What are the Archons and Aeons?

What are the Archons and Aeons?

It was Padma Aon, within his book ‘The Christ Blueprint’ who had this to say about the Archons and Aeons. He was however, as far as I can understand in this understanding, coming from a perspective of the astral planes where it all plays out along with and within the 3rd dimensional planes. But these beings, not just reptilian in nature, also play out their roles from even higher planes of existence, in fact, up to the 9th dimensional levels, which are indeed extremely powerful entities. So here is what we are dealing with, to give each of you a clearer understanding of what Helios has shared in the Elemental Grace Alliance and what we are now moving into position to balance and clear from this System of Worlds!
Yeshua said, “I Am the Christ and the Anti-Christ.”

The Antichrist is a key part of the Christ. It was anchored 2000 years ago as part of the Christ Blueprint. It consists of the 12 shadow sides of the Body of Christ, all embodied into one living thought form.

The Antichrist is the polar opposite of the Christ. It will be fully anchored on Earth by February 2008. It is here to provide the tension, the friction, the push and pull of duality, to propel us into unity consciousness.

The Antichrist is an energy field that surrounds the whole earth, and is controlled by various beings, mentioned in the Gnostic Gospels by Yeshua, called Archons and Aeons. These are the rulers of the collective consciousness of humanity, the manipulators behind the scenes of our life force, and consciousness.

Until we are resonating at Love and Joy, we are still feeding these rulers, and they are still controlling us. Until we resonate at Love and Joy, we still have a negligible effect on the collective consciousness. As soon as we step into joy, we change the collective, balancing thousands of people by our mere presence alone.

From an evolutionary perspective the Antichrist has to fully embody on earth before Christ Consciousness can fully reappear. The darkness is necessary in order for the light to appear. Perhaps circumstances have to get so bad to reach a climax point, in order for a more enlightened civilization to sprout, phoenix like, from the ashes of the old.

Therefore the Antichrist has a definite purpose; to serve as a catalyst, a point of tension. In any state of heightened tension or friction there is far more possibility of transformation, as well as a new creation, as you are accessing deep emotions and energy in this stretching. We have to stretch and challenge ourselves in order to really grow, to reach our full potential.

The ways that this stretching, or additional tension is occurring is obvious on a planetary scale: ecological crisis, wars, terrorism, mass extinction of species, loss of nature, pollution, mass media controls over public thought and opinion, and personal upheavals and transformations. All designed to wake us up to what is happening, and do something about it in our own way.

For the Matrix created by the Antichrist is a chrysalis constructed by our own thoughts, fears, desires and subconscious, in order to prepare us for our next phase of evolution; the next wave. Its dissolution can only happen once we have learned and mastered the lessons from it, which is when it will have served its purpose. This is when humanity, as a collective, issues the cry that ‘enough is enough.’

This Matrix is the training ground, which Yeshua himself exhorted us to “not get lost in, for it is only a way station, the in between stage to heaven and the higher worlds.” In essence, we are now rapidly externalizing and manifesting the collective thoughts and subconscious of humanity throughout thousands of years in order to experience something new, something that we can claim, either arrogantly or with Soul Purpose, is ours.


13 thoughts on “What are the Archons and Aeons?

  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    I came to know just to day only after this message from yours….
    Archons and Aeons….heard for the first time….but you have explained very well….
    Thanks for your explanation…that they are the rulers for balancing the antichrist activity ….surrounding the planet Earth…
    In Harmony and Balance for all the energies …..who can help in this harmony are also Archons and Aeons….
    In Love, Light, Wisdom and with all Divine Powers to manifest on our Planet Earth,
    Sending you lots of Love & Blessings,
    Om Shanti !!



  2. Hi Astraeos,
    The Aeons are a group of beings from the higher realms who like most play their parts in an evolving world and perhaps at Universal levels. They are mostly malevolent beings thus a duality purpose of bring balance to a world evolving as Earth is now! The next blog may help you more in understanding what is transpiring upon Earth that relate to these beings as Archons and Aeons.



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  3. Thank you Peter,upon reading this I immediately remembered the ‘Joker’ after seeing who I thought was Jesus in my minds eye on Christmas Eve 2006 ,I started to have more visits from beings, one of them woke me up as he exited my bedroom window,it was fleeting but he looked like the Joker you see in a set of cards,I looked him up on my computer and discovered he is referred to as The Trickster.
    Another experience I had was being woken up with Morning Star in my head and Ametrine,my Greek administrator on my site said the date I received that was on Greek Ascension day,I feel that was significant too and I feel it is to do with what you have said in this post,but as you know I have difficulties in comprehending all that I am being given.
    I remain open minded and hope I will be able to come to terms with what is happening to me and trust enoughto be happy about it! I will reblog your post if that is ok?

    In love and thanks Kerrie (Zoolithe)


    1. Blessings to you Kerrie! Love the new photo! I remember you sharing this story before, Trust that it shall all be revealed in good time! God Bless – Peter

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      1. Thank you Peter,I have been thinking about you lately, I woke up about 6 months ago with Coonabarabran in my mind,I looked it up and it is 4 1/2 hours drive from where I am on The Central Coast,I wondered if it was time for me to move inland? Remember I said to you once I will know when it is time to get away from the coast.
        I intend visiting soon,there is an observatory there and it is a UFO hotspot.

        Love Kerrie


        1. I love that area. In my early 20’s I spent a lot of time around there and Coonamble, not sure of the spelling? So yes follow your guidance and go and take a look around, you will most definitely know when you get there. Just ask your I Am Presence to Guide you at all times, keep an open Heart and see what pops up or comes to you! Please keep me informed of your Journey. Sending Love and Light to you Dear Sister!


          1. How funny Peter,I am following your trail! First The Blue Mountains,then near Doyalson Now Coonabarabran:) Another reason I was thinking of you is because of your ability to communicate with crystals,years ago The Federation of Light said we do not fully comprehend the power of Crystals,they said they use them to power their ship, infact they would not exist without them,are they trying to tell us they are crystal skull consciousness? Are they like a program? Did we program the crystal skulls to do this? To awaken us?


            1. Yes Kerrie, we did and now we are going back to the areas in our lives to reactivate them and recalibrate them to the new energies flowing into the planet and us right now! So who knows maybe you are returning to the places you activated and programmed crystals to awaken in this Time period! Makes sense to me! I remember in 2000 when I was in america on tour a Blue Obsidian Skull was given to me to hold and in downloaded so much information to me and then as if by magic I uploaded information to it! 6 months later I discovered that I programmed this crystal 75,000 year ago and we came back together in this life time to complete our work! So yes, Crystals are our Life’s Blood here on Earth!

              Love and Blessings


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              1. Explaines why I went to the same spot that the Arcturians anchored in the Etheric Arcturian crystal then,because mediums keep seeing me as Arcturian, thank you Peter,I like understanding what on earth I am doing at least a little bit! :))


  4. Hi Peter, thank you for sharing this. Though I noticed the title is misleading as the question is never really answered. So who is the Archons and Aeons? Particularly Aeons, as I am already familiar with the Archons.
    Astræös Lucian


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