Introduction From the Vegans and Lyrans – Elemental Grace Alliance

05 – Introduction – Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses – Vegans and Lyrans – Myra – 30th, May, 2015.


“Beloved Council, I Am the Voice of Lyra and although I Am not one of the Direct Speakers for Vega I can and will Represent The Lyran and Vegan Constellations for Our Parts within this Proposal. I Am Myra of the Lyran Galactic Council for Human Creation and Affairs. Should the need arise I have many around Me Whom I can call upon for any detailed information required throughout these Discourses.

“In My introductory Address I will speak of Lyra but please understand that there are many independent Vegan influences individualized from Ours. However, for the purpose of this initial contact, Lyra will mean both as a Unified Consciousness within the confluence of two individualized influences within the overall history and seeding of humanity upon Planet Earth.

“I Am Honoured to be here for this is such a welcomed surprise from Our expanded view point. Normally such a Gathering of distinguished Members of an Earth Alliance would not come into fruition from within the confinements of a 3d civilization. Very unusual indeed!

“It is also important that I bring to everyone’s awareness that I Myra have in the past had a very brief communication with Peter, through the Language of Light, regarding the DNA Structure of humanity and its relationship to Lyran and Vegan civilizations. I have also brought to his attention that We are the Origin of the Adam Kadmon Race of human beings. The Adamic Race, for the want of a more recognized application of the word.

“Our connection to Earth and present day mankind has a very long history and We Are the Ancestors who first seeded Planet Earth. In fact, We are the Ancestors of most of the Milky Way System and hold the vast Conscious Knowledge of all that has transpired humanly speaking, for the past 900 million years. We are the Galactic Historians for All Human Creation, Evolution and Galactic Affairs. We have direct connection with the Elohim and the Prime Creator, Who in All Our Seeding and Evolutionary Steps and Stages have been consulted and well informed.

“Lyrans were asked and given the permission to first create human life forms in general, or shall We say humanoid life forms, and We did so within our own Constellation of Lyra/Vega first. We were chosen because We were seen to be the most knowledgeable and were in a position to offer the best platform for a very sustained and arduous evolutionary process. As time unfolded and situations and circumstances proved necessary, We expanded our influences all the way to Earth, colonizing and seeding many such Star Systems and Planets along the way. These included but not limited to, Sirius, Arcturus, Pleiades, Sagittarius A & B, Cygnus Alpha, Alpha Centauri, Cassiopeia, Antara and Andromeda. Human Evolution has been principally Our Primary Commission, Charge and Responsibility.

“It is then, in Our view at this most auspicious stage of the delegation at hand, here within this Gathering, that Our contribution will mostly revolve around Humanity and the potentiality of Unifying Consciousness. This will be evaluated and considered through their Ancestral connections and the Genetic Lineages or DNA programming that indeed has led to such a ‘Ring Passeth Not’, an impasse that presently is facing mankind and more to the point here, regarding a closer interaction between Humanity Itself and those of the Elemental and Nature Kingdoms.

“We understand very well how this impasse has been rendered ineffective with the result of such dispassionate influences and imbalance. It has been created with direct and intentionally designed genetic manipulation and pooling from within individualized civilizations for the benefit of power hungry and controlling elite. As you can appreciate in a Universe of Creators once the Battens of Knowledge for how Creation is made manifest is passed down through the ages, free will and personal desires can rage rampantly without control mechanisms in place. It takes a great deal of linear time frames and lines for the Reality of the Prime Creator’s Plan to be, not only seen and understood, but acknowledged and obeyed! Meanwhile life goes on in all its forms and diversifications.

“To find the Solution that this Council is seeking, will, without doubt involve genetic cleansing for humanity at many levels of awareness. Not all at once of course, but DNA structures and programming is the cause for humanity’s loss of memory as to Who They Really Are! There are so many disjointed, convoluted and despairing implants and DNA Encodements, that require, how shall We say this, rebooted, defragmented, and all the viruses and spy-ware removed. We use these terms so that the humans that may read this have a metaphorical understanding of what We are to begin, to put forward here. This will entail the deprogramming of very complex and old patterns of belief and behaviour, unveiling the layers of Ancestral interventions and the rewriting of both unconscious and subconscious untruths about Who They Are!

“We are in Truth responsible for these untruths, either directly or indirectly, and so it is Our Responsibility here to also step forward and do all We can to clear, cleanse, dissolve and correct the imbalances within humanity’s genome and characteristic Natures themselves! Not just Caucasian beings, but in all cultures, races and creeds upon the planet today. This will be part of Our Own absolution in direct alignment with the Elohim and Their Original Creative Endeavours.

“We understand the processes involved and the motivations that evolved from one civilization to another that has taken part within the vast array of what has been a very multifaceted matter of time and space over the past 100 to 108 million years of human history that has unfolded within our extended arms length within such Realms of physical Earth bound existences; particularly Earth.

“As Creators in Our Own Rights, We are extraordinarily aware of the de-evolutionary processes of Evolving Worlds, as well as the dismantling of all activities when it comes to physical evolutionary processes. We Beloved Members of this Council, Our Diplomacy, along with Our conflict resolution Qualities in All matters human, that involved Galactic Education, does validate Our position of holding an Esteem Seat upon this Elemental Grace Alliance Council. And so We give thanks and gratitude for being acknowledged and asked to join You All, and look forward to partaking within this Alliance for the Greatest Good of All Concerned. Thank you!”


6 thoughts on “Introduction From the Vegans and Lyrans – Elemental Grace Alliance

  1. Hi Peter, wondering if there’s something I can do to help. I continue my regular routines in Love’s Light, and hoping for more. Hope you are happy.

    On Oct 31, 2016 5:13 AM, “Elemental Grace Alliance” wrote:

    > Peter Melchizedek posted: “05 – Introduction – Elemental Grace Alliance > Discourses – Vegans and Lyrans – Myra – 30th, May, 2015. “Beloved > Council, I Am the Voice of Lyra and although I Am not one of the Direct > Speakers for Vega I can and will Represent The Lyran and Vegan C” >


    1. Hi Kona, The best you can do right now is everything possible to reinforce your coinnection and communication skills with your I Am Presence! For without this what we have coming up sooner than later will not be possible! So Inner Connection is top priority!

      All Love



  2. Hello Peter! [😊]

    I would first like to extend to you my loving intentions for your complete and total healing. When I first read that you had experienced a fall from a ladder, I asked Divine Mother and Divine Father for complete healing for you. I also did not want to email you at the time, because you most likely would have felt obligated to respond. I was hoping that you would rest and recuperate. Please Be Well! [😊]

    I thank you for this new discourse and I want to state that this discourse has profoundly and very positively affected me. This is the first communication from the higher beings, that I have as yet read, that genuinely describes with compassion and honesty, the true condition and Reason for Humanity’s current and historical state. We have been tampered with for eons. I speak from human experience when I make that statement. I so look forward to the Lyran/Vegan clearing and cleansing that Myra speaks of and I hope that those of us who are currently incarnated, will be able to benefit from an aspect of this. Some of us host foreign debris and technologies of which we have no understanding. We/I sense it exists, but have no way to identify it and we do not know who to turn to for help to remove it. We experience what I would term “brick walls” that prevent many of us from knowing Who and What we truly are. This cleansing and clearing is imperatively crucial.

    Thank You!! Blessings! [💜]

    Pam Phairas

    ESPAVO, a greeting used in the days of humanity’s evolution on Mu/Lemuria and used for both ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye.’ Literally translated: “Thank you for taking your power.”



    1. Dearest Pam, Bless You for your sharing! The Elemental Grace Alliance and its Discourses speak of everything you wish to know and how we ar going to use this to make a huge difference upon the Planet! I cannot recommend more the full reading of not only the EGA Book but Its support information from The Christ Letters and All of Joseph Benner’s Work. All of which you will find on my website!

      In Love and Joy we share




    1. Dear Brother Peter,
      I was not knowing that you had a fall from the ladder…Now must have healed completely…could know from Pam,s reply…
      at that time I had not read from the book also…
      You are very right that one should go through all the Christ Letters and what is in the book from Joseph Benner….His work is giving us much guidance…
      Now I am o.k….
      I used to post most of the discourses at the site you know…
      With lots of Blessings and love,


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