is sadly blocked. No matter what topic may be raised, inevitably, such egotistical, narcissistic people draw the topic back to themselves, how it affects them, how it concerns them exclusively, positively or negatively. Absorbed self-interest is like a thick dense fabric of consciousness energies sealing off the minds of people of every strata of society in every part of the world.

The degree of narcissism varies. I have come expressly to make you aware of it because such narcissistic people cannot live in harmony with other people as they are incapable of hearing the messages from others. This, as much as your crime, causes your misery on earth.

Here is a parable for you. Behold the little child playing in a sticky mud pit, making pies, covering itself with mud, enjoying every minute. Mother comes, exhorting child to come and bath and get ready to go to a party. The child fiercely resists, crying. Eventually, mother has her way and the child, freshly groomed with hair shining and clad in smart party clothes enters the hall where the party is being held. It stares in astonishment.
The glorious lights! The brilliant shrubs and flowers! The tables loaded with delicacies, cakes and jellies. And all the presents and games and fun the other children are having. The heart of this child is filled with radiant joy. Laughter begins to well-up and fill its entire being. This is so much better than its mud pit! All the washing and the scrubbing was worth it. How glad the child is that it listened.


4 thoughts on “The True Nature Of Consciousness – From Christ Returns Letters

    1. Dear Brother Peter,
      ” Our Ego is The Barrier to Superconsciousness..”
      We are living in the Ocean of Consciousness….within as well as outside…
      We all should have very clear Consciousness ….should be free from any thoughts and any type of clutter…..
      Thanks for posting….it’s necessary to know as afirst step….
      Sending you Love, Light and Blessings….


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