YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Christ Returns Article




‘I have come to speak to you in colloquial language as far as I am able, to reach people who have not yet found my LETTERS and who, presently, see no reason to read them.

‘In fact, my LETTERS, explaining what I taught in Palestine and giving further explanation of the origins of creation, will give receptive people the means to overcome every difficulty encountered in existence.

‘This may sound like a far-fetched claim but it is nonetheless true. The Letters give you the information known to true Masters who showed that they had control of ‘atomic states of being’ by controlling the elements and creating food and objects from nothing. I also controlled the elements, healed and created necessities and was only able to do so because I possessed the deep and secret knowledge I have shared with you in my Letters.

Do not compare my message to you with the messages from others.

Everyone has their unique mission and purpose in life – and mine is EXCLUSIVELY to give you the exact means to lift yourselves out of your present turmoil of existence – nothing else. Therefore, my messages may be repetitive but they are directed solely to inspiring and helping you to make a decision to follow CHRIST’S WAY – MY WAY, no matter how difficult you may find that way to be. You will persevere because along My Way, you will find rewards which will prove to you that you are definitely on the right path.

But you cannot put foot to My Way until you realize fully and completely that the entire universe is CONSCIOUSNESS – AWARENESS made visible through the inter-action of electrical particles and magnetism.

This is fully explained in Letters 5 and 6. But reading alone will not make you a Master. A true Master understands that the ORIGIN of all creation is UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and that IT is the Divine Source of all Love and Intelligence. To be a true Master, a person has to understand the way the universe has come into being, know, intimately, the true nature of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and has to so purify himself of the impulses of the Ego, that he is absolutely free of all ego impurities in his mind and emotions.

When he reaches this state of inner cleanliness of thought, feeling and action, never demanding of others but willing and eager to give to the uttermost of all he possesses, because he knows perfectly well that he can have anything he needs, he will be a perfectly open channel of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS which is the creative Impulse within this dimension of visible creation.

When he has achieved such a state of inner purity and cleanliness, he will live in a state of inner joy, peace, and unconditional love. He will understand the living world and the difficulties such living things encounter and feel an immediate and spontaneous love and compassion for all.

He will have transcended the world and its millions of self-interests, self-indulgences, experiences of despair, fear, revenge, hatred, slandering, gossip, rejection of others. All these worldly activities will go on around him but he will not experience them himself. He will only feel boundless compassion and love for them. He will only long and yearn passionately, to TEACH the world the TRUTH OF BEING.

He will make every sacrifice with joy, to help people understand the TRUTH and live it in their every thought, word, deed. He will do this, because it will be painful for him to know that as people stubbornly persist in their own way, thinking, feeling, reacting, in any way that their emotions prompt them to do, they are only creating more of the same misery which has driven them to seek a way out of it.
When people eventually find their way out of the morass of their chaotic thinking and emotional reactions, they discover that this is the only true way to happiness and they are exceedingly relieved and grateful that they have managed to surmount their habits of thought and feeling which previously pulled them down into experiences causing them pain and misery.

Do not marvel or question that it is truly I, the CHRIST, speaking to you. I come to speak to you through the total emptiness of my Recorder’s mind and heart – and speak those things which are necessary for you to know to start to put behind you the sadnesses and despair of the past, and to give you the courage and incentive to start anew, daily meditating and drawing into your human consciousness the Divine Consciousness which brought you into being in the world.

Above all, I want you to understand you are not alone in your struggle to live comfortably and happily. You are not alone in your battle to change your habits of thoughts and feeling. The more you call upon for Divine Consciousness, even if it is only a momentary connection you set up, you are drawing into your consciousness new life and moments of Intelligence and Love which will inspire you to an even greater degree as you persevere and DO NOT LOSE HEART.

As you call on me, you will make contact with my Christ Consciousness and will eventually be aware of my response and instruction when you have questions to ask.

Remember that it takes time to purify your thoughts and emotions and negative reactions to other people.

Until you have got rid of your deep and darkest feelings of anger, vitriolic criticism, rejection, resentment and frustration, you will not be able to hear my Voice.

Remember that to receive even my first whispers in the silence of your meditation or during a moment of inner quiet, you have to make changes in your consciousness, you have to become fully aware that LOVE is the only way to freedom, and this takes patience and time.

You are not alone. We who have moved into highest echelons of spiritual realisation and Divine Consciousness have only love for you and our most urgent desire is for your escape from travail and your progression into Light, wisdom and unconditional Love.


10 thoughts on “YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Christ Returns Article

  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    Yet any how I have not finished all the letters and I like your video for these letters also…
    I have completed the book and reading it for the second time and can understand better…
    Now we have Diwali celebrations so for few days I will be busy with other things…
    I like to know any thing about Christ and The Christ Consciousness as I used to connect my self daily with Christ Consciousness and That Golden White light Protection is healing my Physical, Etheric or Pranic body, Mental body and my soul along with my Causal Body…
    I know that before understanding The Christ Energy One should have Purity of the Heart and total clarity of the Mind !!
    I find no difference between Jesus Christ & Krishna who has given Bhagwat Gita….and Christ has given guidance to Humanity by His Divine Letters !!
    Thanks for your reminder !!
    In Love, Light & Power of Wisdom with Peaceful Blessings !!

    Om Shanti !!!


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  2. This letter hits the nail right on the head.
    When I first came across these letters I too was shocked,but through prayer and guidance of SPIRT I really began to understand and JESUS revealed Himself,so I encourage all you dear ones to prayfully read Christ letters so that the ego can be transform into the Christ contiousness.🌈💚lynell


  3. When I think of how Christ Jesus, realization of Consciousness – Awareness is separate from Universal Divine Conscious Awareness, he must of then known that Ego,was a Double Edge Sword of sorts.
    The Humbleness of the Soul realizes that each individual Soul is truly nothing without the Source of its Being.
    The Soul feels the Separation from Source!
    The Soul yearns for the Separation to be over, to be joined back into Source.
    The Soul recognizes that anytime two individual Souls can come together it feels more Energy from the Source than just by standing alone.The more souls that come together the more Unity and closeness they feel to Source.

    However, the Ego is not part of the Soul!
    The Ego does not want to come together and combine Energies, because the more that come together in that combined Energy, the less recognition the Ego gets

    Our Personality is that Individual part of you that others see, others, as in, “Here” in the Third Dimensional Reality.

    Your Personality is also the Mirror of your Soul, the Part of you is the culmination that your Ego wishes to keep Covered, by reflecting off what your Ego wishes to be seen.

    Your Ego may build up in your mind the protection of “Who” you wish to share your life with.

    Some call it “Spirit” Some call it “God” Some call it “Goddess” Some call it “Creator”Some call it “Source”…It is all the Same.
    We just need to Acknowledge the fact we are All One.
    It is only the Ego that keeps Us from Incorporating into the One.

    Love to all
    Karen Arnold


    1. I can understand that Dear Soul, but the caps are not yelling or made to make you feel inferior. They are there to offer the opportunity to remove the ego respones or head ego reading and allow the Heart to read. Is is one of the methods Christ explains very clearly in His presentations before anyone should read! If this reaction has occured then it is a gift Dear Heart. Try to read again with an open heart and see what happens? Love Peter


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