Part 2 – Pallas Athena – 7th Seal/12th Ray – EGA Cosmic Law Authority, 13th August, 2017

Part 2 – Pallas Athena – Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council Grant Dispensation Disclosure – 13th August, 2017 – Peter

This morning I awoke early with Lady Chohan Pallas Athena’s Loving Presence to greet me.  I went to bed last night while continuing to hold the decision made by the SOEPDC to include our Esteemed New Brother and Sister to join us as part of the Grant by the Cosmic Law of more than Ordinary Release of Instructions into the Combined Force Field, known as the Elemental Grace Alliance, being offered to us by the Karmic Board of Directors, playing on my mind.  Nothing to do with ‘should or should they not be included’ for this is beyond any level of reasonable doubt, as proposed by Beloved Pallas with us in Her Discourse, but rather my desire now to KNOW the Divine Truth of this Whole scenario.  This desire to KNOW the TRUTH for me, and indeed all of us, is the Foundational Storehouse from which the Elemental Grace Alliance and the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council has been made Manifest thus far, in Accordance to this Divine Plan.

Our Divine Sister, Goddess of Truth shared many things with me as I laid there in bed, being embraced by Her Light of Truth.  As I received Her ‘Packets of Light Encodes and Language’ it all began to expand exponentially, far too much for me to gather, remember and take on board in this way.  So I requested that we stopped for a while allowing me time to gather my thoughts and feelings and able to resume again while I sat at my computer where I could then bear witness to the Gifts and Blessings of Her Truth in my usual way!

Beloved Pallas Athena, I give Thanks and Gratitude for your continued Pressure with us and indeed for your now Conscious Presence in all our lives, from this time forward.  May we resume your Blessing again now?

“Indeed We may! It is interesting for Me your terminology of “bearing witness” to Our Communications, for is this not what the Evolution of the Human Race is all about.  Indeed any Human Race.  Evolution depends upon it, for without the physical manifestation of thoughts, ideas, imaginings, visions, how would humanity grow! I Am the Goddess of Messengers, and in so Being I Am the Goddess of Thoughts, Ideas, Imaginings and Visions. You could even say the Goddess of Divine Inspiration.  Inspiration being one of the Divine Qualities of the 12th Golden Ray!  These Inspirations come in many forms manifesting in all levels of vibrational frequencies, all of which are seated within Truth, just at the different Levels of Vibrational Consciousness. Truth is not singular, it is multilayered and multidimensional, it encompasses the Wholeness of the Universal Experience and Existence of the Prime Creator Him/Herself. So the “bearing witness” to any manifestation is the manifestation itself of truth or Truth.

“The 12th Ray being activation through the Seventh Seal allows for the Vibrational Manifestations from this moment on to be potentially The Divine Perfection of your God Experiences on Earth. The Truth of your Beingness, to be able to be seen beyond the thought, idea, imagining or vision.  You become such things by this TRUTH of Reality, the Truth of your New Found Consciousnes;, Re-Membered. It was always there, just never perceived until now in a way that you would comprehend beyond the minds ability to Know!  This is why the Seventh Seal relates to the solar plexus; the Heart of Knowing.

“We were Over Joyed to see how the initial way the Potential of Gifting of the “Grant by the Cosmic Law of more than Ordinary Release of Instructions into the Combined Force Field known as the Elemental Grace Alliance” was received and interpreted.  It was presented in such a way so as to INSPIRE. Remember Dear Souls, thoughts, ideas, images and visions! Free will remains the Universal Law for Earth and so the Vibrational Manifestation of this Grant will only APPEAR in accordance to the Levels of Consciousness applied to it. As you all Know by now, all Messages through this Elemental Grace Alliance is specifically Encoded with Codes and Light Language.  It is explained right at the beginning of the EGA Book as the Codicil for this Whole Divine Plan. If it were not, then the EGA would now be a massive group of souls sharing in the old way of expressing thoughts, ideas, images and visions.

“In this old way there is no judgement, for all hold Truth within it. However, not that the Levels of Awareness that this Divine Plan was Created and Manifested for. If it were not for the Filters placed are each word and each sentence and paragraph and chapter in this way, we would not yet have Magnetized together a Dedicated Group of Souls to Accept the Fullness of the Work Potentials being asked for within this very specific Plan at these Levels of not only Awareness, but the Abilities to Reflect such Truth within the Divine Plan outside of human personality interference. There is still some way to go, but as I said in My previous Discourse;

“Each of you who are reading or listening to this, You stand at the threshold of the 12th Ray, with Qualities and Virtues of Wisdom, Devotion, Illuminating Intelligence, Love, Power, Harmony, Peace, Equilibrium, Creativity, Inspiration, Magnetism, Enlightenment And One Unity Consciousness. Your Essences of these Qualities are Now Shining Forth, both individually and as a Group and this is a wondrous and delightful thing to Observe. 

“We hear you speak with the tongues of men and women, but walk in the Rainbow Hued Light of Truth. We Who Direct your steps, are Lifted with Gladness by the courage of your words as you continue to place them into the actions that make up your lives. This We Celebrate and Rejoice in, when you break each earthly chain of limitation. With blazing eyes, you look inward for the last shreds of bondage and the means to free the Heart, so that it may Open to All.

 “The Group, the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council is so small at this time, simply because it is Our Desire to Focus Divine Intention upon it, for the purpose of magnifying the Potentialities of the Work needed to begin yesterday! In other words, there is a definite need for these Levels of Combined Force Fields to begin the Work of the Higher Consciousness. This is not about any elite group or any clique of members to keep it all a secret, quite the contrary!  It is about a Unification of those Dear Souls who have finally come into their own Powers as Sovereignty Beings to do Work at Levels of Necessity where humans with their old human consciousness of beliefs and programs, have yet failed to pass through the Rings of Consciousness, that can Fully Embrace Universal and Cosmic Law.

“Therefore just like the Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses Book and succeeding Discourses, We shall encourage you to continue this process of sharing.  The EGA Book and Website are free for all who are led to them.  But as you have already discovered, only those who are ready, only those whose I Am Presence’s are able to penetrate the old shields of illusion within the four lower bodies of Dear Souls, only those who can see the Truth in the Love, Power and Wisdom within the Words of the Discourses, through the Elemental Grace Alliance and can call them their own shall be able to Surmount, Overcome and become Victorious over all human limitations through this Blessed Vehicle. So let Us Guide you and the Divine Consciousness within Universal Equilibrium to deal with those who come and present themselves to you.

“The Cosmic Law shall apply, and as We have said before, there are no exceptions. Those ready will follow through, Streamed according to their Light Quotients and Vibrational Frequencies. That is Our Domain, not yours. So there are unlimited responsibilities you could accept as your own, by handing them to us allows you the Freedom to Do the Work without encumbrances within the physical realities. 

“Dear Souls We the Messengers of Prime Creators Love, Light and Life have been telling you the Truth for eons, but still humanity fights the vigorous battles with their own ego personalities, many listening to the Messengers, but few and far between Actually Hearing the Truth coming from Them. So it matters not who may read or listen, what matters is that they have the opportunity to do so, and unless it is presented for such opportunities, then this group or any other, becomes a clique or a falsely deemed elitist group. We cannot allow this to happen with the EGA and so the Programs of Light, The I Am Presence’s Over Lighting Radiance and the Cosmic Laws have been so meticulously incorporated with this Divine Plan to achieve its Goals. This is not a human plan. It is a Divine Plan that MUST be executed personally by humanity, in accordance to the Universal Will Guiding it forward. Human Beings who have trained, taught, been educated and qualify for such Roles over eons of time within the Human Experience.  There a Millions of you on Earth, and We have been calling for Ages for you to take on your Own Sovereign Powers. Not necessarily through the EGA, for there are millions of Divine Plans awaiting such Execution Right Now! This is just ONE!

“So Dear Brothers and Sisters, many will want to come and join the Elemental Grace Alliance, but those Filters, through their own I Am Presence’s, in accordance to Divine Cosmic Law, will allow only those ready, through Divine Will, who wish to fulfil the obligations of those Laws, to be able to Pass through the Rings of Consciousness, and in turn receive the Full Dispensation, that is; the Full and Permanent Opening of the Seventh Seal and 12th Ray Activations. So the Light Programs presently in place for the EGA act as a Template of Initiations that both allow time to Integrate, and understanding to permeate the entire four lower bodies to Heal. And so preparing the human biology in all its four lower bodies, for what Stands upon the Threshold of the New Adam Lilith Kadmon Human Reality.  These Light Programs, are far more than what may be perceived, and they have indeed proven to be very successful Programs, as seen with the resultant combination of Souls now Gathered and United, Gathering and Uniting in One Cause and One Consciousness Light Band of Force Field Radiance!

“In the same way that God Himalaya shared within the Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses; albeit He was referring to the Connection to His Domain, Nature and the Mountain Ranges of the World, it acts as a Perfect Reflection of the Point I Am Presenting at this time. Not only that, I will offer this as part of the Greater Awareness that shall unfold in due course as part of this Divine Grant through you. Peter, would you please”!

Of course, this excerpt comes for God Himalaya’s Discourse page 696 of the EGA Book.

“Mankind’s energy must be kept used up in certain actions of the outer, yet, Precious Ones, when you realize to what the mass of mankind, in their so called work of the outer world, give their time, their energy, and their attention for no reason at all that lifts them to the Ascension, not one atom of what they do, raises them toward the Ascension.

“On the contrary, so much of their physical action in the outer world in the use of Life’s Energy, but builds more and more and more limitation through the centuries that accumulates as a pressure against the Powers of Nature, until such time as the force within arises and shatters the pressure without. Now then, you who have Conscious Understanding of this in the use of the Great Light Substance which We pour over the Nation, you may have an Individualized Stream of that Substance as a Balancing Force within you, just as well as We can spread It over the Nation to hold certain balance or pressure in the atmosphere, so the destructive forces cannot accomplish all they intend. We only allow enough of their own destruction to recoil upon them in order to teach the lesson which they will not learn harmoniously.

“Therefore, if We allow certain destructive reactions to be faced by mankind, it is because they have refused to learn the Law the harmonious way or they have refused to give Obedience to the Demands of that Law. But now you enter into a Cycle wherein the Cosmic Law takes possession of the atmosphere of Earth and becomes the Authority of what is to act here. So those of you who Know this Law, those of you who have given Obedience in your outer activities to come this far in the Light, are very welcome to help use these Greater Powers and bring this Substance which brings Balance and Greater Purity wherever you consciously direct It in the physical world.

“Therefore, Precious Ones, if you understand what the Cosmic Law’s Demand is concerning, the use of the Powers in the Mountain Ranges, you may render tremendous assistance to the Beings of Nature; and you may also draw into your own Worlds some very delightful Blessings as you Call Forth the Cosmic Law’s Great Powers of the Mountains of the world. In your Acknowledgment of the Cosmic Law’s Miracle Action of the Powers of Nature through the Great Mountain Ranges of the world, then everything that is Beautiful and Harmonious in those Channels can begin to come closer and closer to you by your own Heart’s Love; and by the Natural Law of Attraction, that draws into your outer use that which expands the Blessing already created and fulfils the Great Divine Plan in outer action. There are many Powers of Nature focused and acting within Mountain Ranges; therefore if you want them to Bless you, then send your Love to Them and Issue Your Commands.

“You Call to your ‘Beloved I Am Presence’ first, and then to the Great Beings who direct the Powers of the Great Silence. You may Demand and Acknowledge that, “‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law’s Miracle Release of the Powers of Nature and the Forces of Light within the Mountain Ranges of the world into my outer use and direction for the Greater Blessing of Love and Perfection to Life”. Now when you realize, Life is in the Mountain Ranges around the planet, Life is in the Heart of the Great Silence, Life is in the Great Powers of Nature, then if you begin your Acknowledgment of your Complete Oneness with that Life, that Life will give you All It has to help you fulfil the Divine Plan. So when you say, “’I AM’ the Cosmic Law’s Miracle Action of the Life in the Great Silence; and that Life in Its Glorious Cosmic Blessings and Perfection without limit, manifests through All the Life that I contact and releases Its Powers to fulfil the Divine Plan”, then you become the ‘Crystal Cup’.

“Those Powers pour into you; and as you use Them to give Greater Blessing and Perfection to Life, more will come from moment to moment, hour to hour, and day by day. When you want to feel your Oneness with the Powers of Nature in order to Unite with them Your Love to help control Them Harmoniously and to prevent destruction, then when you say, “’I AM’ the Cosmic Law’s Immortal, Miracle Action and Oneness with the Perfection in the Powers of Nature, and of that Life ‘I AM’ to the Blessings of All”; again through your Love and Acknowledgment of the Action of Life in the Powers of Nature will you feel all the activities that will Bless you coming forth as the Gifts and Action of the Beings Who Direct that Energy. And that would include everything within the Great Silence.”

End of Excerpt.

“Are you receiving my thoughts, ideas, images and visions Dear Ones? I can tell you this, you will not with only one reading.  There is so much information here and in my previous Discourse relating the “Grant by the Cosmic Law of more than Ordinary Release of Instructions into the Combined Force Field known as the Elemental Grace Alliance” and how it shall be interpreted by each of you individually and as a Group. If you are going to Accept the Cosmic Laws to take possession of the atmosphere of Earth becoming the Authority of what is to act here, through you, The Elemental Grace Alliance Council and The Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council, then you are going to need Our Grant to offer you Greater Guidance, Clearer Instruction and Direction. We have seen through the Streaming of all those whom have thus far began to read or read at least once The Discourses of the EGA, have but scratched the surface of what is available in Knowledge, In Light Encodements and in other Levels of Consciousness. 

“I say to you again, your Growth and Further Development shall be greatly enhanced by studying more closely what is being revealed to you.  Jesus says the same thing about the Christ Letter’s and corresponding Articles and Messages. So this is not something new.  So many texts, hold far more within them than simple words printed on a page.  It is your choice! Let the I Am Within Guide you where and what to review more closely anywhere within the libraries of the world.  Everything you need to know is out there available to you.

“Do not be fooled here Beloved Hearts, We are not going to tell you what or how to do it, but We Will, just as I Am Now, giving all who may read this, a more expansive insight to the unfoldment of Human Evolution as it continues to play out toward Its own Completion. Do you understand this?  If not, then Trust in Truth and continue to expand your awareness through the manifestations of the Highest Truths you can muster and do understand.

“Therefore your Levels of Awareness shall be measured by the Truth you Garner and Self Realize through multiple reviews and your Dedication to Integrate what is being shared.  If you feel ‘awe’ as some have shared, then know your reactions, responses are of overwhelm.  This is an ego personality response, perfectly natural and deemed delightful just the same.  But there is more!  This ‘awe’ has been offered you to INSPIRE you to Greater Aspirations of Achievements, not to question whether or not you are worthy or able to perform your obligations and responsibilities that shall come from Accepting this Grant for yourself/yourselves.  It is your I Am Presence’s way of saying “Hey, this is for you, you have earned this Grant.  It is your Birthright! Are you ready? If so, how do you wish to respond”?

“With Greater Awareness comes Greater Responsibilities, and these so called Responsibilities only relate to the human experience, and the ego personality.  From the Impersonality no such responsibilities are required for all Simply IS. Not from the stand point of human perception, but from the Source Knowing Only that which IS LOVE!  And this Impersonal Love of Life begins here at this Threshold of the Permanent Opening of the Seventh Seal and 12th Ray Initiation.

“So the invitations extended to your New Brother and Sister to become part of the EGA Experiences of the 8 : 8 2017 Lion’s Gate Activation through Sirius, the Lunar and Solar Eclipse and indeed the Seventh Seal and 12th Ray Opening and Initiation is Perfect. Only from the standpoint for now, that they were Heavenly Guided to you at this very specific time for this very specific undertaking. How it further opens for them, shall be under their Own I Am Presence Guidance and how they respond. You cannot know the Grandeur of this Plan from where you are sitting, that is both Understood and Acknowledged by the Great Silence.  The Truth Is We had/have no attachment to whatever you chose to do from any aspect of perception from any of you. For All is deemed appropriate within the overall scheme of things.

“Yet what has led Us upon the Karmic Board of Directors to make such a Grant at this time, is the way that the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council is incorporating, and Uniting with the Higher Truths while not being over-swayed by old human consciousness or the way in which it continues to unfold.

“Any Grant or Dispensation cannot be given to one and not be offered to all. And so this New Grant is offered to all, but the Cosmic Law, to take possession of the atmosphere of Earth becoming the Authority of what is to act out here, through any Soul Individual or Group carries with it the full Karmic Wheel of Action and Reaction, Cause and Effect. This is not to be taken lightly by anyone!

“I Trust in Truth, that I have offered a Greater Awareness of what is transpiring with each of your desires to KNOW the Divine Truth of this Whole scenario.

I send each of you Love and Blessings of Truth through Inspiration, Call upon Me anytime.

I Am Pallas Athena.

And It Is So.

In Love and Light



5 thoughts on “Part 2 – Pallas Athena – 7th Seal/12th Ray – EGA Cosmic Law Authority, 13th August, 2017

  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    After a long time I read this Message from Mother Athena…
    I think this is very good message for Truthfulness and Purity…With pure Heart and Unity Consciousness we can go further for our mission…Our Masters and Mother Pallas Athenaś Blessings always with us ….Love and Light of our Masters is a great help if we are sincere.
    Thank you so much for such a good message and your guidance to go ahead.
    With Balanced Love , Light and Life energies,…I feel that I am a Blessed Soul and feel very lucky to be a participant for this great Mission.


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