The Seven Steps of Precipitation – Vista (Cyclopea) and Crystal – Step Five – Part 1

The Seven Steps of Precipitation – Vista (Cyclopea) and Crystal – Step Five – Part 1 BELOVED CYCLOPEA and BELOVED VIRGINIA – Elohim of the Fifth Ray (Green Ray) – Divine Qualities: Truth, Healing, Science – Retreat: In Altai Range where China, Siberia, and Mongolia meet, near Tabun Bogdo.

It is time now to enter the fifth Step of Beloved Vista (Cyclopea) and Crystal (Virginia) – Beloved Elohim of the Fifth Ray. Vista or Cyclopea and Crystal are the Elohim of Concentration and Consecration, They also embody Healing, Scientific Development and Truth and the color of Their Ray is Green. Beloved Elohim Vista Speaks as recorded in the book by Thomas Printz The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak I am “Vista” (known to you for many years as “Cyclopea”), the All Seeing-Eye of the Eternal God. Today, I stand in the atmosphere of Earth and, impersonally looking upon that lovely Silent Watcher, I thought back upon that day when the first call came from the God Parents of Our System (Helios and Vesta), when We Willed to be a part of Her Creation.

I thought upon the time when, with Hercules, We said: “Yes, We WILL Serve,” when the Great WISDOM (as well as PERCEPTION and ILLUMINATION) of Cassiopea showed Us, clearly, what was to be done, when the LOVE of Orion stirred, within Our Hearts, an intensified Willingness to leave Our Activities in the Cosmos and, rhythmically, give whatever Service was required to bring that small, but beautiful “jewel” (your Earth), out of the unformed into the formed, when We looked through the Crystal Ray of PURITY and saw the Divine Design and Immaculate Concept of Helios and Vesta for the Earth and its Evolution’s.

We found that Divine Plan to be good and beautiful and that it would make the Earth a literal “jewel” in the Planetary System. Its Gifts of Light, Perfume and Music would add to the Beauty of the Galaxy, part of the Great Necklace of the Cosmic Sun of the System. We knew, then, that it would be Our Great Joy to Create this “Jewel” and bring Her to Her Greatest Perfection, Adorning the Solar System. Then came My Activity. I Am He Who is Known as the Elohim of Concentration. Of course, after My Service comes that of My Illustrious Brothers, the Mighty Arcturus, of the Seventh Ray (representing RHYTHM OF INVOCATION AND TRANSMUTATION BY VIOLET FIRE) and the Elohim of PEACE of the Sixth Ray, Whose Service is to Seal the finished Creation, in the Protection and Perfection of COSMIC CHRIST PEACE.

What can be accomplished on Earth, even in mundane activities of your daily living, without CONCENTRATION, from the smallest task of learning a recipe for your kitchen fare, to the greatest dexterity of technique which produces lovely music, to the greatest development of science, to the magnificent perfection of the educator, preacher and statesman? If there is not CONCENTRATION, there is only mediocrity, only the bare surface is scratched. THOSE WHO DETERMINE TO RISE ABOVE THE MASSES, TAKE ONE FACET OF LIVING AND MASTERFULLY DEVELOP IT, DECIDING, WITHIN THEM-SELVES, TO EXCEL AT LEAST ALONG ONE LINE OF EXPRESSION. So, they dedicate themselves to this end, consecrating their lives, attention and endeavors, their time and substance, to achieve this one, definite purpose. According to the CONCENTRATION of those energies is their development, is their mastery, is their efficacy. How often is it said of someone in the world of form that he is “Jack of all trades, but master of none!”

Looking as I do, both in My capacity as Elohim (the All Seeing Eye of God) and My Activities with the Karmic Board, I see so much that is just at the point of being precipitated into actual manifestation. Then, suddenly, the CONCENTRATION is dissipated, the attention is drawn away from that which has been deliberately designed, and actually begun to be lowered into physical form. Thus, the once desired manifestation is abandoned before it can actually appear. After we had looked into the Beauty and Perfection of the Divine Design for this Planet, through the Current and Ray of the Elohim of Purity, what could come next but CONCENTRATION – the drawing of Energy and then concentrating it around those convex Rays, which had been established as the form of the Earth? We had to CONCENTRATE Light Substance to make the Planet solid enough to be able to hold sea, land and general physical form.

If We had proceeded through those first four steps (the WILL TO DO, the PERCEPTION as to what should be done, the joy of serving in LOVE, humble enough to do it God’s way – in PURITY) and then had refused to CONCENTRATE upon the task, until the planet finally began to revolve upon its axis, until Virgo and the Beings of Nature had Perfected It, until Amaryllis had experimented with nine hundred Springs, what would have happened? There would have been no Earth! Yet, even you, who are today the maximum development of CONCENTRATION, you have only touched the fringe of following things through to manifestation! It is Law, actual Scientific Law, that what you begin can be accomplished, when it is in agreement with God’s Plan to bring Perfection forth, whether it be healing, PRECIPITATION, financial freedom, eternal youth, the restoration of a limb – but the “stick-to-it-iveness” is required to produce these.


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