Part 4 – Elemental Grace Alliance – The Creative Power Of Mind – We The Bees Speak!

Part 4 – Elemental Grace Alliance – The Creative Power Of Mind – We The Bees Speak! 18th June, 2017

In Part 1, I introduced a small section about the Solarians and the Bees as a prelude to something that would be expanded upon at a later date.  I had no idea what that might be, but in faith and trust declared what I was given at the time.  It was shared:

“I am aware that for those reading this before they have had the opportunity to read about the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan in its entirety, and the Creation and Manifestation of its Narayana Joy Akasha Radiation Pyramidal Temple Communities, will find this small inclusion about the Solarians and Bees a little out of place, and may not see it as an integral part of what is to come. But I can assure each one reading here, that this information, if received with the same openness to their own Healing and the Christ Letters, it will begin to pave a new way toward the Victorious Success of the Ascension of the Mass Consciousness of Humanity and the integration of the New Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race here upon Earth in this New Golden Age.  It may be deemed as a small part, but please know there are many pieces to the puzzle of human life here on the planet. And they shall come in many forms and in a multitude of ways. Some of which, still remain unknown to those who are approaching their readiness, to make new choices within their lives. I therefore place this information here also for a very specific reason and one that if not immediately, in time will bring forward an even deeper understanding of what is transpiring here upon the planet today and more importantly to provide a Greater Foundational Platform to work upon with this Divine Plan the Elemental Grace Alliance”!

Just days after I wrote this a Dear Sister, Kandra, wrote introducing me to a new book she had just discovered about bees. Called ‘The Song of Increase’ by Jacqueline Freeman.  It immediately resonated with me and so I ordered it from Amazon. A few days later it arrived and I began to read it.  I have to say it is a profound book both of Jacqueline’s bee keeping experiences, but more so the direct communications she has experienced with the Over Lighting Consciousness of Bees.

As you will know, if you have read the Elemental Grace Alliance, I have a great affinity with bees and part of the Divine Plan for the Elemental Grace Alliance is to create a research centre that shall be dedicated to Bees, the Healing, well being and qualities of the Bees Existence here on Earth and their connections to us as human beings.  There are some remarkable Healing facets of honey that as far as I know, have yet to be explored and investigated that I believe somehow, the EGA will assist to bring forward for world awareness.  That is what I am told by Spirit anyway. I personally remain unaware of this at the present moment. Nevertheless, it remains true to form and within the early stages of manifestation due to how things are unfolding at this time.

Part 2 and 3 of the Creative Power of Mind chapter is now finished and as I began Part 4 yesterday, I knew that the Bees wanted to share something as a contributing effort for us as humanity, to see more about How the Unification of Divine Consciousness plays such an important part not only in maintaining and increasing one’s vibrational frequencies of consciousness, but how one can Heal the mistakes of an ongoing process of mis-creation through lack of knowledge and arrogance of willfulness, to create solely for the purpose for profit, greed and controlling forces that they know nothing about.

I knew the communication within Jacqueline’s book that was being asked to be included here, and when I felt this Power come through me, there was no question.  Yet as I pondered how to present it, my ego started to question.  It kept telling me it didn’t fit with what I was potentially trying to present.  I forgot that I was not in control of this process and had to step back and allow whatever and however what was needed from a Higher perspective to be presented.  I had all the information, just not the structure just yet.  So I got up from my computer and walked outside into the garden, and remembered that some Highland cattle that were in our paddock at the moment needed their water topping up.

It was a most beautiful day, the sun shining, the flowers all in full bloom, it was just glorious.  Then all of a sudden, something I have never experienced here in the UK since I have been here, made its Presence known to me.  I have only ever known of it once before in Australia when the noise was so loud and commanding, I was brought to my knees in gratitude for their Presence in my life!

I became aware of a chorus of Bees, singing the Song of Increase, a Song of Heavenly Angels singing Their Praise to the Creator for the Wonderful Bounty of plenty they had.  Our garden was so alive with bees that my Heart began to sing these praises also and tears began to flow from my eyes. I knew that the Bees Over Lighting Presence was with me and They were listening to everything that was being shared within this chapter of the EGA Christ Councils book.  All my questioning in mind disappeared and I knew then and there how to proceed. The Bees showed me an image of Their Hive while at the same time indicating much of the Inner Workings of the Group Soul of the Hive.  I saw so many correlations with humanity, in what we are not doing as a human race to keep our Resonances increasing and maintained to levels of awareness that both eliminate and keep in abeyance sickness, disease and ill health on many different levels within the 4 lower bodies.

Bees and Their Creations are totally influenced by human consciousness, as is everything here upon Mother Gaia, but humanity now has the Creative Power of Mind to change ALL their own mis-creations and ALL manifestations that are less than The Full Expression of God Universal Father Consciousness!  In the Christ Letters, Jesus says:-

“All the problems of harsh existence lay within the thought processes of man himself!

“Only people’s ‘consciousness forms’, their thoughts, words, feelings, actions created a dense barrier between their consciousness and the Universal Creative Consciousness interpenetrating the universe in every leaf, tree, insect, bird, animal and human being.

“I was also shown the LAWS OF EXISTENCE controlling the human ability to create new circumstances and environment, relationships, achievement or failure, prosperity or poverty.

“Whatever man profoundly BELIEVES himself to be, good or bad, that will he become. Whatever man FEARS others will do to him, so will they do.

“Whatever man HOPES that others will do to him, he must first do to them, since he is then creating a ‘consciousness pattern’ which will return to bless him to the extent he has blest others.

“Whatever disease man DREADS so will he become prey to it for he will have created a ‘consciousness pattern’ of the very thing he least wants to experience.

“Whatever is sent forth from man’s mind and heart, returns to him in due course in some form or another, but remember that like always breeds like. Strongly emotional thoughts are ‘consciousness seeds’ planted within a man’s own orbit of consciousness. These will grow, bearing a like harvest for his reaping.

These are the fruits of free will.

There is no way that man may escape what he thinks, says or does, for he is born of the Divine Creative Consciousness power and is likewise creative in his imagining.

“Those who long for good for themselves must first give it to others. Let their very existence be a blessing to others.

When such people are in harmony with all others, they are then perfectly attuned to the universal creative consciousness power and they are brought into the flow of the Father ‘nature’ which is growth, protection, nourishment (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) healing, fulfillment of need, within a system of law and order”.

All this is all about the Influx of ‘Ain Soph Or’, The Living Light, which is required to understand how this is presently being held back through human resistances and wrong thinking.  The Bees are coming to offer another perspective that hopefully touches a place within your heart that otherwise may not provide a clarity for what is happening within the world of human mis-creations.  I Bless the Bees for their ingenuity and Their Holy desire to help us come to a full Self Realization of how we all can make a much grander difference to the world we all live in.

From the book “Song Of Increase” by Jacqueline Freeman, I now share this excerpt that truly outlines the importance of living our lives within the Highest Vibrational Frequencies as possible.  For not only do we damage ourselves personally and as a collective race, but what we do to other species that live within this world also, just as Jesus explained.  Particularly the bees, who are probably the most important life forms there are, whom we actually depend upon for so much.  For without the bees this planet would not exist. That is a mighty statement indeed, but nevertheless, TRUE!

I hope that this communication directly from the Over Lighting Bee Consciousness itself, will demonstrate in a Real way, how we must change our ways if we are going to rise to the Levels of Christ Consciousness Living!  The Bees Speak!

“Although the hive itself is conscious of each undertaking and of the purpose and means of completing each task, we fret when these projects are not accomplished. The colony desires that which makes it whole. We try to remedy our problems – and man hives do – but some hives are not able to survive.  Though they have life force and they work to fulfill the tasks of the colony, these bees cannot fill the directive to thrive because they are broken. Hives populated with these wounded bees are markers, given the task to evolve or devolve when exposed to things like pollen with an altered gene structure or nectar that can damage organs.

“Each bee aligns itself with cosmic forces that direct its role in the colony. The hive’s daily functioning is precise and rhythmic, with each bee’s task divinely orchestrated to fulfill the role of the hive.

“Pollen emits a sound vibration that fits neatly into the historic memory bees share.  When pollen is chemically altered, the atomic structure has a strange vibration that doesn’t fit what we know as common to our perception and knowledge.

“A hive can accommodate some insufficiency within the pollen’s vibratory expression, because there is enough volume to make up for a bit of weakness. The wide variety of pollen sources provide ample stores for the hive.  But if only one kind of pollen is made available to us, as in monoculture cropping, where bees are trucked to pollinate thousands of acres on only one kind of flower, we cannot gather the wide variety of necessary herbal, tree, and flower pollens necessary to regulate our immune systems and fight off diseases.

“As we collect and bring home the pollen, its vibration, tunes us to a channel that bees work within. Clear, pure pollen, rich with life force, directs us in the proper action and relationships with all that surrounds us.  Our sensitive antennae are tuned to a channel that gives us the ability to communicate with other bees, as well as stay connected to our Creator. The more vital the pollen, the more it dials us in.  Each bee knows its task and purpose via the constant communication that comes through the clear channels of the antennae.

“Pollen is absolutely primary.  Pollen is the determinant of the hive’s health.  The clarity of our actions is determined by the purity of the pollen and the strength of the channel.  When the pollen is molecularly altered by exposure to poisons, the poisons damage the genetic material and its vibratory expression. When pollen is nutritionally weak, it does not provide sufficient energy for the hive to thrive. When only one pollen is available, bees sicken.

“The pollen fermentation process can align the chemical structure of damaged pollen to a degree, but when there is too much damage, fermentation can’t fix it. All damage has an effect.

“When a bee is born, its antennae are attuned to the channel of the bee’s highest expression. When a young bee has had insufficient nutrition and inadequate vibration from the pollen, the bee suffers.  Its channel isn’t tuned in clearly.  It lives with a modicum of static that distracts and inhibits its access to full knowledge and expression.  A hive altered by impaired pollens bears a dispirited hollowness within its sound expression, which affects all levels of the hive. While a hive can carry that condition for a while, ultimately, the lack becomes predominant, and the hive is aware that it is coming up short.  This static-like sound continually distracts and draws energy from the tasks at hand and inhibits the regular focus of the bees.

“Humankind remain unaware of how significant its alterations are to chemical structures and how detrimental these alterations are to finely attuned channels of expression, such as bees.  Poisons alter the environment on so many levels.

“When toxic exposure to living beings is gauged, the results are only measured in human scale, what mankind cannot measure is deemed insignificant and thus, allowable.  Even when toxic damage is acknowledged, it may be permitted nonetheless.  No weight is given to how genetic aberrations damage the vibration and inhibits the life force of the bees.

“Each hive has an Over Lighting Being.  The Over Lighting Being is representative of the hive and, at the same time, has responsibility to the Bee Kingdom.  The Over Lighting Being ensures that each hive is aligned with the highest expression of its bee-ness and that it contributes to the Bee Kingdom’s evolution. The Over Lighting Being is the repository of the hive’s history and the emissary who speaks on its behalf. When the bees bring in pollen, the Over Lighting Being revels in remembrance and appreciation of each plants genetic material and vibratory expression.

“When the hive’s attunement to purpose is thwarted by exposure to chemicals, molecular disorder, genetic disruption, or atomic disarray, the effects are heinous and devastating. When a hive loses its original signal clarity and gets skewed, it becomes unable to find its centre.  The richness of sound that invests the hive’s core is diffused and dispersed; it’s connection to purpose is obscured and ultimately lost. At this point, the Over Lighting Being, acting in correct relationship with nature, invites the hive to remove itself from the bee family.

“The hive recognizes that it cannot stay tuned in to its evolutionary purpose, so the colony removed itself.  The bees sacrifice themselves so their weakness doesn’t carry forward.

“Each hive must have the autonomy of serving its own needs, while also being in service to the larger purpose.  The ability for autonomous thought is our protection. Humans, in their folly, are making decisions for bees; but these decisions, without our input put us at risk.

“Monocultures are the betrayal of the trust between bees and humankind.  Humankind cannot have monocultures without migratory beekeeping.  This false movement of bees must cease, as it is too hard on hives.  Hives need to decide, on their own, how to make hives strong.

“Please allow our natural practices be expressed through our own tastes and timing.  We ask that mankind enter with us into a revolution of agricultural practices, where together we seek respectful relationships with all beings“.

End of excerpt.

One may need to read this over many times before the co-relationship with human situations and circumstances can be fully seen.  But the Truth is, we suffer in very similar ways due to the use of our choices and how we choose to live our lives. The remedies are clear, but the choices to make such decisions are not.

Within what follows Dear Jesus asks us a question as part of His sharing in the Christ Returns, Letter 1.

Jesus Speaks;-

“Pray sincerely, with all your souls, minds, hearts, for true enlightenment, rather than a re-iteration of old and false beliefs. Wake up and accept that these rituals and past beliefs have not fulfilled my words to mankind, when I promised that ‘greater things than I did’ would you do.

“Meanwhile, until true enlightenment comes to you, (after much meditation and prayer), teach, demonstrate and live:

“BROTHERLY LOVE with all the strength of soul, heart and mind, minute by minute in your daily lives.

“Because, to combat the global destructive consciousness forces, humanity must make every effort to move on swiftly to the next stage of its development.


“It must be widely accepted there is a HIGHER VISION to strive to implement in your daily lives.

“It is only by reaching for a higher vision that the physical world will be rescued from wholesale annihilation.

“Without the vision either for the self or for the world, there can be no spiritual evolution or the achievement of those things greatly desired. At the present time, your perception of life is one of travail and deprivation. These beliefs are shockingly depicted and re-enforced by your TV viewing. They later bring upon you the misery you hope will never happen to you.

“Therefore, to save you from your own folly expressed through the media and TV, the ‘human consciousness’ must be SPEEDILY uplifted to see what I saw in the desert, the Reality of Love behind and within all existence.

“N.B. When this great truth is both perceived and warmly acknowledged, the Reality of Love will begin to manifest Itself in multiple ways in every living thing and in the environment itself.

“The experience of abundance and joy will re-enforce the consciousness of abundance and joy. And so a spiritual spiral of ever more exalted and wondrous living will be set in motion.

“When the TRUE nature of ‘Being’ is fully understood, humanity will move on to the next rung of spiritual evolution and will put into motion a new and blessed form of human endeavor and personal experience. To achieve these goals, humanity must first gain insight into:

“WHAT and WHO you are.

“A new and important question is already coming into people’s consciousness. ‘Who are you, really, behind the facade you present to the world?’ What does it take to be REAL”?

End of Excerpt.

Beloved Metatron answers this for me. From a channel by James Tyberonn He says:-

“Make the Effort !

“In life, through every precious moment of life, effort is required. The idea that a fruitful life, a productive life is easy, is a great falsehood. Virtually all lessons in life, were gained through not only facing challenges, but overcoming them in a positive manner. Aging, growing gracefully into ‘senior’ years is the period ripe for, intended for the collation, the harvesting  of wisdom … and to express that knowledge in joy. 

“Masters, your religious texts state : ‘It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into heaven…”

“The true meaning of this text, is that you select lifetimes with challenges in order to grow. A lifetime of wealth in which all needs are ‘given’ , while perhaps easier in 3d-material aspect,  does not necessarily force one to work….and unfortunately oft allows for development of  negative characteristics, such as arrogance, entitlement and control of others. 

“Buddhism teaches that each soul chooses challenges in order to grow. And that a life without challenges, offers limited gain. A wise soul chooses a life requiring effort, with planned set-ups that are challenging and difficult.  

“Edgar Cayce stated that masterful souls will select a relatively ‘comfortable/easy’ life only one out of each four or five lifetimes. And that 75 to 80 percent of incarnations are chosen sojourns filled with select ‘set-ups’, soul-contract challenges, which lead to soul-growth and development. 

“Life can be difficult, and that is a noble truth. It is often only when one is seemingly caged by difficult obstacles, that one faces the challenges and transcends them. 

“Life will always have its stresses, from family, work & finances. It’s unavoidable and can cause a barrage of health problems like sleeplessness, depression, and heart disease. But people of wisdom have learned to manage their stress. Whether it’s meditation, exercise, or just taking a couple minutes for yourself every day to unplug from worry, computers, television and phones. Focus on worry will attract to you the very things you fear.

“Find a group of like-minded seekers, and involve yourself with people of all ages. Sacred travel, metaphysical conferences and spiritual books are excellent ways to keep busy. Find joy and live it, laugh! Laughter and enjoyment are valid means of rejuvenation.  The person who expresses joy, the person who learns how to be happy is able of changing their world, shifting their reality for the better. Obtaining joy, involves truly appreciating life, and that achievement knows no better time to complete than the ‘golden years’.

“Finding happiness and maintaining joy is one of the most important achievements for any soul seeking mastery to achieve. And in the senior years, it is of utmost importance to seek joy, and live each moment fully, vibrantly!  You are not cosmic beings who come down to earth realms to merely ‘work and then die’. 

“You are spirits who have chosen to grow and part of that process is learning to express yourselves vivaciously, blissfully through the precious joy of life.  Those that tell you that the best years of life are in the past, are unwise, and do not know that the ‘now moment ‘ is ever the point of power.

“Seize the day Dear Hearts ! Embrace the moment! Create Love, Create Joy!

“I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. You are Beloved”!

So in closing Part 4, although Metatron refers to those in their ‘golden years’, I ask you, is every now moment not precious in the Light, Love and Life of Mother, Father Divine Consciousness, no matter your age.

So just to reinstate the Truth of Who You Are I wish to site this excerpt from the Keys of Enoch, by J.J. Hurtak, his new 55th Key that is the first of the final series of 10 Light Picture Superscripts.  This is part of the first that relates to the first Commandment given to Moses from the ‘Burning Bush’.

“405.  The First Light Picture Superscript ‘Thou Shall Be the Living Light’ becomes intrinsically linked with the sub-emanation of ‘Thou Shall Be a Light Unto All Nations’, in that the energy bands that separate the realms of Light from the realms of Darkness are re-modelled/re-made through the sidebands of a renewed energy frequency.

“406.  The First Picture Light Superscript: ‘Thou Shall Be The Living Light’ extends upon the Waters of Life Creation for humanity who graduates as the co-evolution of the story of ‘Genesis’ removing the terminal directions of the apocalypse, into a new morning horizon.

“407.  Within the Divine Procession of the Infinite, from the smallest Trinitized form, such as the electrons, quarks or hydrogen atoms etc, life re-emerges into the perfect vibrational Light of the Triple Powers.

“408. This is the biological Initiations onto the Light receptors built into our beings, designed according to the heavenly blueprint of Light activations.

“409.  This is also the commandment of biogenesis, or the recreation of the Adam Kadmon out of the Womb-Man, bone-of-bone, flesh-of-flesh, unto the ‘Light of Lights’ by linking the Divine Shekinah Matrix and the Logos Power within us which over shadows the ‘evolutionary night’, known also as the dark night of the soul. 

“410. The realms of Light beckon our soul as a Divine Spark, to seek high Divinity, as recorded in the writings of the Pistas Sophia.

“411. Once the Trinity Self has been found within and activated, a whole array of Divine Gifts are acquired, the greatest of which is to share the Agape (selfless, sacrificial and unconditional Love ) with our fellow beings.

“412. Our soul has become en-clothed with the constant expression of Love, constant creation of Service, and constant manifestation of Divine Will. Thus, the activation of the greater biogenesis takes place through the true mirror reflection of our Higher Selves.

“413. Then we discover that everything is Consciousness as we begin to realize our own inner power source of ‘Light Energy’.

“414.   Our vision had been clouded and we have seen only a black and white reality, only a material realm, and now we are making a collective leap from a carbon based life style in becoming one with ‘The Light’ in the ‘here and now’.

“415.  We are from ‘The Light’ as ciphered in the energies of Life and are able to mirror that Light now!

“416.  With this understanding we begin to work with everything on the level of Light Energy, including matter form. Everything we do in this matter realm comes to us with the understanding of its true existence with the Light Energy Presence, as we see it from a higher state of pure awareness. That is, we begin to relate to the matter realms from the Divine Light realms, operating on a scalar level.

“417.  As we look deeply into the world around us we realize ‘things’ are not as material as they seem, but are as packages of Light having a multidimensional reality.

“418.  When we understand that we have a direct interconnection with the Light we can use our life in a different way, working on all energetic levels to augment this reality through a greater Peace, Love and Understanding as we use new way to advance though Thought Forms of Higher Light.

“419. We begin to see ourselves as having an energetic connection to the Light, understanding the Higher Powers of non-locality.

“420.  As are the ‘Light Connected’ with each other as embryonic Light Beings, we can assist all living things through Love, for we are all living in an evolving, interconnected Consciousness Universe.

“421.  We are part of a Divine family and they have asked us to share the Light from the biological building blocks in our human bodies, as a way to act as a factory for Spirit. Whether it ne in the restoration of health through Divine realignment or being peacemakers to those around us, we take on the Presence of a new Being and we are given a taste of the next level of Light Existence.

“422. Through seeing ourselves as we truly are, as extensions of the Divine Image in human form, working with the positive forms of the Living Light and directly with Whole Light Beings, who are seeking to bring us into a greater Oneness with the Divine.

“423.  We lose the separation. We now know we came from the Image of the Adam Kadmon, carrying the Similitude of Light, and now we assimilate the Light as we return to the Creator Light of the Ain Soph”.

End of Excerpt

There is much more in J.J.Hurtak’s new book  “ The First Light Picture Superscript” if you wish to gain greater awareness.  But for now I shall stop here so you may begin to integrate what has been shared on so many levels.

With what is being offered in the new Keys of Enoch book, the Elemental Grace Alliance can expand upon within its website and book.  But I am being reminded that this is all about Self Realization and it can only be those who are ready who shall be guided by their own I Am Presence as to what is required from here.

It is my Blessing to be of Service, to share and offer my experiences within this developing growth within this Divine Plan.

Part 5 shall possibly be the last information based around this healing aspect of humanity. Only time will tell.  While writing this Part 4, so much information about the next shifts of consciousness for humanity and the adjustment of time lines for Earth has been presenting itself through Divine Consciousness.  Metatron speaks of these things in His 3 Part Series of the Activation of the Adam Kadmon Race.  You can read these from the website if this is of interest to you.

End of Part 4


2 thoughts on “Part 4 – Elemental Grace Alliance – The Creative Power Of Mind – We The Bees Speak!

  1. Dear Br. Peter,
    Very good discourse to learn from Bees…
    They will be in groups only and how they are living and doing their work as collectively is the lesson to learn from the Bee…
    Only one is responsible for the whole community and all will follow the rules and very sincere also.
    Our Master Metatron has given very good lesson …

    Make the Effort !

    “In life, through every precious moment of life, effort is required. The idea that a fruitful life, a productive life is easy, is a great falsehood. Virtually all lessons in life, were gained through not only facing challenges, but overcoming them in a positive manner. Aging, growing gracefully into ‘senior’ years is the period ripe for, intended for the collation, the harvesting of wisdom … and to express that knowledge in joy.

    “Masters, your religious texts state : ‘It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into heaven…”

    We have to read this lesson again and again …
    Thank you so much for this lesson…there is so much to understand in this Universe…
    We have to learn from any small creature and any living or who has consciousness …we have to learn.
    In Gratitude & Love,


  2. Hello again dear Peter,

    New email address is, Medicine man sold his house so on May 01, I moved back into the city, Oshawa Ontario. Now living in a lovely house that my niece and I are renting together to help each other out, at least for this next year until we figure out what comes next for each of us ~ big smile

    Always lovely to read your beautiful sharings, feels like you are surely hitting the nail on the head ~ another big smile

    Wonderful it is to connect again, just like getting together with an old friend!

    ~Big Hug

    ~*LOVE ALWAYS *~ Imelda

    ps Do say Hello to Sue and wish her well for me

    On Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 4:34 PM Elemental Grace Alliance wrote:

    > Peter Melchizedek posted: “Part 4 – Elemental Grace Alliance – The > Creative Power Of Mind – We The Bees Speak! 18th June, 2017 In Part 1, I > introduced a small section about the Solarians and the Bees as a prelude to > something that would be expanded upon at a later date. I” >


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