Lord Melchizedek – Like Kicking off A Shoe That Is Too Tight – EGA Group Antahkarana

Lord Melchizedek – Kicking Off A Shoe That Is Too Tight -– EGA – The Group Antahkarana – 8th April 2018

I Call Forth Beloved Lord Melchizedek, as I am aware You wish to close Book 2 with your Discourse, The Elemental Grace Alliance – The Group Antahkarana.  We welcome Your Presence to share that which you deem important at this time within this Divine Plan.

“Thank you, I Am Lord Melchizedek and come to you this day through the United Forcefield of the Power of the Trinity, which is a Driving Force throughout this Universe.  We Are Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and Myself, who form a Trinity of Consciousness at the Universal Level. We Embody and Radiate the Divine Light, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Will Aspects and Qualities of Father, Mother God out into this Universe.  The Trinity of Consciousness is an important component of the Creative Process, for you must use the Attributes, Qualities and Aspects of the Three Powerful God Rays, if you wish to become a successful, proficient Co-Creator of Form at any Level of Creation.

“So today I come, Upholding this Vision of Creation for the Elemental Grace Alliance in its Creational Endeavors on behalf of Humanity and All Sentient Life within this Universe.  The Elemental Grace Alliance is not a local Planetary Mission as some may think!  I now wish to offer the ultimate Discourse for the EGA Book 2, ‘The Group Antahkarana’, and the Divine Endeavors to assist in the Education of the greater Spiritual Community; whose desires are to step closer to the Realization of the Christos Embodiment. By now, having read the Elemental Grace Alliance Book 1 and 2, you will have seen, felt and perhaps even begun a new life, toward the Higher Realms of Understanding, whereby all previous efforts, have or are becoming somewhat obsolete. 

“Who could have ever imagined, humanity could have risen high enough now in Vibrational Consciousness, to be able to begin to comprehend that there is a definite Formula, Template if you like, for the very structure of the Christed Man and Woman.  I alluded to this in My Discourse in Book 1 – A God Awakening, did I not? The Man and Woman who you are slowly becoming aware of, as the Adam and Lilith Kadmon Human Race, is now just on the other side of the Door in front of you.  And I can tell you, that as Consciousness expands, so do techniques and methods for the use of information.  Higher Mind is One Facet of Expanding Consciousness, and so is the Higher Heart, both, must be held in Balance and Unison with One, in the Other.   This is in fact the result of all the efforts made to bring Balance back to The Divine Masculine and Feminine Qualities and Virtues.

“The Journey has taken many twists and turns in the Evolutionary Path for this Divine Plan to arrive at this most auspicious Now Moment. And so, the completion of this Book 2, and this final Discourse here, in an entirely different way, from that which has now passed and been Expressly Disclosed, from its original, theoretical conceptualization, shall provide the Visions, through clearly defined ‘Approaches to Formula’,  for the end of an era of individual Ascension, placing yet another ‘Point of Tension’ or ‘Point of Focus’, upon Higher Initiatory Degrees for Human Life to Live! I speak here, of that which is now predominantly the Divine Formation of Primary, Deep-seated, Soul Quintessential and Compassionate Group Awareness along with a United Front of Individualized Expressions of God’s Grace and Beauty.

“This New Group Unity, shall place the Individual Initiation processes aside, that will allow for a Greater Capacity, Power and Genius, for the Preparations required for the Totality of a Human Race to pass through the ‘Rings Passeth Not’ of Divine Human Consciousness, into the Higher Initiatory Degrees, together as One Divine Human Group, indeed Race.  A Human Race that is made up of Representatives of thousands of Star Systems, Universes and Galaxies, as a New and Highly Evolved Human Life Stream. It has begun, and it shall continue with greater numbers of Dear Souls on Earth, from this time forward.

“You were told Dear Friends, that this Alliance was very specific, in its nature and presentation. You have been told many times within the Discourses given, that this Divine Plan requires Sacrifice. You have been told, that this Mission of a few, WILL culminate, covenant and succeed in a way, that is even to this day, totally outside of your present human awareness’s just yet.  But I tell you, in My Capacity as Lord Melchizedek, without Father and Mother within this Universe, you are making New Waves of Motion, into an unknown Realm of Evolution, that shall be a Legacy; that shall begin New Planetary Systems and Universes in the Aeons to come.  I tell you this, not in platitude, triteness, not in a way to praise, or offer tribute, or adoration, not even to compliment, for this is not My Way. But simply for awareness of the importance of this Divine Plan. 

“Not a Plan of any human soul, but a Plan devised by Divine Beings who have the Powers to Over Light and Administer to this God Plan for the Restoration, Reconnection, Fusion, Transcendence, Transmutation, Transformation, Transfiguration and indeed the Metamorphosis of a multiple-species, who have fallen from Original Grace, and has up until now never been able to move beyond self-preservation, survival, fear of Life and most of all belief in untruths!  There is a New Single Specie of a Human Race awaiting to be Born, figuratively speaking; the Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race. But none of this can be accomplished without you, Dear Souls, You, who are deeply embedded within the physical plane.  No further Universal Plans can be executed upon Earth without first the Consultation and the Agreement with Human Souls like Yourselves. You are now becoming the Ones who shall Over Light and Administer through the Cosmic Laws, how Everything will now Act Out here.  If you are reading this, and do not understand what I am telling you, and know nothing of the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan, then it shall be up to you, as to how to enlighten your own way, here or there!

“However, I tell you this also, to walk closer to the Path of Initiation. To make this happen, Christ Councils shall be needed to be Created so that the Members of Shamballa, The Hierarchy and Other Divine Intelligences can Come and Stand before you, in a way that all human eyes can see, and there you shall Counsel together as One for the Benevolence of All Sentient Life upon and within this Solar System.  This is no longer just about Earth!!

“The Mother’s Love that resides in Me, says to you, “Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Light, (the Father’s Essence), prepare now for your New Mission for opening to the Sacred areas of the Earth, to Gather the 12 Tribes of the next Earth Generation and thus prepare to put on the Image and Similitude of the Adam/Lilith Light Body!  Father, Mother God, the Elohim/her Builders of Form and the Archangels have Created Living Pyramids of Light within every Level of Creation, so that you could gain access to the Building Blocks of Life. These Life-Giving Forms give access to the Frequencies of Light which are necessary components for Transformation so that you, as Human Beings, can return to a State of Higher Consciousness; your Divine State. That is why this Divine Plan is incorporating, the Narayana Joy Akasha Temples of Light Pyramidal Sanctuaries, for it the time to Create and Construct the Life-Giving Pyramids of which I speak, there upon the Earth”. Can you see where all this is leading, Dear One’s?

“We have alluded to this, within previous Discourses in this Book 2, but how many of you really grasp the ‘Reality’ of this potential you have, as a Soul Embodiment presently Standing Forth upon the Planet, opening to the Christos Energy?  We, on this side of the Veil, are beginning to see the potentialities of this taking place through the dedication to detail, to refine and define the natures of Cosmic Law and how They Act out there upon the Planet through you.  Think not, it will happen by going about your daily routines, your old patterns of experiences that repeat countless times a month. Think not, that We jest with you when We say to you, do not waste any more time thinking you are still the human personality going about the process of preparation to evolve into such a Perfected State of Being. Think Ye not, that without attention to Cosmic Law and the understanding of Them, that you shall Ascend.  You may leave this planet and evolve to another, like Evolutionary Plan, but you cannot, by God’s Laws, take on your Adam/Lilith Christed Light Body upon this Earth Plane without adhering to The Cosmic Laws of Creation. 

“So Dear Ones, We wish to speed up your Journey, you have earned these opportunities and with Proof of your Dedication, Commitment and Intent, Focus to Detail and Instruction you shall be Granted even more Dispensations than you have already received.  (The EGA has received certain Grants and Dispensations to date, that are referenced here by LM).  Archangel Metatron told you in His Discourse (Part 3 Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race).

“Blessed Hearts, The New Adam Kadmon shall not rise within anyone who places science or religion between themselves and the Gifts of the I Am Presence. The New Adam Kadmon are those who are the Living Synthesis of All Levels of Consciousness, who live by experience and progress toward the Joyousness and Bliss of the Interaction and Holy Union of the I Am Presence! These Dear Souls will be those Living within Communities of Family, both biological and Spiritual Families, all living together without bias, racism, judgement, discrimination or prejudice. These Dear Souls will become independent, self-sufficient, self-governing, completely autonomous in maintaining balance throughout Their Environments by the use of Creative Endeavors to Live a Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit”. End Excerpt.

“I invite you to allow Me to teach you how to be of the Greatest Purity of Mind and to manifest steadfast Hearts that focus only on the Collective Body of Light! Are you listening here people of Earth? Are you Beginning to see the co-relation with the Group Antahkarana and the Group Collective Intent? Think on this very carefully!

“Have you noticed in all the Visuals being created for the purpose of the EGA Educational Programs, the use of the Star of David?  Then notice Dear Souls, for this symbol is telling you something profound, now more than ever. It states clearly, your present placement in your evolution, that of being between, Being and Becoming!  Once you, as the New Groups, complete the Unification with the Spiritual Triad of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity into the One, this symbol shall change, indeed Evolve! At this point the Christ Consciousness takes place, also known as enlightenment! At this point, a whole array of Divine Gifts are Bestowed upon you, Gifts you can only imagine from stories past, told to Disciples and Initiates alike. 

“Here is where the Soul is Clothed in a Garment of Eternal Love, Eternal Good, Eternal Compassion, and Eternal Knowing of the Divine Will.  Here the Introduction of Higher Consciousness through the Cap Stones of Light, (The Holy Trinity), also have one of its expressions in an Individualized, Universalized Geometrical Pattern of the Planetary Logos, also known as the coming of the Messiah, placed before you!  Think Ye on this also Dear One’s, for I say this, as an implied NOTICE! I will tell you also, it is a KEY to the Self-Realization and Extensions of Universality and Oneness of a Collective Messiahship, rather than separated forms of manifestation in a physical plane. Think “Groups” Dear Ones!

“Be it clearly stated, to achieve these Gifts, to place you before the Throne of the Eternal Light, you will have to Divinely Sacrifice your individualized personality as you now live your life.  And if you tell yourself you have achieve this ‘Sacrifice’ to date already, you are mistaken, for this is not a guessing game, it is precise, accurate, scientific in nature, so mathematical in its shape and form and No-One is exempt from these Laws.  I say again, unless you have proven the Truth of Divine Love and Light, through your words, thoughts and actions, you cannot pass through even the next Level of Initiation, the 2nd or the 3rd, not the one of which I speak, the 4th, until you are squeaky clean in motive, intent, in all your actions are aligned with all aspects of your Divine Qualities and Virtues that are active, those presently latent within you as they are portrayed within the Seven Rays of Initiation! 

“You will require to have completed the Construction of the Antahkarana, The Rainbow Bridge and widened it sufficiently to be able to openly Communicate with your I Am Presence First, and then the many who Await Their sharing with you.  Without this attainment alone, Entering to take any Seat upon a Christ Council shall be an impossibility. I am informing you of this well in advance for you to practice and develop this skill now. You all have it, not all choose to use it.  But it is a prerequisite that is indeed of top priority for you sooner, rather than later. Please give this some serious application of your thoughts and feelings.  It is time Dear Souls to look very closely at these words.  Sooner or later you shall have to make this transition, so why not NOW. The experience will be like kicking off a shoe that is too tight”!   Get the picture? 

“When Jesus The Christ was upon Earth He exemplified the Heavenly Man, now the negative experiences of the Evolution of Adam, Lilith and indeed Eve, is possible to turn around into positive ones, and positive in the sense of finding solutions for all chaos in all its forms upon Earth, so that Light can penetrate and permeate through the Veils of Mankind’s negative consciousness.  These Veils must be torn open to allow the Light to find the Houses of Restoration, Reconnection and Fusion, within Humanity, to a Whole New Way of Being!  Three Veils have already been opened by Moses, Jesus and Paul of Tarsus.  Now Humanity shall be given the tasks of rendering their Love and Light to complete the Work begun Aeons ago.  The first three came from the top down, the last 4 shall come from the bottom up, once again, figuratively speaking! 

“Pay attention Dear Hearts, for you are the Ones whom this Responsibility is now being allocated to, in no uncertain terms.  To do this you MUST understand the Cosmic Laws that pertain to such a Mission. Know them not, and you shall be placed outside of the potential for this Work. I say this, for your protection, for the Energies associated with such renting, shall be far more than you could hold within your physical, emotional and mental bodies without Purification first.  This Mission is going to take some training and deep Internal Work.

“Before I speak a little about the Ashrams/Councils and Circles of Light, I wish to tell you this, since the Great Fall from Grace, there has been a Genealogical Lineage that Links back to the Original Living Sons and Daughters of the Light. That Genealogy lies with those, whose Hearts have always been connected Innately to the Universal Divine Plan for the Evolution of a Human Race from the bottom up.  Moses, Jesus and Paul of Tarsus and many others throughout the generations and millions of years passed, were all connected, just like you who are reading this. So, listen carefully Dear Ones.  ‘I Lord Melchizedek, do herewith Acknowledge the Dear Souls here and now, By the Holy Order of Melchizedek, you are to be the Way Showers of the Covenant that shall merge Science with Spiritual Consciousness’.

“You are therefore informed here that you shall be awarded, in Accordance to Divine Order and Will, all that you require to complete your Divine Purpose here on Earth.  I desire for you to know, that you hold within you the Light of non-local Beings, “evolving” a New Race within a Earth Bound Physical Plane, in order to experience and expand infinite space and timeless awareness, ultimately, in an expanded trans-human nature.  You are becoming the expressions of bio-genesis, re-creating the Adam/Lilith Man and Woman out of bone-of-bone, flesh-of-flesh, through the Transformative Power of the Love and Light of Mother Father God.  Easy in words, not so easy in action!  But you have all you need now, to make these transitions, should you find it within yourselves to make the necessary efforts required!! More on this, I cannot share here!

“Before I close this Discourse for Book 2, ‘The Group Antahkarana’, and Phase II of this Divine Plan, I wish to set in Motion that Part of the Plan, that will formalize the Templates for Creating Christ Councils there upon the Ground within the Earth Plane.  This Discourse then, shall also be the prelude for Book III, The Christ Councils, as Beloved El Morya has already shared!

“I am not going to get into any explanations of how all this will unfold, for Our Dear Master Djwhal Khul, will cover all the intricacies of the Law and processes for Disciples and Initiates; that is, those Dear Souls who are Disciples, those who have yet to pass through the Initiation of the 3rd Degree, and Initiates, those who have passed through the 3rd Degree.

“What I wish to do is to tell you that to create a Christ Council on Earth it must be done in accordance to Cosmic Laws, the Promises, Pledges and Assurances for these Councils, must follow the correct procedures and that is where the Elemental Grace Alliance is laying the Foundation for all such potentials now.  The word ‘Ashram’ is normally seen as being composed of a Master or teacher and his students, but it is more far reaching than that.  And Master DK explains everything within His teachings, that relate to this and more, but I wish to outline a new ‘Point of Tension’ or ‘Focus’, on this understanding for the purpose of planting yet another ‘Seed of Consciousness’ for you to Act upon.

“An Ashram can also be seen as a ‘circle of influence’ or inclusion where energies circulate from the center of that circle to the periphery. The circulation of energy links Disciples to their Masters or Teachers. There are inner and outer connections to the Ashram. The inner are those who consciously meet as individuals and the outer is composed of those under the influence of the Ashram. They are linked to it and receive telepathic instruction and feedback.  But here is where it gets interesting!

“Because of the Work the Elemental Grace Alliance has done and continues to do, and the way in which it has evolved from the beginning, has now created a very unique situation through the Whole of the Evolutionary Plan for Uniting Humanity, the Supplementary Seven, with Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity, as set out in Rule 8 of the Djwhal Khul Teachings.

“The connections made by the EGA have now Demanded the need for Reformation with the Council Chambers of Shamballa and therefore Reformations within the Realms of Hierarchy and Humanity.  This was never really conceived in a way, that the EGA Founder has foreseen the need for.  And it does Highlight the Powers of Dear, unascended, Human Souls upon the ground who are indeed on the front line with their feet deep in the quagmire of human conditions.  This is something in many ways those who are not in physical reality cannot fully grasp from their Higher Mind Perceptions and Existences within the Greater Truth.  This was indicated in the Melvadek Alliance with the Pleiadean contingency, where they, through earth bound humans, reminded them that to be human, is so far outside the box of their own Life Conditions. With this I tell you, Shamballa and Hierarchy and Humanity are also still learning, and it is why We Love humanity so much, for it is your contribution to the Greater Whole that WILL make this Earth Experience, Indeed This Solar Experience, Yes, This Universal Experience, a Mighty Victory!

“In Light of this it has been decided, that due to the limiting nature of old definitions of Ashrams, these in this context of Creating the New Christ Councils upon Earth shall now be called ‘Circles of Light’. Just so as not to confuse or attract lesser understanding of what is developing here, I shall continue.

“There now exists, 4 New Circles of Light ready in waiting to be activated for the purpose of Commissioning the Laws of the Cosmos to be Acted Out upon the Earth.  Now think about this Dear Hearts, that means that this is no longer the sole domain of the Council Chambers of Shamballa, it is now the domain of the Spiritual Triad of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity and the Inclusion of Humanity the Supplementary Seven; those Dear Souls, whose feet are on the ground at Point Zero, who are doing the Work on the front line, if I may use these terms with respect.

“First and foremost, will be The Shamballa Circle of Light Council, who shall have the Over Lighting Responsibility for the Second; The Hierarchy Circle of Light Council, who shall be Responsible for the Third; Humanity Circle of Light Council who shall be Responsible for the Forth; The Supplementary Seven Council of Light Council who shall be Responsible for Humanity, The Animal, Plant, and Mineral Kingdoms., not to forget the Elemental, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms.   All shall be able to communicate with each other and All shall be interactive through Divine Will, Divine Order, Divine Synthesis.  All in Absolute compliance with the Law of One and indeed the Law of the Circle!

“These Circles are Circles within Circles, Rings of Consciousness, within Rings of Consciousness, so when you hear that The Law of the Circle has been initiated throughout this Universe, and the Energetic impact of this grand ‘Supreme Creator Seed Thought’ is now operating in Full Force and the time of expansion for this phase of Creation has come to a close, and the current phase of the cycle entails the Creator sending forth Its Essence to incorporate All that has been created during this particular cycle of expansion.  It means that the Outer Circles have been closed, A Ring Passeth Not!  This will allow for the collective Knowledge and Experiences to be brought into translatable terms on All Levels of Existence within this Greater Plan and within All The Participants at All Levels.

“This then is part of a final merging of all the balanced, manifested Essences of Creation so that the Supreme Creator, the Gods and Goddesses throughout the Omniverse, and All the Great Beings of Light can Know and Experience, all that they have Created.  This means, all levels of dimensional Kingdoms including the lower four; Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human, there on Earth. You have heard this saying many times, “As above, so below,” and this is an important truth to remember.  Just as you are reclaiming all the facets of your Divinity, the same Reunification Process is occurring from the Supreme Creator Source outward.

“The information We are giving to assist you, is to Reclaim your Co-Creative abilities is a microcosmic duplication of the Creative Process throughout the Omniverse.  First, you must gain the ability to draw forth the Full Spectrum of Metatronic Light, Life Force of this Universe called Adamantine Particles, which is radiated forth into the River of Life from the Heart Core of Father, Mother God.  It becomes accessible when your Energetic Signature is attuned to the mid-fourth-dimensional level and higher. In order to take advantage of this Divine Gift, you must understand and apply the Universal Laws of Manifestation; and you must activate the Adamantine Particles of Light with your Pure Intention before this Essence of Light can be Activated and flow forth out into the world.  To speed up the process, it is important that you have created your own personal Creator Wheel, Flower of Life Circle around you, and you have filled it with your carefully thought out Grand Design for the future.  Thereafter, via the Infinity and United Breath, your focused intention and deliberate actions, the process of manifestation in the material world is greatly accelerated. 

“So, now you have an even greater opportunity to do all this with Higher Awareness through the Infinite and United Structures that the Process must Embody, within Unison, One within the Other, One Circle within the Other. The Cosmic Laws have no exclusions.  What is Bound for the Higher Realms to Obey, so must they Apply to All Kingdoms.

“So, for Educational Purposes, I tell you that the Shamballa, Circle of Light shall continue to Work through the 1st Ray of Will and Power; The Second Hierarchy Circle of Light shall Work through the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom; The Third Humanity Circle of Light shall Work through the Third Ray of Intelligent Activity and the Supplementary Seven; Humanity on the ground shall work through the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

“I will not Identify the Circle Members or Those Who Shall be Active Participants at this time for such Seats are still under final deliberation.  What I can tell you is that the Principles for the Councils shall be Shamballa, Sanat Kumara; Hierarchy, Lord Christ Jesus; Humanity, Maha Chohan and the Supplementary Seven, Lady Portia/El Morya.

“There is so much information within this Discourse Dear Ones that it could easily take you lifetimes to digest and implement, but you have already spent those lifetimes in preparation to be in the NOW!  Now is to time to bring all to the surface of your conscious memory, and the only way you are going to do that, is to change your mind, to change your habits. Before you can Embrace All I have said here, with any sort of potential, you must remember one simple fact! WHO YOU ARE!  For while you continue to hold onto the thought and expressions thinking you are a human being, trapped within the boundaries of human consciousness, you cannot open higher than you are now, to any part of such a Divine Purpose, or any other for that matter. Time to set yourselves in Divine Motion, if this Path is for you! So, I leave you with this question to ponder further if needed.  Is this Path for you?  I will let you be the judge of that!

 “I give Divine Thanks for this opportunity to share Truth with you in this way!  I Am Lord Melchizedek as Part of My Holy Trinitized Union with Archangels Metatron and Michael.  See you in Book III, if not before!!

“And So It is”!

End of Discourse

The day after completing this Discourse with Lord Melchizedek, as it so often is commonplace occurrence, something is revealed that helps in the confirmations for Truth of the messages contained within the information given.  In this case, being lead directly to, without any diversion elsewhere, to an excerpt from Djwhal Khul, that identifies part of the genuine unfoldment that Lord Melchizedek relates to above.  Lord Melchizedek said,

“I am not going to get into any explanations of how all this will unfold, for Our Dear Master Djwhal Khul, will cover all the intricacies of the Law and processes for Disciples and Initiates”.

This passage today says this, within the Rules of Group Initiations – Rule 10.

“When we can identify the Sound, and are no longer “moved” by the O.M., then the initiate becomes a Christ in expression and makes His appearance, either in physical form or upon the planes of what to us might be called the “areas of non-appearance.”  He can then contain and utilize the energies of which the Spiritual Triad is the custodian, and which are the expression of the Will and Purpose of God.  Though the initiate may not be a part of the planetary government, and though he/she may not be a member of the Council at Shamballa (for only a limited number of initiates are so placed), he/she nevertheless has the right to move on Identical Levels and to prepare him/herself for those higher evolutionary processes which will give him/her entrance to the cosmic astral plane.  This will enable him/her to “see through” and to recognize “cosmic glamour,” and will give him/her the hidden key to the world of feeling and of sentiency of which our feeling-response and our emotional and intuitional sensitivity are but the dim and distorted reflections.  This is a factor of some importance to have in mind if a right sense of proportion is to be developed.  The initiate has learnt on earth that the astral plane is in fact non-existent—at least for those of the higher degrees of initiation.  This knowledge constitutes the first step towards the comprehension of the secret of negation, towards a true understanding of the basis of the ever-existent pairs of opposites, and towards the knowledge which lies behind the significance of negation. 

“The above sentence is in all probability of little meaning to you, but it nevertheless contains a truth for which the trials, experiences and initiations of planetary existence prepare the initiate. They endow him/her with those qualities which will enable him/her to contact cosmic evil and yet remain untouched”.

With this, The Elemental Grace Alliance – The Group Antahkarana, Book 2 is complete.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this amazing Divine Plan.

For the Greater Glory of God We Go.

And so it is.


The Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council


4 thoughts on “Lord Melchizedek – Like Kicking off A Shoe That Is Too Tight – EGA Group Antahkarana

  1. Dear Brother Peter,
    The test is starting Now !!
    I will try my best to change my Mind , making it very very Clear like a crystal, with purity and correct understanding in my heart,if necessary changing my habits…I can realize Who I Am ?
    Now Time has come to set myself in Divine Motion….
    Hope with your love and Blessings and along with the guidance from Trinity Masters,I can go ahead….
    Thank you so much for this wonderful and essential message to start our Journey further.


    1. Dear Brother Peter,
      I became so late to read this discourse after I have finished my session of Rule 1 -14.
      It would have helped me much more….
      Any way late is better than never….
      I will have to read and digest this material , is very very important and essential to know and follow ….I like the word -Sacrifice- Nothing will happen without perciverence and sacrifice.
      Thank you so much for our Trinity Masters.
      Sending lots of Love,Light , Compassion, Wisdom Bliss and Joy,



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