The Impersonal Life – Volume 2 – Part 4

The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner ( Text prepared from unpublished papers by The Sun Center Organization )

Volume 2 – Part 4


I have shown that you are not your outer mind, that I Alone AM, dwelling within the consciousness of the outer mind.  Now I wish to tell you what is the Soul, so that you may always know just what it is, and likewise may know the difference between the outer mind and the Soul, and their relation to Me, your One and Only Christ self.

I have said that you are My Consciousness Shining in the darkness of the outer mind that I have established in your human brain. Yes, You are My Consciousness now expressing outwardly in the world of your creations.

But My Christ Consciousness is likewise expressing in an inner world of My Christ creation called the Soul world, and in that world My Consciousness is called a Soul, which is the real you. Your Soul is the real you because your body in this inner world is formed in My Image and Likeness and also in that of Our Father – the Great I Am That I Am – and it is therefore Pure and Perfect; while your impure and imperfect body in the outer world is what your outer mind has created, or is what it has thought into expression and believes is so.

Back in the beginning, I, as a Son of God, created you by sending forth My Consciousness in the form of Adam and Lilith into the Garden of Eden, which I also created as a habitation for Me and for you.  There I gave you, as Adam and Lilith, dominion over all the forces of My Consciousness established in your Soul, in order that you might learn just what they are and what they are not, and thereby might win your way back into Oneness with Me and with Our Father Mother God.

You may ask why I sent forth My Consciousness into you as a Soul and later as an outer mind.

If you can accept it, you are the embodiment in consciousness of all My mistakes, sins, and crimes, committed in another world period long before the Earth was, when I was even as you, a living Soul on a planet similar to Earth. After vast eons of time, when I had attained to Oneness with Our Father/Mother in Their Divine Consciousness, I came forth again to redeem all those mistakes of the past, and in the course of many eons, I brought the consciousness comprising them up through the mineral, vegetable and animal states into the human consciousness, where I gathered them together into one whole called human Soul formed in the Likeness and Image of Our Father Mother God.

You must understand that all these sins and crimes contained My Consciousness and My Life, although committed and sent forth into a realm of dense darkness in that almost forgotten past, and that therefore, I AM responsible for them and must redeem them. The only way to redeem them was to send into the darkness, Souls comprising them of the Light of My attained Consciousness.

This has been done, that Light lifting their consciousness up through the lower kingdoms of darkness until now they are a part of, and comprise the consciousness of your human nature, and you now as a living Soul, through the Power of My Christ Light Shining in the midst of the darkness still in your consciousness, are gradually learning to know Me as I AM, as that Christ Light within you, ever able to Light your way when you turn within and wait upon Me.

For remember, I AM the One Christ in All, The Christ Light which Lights every man that comes into the world.  And My Christ Light, the Holy Spirit of God in you, alone is what you are, even if My Christ Light shines in the darkness and you as yet know Me not.

In Me, all men and women are One. When the consciousness of your outer mind and Soul turns within toward the Light, away from the creations of the outer mind, and enters the Light of My Christ Consciousness, then you too, become the Christ Light and are One with Me, and are One with all your Christed Brother and Sisters.

When I Created The Garden of Eden and placed you as a  Soul therein, giving you dominion over all the forces of My Consciousness – including all those still unredeemed – you were a Soul without Sin and both male and female in your Soul Nature.

That was not good, for you had a human body also, whose animal nature was the outer expression of those unredeemed forces of that former world period.  Therefore, the interest and attention of the Soul – instead of remaining centered in the Garden of Eden and its delights – had to be directed into the outer body so that the those forces could be seen, contacted and known for just what they were, and in time could be lifted up and brought fully into the Light of My Christ Consciousness.

This could be done only by extending the consciousness of the Soul as much as could be into the consciousness of the brain mind of the body. To that end I caused the Soul in the course of time to fall into a deep sleep, during which I gradually induced the Soul’s Consciousness to become engrossed in the body, by directing all its interests and attentions upon its sensations and its conflicting forces, thus, causing it in time to forget Me in the Garden of Eden within the consciousness of the Soul.

This ‘fall’ in consciousness is what is described in the Book of Genesis as the creation of separation of Eve – the Soul or the feeling part of mankind – from Adam – the outer mind of the thinking part. It also explains the ‘temptation’ by the ‘serpent’ of the senses and the ‘driving’ of Adam and Eve from the Garden of the Soul.

If you will try to realize that this was actually the separation of the outer mind – Adam – and the Soul – Eve – from the former United Consciousness that was Adam/Lilith Man’s Original State in the Garden of Eden, where Adam Man and Lilith Woman walked and Communed with Me therein, it will help you to see why outer mind and Soul thereafter were apart and could not reunite, until they could again find and Know Me as I AM within their consciousness and could wait upon Me there and Serve  Me only.

But neither outer mind nor Soul can know Me until I first prepare their consciousness so that they can comprehend what is Selfless Love. That cannot be until I have grown the Soul to Maturity, and the outer and heart have learned that all the knowledge and powers they have gained are not for self’s use, but are solely for My Christ is and for the Good of All others.

So I must let you as a Soul follow self until it teaches you what all those things in the world of your creations are not and cannot provide – Soul, satisfaction, happiness and peace; must let you meet with failure, disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement, go through the purifying fires and the suffering, until all desires of self are burned away and you seek only to be free to follow the leading of that Silent Voice within speaking with ever more clarity and insistence.

That Voice, whether you know it or not, is the Voice of Love, is My Voice, is the sign of Me making ready to take up My abode in your heart, the Temple of the Soul, and there to take Charge of your consciousness and your life.

Before My Christ Love is born and rules in the heart, however, you, as My outer consciousness, are as one wandering in the darkness without a light to guide you, although I AM ever Within, watching and waiting for you to be done with your outer seeking and to take note of and heed the Voice of Conscience trying to guide you in the way of righteousness.

The Voice of Conscience is the Voice of the Soul – The Real You. It is My Consciousness in you in the Soul World, filled with as much of My Christ Light as your Soul can see therein and follow.

From this Light in your Soul Consciousness, I AM ever teaching, guiding and directing as much of that Light to the consciousness of the outer mind as it can heed, receive and follow.

The Soul is the Real You, but until I bring the Light of Christ Love to Shine in your heart, the outer mind thinks itself is you, and looks not to Me within for guidance, but to its own human self.

When I have prepared the Soul for My Habitation, however, and I can then speak from out of My Heart to the outer mind, then the outer you becomes aware of Me and I Am, and learns to wait upon Me and to Serve Me, as I have been preparing it to do from the beginning.

Then there will be only I and your outer mind, the Soul’s Consciousness having become My Christ Consciousness; and then there remains only the bringing of your outer consciousness into Oneness with My Christ Consciousness.

This will be as soon as the outer mind or outer you allows Me as Love wholly to rule your consciousness; for through Love’s Light, your mind will learn it is nothing – is an illusion – that its consciousness is not separate from My Christ Consciousness, and that I, Love, Alone AM; that I AM All Knowing, have All Power and will do and take care of everything.


5 thoughts on “The Impersonal Life – Volume 2 – Part 4

  1. Thank you Peter,upon being sent Blossom’s 18th November channel by someone who was very in alignment with it,I found that I was not! I get confused as to how I could feel so connected to The Federation of Light yet lately things don’t feel right,what was a red flag for me was their spelling of Christmas….. Xmas,this it one of my pet dislikes and I know The Federation of Light never make mistakes and one thing about Blossom she is very pedantic,yet she never picked them up on it. Am I not understanding something? What was their message doing that? Maybe it is me? I don’t know,I get more and more confused trying to work all this out!
    Love and thanks Kerrie


    1. Dearest Kerrie,

      Confusion comes from running two thought forms side by side and choosing neither to run with. Thus a state of no gain occurs! Yes it is you, everything is about you, and that is where you must begin to discover what the message is! It may just be that you are suppose to be doing something at Christmas that you have perhaps forgotten or must become aware of! Something that you will have to do that is a pet hate? Do you see, it may not have anything to do with the Federation or Blossom! They are only sending you the message! It is time to stop trying to understand and work it all out! If you stop, ask what the message is and then let go and remain open to receive the answer it will come and you shall know immediately what needs to be done!
      God moves in mysterious ways, stop trying to direct the flow, we humans have a habit in doing this and the time has come to stop thinking like a human! LOL!!!

      Let me know how you get on!
      Love Peter


      1. Thanks Peter, I thought it could be a heads up on the false flag they have been talking about, but you say it may be me,so that could indeed be a few things,I’ll see what comes up 🙂
        Love Kerrie


        1. Each of us must take full responsibility that we are the Creators of our own environments, worlds and thought systems. So yes it is about you! Just like all in my life is about me. Ans so we must begin with ourselves to find the answers we seek. The answer awaits us within!
          God Bless


          Liked by 1 person

          1. Dear Brother Peter,
            I have much more regards for the writer Joseph Benner who has given ” Impersonal Life ” book and He is very right that our soul is connected with the Christ Consciousness which become like that when we can follow the rules…Like our Father we can follow His Steps and for that we are here to help in the
            Mission in this world….
            Thanks for giving us some more clarification from Joseph Benner’s ideas about the soul and Adam & Eve…..
            I am posting it on the site…….as on Discussions…


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