Part 1 – EGA Introduction To The Creative Power Of Mind.

Part 1 – EGA Introduction To The Creative Power Of Mind.

Excerpt from Book 2 “Elemental Grace Alliance – The Christ Councils” sequel to Book 1

(Book 2 is not ready for release just yet, but I Am Guided to share this information now in several parts).

 As part of the purpose for this book ‘The Christ Councils’, to understand how to Create a Christ Council the subject matter of Healing or more to the point, Divine Healing, one cannot appreciate the overall Template to become a Christed Soul, unless one truly understands the full parameters to attain such Healings, from a human perspective.

Whether you are interested in healing the self or becoming a Christed Being Healer as Jesus was, performing so many Miracles and Manifestations through Precipitation, this will never be achieved as I see it, without the Full Knowledge of what has to be attained before these aspects of human experience can take place.  I say this because it was not until Jesus was shown the Truth of The Laws of Existence while he was in the desert, He could never have performed His Duties as The Christ Being He came to be.  And it is Jesus who has Returned through the Christ Letters to teach us such Truth.

With this I do not mean the random acts of Miracles, for these fall, in a way, outside what I am referring to.  What I am speaking of here, is the daily, moment by moment full awareness of using or tapping into the Divine Consciousness and Universal Consciousness that can be activated the moment a need for healing arises, whether in your own life, as Jesus explains He had to do on many occasions, even having risen to His Ascension Status, or as Jesus demonstrated with the individuals and the masses He encountered.

Again I am not referring to going to people who can do this, like John of God, Sai Baba, when he was here, and many others, not through Faith Healing as many use this form of Healing by giving their own powers away to others who can hold the space for such life changing events. I am not referring to those temporal healings, like Reiki or similar energetic transferences, for example where they may relieve conditions in the short term on the physical, emotional or mental bodies.  No, I am referring to the permanent Healings at the Causal and Monadic Levels of our Beings where once healed, NEVER return in any form whatsoever!  I am speaking of everyday people like you and me, who Know they have come into incarnation in Service to Humanity, the Elementals, Devas, animals and Angelic Host Kingdoms; working toward Clearing the old thought forms and mis-creations of humanity through Divine Conscious Awareness and Knowing, thus Guiding and Working toward the Mass Ascension of Humanity.

I have wondered for so long, why do people not heal, including myself, no matter how hard they try, what they ask or pray for from God and just do not seem to be able to heal the most mundane ailments, conditions, situations, circumstances or disease without outside influences.  It was not until I was introduced to the Christ Letters, and read them at least 20 times that just recently part of that answer I understood from a much deeper perspective.  So in this section of this book ‘The Christ Councils’ I want to outline some of the Principles that one needs to fully understand why Healing does not work and how we can turn our mis understandings or mis-beliefs around to make it part of Our Everyday Experience.  These may not be all the answers, for in Truth All the answers are within each of Us that can only ever be reached by Our Selves through the God I Am Presence Within.  The Full Answer can only be Self Realized after we have exhausted all our human experiences that show us that healing does not work while we remain fixed with the human ego’s based fixed beliefs about who we are!

I do not know where or how all this will unfold as I am just beginning here to place my own mind into a focused state of determination to open and discover the what I have missed, or misunderstood, or not yet been ready to hear, so that my own life can touch these new potentials of Human 5th Dimensional, and above, Living within a physical body, just as Jesus achieved.

What I do know without any question of a doubt, is that it cannot be achieved in any half hearted way!  I believe that unless one is committed 150%, and prepared to let go and Let God in every aspect of their lives, and to change their minds about who they as human beings, this will never be achieved.

It is this total commitment that shall take concentrated WORK, dedication, time, effort and focus.  It will take the combined effort of oneself with the help of others around you who are either going through the same process or have an unconditional Love for you that allows all the support necessary to fully commit to such a task.

I do not believe that one can achieve this while remaining in survival mode and hooked into everyday conditions and belief systems about money, control, manipulation and restrictions within present day societal living.  One is going to have to break away from such old thought forms. I have been told too many times, to achieve the next levels of awareness, one has to forget everything they have been taught about being human.  Easier said than done, right!  Indeed, and so this is what I wish to broach to try and make this journey a little easier all round.

Gone are the days when one can go into a cave away from all human and world distractions, to reach enlightenment. Arrived are the days where we MUST make these transitions from within the everyday human experiences. That is where I Intend to direct the Energies now, toward the search for A Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit; a place of The Divine Mother’s Love and The Beloved Father’s Light for a New Universal Life here upon Earth.

Like many occasions that transpired while I was writing the Elemental Grace Alliance – A God Awakening, Sue would, out of the blue begin talking about the very subject I was already writing about. Dear Sue would have no idea what I was working on, but Divine Providence was at hand working to Unify the Father Mother Consciousness In Equilibrium Within Universal Consciousness/Awareness. It is just the most amazing feeling when this occurs.

Today Sue began speaking about the White Peacock along with the Solarians and The Bees. She had just completed a tour in Scotland guiding 34 Americans around the Sacred Sites there. And one of those places was St Mary’s Grail Chapel at Grandtully which has remarkable heraldic murals painted on its barrel roof ceiling displaying unique hidden symbolism of the Christ Family Lineages. One of which is the Symbol of the White Peacock painted above the image of Jesus.

So what does the White Peacock represent to us?

At by Presley Love, says this about the White Peacock.

“The Soul reveals itself, having been on the spiritual path of trials and test which is the biggest test of all; the test of faith.  One cannot know their depth of faith until that faith has been tested.

“The White Peacock represents the Divine Self – realized, purified and cleansed, the illumined soul self is seen, as if witnessing itself as being reborn again. The Divine Self is resurrected from the fire of fear, and the shadows of doubt.  White Peacock is aligned with Higher Consciousness and the greatest and most benevolent outcomes.

“The breath taking beauty of the White Peacock’s tail radiates a white glowing light, filtering all negativity, symbolizing the mind, body and soul, as it comes together in a splendid array and Unified Glow of Inner Light.

“The White Peacock represents a beautiful time in your life when you reach a point in your life, of embracing the reality of who you are; a beautiful human being having a wonderful life experience.  An amazing time of unique awareness that you are a Divine Soul and all it encompasses.

“The Peacock loses its tail feathers every year to symbolize the letting go of the past and looking forward to the New Growth in one’s life in a new season of even greater Beauty, Expanded Awareness and the Benevolence of what the New Inner Light brings.

“The White Peacock symbolism speaks of Spiritual Nobility and Guidance. A connection to the Divine and a relationship to the mystery and mysticism of the Universe.  Peacock is a witness, the all seeing eyes of their feathers represent the Akashic Records where all thoughts and deeds are witnessed and recorded”.

Christa Titus shares this with us:-

The Order of the White Peacock

The Order of the White Peacock is an Ancient Order of Beings that are descended from the planet Venus. Both the White Peacock and a highly revered Being named Lord Sananda, are considered to be the Symbols of this Order. The birds are regarded as protectors since they Guard the Order’s Temple on Venus and cry out to warn when someone is approaching.

Jesus Christ

Christian artwork, like paintings and mosaics, have used White Peacocks to represent Jesus Christ. This is because the peacock is considered a symbol for death, resurrection and eternal life, which are concepts that are directly affiliated with Christ. The bird is also affiliated with such Christ like attributes as royalty, glory and incorruptibility. Its white colour represents his Holy Spirit.

Christ Consciousness

The term “Christ Consciousness” refers to enlightenment, which means that a person is aware of the thoughts and fears that are projected by his/her ego, but doesn’t accept them as his True State of Being. Not only does the White Peacock represent Jesus Christ, its colour stands for awakening, spirituality and light, along with the purity of a person’s intentions and his Faith in God.

The Solarians and The Bees.

I am aware that for those reading this before they have had the opportunity to read about the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan in its entirety and the Creation and Manifestation of its Narayana Joy Akasha Radiation Pyramidal Temple Communities, will find this small inclusion about the Solarians and Bees a little out of place, and may not see it as an integral part of what is to come. But I can assure each one reading here, that this information, if received with the same openness to their own Healing and the Christ Letters, it will begin to pave a new way toward the Victorious Success of the Ascension of the Mass Consciousness of Humanity and the integration of the New Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race here upon Earth in this New Golden Age.  It may be deemed as a small part, but please know there are many pieces to the puzzle of human life here on the planet. And they shall come in many forms and in a multitude of ways. Some of which, still remains unknown to those who are approaching their readiness, to make new choices within their lives. I therefore place this information here also for a very specific reason and one that if not immediately, in time will bring forward an even deeper understanding of what is transpiring here upon the planet today and more importantly to provide a Greater Foundational Platform to work upon with this Divine Plan the Elemental Grace Alliance!

The following excerpt is from the work of a friend of mine, Maria Nartoomid and its expanded information and full source can be found at:

“The Solarians are those souls which were separated from the first Beams of Soul Generation into Creation Stars which were resonant with the Solarius. They were cultivated to be the guardians and servants of the Sacred Rays of Life Creation. These are the Sun Children, for (here on Earth) in sensitivity they are much like little children, as they maintain a blithe spirit. The Solarians are the Scouts, the Cosmic Frontiersmen. Those who clear the sacred Earth and raise the Bridges and Build the Temples from His Cosmic Blueprint… Before the last Bridge is raised All Souls (of Earth) shall gather the Beams… There are those Souls with Divine Missions who are not from the Light Races of the “Children of the Sun” (Solarians) who arose in later ages to take up the torch. They, too, form Circles of Light on the Earth. One day all will be received into the Keeping of the Atonic Flame.

Simply put, the Solarians represent the many Stellar Races, basically what we would relate to as “human”, as compared to Angelic or Devic Souls. Their Programs would include generating avatars, messiahs, religions, nations and culture frames across Time. This is a large reason why safe and efficient Time Gates are included in Light Work: to collaborate with the Solarians and Their Projects in non-linear Time. Their Symbols are the sacred birds (and the collective group of them), sometimes called the Starr-Eagles or Eagles of Starr. The Golden Bee is also their Symbol. They have also been known as the Shepherds or Shepherd Kings”.

It is no mistake as I see it, that just 4 days ago, May 25th, 2017, I was in Rosslyn Chapel connecting with Sue and her guided tour, along with the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council, to activate and ground the New Reshel Consciousness of the Sun and Christ Reshels for the Earth. Rosslyn Chapel is a Key Metatronic Site of the World Sacred Geometrical Parameters and it is with this Sacred Geometric Patterning that the Bees Work!

The introduction of the above is extreme Synchronicity with what is being Divinely presented within this chapter of the Book. All of this is being Divinely Orchestrated for reasons only known to each Dear Soul who may read it.  Please remember that just like Book 1, this Book 2 is Over Lighted and Over Written by The Language of Light for EVERY I Am Presence of EVERY person reading to receive what they need at this auspicious time in their life.

So with the introduction of The White Peacock and its symbolism and the Solarians and the Bees it allows the Higher Consciousness within, to begin the processes required to open more deeply to what is shared in the following pages.

Let’s now dive more deeply into defining Divine Consciousness and Universal Consciousness while holding within our Heart and Mind the Sacred Energies of the White Peacock, The Solarians and the Bees, while Over Lighting everything with Jesus’s Christ Letters and its Universality of Divine Truth!

In Christ Letter 8 it begins:-

I have come to you again to speak of: THE TRUE NATURE OF EXISTENCE.

The TRUTH OF BEING is this: YOU who believe only in the material world, live entirely in the earthly, finite world. You live within a dimension of the manifestation of your beliefs.

Those whose spiritual perceptions and lives have been raised in frequencies of vibrations to merge with the spiritual frequencies of vibration of the spiritual dimension can perceive that they live in two dimensions. They are fully aware of this truth. And they live according to this truth, and evolve into ever higher frequencies of being.

They are no longer bound by human belief but live within the realization that they live within infinity in which are no limitations. The higher their vibrational frequencies of consciousness, the more aware they are that they live within infinity and that only they themselves set the limits on what they can aspire to.

Those whose perceptions have been heightened in this way whilst still in their bodies, have seen that there is only one dimension of actual individual being and this dimension is Divine Consciousness Activity.

They may also come to fully realise there is the further dimension of Universal Consciousness in which the Universal resides in perfect equilibrium and may be penetrated by none, because within this dimension any individuality would be immediately drawn into the Unity of Being.

When a soul reaches, in understanding and realization, the top most level of the frequencies of vibrations of consciousness, Christ Consciousness, the soul can look down and review the levels of vibrations ascending and descending to those of humanity on earth and know, with love and compassion, humanity is trapped in the lower vibrations of Divine Consciousness hidden within the Ego-drive, wholly unaware of the Truth of Being, the souls true identity and the earthly truth of the ego. Neither does it have the slightest awareness of the immense purpose behind its existence and the eventual mission it must embark upon.

The task of the newborn soul is to experience, through means of its sheath the Psyche, all that these lower frequencies have to offer and grow as a result of the mental/emotional events and experiences arising out of their thoughts and feelings. The soul must learn, through trial and error, the state of consciousness which makes it immensely happy or burdened with grief and sorrow which initiates various physical limitations.

The purpose of life on earth is not to discover a means to experience undeviating joy and bliss, although this is what each soul longs for.

Such bliss and joy would hinder the souls progress into the higher spiritual vibrations of consciousness.

Eventually after many lifetimes of highs and lows of comfort and sorrow, the psyche will wake up to the truth of its being and will realise that it has within itself the potential to draw on Divine Consciousness for insight, understanding and knowledge and to raise its spiritual consciousness vibrations to those of health, well-being, protection, inner growth, spiritual nutrition and to radiate to others the nature of Divine Consciousness Itself.


Where there is LIFE, there is CONSCIOUSNESS. Where there is CONSCIOUSNESS there is LIFE. EVERYTHING in existence is defined by vibrational frequencies of consciousness. Light, Sound, Color, all physical phenomena both living and inanimate. If you can change the frequencies of vibration of any single thing, you change the appearance of that thing, be it sound, color, gas, liquid, physical organs.

When physical organs present an appearance of ill-health, it is because the normal frequencies of vibrations of that physical organ have been reduced and the LIFE within the organ has been depleted. Science presents the universe as being matter possessing consciousness but the truth is:

The universe is CONSCIOUSNESS which has taken on the appearance of matter as a result of a descent into the lower frequencies of vibration of consciousness.

This is the true reality of existence, nothing else.

Your existence is all a matter of frequency of vibrations. The higher the spiritual perceptions and the adherence to spiritual thought, the more swift are the personal vibrational frequencies in the body, the vitality is raised and illness eventually disappears”.

From Christ Letter 6

Incorporated within the transcendent LIFE IMPULSES of Divine Father Mother Consciousness, these consciousness impulses now took over the process of your physical consciousness creation and became the driving force behind your personality. Together, Activity Bonding, labored to build conscious cell by conscious cell according to the consciousness specifications contained in the consciousness DNA molecules. Both personality and body are the product of these human impulses of ‘Activity-Bonding/Repulsion’. Whilst UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS remains forever within equilibrium in the space, and therefore, undetectable, in that self-same space, in frequencies of vibration, the primal impulses of ‘Activity, Bonding/Rejection’ work together in the visible dimension appearing to your senses in the form of electro-magnetism.

Both UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and your soul remain undisturbed within the silence and stillness of equilibrium in space. The earthly consciousness creativity takes place within space and time and varying frequencies of vibration of materialized consciousness.

Therefore, you take on living form and continue to exist within two dimensions. One dimension is Unseen, the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS, and the other visible dimension is all that the living human being can sense or comprehend until spiritual development lifts its human consciousness frequencies of vibration to the spiritual plane and a glimmer of understanding enters its earthly consciousness. As this process of gradual enlightenment proceeds, the uplifted human consciousness then works consciously both within the Unseen and the visible dimension.

The higher the frequencies of vibration of individualized consciousness, the higher and more perfect are the forms created in the mind, the lower the frequencies of vibration, the more divorced from Universal Perfection of Love are the forms created in the individualized mind wholly possessed by the ego-drive.

The EGO takes over control of your developing fetus from the time of the union of the semen and ovum. The new little being became an ‘I’ immediately feeling satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the womb depending on its sense of comfort or discomfort and what was happening to mother”.

End of excerpt.

Now Jesus explains the difference between Father-Mother-Consciousness In Equilibrium Within Universal Consciousness/Awareness:-

“Now, to you who are so aware of the equality of genders, I speak of: FATHER-MOTHER-CONSCIOUSNESS in Equilibrium within UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS where Father  Consciousness, is, Universal Intelligence.  Mother Consciousness, is, Universal Love, the TOOL of ‘Father  Consciousness’ creative energy, electricity is in a state of mutual restraint, equilibrium with the TOOLS of ‘ Mother Consciousness’ creative energy, magnetism.

Because ‘FATHER-MOTHER’ tools: electro-magnetism is in equilibrium within UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS It will never be detected within SPACE by scientists no matter how they may probe space.

The IMPULSE: ‘Father Consciousness WILL’ is INTELLIGENT ACTIVITY, in equilibrium with, The IMPULSE: ‘Mother Consciousness PURPOSE’ is NURTURING for SURVIVAL FATHER-MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS is a powerful impersonal FORCE, yet It is personal for you even before you seek to make contact with It.

As you evolve spiritually, you will feel It, for It is the REALITY of BEING. It is everywhere and within everything .

FATHER CONSCIOUSNESS is the INTELLIGENT LOVE Which gives intelligent energy and momentum to the world of complex forms, expressed physically as electricity.  MOTHER PURPOSE is the LOVING INTELLIGENCE Which gives purpose and the impulse for survival to the individualized complex forms, expressed as magnetism, bonding & repulsion.



I want you to move again into an inner state of conscious equilibrium, where all thought is stilled and your mind resides in silence. You are in interior control, your mind and emotions no longer divided into activity and feeling. You may feel a build-up of power within you, strength, peace, and contentment. This, expressed in you, in individual form, is the STATE of BEING out of which came creation.

I want you to notice that the equilibrium is impossible the moment that thought is introduced.

I want you to REALISE that the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION is a DIMENSION of unformed IMPULSES.

It contains no blueprint of creation. It is in a state of UNDIVIDED FORM.

The equilibrium, the restraint between opposing IMPULSES, ‘to move about’ and ‘remain bonded’ creates an infinite spiral of self-contained energy. The SELF-CONTAINED ENERGY of MUTUAL RESTRAINT is beyond the power of individuality to even imagine.

As I have told you before, were individuality able to enter the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION of the MUTUALLY-RESTRAINED IMPULSES of ‘Movement & Bonding’, the individuality would be immediately dissolved and returned to the equilibrium of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Ponder the unimaginable immensity of Power contained within the MUTUAL-RESTRAINT of the TWIN IMPULSES in UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS which are primarily CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS, INTENT WILL, PURPOSE, INTELLIGENCE LOVE combined as Intelligent Love  &  Loving Intelligence.

Impulses of: Movement, Bonding-Repulsion ELECTRICITY, in EQUILIBRIUM, MAGNETISM.

The above describes the UNLIMITED UNIVERSAL DIMENSION before the BIG BANG!

You now know that the Father – Mother Creative Process and the tools of physical creation are all in a state of equilibrium within the Universal Dimension, but now that equilibrium is to be exploded to bring about INDIVIDUAL FORM.

You know, too, that since the Infinite Eternal IMPULSES are contained in a state of mutual restraint, these IMPULSES are of an unimaginable intensity of energy, against which your atomic energy contained within the splitting of an atom is a mere ‘poof’, an infinitesimal twitch of no importance.

I want you to fully realize all the foregoing, since your realization of what happened at the time of the Big Bang will give you a glimpse of what happened at the time of the sundering of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS to permit the creation of individual form to take place.

UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS was RIVEN! WILL & PURPOSE Father INTELLIGENCE & ‘Mother’ NURTURING LOVE were exploded to work independently and also jointly. Their respective ‘tools’ were Electricity & Magnetism. Out of the explosion of EQUILIBRIUM came the GREAT INTENT of SELF-EXPRESSION, The Universal Awareness of BEING became the Impulse of individualized ‘I’ awareness demanding self-expression.

LIFE and ‘I’ness are synonymous in the dimension of ‘matter’ They became the consciousness of ‘matter’ What is the consciousness of LIFE? It is:  Father – Intelligence And Mother – Love Impulse of Movement         Impulse of Purpose-nurturing, survival. Seen as Electricity, Seen as Magnetism in Matter.

Can you begin to imagine the explosion of CONSCIOUSNESS! of AWARENESS!

To help you fractionally visualize what happened at the moment of the Big Bang, try to recall a moment when you also experienced an explosion in your consciousness.

This takes place when you have set your entire ‘being’ on achieving some very important goal.

About to embark on your plans, in a state of excited anticipation, some trivial circumstance or insensitive person prevents you from achieving your ‘heart-felt’ purposes. How would you feel?

Your concentration would be split and you would explode. Here again, I must call on my recorder to think up some examples of my meaning in human terms, for the ‘least earthly consciousness’ is drawn from UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

You are at the Airport, excited and ready to fly for an unexpected holiday overseas. On reaching your Travel Bureau counter, you discover there are no documents or tickets, and no record of any reservations for flight or holiday accommodation although you have already paid for them by credit card. How will you feel?

You are dressed in a very expensive outfit, wining and dining important customers, and are about to clinch a big contract worth millions. The waiter drops a plate of hot casserole on your head. How will you feel?

You go shopping and come out to the car park to find the wheels and doors of your car have been removed, in broad daylight!

Sympathetically, you open your purse to give a whining crippled beggar all your silver, but the man straightens up, forcefully snatches the purse from you and runs like an athlete. How will you feel?

In all these instances you would have a strong consciousness enterprise to the very front of your mind. Your head would be filled with a plan to move out and do something to achieve a certain purpose, peacefully. Your intent would be interlocked with your purpose, therefore in equilibrium, but note that there would be mounting tension of anticipation as you neared your goal. The greater the tension, the greater the explosion.

You would, in fact, be in the same state as UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS INTENT Father INTELLIGENCE in equilibrium with the ‘Mother’ PURPOSE to give being and form to the plan you intend to create.

After your explosion, can you imagine the ensuing mental/emotional chaos, the inability to think straight, the thoughts which would come, one after another, demanding expression, none of them sensible or logical?

Try to realize that YOU, individualized form, are the microcosm of the macrocosm.

You are a pinhead expressing UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS either in equilibrium when you meditate in stillness of thought, or as active consciousness, when you think and feel, plan and create.

Therefore, if you can relate your tiny consciousness explosion to the explosion of the ‘heavens’, you will gain some small idea of the ensuing chaos both, momentarily, within the UNIVERSAL DIMENSION, and in eons of time within the newly created expanse of the dimension of ‘matter’ still in its formless state.

Therefore, many of you will have to wholly re-arrange your thinking in regard to creation”.

Now that one can understand better the terminology of what is to come, hopefully this chapter on Healing will make a lot more sense around the subject matter of Divine Healing.

End of Part 1 Introduction


2 thoughts on “Part 1 – EGA Introduction To The Creative Power Of Mind.

  1. Dear Br. Peter,
    Very very interesting as well as so many things to understand and so behave what is suggested…
    In All Silence of our mind, when there is not a single thought can arise…so in total and Complete silence of mind we can have raise the frequencies of our vibrations and this is the all in nutshell.
    Every sentence is very important to follow…
    Precious and very important article to follow for all of us if we want to become a healer like Jesus Christ…
    The example of Purity of White Peacock and again bees collective consciousness teach us how to develop the Consciousness of divinity.
    I will have to read for many times….
    Thank you very much for this lesson for cultivating our Consciousness like Divine …
    In Much more love & Gratitude,


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