Part 2 – Elemental Grace Alliance – The Creative Power Of Mind.

Vibrational Frequencies and Light Quotients

Excerpt from Book 2 “Elemental Grace Alliance – The Christ Councils” sequel to Book 1

(Book 2 is not ready for release just yet, but I Am Guided to share this information now in several parts).

You will remember in Part 1, I said that I did not know how this sequence of Parts would unfold.  And by stepping back and allowing to be Guided by Divine Consciousness of the Father’s, Mother’s Love and Light to flow unimpeded, this is what happened.  I received an email from a Dear Sister in Manila, The Philippines.  I have changed her name for privacy reasons.  My answer has now become Part 2 of The Creative Power of Mind.

Blessings Peter,

I am ready now to do my next Activation and Initiation and I would certainly benefit from the support from The Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council holding space for me, since I am a little beginner at this. I feel so Blessed and Supported just because you mentioned this opportunity.

But please answer this question, because this question keeps coming up in my mind as I read the Elemental Grace Alliance and even more now as I prepare to do these activations and decrees for myself, and my question is this: how does one individual incarnated soul assess its own Vibrational Frequency and Light Quotient??

It is OBVIOUS to me that where I am now is a VERY different place than where I was in consciousness one year ago, and as I told you before, I measure it by the fact that I am not fearful and worried and angry anymore, and that I am overall happier and more elevated spiritually than before and there is more joy and divine presence in my life….but please clarify me further, how do I measure everyday how my vibration is going? Is it just about being mindful in every moment about my thoughts and feelings and shifting them towards a higher vibration at every possible moment? Should I deduct that because there is still disease in my family that my vibration is still very low? I feel silly like a kinder student asking this question but here it is!!!… how do I further increase my vibration in relation to what Lady Nada says in the Elemental Grace Alliance – A God Awakening below?

Lady Nada says:

“When one Invokes or Decrees in the Name of the I Am Presence, or indeed God, and We are speaking here from within the human levels of conscious octaves, the calls are only ever elevated to the degrees by which the individual or group physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually, embody the I Am Presence. So no matter how often one calls, how heart-felt the calling, no matter how pure the intention is, the result of the In-vocation, Decree and instructions made, are only ever proportionately achieved in accordance to the Grounded I Am Presence within them. This is the way it is upon Earth and how the free will is applied and registered.”

So I think I found the answer to my question in Christ Letter Number 8 which reads:

“Those whose spiritual perceptions and lives have been raised in frequencies of vibrations to merge with the spiritual frequencies of vibration of the spiritual dimension can perceive that they live in two dimensions. They are fully aware of this truth. And they live according to this truth, and evolve into ever higher frequencies of being.

They are no longer bound by human belief but live within the realization that they live within infinity in which are no limitations. The higher their vibrational frequencies of consciousness, the more aware they are that they live within infinity and that only they themselves set the limits on what they can aspire to.

Those whose perceptions have been heightened in this way whilst still in their bodies, have seen that there is only one dimension of actual individual being and this dimension is Divine Consciousness Activity.”

How would you, Peter, in your own words, determine where an individual’s Vibrational Frequency is?  I mean do you have some parameters to help us have a slight clue on where we are, and how we are progressing?

Thank you dear Peter for all the time you spend answering and reading my messages!

Love and Light


Dearest Marge,

What you have brought into your awareness could be referred to as a Revelation, for although this information is clear in its presentation within the Elemental Grace Alliance and indeed in the Christ Letters, few people have made that conscious link as to this aspect of their progression toward the next Rings of Consciousness. Both the Registry of Frequency Vibration and their Light Quotient gives very clear indications as to what is being absorbed within all four lower bodies, physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual.  These Registries are beyond the conscious projections of one’s ego thoughts, yet they are extremely affected by what one thinks, says, acts and feels. But its True Registry is beyond the ego’s control to change or fudge its readings.

So for example, one may think they are further along the path of enlightenment, ready to approach the next ‘Ring Passeth Not’.  But if the Resonance of that person is not vibrating at the minimum levels of those next Rings of Consciousness, they will either, through the Universal Laws that apply, not be able to pass, or if they are on the border line, they could force themselves with a fixed power of the mind effort to initiate the Energies.  If they pass in this way and do not integrate the Energies immediately of the next Resonant Fields, they are bound to be effected, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, which I have witnessed many times, and will drop not only back to the previous Ring Resonance but as low as 3 or 4 times that Resonance lower than where they began.  And this can take a long time to recover from, for not only do they have to go through the old consciousness patterns all over again, they are intensified due to making choices that were not in alignment to their own Highest Good and I Am Presence Desires for them. This is necessary to prevent permanent damage to the 4 lower bodies.

As one rises in Vibrational Frequency and Light Quotient, it becomes easier and less time consuming if one strays off the Path.  I can vouch for this personally, for only a few months ago my own Resonances dropped considerably and I could not understand why.  Then it dawned on me, hence the reason for writing all about this now, it was because I stepped off my designated path that My I Am Presence has Designed and Manifested for me. One that I have Covenanted and Pledged to Honour!  I felt drained of energy somehow, and it was not until I started writing again after this long break, I have had my Resonances begin to return.  I forgot the process for a short while, and it took me back into some old thought forms I thought I had passed through.  That is why, when one begins the Higher Resonances and steps into the Rays of Initiations and Light Quotient consciously, the need to be far more vigilant is such a vital tool for one’s continued Spiritual Growth and Development.

The Christ Letters explains this in a way using a train as an analogy.

It says on page 6 of Letter 7,

If you should find yourself descending into lowered consciousness frequencies of vibration and experiencing the conflict between what you are ‘feeling at the moment’ and what you know you ought to be feeling or would like to be feeling, you will experience more control if you realize you are suffering because you have allowed your normal Spiritual Consciousness vibrational frequencies to drop. Pinpoint the reason and take it to Divine Consciousness for a resolution of the inner conflict. In time, guidance as to the correct attitudes and affirmations to clear the problem will be given you swiftly in response to your prayer.

Furthermore, as you lift your level of ‘consciousness frequencies’, you will find that you are inwardly strengthened in Spirit and Life Force, and the opposite occurs when you find yourself entrapped in lower consciousness vibrations either through a personal descent into lower thought frequencies or by being emotionally drawn into them through communication with a negative or egotistic personality. When this happens, you will experience a loss of energy. This loss of energy results in a depletion of physical energy in your body cells.

Therefore, when deliberately setting out on a spiritual journey, you should visualize yourself as being like a traveler boarding a train bound for the destination of your choice. If, when travelling, you leap out of the window on glimpsing verdant valleys or exciting cities offering pleasures of some sort, and go wandering into highways and byways far removed from the journey you had originally undertaken, you will find it very difficult to resume that original journey. First of all, you will have to go through a cleansing of the lower consciousness energies you absorbed during your jaunts into other areas of interest. This may take a long time and you may have to go through other painful experiences to enable you to go through the necessary cleansing of your consciousness again. Everything you do in life, you are either moving forward spiritually, or moving into areas of consciousness detrimental to your search and long-term journey towards higher levels of spiritual consciousness. You never escape the processes of consciousness nor from the inexorable working of the Laws of Existence. You cannot put your life on hold as you dodge off to have a little fling which you think won’t matter since no one will know. Whatever you do is an action in consciousness and whatever it is, promotional of your well-being or contrary to your highest good, will have its repercussions of a like nature.

Everything in your life is related to some other activity in consciousness. Nothing is isolated from everything else. People think that what they do today is in a compartment. They think that ‘today’ becomes yesterday and is past, it can have no bearing on their ‘today’. But, unfortunately for them, they will find it cropping up in their experience as ‘reaping time’ in six months, a year or even ten years ahead, when the consciousness energies have attracted what is necessary to bring about their visible manifestation. Then people wonder, why did this happen to me? Why me?

You must understand that when you embark on a spiritual journey, you have set foot to a path which will lift your consciousness vibrations to higher levels. Carelessness and inconsistency will lead you into a condition of swinging between levels of vibratory frequencies. These times of inconsistency are fraught with emotional pain. As you swing, the original momentum of spiritual energy which previously lifted your spiritual vision, dies away and eventually you complain it is hard to get back to prayer and meditation. It is difficult to make the contact with Divine Consciousness that you were able to make before you went off on some pleasurable jaunt which led to a dropping of your consciousness frequencies. In this way, by giving in to overpowering impulses, you make life difficult for yourself, you walk a more rocky path.

At the same time, the impulses within your consciousness indicate that certain areas of your human consciousness need refining. The impulses become the necessary means to teach you some important lesson. In fact, no one can move on to the narrow path leading to the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and remain there without divergence or deviation until they have thoroughly experienced the fruits of their hidden impulses. By fully experiencing all they have to offer, people eventually arrive at a clear understanding that they were false enticements, not worth the pain and tremendous effort involved in getting back on the spiritual path again. Only when the deeply ingrained impulses have been indulged and the results imprinted in the consciousness, can a deliberate mental and emotional choice be made to live life on a Higher Spiritual Level. When this final decision is made decisively and positively, the former impulses are then erased from the consciousness.

But I have to tell you that when you do make the choice to live your life on a higher spiritual level, you have not necessarily come to the end of your problems. In ignorance of what is real and false in Higher Spirituality, you may find yourself attracted to different cults which will lead you further into a wilderness without ending.

I, the Christ, have come, through the medium of these Letters, to show you how to choose the highest goals in your human existence and your true final destination on your earthly ‘train’ journey.

You can read more on both sides of this excerpt if you wish a greater understanding of what is shared here by Jesus in Letter 6.

So in short, this is where one’s communication with their I Am Presence is Absolutely Essential. For if one thinks egoistically that they are ready and wish to jump the train once they have boarded and taken their seat, because they see something else along the way, they think is better, or wish to experience more, or simply forget the choices they made to join the train, the human personality will only suffer, thus delaying their ascension, possibly beyond the incarnation they were expected to attain in this one.  This also works the same when one makes a Pledge, or a Covenant with their I Am Presence and the Master Sponsors they have engaged at such Levels of Conscious Awareness up until that time.  The more you know the Higher the Consequences if you jump the train so to speak.

St Germain also makes this VERY clear in the Elemental Grace Alliance, and He asked me to underline this point due to its absolute magnitude in its significance to us as human beings upon this Path of Love and Light.

“Oh, I plead with you, Beloved Children of the Light who have been in this Light for sufficient years and Who have awakened as Way Showers: never allow your human self or anyone else to cause you to question for one second your ability to build your Temples or to make your Ascension, even in this embodiment. I tell you again that age as you know it, has nothing whatever to do with it. The Expansion of the Light within you has everything to do with it, and the human self knows nothing about that.

“The Pledges you take will be to your own I Am Presence and no one else. Do not, please, I press upon you, go into those groups out of curiosity, wonder, speculation or even awe, unless you are absolutely willing to fulfil that requirement to which you have and must Declare your Intention by placing your Name in Covenant of the Calling. You may not understand yet what it means, or, the Action of the Law, when unfaithful to your Own Light. So I tell you this in advance Dear Ones. Your Heart has always been willing, and now your intellect may say, ‘Yes, I am willing to abide by this.’ But please, please remember, you will be acting under the Law of Your Great I Am Presence, the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’, Your Mighty I Am Presence, from which no single motive or act is hidden. Sometimes the Messengers have pleaded with the Beloved Disciples for so long, yet they will still go on doing the things that they know in their Hearts are a tragic mistake, regardless of what they believe is right in their hearts.

“They think that no one knows it. We cannot help knowing what is within your motive, what is within your world. For it is imprinted on the atmosphere about you, because every thought, feeling, and motive is a record which We have to read. Not that We seek to do it, but if We are going to help you, We must read it. Will you not feel now in this moment, and hold it forever, that the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’, which your Higher Mental Body uses, knows every single thing that occurs in your Life, every feeling and motive that is there? Do not try to deceive your Presence!

“I am speaking with all the Love of My Heart, for I want to help you. I want you to see, if you will, the mistake of just humanly entering into a thing without a Pure, Honest Motive behind it. Remember, in your Heart Centre, as well as in the Heart Centre of the other Beings who may Serve the ‘Attractor Field’ or Teachers of God, must come Purity, Loyalty, and Faithfulness, if you are to go forward in the Light! Deception is an unpardonable karmic generator, anywhere in the world, and so much more in magnification with anyone who has the Knowledge and indeed is already working with their Mighty I Am Presence”.

This information explains a little about the benefits of knowing what your intentions are prior to taking on any Spiritual Journey in Covenant with Your I Am Presence, The God Within, or any Pledges one makes with the Hierarchy to be in Service To Humanity and the Earth.  You can see now, how the Universe Streams humanity for their Levels of Consciousness, and where they are within the overall of its Evolutionary Path. This can be done individually as a group, a community, a cultural group, a nation or the World.  If you have read the Discourse within the Elemental Grace Alliance by Kuan Shi Yin, you will understand now how the figures mentioned there were attained.  It is all about levels of consciousness.  Free will however, is the biggest factor in affecting one’s Resonance and Light Quotient, and this must be so, else how would Humanity Evolve otherwise.

How does one know what their Resonance Vibration and Light Quotients are??

The easiest way to answer this, “is through your I Am Presence”!  This can be done as often as you like.  It can be achieved through dowsing, kinesiology (muscle testing) or if you are able to communicate directly with the I Am Presence through telepathy, automatic writing or any other way like Inner Voice and feelings, seeing numbers within the Inner Vision.  These are the more direct methods.

It is possible also to read other peoples Resonances and Light Quotients for we are all One, and just as St Germain said, “if you are going to be helped, these must be read”. They are written into one’s auric fields and Akashic Records.  But when one reads another’s Readout the consequences of rightful action and use of that information hold a greater negative Karmic potential if used for anything other than the Greatest Good of that Soul!

Within The Elemental Grace Alliance, to give you an example, it is stated that to become part of this Alliance and Its Divine Plan, before one can step through the ‘Rings Passeth Not’ of Higher Consciousness one must have attained a certain level of Vibrational Frequency.  This minimum frequency has been set by the Hierarchy, so that any Councils formed are not going to be affected by lower vibrational personality thought forms, beliefs or actions.

For the Christ Council to operate here on Earth a scale has been developed that shall have to be met by all Souls whom are to take a Seat.  This also relates to any person who is going to Fully Embody the Christ Consciousness as Jesus did in His incarnation 2000 years ago.

These Levels of Consciousness are 98% Light Quotient and the Rings of Consciousness (Divine Consciousness meeting Universal Consciousness) is around 144,000 numerically speaking!

In the Dr Joshua Stone Books (He has Ascended now) he identifies Levels of Light Quotient required to be achieved prior to be able to move into the next Initiation. 75% for the Forth Initiation, 82% for the Fifth Initiation and 92% for the 6th Initiation which is the Initiation of the Christ Consciousness.  The 7th Initiation begins once you reach around 96% of Light Quotient.  This is another subject for another time, but you can get a little more of a feel for the dynamics of such Registrations and why they exist in these ways.

Jesus was registering in His physical body as he left the desert at 97% Light Quotient and 144,000 of  Divine Consciousness Awareness.  But as the Christ Letters tell us, He still had much to fine tune in the time that followed before His final Physical Ascension from this world could be achieved.  Remember, many will transcend in this way, leaving the physical world to Ascend.  But as Jesus said  “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father”. Many will remain in the physical body, fully Enlightened with the Christ Consciousness and Present in their Light Bodies.

It was Archangel Metatron who said in His EGA Discourse Part 1 , Adam Kadmon Race – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Archangel Metatron – 10th, August, 2016, which can be found on the website or

“Once these Akasha Sanctuaries are Founded, Incorporated and are In an Active State of Co-Operation, Co-Participation and Co-Creation with the Councils of Higher Light We can All Truly get down to God’s Business here on Earth!  All Radiation Centres will have to be established in the Name of The Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light. After which, the Brother and Sisterhood’s of Archangel Michael and Archaii Faith, The Brotherhood of Enoch, and the Brother and Sisterhood’s of Lord Melchizedek and The Councils of Light, can step in and fully embrace this world in Service with Greater Intelligences, through the New Members of the Adam Kadmon Race, to ‘repair’ all human races and Planetary Systems of this Universe. 

“Through the human beings of the New Adam Kadmon Race a New Spectrum of Light will be able to biochemically recalibrate and respatialize human beings by activating the body chemistry in one’s mind to then participate with, rather than against the Word of God! Remember this, if one was to remove all the space between the cellular self of the human body, the mass would equate to less than the size of one cell within your body.  So to respatialize your beingness shall mean to expand the space to greater distances thus allowing the Electronic Light of the White Fire Substance to be seen in Greater Capacities!   

“Once this happens, this Greater Spectrum of Light moves into the entire 4 lower bodies of mankind thus allowing the Christ Consciousness to fully embed within each person! You have heard of the 100 monkey syndrome. 144,000 Ascended Masters of the New Adam Kadmon Race there upon Earth, shall be this trigger of Human Consciousness!

“Therefore, you are being Guided now to the Pyramidal Grids that shall make up the Temples of Light that you shall call the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries. These Pyramidal Structures will encompass within Their Foundations the 54 (plus 10) Keys as set out by J J Hurtak, Enoch and Myself, in The Book ‘The Keys of Enoch’.  The activation of the Adam Kadmon Seed Encodements are being triggered within you now, as part of the next Evolutionary Stage for Earth and this Local Universe!

“Do not expect immediate Transmutations Dear Souls, for changes within the biology cannot happen overnight and must allow its own Individualized Expressions to become Manifest.  However, in saying that, for those who are ready this will happen very quickly if it is embraced with even greater Awareness and Openness to receive this Love of The Mother and Light of the Father. As these New Levels of Consciousness make Their way to the forefront of your Minds, these will decrease and put to an end the old thought programs and manifestations of them within, through and all around you!

“Remember this is not about the dissolution of the physical body, for to Serve within a material world, one must be physical and material, else We would have Evolved this Universe long before this! The New Adam Kadmon Man and Woman must therefore become a Physical Manifestation and although the Forms of the Biological Systems will change with New Physical ‘Garments of Shaddai’, they will become an Undeniable, Untouchable and Incorruptible ‘Forcefield’ within this Universe! These Physical Forms shall be Spirit Manifested with the Full Cognitive Powers of Mother, Father God, Expressing Outwardly within a material world! 

“They shall still be vehicles of flesh, but not as you presently know them to be. They will be much Lighter in density, while remaining physically visible and Real to the human eye! You of the Adam Kadmon Seed, were created simultaneously with the Heavens and agreed to be transposed along the Sacred Electronic Geometrical Light Patterns into physical incarnations. You began your Existence from the Godhead and you shall return to the Godhead when your Individualized Expressions of God’s Infinite Divine Consciousness is completed here.

“The Work that you are doing here is offering, not only Earth, the potentials of expanding Consciousness into the Christ Consciousness but in more physical worlds than you could ever imagine right at the moment”.

Now I have something I wish to ask you!

This is such a powerful question that you Marge have raised, that it warranted this response.  In my last post to you, I said I did not how this would all unfold and you have shed that Light upon my unknowing.  So I now know that this subject matter is Part 2 of this new series of sharings.

I would therefore like your permission to use your email and question in my new Book along with this response, but it shall help many, I am sure!

God Bless You and let me know when you can!

In Love and Light

Blessing Peter,

Certainly you can use my question for any purposes you might deem necessary, I am sure this will be useful to many people like me reading your book, I am happy my question was useful, it is my pleasure :0))))  

I am looking forward to reading the second book.

Love and Light


End of Part 2


2 thoughts on “Part 2 – Elemental Grace Alliance – The Creative Power Of Mind.

  1. Thank-you Peter and Marge, this answered a lot of my own questioning and what
    seems to be happening in my life now. I am on the path of recovery as well, emotionally and spiritually. My physical health is good. Yet still I see where I have jumped the train and I have my own ways of allowing myself these moments. Like not meditating for a long time and now getting back on board, wondering what happened. Like not writing like I want to and slowly getting back on board. Doing all this clearing of self-judgement over the fact the I took that dive off the train.

    I may even do it again but my faith is that there really is only One Mind and One True Dimension of Reality that is so beautifully in place that it only takes my decision to get on board again. Any thought form that comes up that says it is not easy is another lie I tell myself, I choose to believe my Higher Self who knows me better than I know myself, knows all my faulty resonances as the nothing that it is in Reality.

    This is making Itself known to me as I write these words down. I have “the” Trust of God, Christ, Mother, Father, Source, whatever term I use to call It in every moment, already in me. It is through my own observation of the “self-imposed prison” I may be in that changes my current reality. I have to honor myself in my tenacity to continue onward, to go further even when I fall. To me this tenacity stems from my High Self continually.

    There is only Eternity at play here and God’s Son is guiltless always. Because from what I now know on my journey there is only One and I choose to recognize and join with that, and any guilty pleasure or path I may have wandered onto is quickly forgiven by me. I then am back on the train in my heart. Now, no time has lapsed. There will come a time when my desires, (addictions) become useless, all of them and I know I am not penalized for having them. So I don’t suffer from them. The time of suffering is done.

    All this has already come about and is just waiting for my recognition it is done. I’m open for that even as I fall again and perhaps again, I know I am eternally free.

    Thanks for listening self, thanks for witnessing the writing, blessings to you and all who read this.



    1. Blessings Starr, I am grateful that you have shared that here. Your Journey is Honored and of course your are right! Your I Am will lead you all the way! God Bless

      Liked by 1 person

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