Part 3 The Creative Power of Mind

The Definition and description of The Creative Power of Mind

Within Part 3 of The Creative Power Of Mind, I wish to establish a True understanding of the Creative Intelligence of that Power, that each and every human being has the capacity to activate within themselves. The state of the world today remains in this state of consciousness because people simply have yet to fully comprehend this Power, that is directly attributed and dependent upon the full embodiment of Higher Consciousness before everything, including healing, can actually begin to Manifest at the Causal Levels of Being.

In Parts 1 and 2 we have established, that to change this world, to heal our lives, 4 main factors must be embraced with greater intensities.

  1. That LIFE is Consciousness and CONSCIOUSNESS is Life.
  2. That the Levels of Attainment within Life and Consciousness depends ENTIRELY upon the Levels of Vibrational Frequency (The Electro-Magnetic Spin of the Electrons within physical manifestation (Spirit made manifest) of the Cellular Structures of that Life and Consciousness.
  3. EVERYTHING here on Earth is affected and determined by individual and collective human THOUGHT FORMS.
  4. Consciousness is reflective of the Embodiment of the Light Quotient. In Hebrew known as the Ain Soph Or – The Infinite Light that directs all worlds through Light Power. (I will speak of this a little more at the end of this Part and in the beginning of Part 4).

These 4 Principals may sound simple enough, but from a human stand point they are far from that!  And we can only ever see just how easy or hard these may be from working with these Principals from our own ego personalities.  And while we remain in physical embodiment, the ego will always either have its say or will be required to understand so that it may comply with the Impersonality of the I Am Presence.  For while we remain in human form, as Jesus explains in great detail in the Christ Letters, the ego remains at the very core of our humanness, else we would simply not be able to function within a Human Evolutionary Plan.

To change our lives, individually, as a group or en masse, the consciousness of our thinking MUST change into the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of Truth of Love and Light.  We all know that there are many levels of truth, but each level determines the outcomes of our creations and manifestations.

Today there is so much imbalance and negativity within the mass consciousness of humanity, because the thinking that creates physical matter is vibrating at such low vibrational frequencies below those of Mother Earth Herself. To this end, as Beloved Kuan Shi Yin Addressed in Her Discourse with the EGA Book, the Elementals of Earth, Fire, Air and Water must step in to re-balance such negativities so as to allow the resonance of human thought forms to remain at a sufficient level not to allow Mother Earth, Our Life Support here, from being destroyed.

As a reminder, here is that excerpt from Kuan Shi Yin’s Discourse, (The full discourse can be found on page 410. For those who are not aware of the Elemental Grace Alliance Book, it is ‘free of charge’ and can be downloaded from the EGA Website by hovering over the image and downloading. Or the Soft Cover Book can be purchased by writing to me from the ‘Contact’ page in the Website).

Kuan Yin speaks:-

“Through the Impersonalization of My God Experience and the personalization of My influence upon humanity, I earned a Position as Director upon the Karmic Board for Human adjudication of human karmic manifestation. The Great Karmic Board is made up of 8 Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Love and Light. We are the Mediators between the Universal Laws of God and the imperfection of the human experience in all its myriad of ways. 

“Our Responsibilities are Great indeed, for We are Responsible for recording, assessing, evaluating and then deciding upon the necessary actions to be taken in alignment with all creations of human Karma; individual, family, company, group, association, religion, community, government, nation or world Karma. When each negative karmic level reaches certain parameters of intensity, and they each have their own bona fide scales, We then direct these misaligned, mis-created and inappropriate Energies to the Earth to find resolution and Balance through the Natural Elemental, Deva and Angelic Host Realms.

“As the world Karma reaches its climax and before it creates total destruction, and entire world cataclysmic disasters, We turn to the Elohim and The Elementals to rebalance these conditions; thus the formation of hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, famine, drought, earthquakes, etcetera become the manifestations to Balance these malicious human creations from formlessness into physical form; the only way this can happen upon Earth to not allow them to permeate beyond the ‘Rings Passeth Not’ of the Earth Atmosphere, we must keep these negative conditions contained to the Earth and its surrounding stratosphere.

“With the help of mankind, however, through their I Am Presences’, all this could be avoided on massive scales, and so We do acknowledge very deeply that The Elemental Grace Alliance will extensively contribute to the Greater Awareness to this present state of world imbalances.

“Through this medium, The Elemental Grace Alliance, many people will be triggered by the encodements that are held within it, into action, Love In Action. For each person upon the planet must pass through the Karmic Board Judicial Ministry of Our Lord and Father, Blessed Mother; each one, prior to incarnation and after the Earth life is complete. Before Entry into this Earth Plane We, the Lords of Karma offer Missions for the personalities to accomplish and prescribe in Love, certain ways that karmic allotment may be neutralized and cleared through the incarnational life streams.

“So in a way, you could say that We initiated this Elemental Grace Alliance, albeit, not in the format that it has taken or the name in which it has been given; but the Essence that it is Ascending toward”. 

End of Excerpt.

Because of our human consciousness and how it has been influenced by lower thought forms over the millennia, we are just now beginning to truly embrace the facts that there is much more to Who We Are that we may believe.  Yes, we have been told this countless times, but we humans are very slow in making the choices within our lives to transcend such lower vibrational thought forms.  The number of times we jump the train to experience what we believe is more important to us.   I will broach this more in Part 4, however for now, I wish to share what Jesus tells us about The Creative Mind Power, allowing us a greater awareness to make the choices we need to make now if we are going to make the changes upon the Earth that shall relieve the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Hosts from the stresses and strains that we continue to encase them with, by the projections of our thought forms, encase their own Vibrational Frequencies and Light Quotients. Yes, I am saying human consciousness is ENTIRELY responsible for what we have created upon Earth including the destruction and enslavement and placing into Love’s exile all Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host here on Earth.  Including our own Body Elementals!

Anyway, I herewith now, allow Jesus, from the Christ Letters to shed more Light upon these problems.

From Christ Letter No 1

Jesus Christ speaks:-

“I was shown that:

“Just as men have clear characteristics and a well-defined ‘nature’ in their self-presentation to the world at large, so did the CREATIVE POWER possess a clearly defined ‘Nature’, distinct characteristics, which could be clearly recognized in the manner that all living things, plants, animals, birds, men, were constructed and maintained.

“I ‘saw’ that these ‘principles’ and ‘characteristics’, clearly observable in the process of creation, were set, invariable LAWS governing all of existence.

“These LAWS are so much part of life that they are never questioned. They are undeviating and consistent, but there would be no such laws if there were no Creative Intelligent Power manifesting Itself through the universe. These ‘principles’ of creation, the characteristics of the Creative Power Itself, are as follows:

“(I am translating them into your present tense because these ‘principles’ are eternal.)

“1. The ‘Nature’ of the ‘Creative Power’ is GROWTH. Everything living always grows.

“GROWTH is a universal characteristic, an undeviating principle of existence.

“2. The ‘Nature’ of the ‘Creative Power’ is NUTRITION and NOURISHMENT. Nutrition and Nourishment are a normal and marvelously organized processes within bodies which is evident to all who take the trouble to consider them. Nutrition is provided for all living things according to individual preferences and the food is digested to promote health and well-being. When little creatures are born, milk is already supplied within the mother, ready and waiting for the newborn. This too is a mystifying principle of existence none can deny.

“No science can explain why such a fortuitous function within the system ensuring survival of the species, should have originally come into being. The actual function itself may be understood but not the ‘why’ and the mainspring of the function.

“3. The ‘Nature’ of the ‘Creative Power’ is HEALING.  Healing is a natural characteristic of existence and can be said to be a natural `Perfecting Process’, which takes place to ensure individual comfort but none can explain what prompts the activity of healing.

“4. The ‘Nature’ of the ‘Creative Power’ is PROTECTION.  Protection is an integral characteristic of Creative Power and all of Its seeming ‘miraculous’ activity in the world is geared towards protection. (Today, your medical text books describe the various protective systems in your body but when I was in the desert I ‘saw’ the characteristic of Protection inherent in the Intelligent Creative Power in the following way.)

“As plants, birds and animals were presented to me for inspired observation, I could see how every ‘need of protection’ in bodies has been lovingly supplied, with the greatest attention to detail.

“5. This characteristic of ‘Protection’ is combined with the other dynamic characteristic of FULFILMENT OF NEED.

“This was made clearly apparent in the provision of hair, fur and feathers to protect the skin of living creatures and to provide warmth in the cold and shelter in the heat. I saw that the tender endings of important and sensitive fingers and toes were all provided with appropriate protection of hoof and nail.

“Eyebrows protected eyes from sweat, eyelids and lashes protected eyes from dust and damage. I realized that those animals which attracted flies were equipped with the kind of tails which would most speedily get rid of them.

“What a happy, joyous kind of love and caring were expressed in these small physical attributes which seemed so small and inconsequential and yet had such a profound bearing on the comfort of all living things. These physical luxuries, added to the basic physical design, were clearly the product of an Intelligence which intended creation to be comfortable and happy, free of the stress which would have been experienced by man and beast if these ‘luxury items’ had not been given them!

“Even the natural functions were so intelligently and comfortably designed as to call forth thanksgiving. Everything tucked so neatly out of sight. How blest, how fortunate was mankind to be born into a life so wonderfully provided for! Again my praises soared and I was lifted on an inner golden light of rapturous wonder, for I now ‘saw’ that, in addition to freedom from stress, living creatures were also meant to express the exuberant loving NATURE of the Creative Power. For this reason, they were equipped with limbs: arms, hands, legs and feet, fingers and toes, to enable them to move about, run, leap and dance, to be able to express their inmost thoughts and feelings. I even felt that if mankind longed to fly and grow wings and believed with all their hearts they could do so; eventually they would begin growing something additional to enable them to fly.

“It was at this point of understanding of the NATURE of the ‘Creative Power’ that I came into the full consciousness of the LOVE directing the WORKS of the Universal Intelligent Creative Power.

“As I pondered this LOVE, I realized that the ‘mother’ in creation, nourishes, protects, fulfills the needs and tries to promote healing of offspring; this is the activity of LOVE.

“6. The innate characteristic of the LOVING INTELLIGENT CREATIVE POWER which has given creation its individual form and ‘being’ is WORK.  It works for us, in us, and through us.  Its ‘work’ is always, always, always, prompted by LOVE.

“This cosmic revelation filled me with joy and astonishment. What a wonderful world we lived in! It was the culminating point in my enlightenment and my overall view of the TRUTH concerning the SOURCE of ALL BEING.

“I had already ‘seen’ the reality of the physical bodies composed of various communities of identical ‘infinitely tiny entities’ working in a spirit of co-operation and harmony to produce the various components of the body, flesh, bone, blood to eyes and hair.

“The only difference between these communities lay in the type of work demanded by their common goals. Surely the DIVINE IMPULSE behind all this intelligent, purposeful activity in the body, was both the inspiration and foundation of man’s own conduct when people worked in unison to produce a planned objective? They drew intelligence and purpose from the Creative Power yet how very different was man’s behavior when engaged in earthly construction or any other communal project for it was inevitably characterized by arguments and dissension.

“I was brought to a realization of the INFINITE POWER of the ‘Intelligent Creativity’ ever active within creation, maintaining order, co-operation, harmony, daily productivity, unequalled by man anywhere, at any time.

“7. SURVIVAL was a natural characteristic of the ‘Creative Power’. In every case, the most wonderful provision had been made for all living things to grow, be healed of illnesses and injury, nourished in order to keep the body healthy, and to produce its own kind in order to ensure survival on this earth. This was the only reality mankind could be absolutely sure of and Its activity was consistent, year in and year out. The sun, moon, stars, all remained in their places for millennia and it was recognized that they all possessed their own paths of movement, this phenomena was all part of the grand scheme for survival in creation.

“If this was so, how could there not be survival of the eternal flame of: Loving Intelligent Creative Power hidden within the created entities of every kind in the universe? Therefore, this world was but a shadow and image of the hidden worlds of Loving Intelligent Creative Power beyond this dimension. The Reality of the entirety of creation lay beyond this visible world.

“8. The inherent characteristic of Loving Intelligent Creative Power was RHYTHM.  I saw that there was a RHYTHM in operation in the world.

“Everything was subject to seasons which gave a blossoming and burgeoning of life, a growing season coming up to the ripening and harvest, and the production of seeds which ensured the survival of plant life. Then there was the gradual dying away and rest period of winter. But nothing created and living was allowed to become extinct. The sun and moon expressed these characteristics within the universe. This rhythm could even be seen in the females of living things.

“Therefore, everything in creation had its due time for appearance and harvest. It followed that man himself was subject to tides of growth and success and tides of dormancy.

“9. The inherent characteristic of the Loving Intelligent Creative Power was LAW AND ORDER.

“The undeviating order and reliability apparent in creation, even governing the tiny entities (‘cells’) within the body, were astonishing and far transcended any human endeavor. Therefore, the entire universe was operating under a system of perfect LAW & ORDER.

“I realized on ever higher and higher levels of spiritual exaltation that the ‘creative power’ exhibited intelligent purposefulness and loving concern for all living things. I realized that life was not something nebulous or amorphous but an intelligent loving creative power which I could actually feel within myself as a tremendously heightened state of being, perception, radiance, ecstasy, joy, love. I knew myself to be one with it, filled with it, and I was one with everything around me and one with the sky and stars.

“And, most wonderful and glorious of all, the very ‘Nature’ and ‘Function’ of this ‘Father, Creative Power’ was to work in order to create joy, beauty, and comfort to ensure mankind’s well-being, to work within mankind to provide interior joy, health and comfort, and to work through mankind, inspiring him with new realization and understanding.

“Wonderful vistas of glorious creativity came to mind. Once we became truly ‘at one’, purified channels and instruments of the ‘Intelligent Creative Power’, we could gradually ascend in consciousness until we truly expressed through our minds and hearts the very ‘NATURE’ of the ‘Universal Creative Power’.

“Then ‘life on earth’ would indeed become a ‘state of heaven’ at all times and we would enter into a state of eternal life!

“This must surely be the true goal behind creation, I thought. And it came to me with a surge of elation and loving joy, that this was the purpose for which man had been evolved and developed!

“But, even at this present time, although mankind was so very imperfect in his behavior, absolutely nothing was impossible to him in the future, since, despite his wrongdoings, he was one with the “Creative Power and the Creative Power’ was within him, giving him life, limb, and everything else he needed.

“All of this realization lifted me to the heights of rapture, elation and sublime ecstasy, so that I was scarcely able to bear it. I felt my body must dissolve with the expansion of Power within me. I was irradiated with LIGHT and could see It all around me illuminating the desert scene.

“My heart sang in praises. How wonderful and beautiful was the Loving Creative Power which worked in, through and for us, unceasingly!

“What a MIRACLE was creation!

“I cried out loud:

YOU are the SOURCE of all BEING, both creator and also manifested within and through the created: there is nothing in the entire universe which is apart or separate from the limitless, eternal infinity of DIVINE LIFE, Creative Power Consciousness, that you are, how then is it possible that mankind is so sinful, and why do people suffer disease, misery and poverty? Tell me, o loving, loving Father Creative Power, because I have been heavily burdened with the pain of their miserable lives.’

“Then I was shown the reality of the ‘earthly condition‘ of all living things.

“I felt immense excitement because, at last, I would be able to understand how it was that such a loving Divine ‘Creative Power’ could allow Its creation to endure such misery.

“I was shown that every living thing in creation should be radiantly healthy, cared for, nourished, protected, healed, maintained in peace and plenty, prospered within an orderly society of ‘beings’ extending only love to each other.

“(However, at the moment of creation, two BASIC IMPULSES came into being, ensuring individuality, and it was these which controlled mankind’s consciousness.

“These IMPULSES were explained to me in detail but this knowledge is reserved for a future Letter when you will be better able to understand it).

“I was shown the following vivid vision.

“First of all, I saw a new-born babe as ‘light’, a life-form of Creative Power.

“As the baby grew into childhood, then manhood, I saw the pure LIGHT of the ‘Creative Power’ gradually dimmed and then obscured altogether in him, by a dense wrapping of chains and thongs.

“I questioned the meaning of the vision and there came to my mind a clear understanding which may be expressed in the following words:

“From birth to death, people believe and insist that their five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, correctly predicate the ‘reality’ of themselves and the universe around them. Therefore, because they draw their mind power direct from Divine ‘Creative Power’, it is done to them according to their beliefs.

“Each thong represents a person’s habitual thoughts, responses to people and events, prejudices, hates, animosities, anxieties, sorrows, all of which bind him down and shut out the Light from his inner vision drawn from the ‘Creative Power’. Thus he enters into darkness but does not know it. He believes he is growing up and becoming mature in the ways of the world which will enable him to forge ahead and make ‘good’, become successful, the aim of most people on earth.

“In fact, the more mature he becomes and versed in worldly ways, the more densely do his chains and thongs imprison him within the grip of the twin IMPULSES of ‘Bonding-Rejection’.

“Furthermore, each chain is forged out of selfish and deceitful desires, greed, aggression, violence and rape. These chains hang heavy around him and burden the psyche, which is the ‘creative consciousness power’ deep within him. Chain and thong will bind him tighter with every passing year until he realizes what he is doing to himself and sincerely repents each thong and chain and makes due restitution to others whom he has harmed.

“With this vision I learnt a most valuable aspect of existence. Man himself is born with all the potential to make a beautiful life for himself but he, himself, by indulging his selfish desires and hatreds, creates a prison of misery for himself from which there was no escape until such times as he realizes the TRUTH OF EXISTENCE.

“All the problems of harsh existence lay within the thought processes of man himself!

“Only people’s ‘consciousness forms’, their thoughts, words, feelings, actions created a dense barrier between their consciousness and the Universal Creative Consciousness interpenetrating the universe in every leaf, tree, insect, bird, animal and human being.

“I was also shown the LAWS OF EXISTENCE controlling the human ability to create new circumstances and environment, relationships, achievement or failure, prosperity or poverty.

“Whatever man profoundly BELIEVES himself to be, good or bad, that will he become. Whatever man FEARS others will do to him, so will they do.

“Whatever man HOPES that others will do to him, he must first do to them, since he is then creating a ‘consciousness pattern’ which will return to bless him to the extent he has blest others.

“Whatever disease man DREADS so will he become prey to it for he will have created a ‘consciousness pattern’ of the very thing he least wants to experience.

“Whatever is sent forth from man’s mind and heart, returns to him in due course in some form or another, but remember that like always breeds like. Strongly emotional thoughts are ‘consciousness seeds’ planted within a man’s own orbit of consciousness. These will grow, bearing a like harvest for his reaping.

“These are the fruits of free will.

“There is no way that man may escape what he thinks, says or does, for he is born of the Divine Creative Consciousness power and is likewise creative in his imagining.

“Those who long for good for themselves must first give it to others. Let their very existence be a blessing to others.

“When such people are in harmony with all others, they are then perfectly attuned to the universal creative consciousness power and they are brought into the flow of the Father ‘nature’ which is growth, protection, nourishment (physical, mental, spiritual) healing, fulfillment of need, within a system of law and order.

“How can I describe for you, my inner glow, my transcendent brightness and brilliance of joy and powerful feelings of love which possessed and inflated my entire being with their intensity until I cried out with the pressure within my mind and heart. It was so powerful it seemed it would entirely dissolve my bodily form. As I received all this supreme, sublime understanding of the Reality, our Source of Being, and the true nature of creation itself, and of mankind, I was uplifted in spirit and my body became light as air.

“At that time, when I was thus elevated within the Divine Creative Power Itself, I was indeed almost a ‘Divine Person’ myself, experiencing a high degree of the Nature of the Father-Creative Power within me and feeling Its own drive and caring concern for all humanity. Therefore, I could later say with truth:

“Only I know and have seen the Father.

“In that moment how I yearned to teach, heal, comfort, uplift, feed, take away the people’s pain and misery.

“I longed to release them from their fear of a mythical ‘avenging god’!

“When I returned to tell them the truth, How I would emphasize the reality of the Father-Creative Power, PERFECT LOVE, supplying their every need All they had to do was ‘Ask, seek, knock’ and all their needs, of whatever kind, would be bestowed upon them.

“How joyously I would tell them the ‘good news’ that ‘redemption from suffering’ lay within their grasp if they only took the necessary steps to cleanse their minds and hearts of the TWIN IMPULSES of manifested ‘being’.

“This should be simple enough, I thought, one only needed understanding and self-control.

“I have descended towards your vibrations to refer back to my actual state of mind during the time I was in the desert. It will help your own understanding immeasurably if you try to enter my ‘state of consciousness’ at that time. So many things, such as my works of healing and ‘walking on water’ will become clear to you.. They will be seen to be a natural consequence of my new understanding of the Father-Creative Power.

“If you read the gospels of Matthew and Mark, their records will have new meaning for you.

“To return to my final hours of enlightenment,, there I was in the desert, possessing the clear understanding that man himself, (through no fault of his own) creates the barrier to attunement to the Father-Creative Power, and now I was longing to hurry back and teach, heal, comfort, dry the tears of those I so greatly pitied.

“Yet I was reluctant to leave this ‘hallowed’ place where I had been so illumined and transformed in spirit. On the other hand what a wonderful future lay ahead of me!

“I would walk through all the cities, towns, villages and tell everyone I met, the GOOD NEWS! ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’, that place where all sickness disappeared and every need was supplied was within them! Because I knew that the Father and I were ‘one’, now that my mind had been cleansed of the old thoughts and ideas, I would direct healing at their illness and disease. I would teach them how to relieve their poverty.

“When the FATHER CONSCIOUSNESS within me began to dim, and I gradually returned to human consciousness I became aware of gnawing hunger and also a return of my human conditioning and thought.

“My reactions to my six weeks’ experiences began to change. My usual human awareness of ‘me’ and my desires, took over my thoughts.

“Why, the most amazing and completely unexpected thing has happened to me!’ I exulted. ‘I have been given knowledge beyond any yet given to any other man.’

“I was jubilant with the realization that, at last, my doubt and rebelliousness against the avenging ‘god’ of the Traditional Orthodox Jews was vindicated. I had been right after all!

“Who had ever suspected the human mind could be so highly creative, that a strongly-held thought or desire would actually manifest itself in the visible realm? I realized that Moses must have known something of this, because he had accomplished some strange things when the Israelites were in dire need.

“He became a leader and changed the course of the Israelites previously enslaved in Egypt. I could return now and free my people from the rigid control of their own Teachers.

“My hunger pains now became intense. It occurred to me that I could turn stones into bread to satisfy my longing for food because I remembered that the Father-Creative Power worked through my mind and therefore, everything in the universe would be subject to my command.

“I was about to speak the ‘word’ which would change stones into bread but something in me halted me abruptly.

“It came to me, strongly, that the Father-Creative Consciousness was perfect protection, nourishment, fulfillment of need, and so the hunger would be taken care of, if I asked the Father for relief.

“I realized that if the little ‘i’, the human me, in my need, used the ‘Creative Power’ for selfish reasons, I would be erecting a barrier between the Father-Creative Consciousness and myself, and everything I had just learnt might well be taken away from me.

“This frightened me, and swiftly I asked the Father-Creative Power for new strength to carry me back to habitations and Nazareth again. I also asked for relief of hunger in the form that would be right for me.

“Immediately, the hunger pangs subsided and I felt a surge of energy flow through my entire body. Thus I proved that all I had seen, heard and understood was reality and not some vain imagining born of my time in the desert, fasting and alone.

“My new energy enabled me to make haste over the rough tracks on my way out of the desert.

“On the way, I met a well-dressed man of sweet and pleasing countenance. He greeted me warmly, expressing concern on seeing my rough, unkempt appearance and loss of condition.

“Gladly, he sat me down on a rock and shared his excellent meat and bread with me. I wondered why he was in such a desolate place and where he had come from. In response to my questioning, he only smiled and seemed not the least surprised when I said I had been in the desert for so many days I had lost count of time. I explained how I was enlightened as to the true nature of the Creator of the world and shown the natural Laws of Existence. He only smiled and nodded.

“I am going back to my people to teach them everything I have learnt.’ I said joyously. ‘Why I will be able to heal them and bring them release from every sickness and trouble”.

End of Excerpt

As an introduction to Part 4, I wish to finish off Part 3 with this understanding of the Sacred White Fire Light by Archangel Zadkiel from His Discourse within the EGA Discourses.  Beloved Zadkiel highlights something that is the foundation of The Living Light that shall be discussed in a summarized form in Part 4.  This is such a vast subject and this simple but potent understanding, directed towards present levels of human vibrational frequencies of consciousness, that The Sacred White Fire Light, the Living Light, within human octaves of transformational achievements, contains the Infinitesimal Facets, Qualities and Virtues within All of Creation at all Levels and within All Dimensions of Vibrational Frequencies. The aim here is to simplify it enough to gain a focused intention to know more as one continues upon their own Path of Ascension while in direct communication with the Only Real teacher there is, The God Within, The I Am Presence.

Zadkiel speaks:

“The time has arrived where humanity will be able to fully embrace Our Feelings, Our Peace, Our Love, and thus come to Know Our Powers, the Masters’ and Chohans’ Powers of Transmutation Through The Alchemy of the Sacred Fire and the Violet Flame. What better way than to be in Our Physical Presence, Feeling the Full Embrace of the Angelic Host Light! 

“We hear you ask Peter, what is this Sacred Fire We speak of? The Sacred Fire is a Quality of Energy for the most part unseen, which has been consciously charged by some Divine Being with a God Virtue. In this case it is that of Transmutation, Freedom, Forgiveness, Alchemy and Justice. The Fire Element in the world of form, while sometimes it performs a constructive service, it can and does perform destructive service, because some of the salamanders who compose the Fire Kingdom, have not yet come fully under the control of the Great Beings who direct them, but no one need to fear the use of the Sacred Fire By Divine Beings of God’s Love Substance.

“The reason that such an invitation has not been extended sooner in this way, is that man has never embodied His/Her Own Sovereignty to the degrees that warrant such a natural progression. And if they have reached such resonances, they have never asked for this Service to be provided for them, in the way it has been set out within this Proposal. It is all about human interaction and the integration of the I Am Presence. It is about the personality leading the way by Virtue of working in full collaboration with the I Am Presence and God! The Power of Command goes hand in hand for the retrieval of One’s Sovereignty. Humans still have not understood that if they do not ask for what they desire, they will not receive it. That is a Law that holds no exceptions. But all this still does not eliminate the ‘Rings Passeth Not’ of Human Vibrational Consciousness and Knowledge.

“As revealed by Beloved Kuan Shih Yin, there are so many on the cusp of this achievement, but still remain under the umbrellas of other teachers, afraid of stepping out of their shadows, to stand upon their own two feet and rest upon the Truth of the I Am Presence within their own Heart Centre; always afraid at some level of making choices on their own. Afraid of allowing the Pressures of Love’s Flow to Grace, Guide and Nurture their own experiences as they go.

“Making mistakes is not something to fear. Not making choices is the greatest mistake of all, yet still not to be feared, just to be aware of the reasons why choices are not entered into. ‘Students’ as they are so often called, are never students in this sense of education. This is where the perceived teachers have not quite understood their roles. Not from the Spiritual Sense and the reminding processes of Remembering the God I Am within. We speak here of Earth teachers and not those of the Master Realms. Real Teachers of God are Educators, not teachers or trainers. There is a big difference between a teacher and an Educator.

“This is such a misunderstood concept, both on the part of the Spiritual teacher and that of the so called Spiritual student. The only Real Teacher in this world is the One Within You; The God I Am, The I Am Presence, The Christ Jesus within you! There comes a time in the life of all human beings when God Desire’s them to Know their own definitive I Am Individualized Impersonal Plan and Purpose. 

“God wishes each One to become a Co-Creator with Him and not a co-worker with those who consciously portray the relationship of teacher and student. This can only result in resistance and misdirection on some level, and in so doing, once again placing the effects of limitations in front of both parties. The reality is, there is no such thing as teacher and student. This is a differentiation that separates and segregates Unity Consciousness”.

End of Excerpt.

In Part 4 the introduction of the Living Light shall go far beyond human comprehension, but nevertheless can be understood and experienced if the principles we have already qualified are placed within one’s life.  Remember, Life is Consciousness and Consciousness is Life!  And THE ‘AIN SOPH OR’ IS THE VERY CORE OF OUR BEING! IT IS WHO WE ARE!

It Shall be the Living Light that shall be your Healing Grace as Beloved Archangel Uriel told us in His Discourse in the EGA. I shall close this Part with this excerpt.

Uriel speaks:-

“We want to tell you that as each of you who raise your consciousness through the Five Levels of Christ Consciousness, there are those of you who can even go beyond into the Melchizedek Consciousness. The millions of Light Workers that you shall automatically activate simply by being in their presence, as they become aware of you, and by giving you their attention, that shall be enough to trigger, not only these Dear Souls, so that they too can reach their internally programmed and personalized Desires, but by God’s Grace the billions of human beings that will be Over Lighted by the Light Codes that will Radiate from each of you quite naturally, and so will provide the Impetus for a Mass Ascension to be initiated. Please be mindful of this, for We are not speaking here to anyone who is not already well up the ladder of Ascension. Hopefully this will give just that little more aspiration to delve a little deeper into your Purpose and Mission, than perhaps you are presently aware of, before you became aware of these Discourses; for indeed there are many triggers implanted within its pages as Beloved Shekinah indicated in His last Address.

“We acknowledge the difficulties that humans have along this Path of Service and how many times no matter how much you seem to give, there is never a lot of feedback in the spheres of positive manifestation for you to say that you are winning, that what you give, is not in vain. It is so easy to lose faith and hope, especially just after a huge shift, where there is an accident or some form of perceived sickness or illness. And especially, when so much more chaos, imbalance and turmoil seems to come to the surface of both your immediate surroundings and across the Globe. But We say to you Dear Ones, this is the very result of what you are doing, for it is the process, by which all pain, lack and loss shall be Transformed, Transmuted and Transfigured; to be made Whole again. So please do not be discouraged or lose Heart after all of your fervent endeavours, physical, mental and emotional discomfort now! I here with Decree for you now.

“In the Name of the One Mighty God, Peace be unto you! Peace be unto your striving consciousness, your restless minds, your weary bodies – the Peace of God that DOES surpass the understanding of the personality mind.” Let Peace enter NOW into every cell, every Atom and sub-Atomic Atom within your being, all 4 lower bodies. May The Peace and Radiance of God’s Love, Wisdom and Power, ignite the Electrons that Activate your DNA Encodements, that are presently building your Eternal Light Body, to Greater and Higher Consciousness so that your Being may Ignite The Sacred White Fire Light, within you, so you can relax in the Knowledge that You are Immersed, Enveloped, Impregnated and Absorbed in the Presence of the Almighty!

“You Beloved Children of The Light live, move and truly have your Being within the Living, Breathing, Intelligent Body of the Universal God, and no matter how far you may stray in thought, You Can Never Leave The Safety Of His/Her Heart. It does however require you to fully Awaken to Your Presence within that Safe, Secure, Loving Heart! I Uriel and Aurora are the Ministers to you and Your Presence within these lower and Higher Realms of Earth. We are the Ones Who come with Our Legions of Angels to answer your Calls and your Prayers, Your Invocations and Your Decrees for Action. Nothing goes by Us, for that is Our Mission; To Serve You, as You Serve Humanity, The Earth, The Elementals, Devas, Nature Realms and the Angelic Host Kingdoms”. 

End of Excerpt and End of Part 3.


4 thoughts on “Part 3 The Creative Power of Mind

  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    This discourse is excellent and from every aspect one has to follow the rules of the Nature…Our mind can not separate from the mind of our father, He is a Creator and want us to be co creators following the rules and principles of the Nature.
    I like the following …in fact the whole chapter is very important to understand and act according to the laws of Nature.
    Wonderful vistas of glorious creativity came to mind. Once we became truly ‘at one’, purified channels and instruments of the ‘Intelligent Creative Power’, we could gradually ascend in consciousness until we truly expressed through our minds and hearts the very ‘NATURE’ of the ‘Universal Creative Power’.

    “Then ‘life on earth’ would indeed become a ‘state of heaven’ at all times and we would enter into a state of eternal life!

    Thank you very much for giving such a best insight.

    With Eternal Love, Light, Life , harmony and Balance of our mind with the Divine father,
    In Gratitude,


  2. Hello Dearest Peter,

    God Forgive Me, technology sure is not a strong point for me yet I am so very grateful for my little computer and this amazing internet… scary as it is!

    I have sent you an email with my new address as it sure is a grand pleasure to read and follow along on your progress with EGA and the healing of our earth with such positive intention and Light and Joy! You are so darn good at Inner listening.

    Indeed another move has taken place so for now am back in Oshawa for a little grounding so to speak ~ Big Smile

    Looking forward and Upward for a new plan!

    Thank you for posting your response and letting me know about my address, that surely will make all the difference!

    Love & Joy gratefully received and sending a big hug right back to you




  3. Hello dear friend Peter,

    It certainly seems it has been a long time since the heart has felt upliftment of any kind ~

    Thank you dear soul for remaining steadfast in holding high the beauty of God’s True Light, so easy it is for the mind to forget what is truly worth for the heart to hear and the soul to bear!

    Love you to pieces Peter, the timing could not be more perfect for this message to those who need to hear.

    Sure hope life is good for you, you who especially deserve your beautiful gifts of the heart that you share so genuinely.

    Lovely to have received your most appreciate message this very evening, or should I say New Day!


    In Light


    Biggest Hug and Smile ever

    On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 3:51 AM Elemental Grace Alliance wrote:

    > Peter Melchizedek posted: “The Definition and description of The Creative > Power of Mind Within Part 3 of The Creative Power Of Mind, I wish to > establish a True understanding of the Creative Intelligence of that Power, > that each and every human being has the capacity to activ” >


    1. Blessings Dear Imelda, Lovely to hear from you!

      I am so delighted that you have received these sharings. I sent them to your email as well but they kept being returned.??? Couldn’t work it out so deleted your email addresses. If you would like to stay on my email list can you write and confirm your email address please!

      It is always a Joy to speak with you Dear Soul.

      Sending Love and Joy



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