Part 3 – Pallas Athena – Reality Check – 24th August, 2017

Part 3 – Pallas Athena – Reality Check – 24th August, 2017 – Peter

NB. This Discourse is Principally Directed toward the EGA and SOEPDC, however due to the fact that we continue to seek many more Dear Souls to join the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan, We are being asked to share with all, so the Truth of Our Purpose here is Open and Transparent for all to consider for themselves, to be a part of the EGA or not. In Love We Share! – Peter

Beloved Mother – Father – Life, I Am Presence, I call upon Our Divine Mother Chohan Pallas Athena to share with us what may be presently transpiring as part of the Karmic Board of Director’s Grant of allowing through the Cosmic Law, more than Ordinary Release of Instructions into Our Combined Force Field. I ask this on behalf of all who have read the previous Discourses. Thank you!

Beloved Heart, Thank you for your acknowledgement, for I have a Message of grave importance for not only the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council, but for all Dear Souls who may read this. I come to you today with a ‘Reality Check’! Indeed, this may sound a little strange coming from the Higher Realms, for We are not in the practice of speaking with such directness. Mostly We offer Information and Knowledge as part of the overview, allowing for you, as humanity, to determine the Message or Information and Knowledge as you will. But that has all changed now, for the Elemental Grace Alliance through the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council, has accepted The Karmic Board of Directors Grant of allowing, through the Cosmic Law more than Ordinary Release of Instructions into their Combined Force Field.

This Acceptance by Decree places a whole new dynamic of Communication between the Higher Realms of Dimensionality with you. Dear Brothers and Sisters of Light, you have, all but, Created a Bridge of Consciousness that allows you to become a Soul Group upon Earth to take on the Work that is being asked of all of humanity. This is not just about Invocations and Decrees and coming together as Groups of like-minded Souls with Pure Intentions, this is about Full Empowerment, Full Understanding and Full Unification in Oneness with the Overall Evolutionary Plan for Humanity and the Earth. This is about putting Love into Action in a way that has never been conceived before the Elemental Grace Alliance Plan was revealed as it has.

So many of you are now approaching the Threshold of Your Full Divinity, however, this will not take place until you have Fully Realized your own potentials as God Beings Born of the Adam/Lilith Kadmon Root Race.

This Divine Plan of the Elemental Grace Alliance was Designed and Implemented for a Purpose that was never Fully Recognized for its Value by Us, as part of its unfoldment of what is to come. This is so, because human beings and their free will choice, are always changing their minds about what is important to them. No judgement here, but this is a fact that has brought down many a Divine Plan initiated and begun upon Earth. Many a Pure Intent to do the work and commit to it, but due to human personality needs and desires the work faded away upon the back burners of desires and which eventually dissolved completely.

We are not saying that advancements have not been made, for they have indeed, however, humanity has forgotten, indeed has not the knowledge in most cases, that they are in general thousands of years behind in their Evolutionary Processes. This is now being corrected through the Full Dedications and Commitment by Dear Souls who have come to a Self Realization of Truth. Not just to Truly accept this, but to place it at the Top of their Divine Purpose, Walking this Path Within and By the Grace of God!

As the seed holds within itself the pattern of the full flower, so does the Sacred Heart of every man, woman and child, hold within themselves the Pattern of Their Divinity. The Forces of Nature and the seasons of the year, blend Their Gifts and Powers to the Development, Expansion and Sustenance of that Pattern through Nature. Thus also do Spiritual Forces, Powers, Activities and Intelligent God-Beings Pour forth Definite, Specific Blessings, which are an Impetus to the Development of the Divine Pattern within mankind at certain Rhythmic seasons. This is True, however, they are always hindered and resisted by men and women who continue to remain unconscious and forgetful about what they are told about Who They Are in God Reality!

When the Resurrection Flame was directed through Nature by the Lord Maha Chohan, mankind may Magnetize its Life-Giving Essence and Draw it through the latent God-Powers within their own Soul, if they only Willed it for themselves. I use the Divine Template set out within the Elemental Grace Alliance as an example of what is possible in terms of achievement, as I have spoken of in My previous Discourses. Grants, Dispensations and the like are Designed to Inspire even further the potentialities for humanity, to rise to the occasions they came to Earth to Be In Service To. Therefore, this reiteration is a rendition for this ‘Reality Check’ as part of yet another Plea, on Humanity’s behalf, to stamp your Divine Signatures upon your Own Path for this Evolutionary Marvel now unfurling in ways never dreamed of in any other.

Blessed Souls, there is but ONE POWER by which you can accomplish anything. That is the Power of The Prime Creator that flows through your own individualized Presence and gives the Life to your feeling world. When you return the Authority for the Qualification of that Life to your Presence and refuse to allow your feeling world the license to which it is accustomed in the seizing and misqualifying of Pure God Life, then that beautiful Presence controls for you and through YOU, your emotions. Therefore the importance of a being able to communicate directly with their I Am Presence for maximum Potentialities to occur is vital now. Do not treat this statement with an oversight that everything else in your life is more important. I tell you Dear Hearts, NOTHING CAN BE MORE IMPORTANT NOW, especially for those who wish to be a Part of any such Loyal and Consecrated Group, to be the Guardians for Grounding the Transmission Flames of God Virtues upon the Earth.

Again I say this so no-one can misunderstand what I Am saying here; the Elemental Grace Alliance is only one Divine Plan in Action now, but it does have within it, very specific parameters that clearly and decisively outline its Divine Plan that is Designed and Consecrated through Cosmic Law by unascended beings who are consciously following the Over Lighting Presence of The Ascended Masters, Hierarchy, Archangelic Beings and the I Am Presence on behalf of the God Head for the Evolution of Humanity upon the Earth. We are aware of many who have read previous EGA Discourses who emotionally see this as a human endeavour based on personality perspectives. It is not! It is a God Given Plan that has been accepted through personal endeavours that reflect personality aspects to touch Hearts in a way that induces the responses We Desired. I shall explain more in a moment!

Many of you see the emotional body as an enemy of Spiritual progress. You are torn between what you think you know is right and what you constantly do in the generation of discord, disagreement, conflict, dissension and other inharmonious situations and circumstances. Saint Augustine once said, “The good I would do, I do not, and that which I would not, that I do.”

This is not a correct attitude if one truly desires To Step into One’s Fullness. It only continues to create a rebellion within your world of feelings. Your emotional body was created by God for a definite purpose. The emotional body was designed to emulate the Feelings of God and to Expand the Qualities of the God-Nature in whatever sphere the individual consciousness is functioning. The mental body was designed to create form, the feeling body to nourish that form with Qualified Life. It is primarily a Gift of the Divine Consciousness and when one mis-creates in unqualified feelings, he/she commits a travesty of the Truth of Their Reality, Their own Mother – Father – Life.

There is no judgement here either, for all travesties are temporal in nature and only Perfection is Eternal. Every mistake, no matter how great, is transitory and passing. The very Law of Compassion and Mercy, which is the Gift of the Seventh Ray, is the manifest proof that all indulgences, transgressions, wrongdoings, mistakes and errors can and will be wiped out in a blink of an eye when the individual chooses to apply for the way and means to do so.

The misgivings, unease, mistrust, doubts of the feeling nature, however, are the most difficult to overcome, because the emotional body of mankind has ruled the mind and senses for millennia. The emotional body is also the recipient of over 80% of the energies of the lifestream released through the silver cord (Prana) into the use and control of the outer consciousness. It is, therefore, the most powerful of the instruments through which the Soul seeks expression and ultimate mastery over energy, substance and vibration.

To overcome such feelings is by understanding that all your bodies, mental, emotional, physical and etheric, are the servants of the I Am Presence which created you and which gives you life, intelligence and being. Return then, the Authority in all its Fullness for the use of those bodies to that I Am Presence and make it a point to permanently check your thoughts, feelings and actions moment by moment daily, with what your Consciousness and Heart tells you would be the correct thoughts, feelings and actions of your own Christed Self. Not to do this, will only prolong the delays of your own evolution and in turn create further resistances within that of humanity itself.

Mankind truly has little concept of the Loyalty, Constancy, Love and Devotion required to HOLD a Flame which has been drawn from Higher Realms into lower realms, because the natural activity of all life is to seek its own level of vibration. The Flames which vibrate at a rate which is one with the vibrations at Inner Levels, Naturally Desire to Rise and Seek again Their Source.

The Magnetizing Power of Beings who continue to Invoke, actually nourish by their own Attention, Love and Devotion to these Flames, is responsible for the Etheric Radiating Centers of God Virtues which have Interpenetrated the astral and psychic realms with enough of God’s Light to keep the soul alive and the Spirit from entirely deserting the personal self in the course of the ages.
This is happening now at such an intensity now, through such a Group as the Elemental Grace Alliance, the time has come to Physically Ground these Radiation Temples upon Earth. They are only possible now due to the Loyalty, Constancy, Love and Devotion being offered by those who have Dedicated, Committed and Consecrated their Lives to this Task.

It was from within the Etheric Realms of the Radiation Temples of Light, that it was desired by Our Lord Maha Chohan, Lord Maitreya and Others, that some among unascended humanity, there may prove to be sufficiently Loyal, Enthusiastic, Loving, Constant, Pure and Consecrated persons who would take it upon themselves to draw through the veils of consciousness the Cosmic Flames into the physical appearance world, to become visible and tangible to the physical sight of all mankind.

It is for this purpose that the veil has been parted and the Cosmic Law has allowed Us to establish a Source of Communion between the Ascended Host and the inner and outer consciousness of some Disciples. An extension of this Original Dispensation given years ago can now be implemented through Our Grant to those who have Become those Dear Souls to take all this to Higher Levels of Awareness and actually begin the Creation of these Physical Radiation Centres.

The Transmission Flame Activities Originally began, to see how much interest and how great a Power of Constancy would be evolved in Our Cosmic Flame Transmissions. It has taken nearly half a century to accomplish and now the results are most gratifying indeed. From among all those involved over the years, certain lifestreams have been ‘kept under close observation’ by the Spiritual Silent Watchers who may potentially become the Guardians of The Transmission Flames. Time has seen to the Flame of Devotion that has Ignited the Spirit of God Maturity into the final stages for Full Manifestation.

Dear Souls, you who are reading this, the ‘Reality Check’ is that you are the ones that have been ‘kept under close observation’ as the Guardians of these New Radiation Centres, The New Radiation Temples of Pyramidal Light that are what The Mahan Chohan, Lord Maitreya and indeed all those who have become the Elemental Grace Alliance Council, all began over 50 years ago. Not even Peter knew of this Plan. That is why I said this is not a human plan, it is a Divine Plan! Do you see Dear Ones, that is the ‘Reality Check’ so that you may make your next choice? The Templates for these New Radiation Centres are IN PLACE and in God’s Hands through Loyal, Enthusiastic, Loving, Constant, Pure And Consecrated Persons as the Guardians of this Divine Plan.

We are calling for many more Dear Souls to become the Guardians also, so please consider this request coming from your I Am Presence. I Am the Goddess of Messengers, and your I Am Presence is your Mediator whom has your Purity at Heart and Knows the Truth about you Being One who has been ‘kept under close observation’ or not. Only you can know by working through the feelings and emotions that stream through your entire being! Is your emotional and mental body a rival to your Spiritual progress, or a comrade in Grace, Love, Power and Wisdom?

Beloveds, just before I go, I wish to speak of that which I asked you to do, regarding the discussions about the Points Proposed within the Elemental Grace Alliance. Remember what I said in My last Discourse about ‘yesterday’. I said this for a very good reason, linear time remains for the moment, of the Essence. I shall leave this to you.

I Am Lady Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth, Everything has changed since the Solar Eclipse, nothing will ever be the same again Dear Souls, and with it, a whole New Set of Dynamics and Tasks within the Evolution of Humanity has begun to unfold. There is much Work to do! Now through closer Instruction from The Higher Realms. The Mother’s Love is with you! And So It Is.


6 thoughts on “Part 3 – Pallas Athena – Reality Check – 24th August, 2017

  1. Friend Peter, glad to hear from you and yours. I grow more leery of higher msg’s that do it for you, rather than give a clear process to creating our own connection and Source-ery. Mayhaps their’s a reason. In my/our own ignorance and lack of discernment, having failed so many times, I lose my own gifts of trust. At my core I trust Life, yet creation still remains a trap for me. I will never give up, but every moment seems to take more than before, with soo many failed seeming promises. Although I must admit my ability to understand has expanded regular, my ability to make use of these new expanded idea’s remains unexpressed or communicate-able. Listen to me rant, can you tell I only have acquaintance’s in my life, even my kids feel mostly like well known acquaintance’s. I no longer trust agenda’s unless it gives only from complete transparency. There is only one way or place to do this or anything from, and most of the monks from Tibet barely have a chance of this in their lives, let alone us North Americans and Europeans having any from where our culture is coming from. I admit I still do not have that clear connection, nor am I aware of the full process in how it works, nor any system applyable that is Real. I am tired of all this effort with no results as my life, like my teeth and body, fall apart. I make no sense to the world, and the world has nothing for me, the gap between us grows, and i’m not yet finished with my own shit. Peter, please have no obligation to respond to this, just thinking and typing it helps, Bless You and thanks for your ability to understand.

    On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 10:34 AM, Elemental Grace Alliance wrote:

    > Peter Melchizedek posted: “Part 3 – Pallas Athena – Reality Check – 24th > August, 2017 – Peter NB. This Discourse is Principally Directed toward the > EGA and SOEPDC, however due to the fact that we continue to seek many more > Dear Souls to join the Elemental Grace Alliance Divi” >


    1. Dearest Konacreator, Precious Soul!

      I do understand all that you have shared, for I have been there and felt this pain myself! And yes I know how hard it can be. But this hardness is the very thing we have come to earth to soften. You are a Dear Wayshower, a Lightworker, just a little confused right now like many who are now moving into the new Awareness of Higher Consciousness, to become of greater Service. But like so many, and I quote from Part 4 The Power of Creative Mind, that you can read here on WordPress if you review the archive, we can indeed move forward with a firm focus and understanding of the Truth that surrounds our every move!

      “There is no way that man may escape what he thinks, says or does, for he is born of the Divine Creative Consciousness power and is likewise creative in his imagining.

      The Elemental Grace Alliance is as transparent as it can be. For us, as those Lightworkers seeking ascension must discern for ourselves what it is we can do to change our own lives first. As your Brother and Friend and not an acquaintance, I am here to support all who wish to seek through such discernment, but the Truth is each person must, through Self Realization, find that Path that has been prescribed by their own I Am Presence.

      You Dear Soul are right there, standing on the cusp of change, of seeing your Purpose, and I can reassure you it is important, that will change the lives of so many around you. But first, you must change the way you are thinking. Part 4 above will offer great guidance on this subject, as will Parts 1,2, and 3. Metatron says this:

      “In life, through every precious moment of life, an effort is required. The idea that a fruitful life, a productive life is easy, is a great falsehood. Virtually all lessons in life were gained through not only facing challenges but overcoming them in a positive manner. Aging, growing gracefully into ‘senior’ years is the period ripe for, intended for the collation, the harvesting of wisdom … and to express that knowledge in joy.”

      Your tiredness is also part of what is transpiring around the world, due to the influx of Higher Resonant Energies that is pushing every button we have ever had. And if read incorrectly can easily have us believe that we are not making progress. The truth is the influx of these energies are because we are making such a diffierence upon the planet and within all of humanity. It is going to get worse before it gets better, so please Dear Heart, do not fall into this falsely believed trap of feeling you are not advancing. The Truth is you would not be speaking with me here, not reading the Words that are shared here, not taking Guidance, albeit unconsciously from your I Am Presence to be connected here. Do you understand this, you are doing fine and working in the right direction, We can think we are not and that thiking will produce all the evidence of such a belief, that is Universal Law. So let’s together change and turn this post from you around to a positive and enlightening one that not only inspires you and me but all whom may read it!

      Read Part 4, 1,2 and 3 and if you wish to write to me again in my private email, and I can give you further guidance if you need it!

      I Love You Dear Sister,

      Let Faith and Trust return in its Fullness of Who You Are!

      In Love and Joy



  2. Peter, I seem to have missed parts 1 & 2. Would it be possible for you to resend them? Terry

    On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 11:34 AM, Elemental Grace Alliance wrote:

    > Peter Melchizedek posted: “Part 3 – Pallas Athena – Reality Check – 24th > August, 2017 – Peter NB. This Discourse is Principally Directed toward the > EGA and SOEPDC, however due to the fact that we continue to seek many more > Dear Souls to join the Elemental Grace Alliance Divi” >


    1. Blessings Terry,

      If you go to the top of the page right hand side under Part 3 is Part 1 and 2.

      Let me know if you still can’t see them. I can send them to you privately no problem.



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