Influx of Gamma Rays – Maha Chohan


This is a Discourse received this time last year, but the message is timeless and today I Am inspired to share it here. – God Bless

Elemental Grace Alliance – The Maha Chohan – The Gamma Rays Influx, Christmas 2017 – Peter – 27th December 2016.

I call upon Divine Consciousness within the Universal Equilibrium of God Mother, Father Life! I wish to receive Greater Awareness of what is being shown to us through the specific information brought forward about Gamma Waves that will destroy parasitic Archons hiding in the Galaxy. This sounds a little dramatic to me, but I am open to the Truth and do not wish to be misdirected in any way! As You Know, one of the Proposals set out within the Elemental Grace Alliance Project is very much about such removals, but from an entirely different perspective. Are the two interconnected, is there any intercessions or outer involvement being applied or implied, and if so, what can we learn or receive as guidance by use of this information?

I call forth the support of the Elemental Grace Alliance Council and Its Sponsors to Over Light each Member of the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Group and to offer any information or insight to truly clarify the intentions and directives of such impulses and their external administrative implementations. Also, its alignment to our present Activations that the “Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council” that is coordinating and harmonizing to, prior to the inauguration of the President Elect in the USA on 20th January, 2017. Any Loving help and guidance would be gratefully received, Bless You!

Blessings Children of the Light, indeed Masters of the New Earth!  I, The Maha Chohan, come today at the behest of The Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council, to bring a greater awareness to the information contained both in the news letter about the arrival of Gamma Rays to destroy Archons and the Elemental Grace Alliance Project Proposals.

What is being disclosed within that project material is information that cannot really be validated by humanity on any level of present day awareness.  Even those of your scientists from NASA or any other Space investigative Agency have any Knowledge that lays outside of the physical realities that they place their ever-evolving conclusions and findings upon.  They certainly assist in helping the Evolution of humanity, but as you all know, there is so much outside of these realms of thinking and investigations that are far beyond that of humanity’s awareness yet!

There is also an element of projection within this information that implies a Star Wars theme (The War In Heaven Now Comes To Its End) such as your movies portray and could be played out upon any holographically aligned platform within the astral planes or dimensions, or perhaps your video games!  We are not diminishing this information by suggesting such things, but when it comes to Heaven, there are no wars in Heaven! (Using Advanced Gravitational Technology, Have Tilted The Sun Over By 7 Degrees Now And Moved It Almost 3000 Miles Out Of Its Normal Position In The Sky) I Am not saying that this is not true, nor indeed that they are not being played out on other levels of awareness. What We are saying is that they are not all of the Truth and are simply a single portrayal of something that is a much Grander Program of Reality that remains outside of the awareness of the players in these realities.

What We wish to bring to your attention, and these messages from such information are wonderfully helpful here, that Humanity is moving into a Realm of Divine Consciousness. A Realm and Reality where physical Manifestation can be made manifest by Consciousness Alone; God Consciousness!  The Solar Sun, indeed this Solar System, was made manifest by God Consciousness and positioned so accurately within this Cosmos that it supports All Life here. Why would it now need to be moved 3000 miles in the sky and in what direction?  How does one measure 3000 miles in a Space that has no measurement? Measurement is a physical manifestation within a physical realm, not in a God Conscious Reality!

So, We invite you, those reading this, not to get caught up in such portrayals of physicality and remain focused upon your own tasks at hand, that which is based within Divine Consciousness.  When one is trying to focus upon Truth, the outer mind can easily be swayed to believe in things that are outside of Pure Source Divine Consciousness.

So, let us remain mindful that what We are illuminating to within this Communication, is simply to stick to the Plan, concentrate on Divine Consciousness and how you can change the world through Consciousness alone without the need of technologies, advanced or not!  God does not use technologies to manifest His/Her Creations!

It is not important Dear Souls for you to know how God Works, how the Cosmos Aligns to Itself or how, when the time comes, that Divine Consciousness makes itself Present!  Just like Christ says in the Christ Letters when He speaks of the manifestation of the 5000 fishes and bread.

“I called my disciples to me and told them to find out if there were any present who had food. They found a young boy with loaves and fishes and brought them to me.

“I withdrew some way from the crowd and quietly contemplated the loaves and fishes, knowing that they were but ‘God’ Mind Power, the substance of all ‘matter’, made visible.

“I knew that ‘God’ Mind Power’ was limitless and powerfully active within my consciousness.

“I   knew that the nature of the Father is the fulfilment of need.

“As I blest the food, I felt the POWER flow fully through my mind, body and hands and I knew the people’s hunger would be satisfied. I did not know how this would be, I just knew it would”.

These are very powerful words and should, if one contemplates them carefully, be used as an analogy to the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Tasks from this time forth!

You call forth those whom are your Sponsors to obtain for you that which you wish to use to make manifest!

You withdraw from human consciousness and contemplate that which you wish to make manifest.

You Know that God Mind Power is limitless and Powerfully within your Consciousness.

You Know that the Father/Mother Life is the fulfilment of need!

You Bless what you wish to Manifest, feeling the Power of Mother, Father Life flowing through you and KNOW that your fulfilment will be satisfied. Not knowing how, just that it would!

So, Dear Hearts, for the purpose of the Elemental Grace Alliance and particularly the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council, let us ‘un-relate’ what has been brought forward regarding these Gamma Rays and bring it all back to its simplest form in Truth. That place where Truth rings clear, where there is no misleading information, and no need to look outside of One’s Own Heart for clarity and Guidance! Here, One will not lose deliberate, purposeful and Heart evaluated viewpoints regarding Incentives, Inspiration, Stimulus, Divine Impulses or Guidance!

The Elemental Grace Alliance as you all Know, without a doubt, was Divinely Designed and Created with some very Precise and Exact Directives, as set out throughout the entire Unity of Discourses.  So, We would Highly recommend that any Disciple, not waiver from this God Plan, else the results shall be diminished greatly. There are many Plans taking place now around the world, and each are being Divinely Orchestrated for very Precise and Exact Purposes to attain definite responses for unambiguous, unequivocal and instantly recognizable results. The Information you have been presented has drawn your attentions to it for just such an Unequivocal Response from you, that would act as a reminder for each of you to remain focused and not to be sidetracked now!  There is much coming that could easily allow your outer minds to become confused and this, We would not like to see!  You are all going to be tested in ways you have never been tested before, and your steadfastness will depend upon the clarity of your Heart Mind remaining in Alignment to the Divine Plan you have all Appointed Yourselves To! It is all part of the Plan, you see!

Now Peter! In anticipation of this Communication today, last night I guided you as you lay down to sleep, to read the Impersonal Life and you opened the page exactly to what we wished to identify today as part of how Mother Father Life, indeed how the I Am Presence of the Christ Consciousness communicates to give help and guidance and to keep it all in perspective.  We wish you to share this now as an excerpt for the purpose of not getting caught up in the Gamma Ray Impulses or that which is being suggested as its purpose or how it is being implemented through outer technologies and beings that are not living on the surface of the planet!  Remember this is all about humanity themselves and everything that is happening upon the planet is now in your hands. Not in the hands of other Races. The time has passed where any other Race can interfere with what happens upon Earth!  It is now being Governed and Authorized by Humanity themselves.  There is enough of you fully awakened now to take charge and Administer to the needs of the Planet and Humanity in General. Place the excerpt here Peter, if you would please and I shall continue thereafter.

Excerpt “The Impersonal Life Volume 2, Chapter 12, pages 100 – 103 inclusive”

“All Knowledge of Earthly and Heavenly things is a part of My Christ Consciousness, which is a conscious part of Our Father’s Divine Consciousness, in which reside all things; and when your consciousness is thus illumined by the Light of My Christ Consciousness, you can Know All that I would have you Know.

“But not until you thus turn to Me and consciously wait upon Me in Perfect Love and Trust, can I Illumine your outer mind so it can see, at will, into My Christ Consciousness and learn what there is waiting to disclose itself to you.  In the meantime, your soul, that, which contains all the Knowledge I have taught it from the beginning in your many lives on earth and in the Inner Worlds, and which knowledge now constitutes your inner or soul consciousness, as contrasted to your brain mind, which contains all the knowledge I have taught it in this life that is unfolding to you its knowledge through life’s experience, as fast as you are able to receive and apply it!

“Your soul therefore, Knows no more than I have taught it in its many lifetimes in the past. Your outer mind knows only that which I have taught it in this life.  So that only when the soul has surrendered to My Christ Love and has allowed Me to enter and possess its consciousness, can I speak from the Soul direct to the outer mind. From that time on, I become the Soul, for its consciousness is then My Christ Consciousness and I can begin to get the outer mind to respond to My Christ Love. Only when the outer mind responds to My Christ Love can it hear My Voice and only then can it be taught directly by Me. Before that time, the outer mind had been taught by the soul of its knowledge that I had taught it though the hard experiences of the past.

“Now you who have found Me and are waiting upon and abiding in My Christ Love, need no longer learn the hard way of experience, for I have unfolded to you herein a more Blessed way; the way of turning within to Me in Love and Trust and of being shown by Me whatever you need to know.

“But remember always Beloved, you are both soul and mind, even as you are I, Myself; for I Am All that you are and All that your soul and mind are. They are but My Consciousness and have no other consciousness of life.

“When your consciousness is centered in the outer mind, then you are limited by your outer mind’s knowing. When your mind is centered in your soul’s knowing; if it is an unawakened soul and is not yet reborn into My Love and therefore is unaware of Me as its Light and Source of Being.  But when your consciousness is centered in Me, The Christ of you, then you are unlimited in Knowledge, Power, Love and Wisdom. For I Am All these and All these are but the Perfect Expressions of My Being, even as I Am the Perfect Expression of Our Father’s Being in all men”.

Thank you for this Impersonal Life I Am Presence Communication, for it outlines very clearly the differences between what is the outer mind, what is soul and what is Soul and Christ Consciousness and their alignments to The I Am Presence!

The reason I bring this to you all is to help you use such awareness when such things arise again such as the Gamma Ray information We have spoken of here! Do not be fooled Dear One’s, to attain the Truth you Seek, first you must be able to tell the difference between that which is Reality from within Divine Consciousness and that which is not!

Do you have any question Peter?

No, I was going to ask about our presently planned schedule, but know already that we are on track and need to simply follow Our Hearts to its Divine Manifestation!

Then I shall close now and look forward to another Communiqué when the need arises! In the meanwhile, dive deeper Dear One’s and find the Truth awaiting within each of you!

Thank you Beloved Maha Chohan, your words have come with Great Wisdom and We Are Grateful! – Peter

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7 thoughts on “Influx of Gamma Rays – Maha Chohan

  1. Thank You Brother for this beautiful reminder/alignment and assurance/promise in/of the process/truth and its constant/eternal manifestation/Expression that is all ways coming/evolving to Be.

    Namaste Beautiful Illuminated One Peter

    InLight of Love, Tammy

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  2. Dear Peter,
    I love and appreciate most the words of Our Master Maha Chohan…Being a Member of Sun Of The Even Pressure every one should know what are the Gamma Rays ..The rays from the Sun are always different at different Time and Pressure also different…Wisdom Of Maha Chohan helps us every time we think about it…Yes, we should follow our Heart as well as Masters Guidance…
    When our Consciousness has connection with the Consciousness of Christ or with our inner self we can experience the Truth about Gamma Rays and because we are connected with I Am That I Am then every aspects clears to our mind automatically…
    Thanks My Brother Peter for the Message and I also give Thanks to our Master Maha Chohan for giving His truthful Opinion….
    Thanks again,
    In Love, Light and Eternal Peace,
    Om Shanti,
    Sohini Shukla

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