Christ’s Message 2014 – A Higher Vision

Blessings Dear Souls,
I have just received an email from the distributor of the Christ Returns Letters and Messages.
I am informed that this New 2014 Message was somehow overlooked and has just come to light!
It is called Christ’s Message 2014 – A Higher Vision.
I am attaching it here for you as part of my dedication to the spreading of the Christ Consciousness and the Christ Letters.
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In Love We Share, In Light We Give, In Life We Live

Christ’s 2014 Message – A Higher Vision

I HAVE SAID YOU NEED A HIGHER VISION IN ORDER TO BRING ABOUT RADICAL CHANGES IN YOUR WORLD. But I have not told you how to achieve a Higher Vision and how to bring it into being. Without this more detailed knowledge, you will find this commandment difficult to fulfill. I have seen the many hundreds of people who have taken my words into their hearts and have longed to bring them into manifestation in their lives and for the benefit of the planet.

So much love is being expressed as a result of this call to create a Higher Vision, that it is now essential that I come again, to help you begin to work consciously, intelligently and lovingly to create a new world.

look back over the last five thousand centuries of individual human development on earth, with the assistance of your history books, and also the writings of noted Writers and philosophers from different countries and centuries, you can see that the changes in thought and style of living did not just happen, they took place only because of the changing blue- prints of consciousness taking place in the highly intelligent minds of more ‘advanced thinkers’. They presented their thoughts and ideas to the public and as these were absorbed with respect by the public, so did the new ideas take different shapes in the human mind of the populace. Thereafter, gradually, these new ideas appeared manifested as a slightly new mode of behavior, and also affected national life generally in one form or another. Any and all changes have taken place as a result of someone having a new idea which impacts strongly on public sensitivities and is absorbed by them. You will say this is just common sense. Yes, it is, but we have to build our new perceptions on the ground of common sense, otherwise you will find yourselves rejecting them.

If you look back to what were, in England, the Victorian and Edwardian days, and known by other terms in other countries, 1845 – 1919, you may remember that life in England was very disciplined by the strong traditional rules imposed by laws from Parliament and by members of the aristocracy and Upper Classes. All of these laws and rules were formulated by generations living comparatively roughly but gradually being smoothed and refined by the developing thoughts of the Thinkers in the country. As a result of the visions of these Thinkers, the various appurtenances of civilization were adopted: sanitation, paved streets, places of refuge to help the under privileged, MANNERS BECAME STRICTLY STREAMLINED TO ENABLE PEOPLE TO LIVE PEACEFULLY WITH EACH OTHER. And people went to church and listened to what their preachers had to tell them about damnation and hell fire if they committed sin. You will see that people were able to live tranquil lives as a result of the disciplines voluntarily adopted by the nation on the whole, and this continued until the hidden and subversive elements of human thought and consciousness erupted in wars. All strong emotional thought must manifest eventually. The conflict brought an opportunity to young men to express their hidden aggressive tendencies which had remained hidden. That is why the men and boys flocked to join up in 1914.

But when the war was over, the consciousness of the populace changed again because it had experienced the pain and the anguish of the manifestation of human subversive, aggressive, retributive impulses active in warfare conflict. English people wanted no more war – they wanted fun! The Churches no longer held the respect of the people as they had before the war.

However, the last war, 1939 – 1945 brought society itself into an upheaval. The previously downtrodden masses, directed into the three Fighting Forces in the war, had an opportunity to demonstrate hitherto unsuspected intelligence and skills. As a result, the class barriers were largely broken down, the previously under-privileged people were now given the opportunity to further their education and move up into professional positions.

Sadly, as these opportunities took place, the consciousness, inherited from babyhood in impoverished homes, were not replaced by life-giving thoughts. The old feeling of life not being fair, or being hardly done by, of being rejected by the wealthy, remained, and produced a great deal of negative reaction – Instead of the new opportunities afforded to people generally producing a high degree of an elation of spirit, a belief in success, achievement and happiness,, there was also a very negative, life-undermining consciousness at work in the minds of the population, destroying much of the well-being and joy that should have been built up after the last war, with the advent of a huge amount of Technical skills and discoveries, contributing to the general well-being of human beings.

But, in search of fun and frivolity, the rules for living decent lives were relaxed and gradually cast aside, with the result that the ill-effects of such undisciplined living imbued the consciousness of the masses. They began to experience high levels of misery and despair as a result of emotional upheavals, that these in turn led to abnormal reactions of aggression and hatred. People burdened with these impulses of negative reaction, endeavored to relieve the pain through sexual excesses. These increased as they were talked about and advertised in the media, films, TV. Radio – the more they were talked about, the more they took hold of people’s minds and flourished, leading to ever worse crimes against each other.

And this is where you are now. In addition to what has been going on in people’s minds and externalizing in planetary (?) behavior and experiences, you have the hugely negative effect of such aberrant thought and behavior on the ‘matter’ of the planet itself -because, as I told you in Letter 1, and you probably did not believe me, but when I was in the desert, I was able to see how a change in my consciousness did affect the vibration of motes around me – speeded them up or slowed them down, and thus the appearance would change so very slightly that an ordinary onlooker would never have noticed the changes.

But I was just one man bringing my mind to bear on my environment – what of whole cities, countries, reading newspapers, absorbing all the latest scandals and crime and carrying that around during the day – what of that kind of DESTRUCTIVE consciousness – how would that manifest in your world – would it not go to the areas on your planet which have faults, areas where the composition of rock and earth is fractured, made friable, less packed and stable?

What about the weather? There are those amongst you who are well aware that consciousness does affect the nature of the weather. Everything in your life is CONSCIOUSNESS. YOU CANNOT THINK TO YOURSELVES THAT THIS  IS  CONSCIOUSNESS AND  THAT IS SOLID MATTER – EVERY SINGLE THING IS ACTUALLY CONSCIOUSNESS MADE VISIBLE and human minds are creating it minute by minute.


In the first place, each one of you must go to Divine Consciousness, in meditation.

What do I mean by ‘meditation’? 

I mean an emptying of yourselves of your Will to be in charge of your life. I mean a reaching out in your minds to the vastness of space, seeking contact with that which brought you into being. Close your eyes and keep them lifted to the top of your forehead. Surrender your Will, ask to be filled by Divine Consciousness in order to be inspired with new ideas of what the world ought to be. If ideas come to you during your contact with Divine Consciousness, the moment you come out of meditation, write down these ideas in your spiritual journal, which everyone should keep.

Begin to think about the reality of living in unconditional love with everyone. What does that really mean? What will your lives be like? What kinds of feelings are rising within you? Create such a place in your mind for as long as you feel happy within it. Give little parties of unconditional love only. What do you learn from them? Talk about your discoveries regarding your present form of consciousness.

You are having to live in two dimensions at this moment. You are in the world with all its mayhem and unpleasant consciousness – and also it’s wonderful drive towards seeking spirituality in mind, emotions and body. You must choose or imagine as consistently as possible that you are within the protection and well-being of Divine Consciousness.

This means that when you are brought into contact with the unpleasant consciousness forces in life, you must continually pray to Divine Consciousness to help you ignore the hurt, the disgust, the rejection of offenders which your humanity, your ego would have dragged you into, and instead, rise into an awareness of Divine Consciousness as being the only Reality in your lives. And therefore, you will enter and remain poised in forgiveness and a concerned caring for the erring person’s well-being and happiness.

At the very beginning of your striving to live in this non-reactive and pro-active way- which requires you to consciously reject the state of ego reaction and enter the second state of pro-activity, you will find it very painful and annoying to have to let go, overcome, the old sense of having been badly treated but as you persist, joyfully, you find one day that you are able to move immediately into a state of pro-active joy, forgiveness, understanding and caring concern for whoever has just that moment upset your equilibrium.

When you achieve this level of loving response to outer dark influences, you have established a framework of Divine Consciousness on earth.

Pause here and try to fully understand that you have created an area of wholeness on the earth and this does not dissolve. Each time, you can retain love in your heart in face of opposition; you have built a little oasis of Divine Love in your environment. You will perceive that as more and more people on earth strive to respond to darkness in this way. The darkness itself will be affected – it cannot be otherwise, and so will the ranks of those striving to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, begin to increase and swell, and eventually the voices of the Divine will begin to enlighten the responses of those who are still unenlightened.

And what will be happening on earth whilst individuals are creating their own little oasis of Divine Love on earth? These oases will manifest as long-desired benefits in human society. They will enable human beings to rectify the mistakes made in the past years since the last war. Public services will begin to improve; humanity will begin to take on board new ethics governing their behavior which will ensure that they treat their fellowmen with loving consideration and compassion. As this happens, prosperity will begin to return, poverty will abate, health will become evermore flourishing, arising from the new loving responses in people’s hearts and minds. There will be benefits which at this moment you cannot even imagine because they will accrue from a high spiritual consciousness, beyond your conception at the present moment.

This is how you will create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

I have just one word of warning. None of this will happen until people become aware that their own human thinking only has power over the ‘matter’ of the world -it is not spiritual.

The ‘I’ of each person is not the soul – the soul is hidden within the ego.

Please note well, all followers of Christ’s Letters, who have also followed other spiritual leaders.

 Your ego remains in control of your consciousness until you have, little by little, drawn into your minds, the transcendent Divine Consciousness to gradually spiritualize your mental processes.

Will you please note: I have to tell you that human seekers of spirit, have been misled by teachers who have only absorbed certain facets of my message.

When water is poured into porridge, it softens the porridge but it is absorbed into the porridge and takes on the consistency of the porridge. So it is when spiritual inspiration flows into a receptive mind. It takes on the nature of the human mind. Very rarely is the inspiration so powerful that it can enter and flash its Truth into such a powerful awareness, that a person’s beliefs are immediately changed. This is why inspired people teach many versions of Truth.

The fatal version is when people are told that they are Divine because they have drawn their being from Divinity.

The truth is, they can draw little streams of inspired consciousness into their minds, and very little by little, the darkness of the human ego is dissipated and is illumined by Divine Inspiration. Eventually, the consciousness is fully illumined, and the ego

is overcome. When this happens to a person, that person becomes fully UNIVERSAL in Consciousness and is no longer aware of any desires for the self at all.

It focuses on otherness entirely and lives only to experience the rapture and ecstasy of Divine Consciousness and lovingly promote the well-being of others.


This is why I descended to write this Letter for you.

In Love, Wisdom and Power

4 thoughts on “Christ’s Message 2014 – A Higher Vision

  1. Truly magnificent Truth! A perfect message in time for the profound shift humanity is now moving through. The more of us who heed these words, who truly take them into our lives, the sooner the shift will unfold.

    Know that a momentum is building, that every thing you think you know about everything is changing. Commit yourself to 24/7 meditation as described in this message, because you don’t just schedule meetings with God anymore. Ask yourself how you can multitask with Divine Consciousness? Always expect synchronicity from those you don’t know. Balance comes from the release of “segmenting” God – Worship God 24/7 all about you. You don’t have to become part of the problem to work with the problem. And know that instead of just visiting with God in meditation and concentrating on Divine Consciousness, you can BECOME It all the time! Now THAT IS POWER.


    1. That comment showed under an older display name. I’ve adjusted the profile but it hasn’t updated. This reply is the next best thing.

      Love, Light and Life to you.


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