Djwhal Khul – Introduction To The Trial Study Group of Rule 1


Dear Ones,  This is the Original Discourse that Djwhal Khul gave at the beginning of the first Rule 1 Study Group.  It gives a wonderful understanding of what it is all about and what you can expect if you give yourself permission to engage this 10-day study Opportunity!  Blessings – The Elemental Grace Alliance

“Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I Am Djwhal Khul, and I have asked to introduce this Experimental Rule1, Trial Study Group to all of you who have made this monumental step toward the potentials that lay before you in the very near future.  I come today to set a precedent for you, to become more aware of the parameters and fundamental attitudes that will be either a result in the failure of this group experiment or the success of this trial endeavour.  Do not be dismayed at this comment, for I tell you only deeper contemplation shall reveal its Truth.  Allow Me to Guide you toward a greater understanding so you may discern for yourself more clearly, this Truth.

“I say failure, not in a way that would indicate, or even consider your engagement herein, as a failure of your individual efforts.  For even if you complete this Study, remembering nothing, feeling nothing, it shall still provide a Consciousness Seed that shall provide effective and expansive encodements, triggers that will be activated at the right times within your progressive development nonetheless. However, We Know Who is here, you are not here by any happenstance, and We do foresee all of you participating for the duration of the 10 days.  That is all that is being asked of you at this time.  After that period, shall come a turnpike, (if I may use this analogy), and there shall be a number of slip roads one can take if they do not choose to continue upon this Highway of Initiation.

“The failure I refer to, represents the Group dynamic, the mixtures of the Rays and their Qualities and Virtues. Should you be unable to complete this task for any reason, either consciously or not; (i.e. objectively, subjectively, transferences energetically, and figuratively speaking), fear not for a personalized learning shall be provided as your reward, a gift in the giving! 

“I cannot go into the intricacies here, to further elaborate on this, for that would prove to be a form of desire on our parts, and this Group has agreed on a Soulful Level, to allow Us to Stream your qualified participation as part of how, after all your individual life experiences, continues to play out within the evolution of those who have proven they are ready to take the next step forward, yet who are not giving themselves permission to engage at this time.  That is why each of you has come; to magnetically provide a necessary stimulus for others to follow in your footsteps. To put this in other words, for you to align to, would be like how the Elemental Grace Alliance was Formed and how it has expanded since that time.

“This Trial Group is to show Us, the Masters of the various Ashrams, and The Spiritual Triad, just how We can develop with the help of Our Disciples and Initiates upon the ground so that the Work needed upon the physical plane can be Amplified and Implemented within a greater expedition of time.  You cannot imagine from where you are sitting, just how much the Spiritual Triad is dependent upon the Supplementary Seven, you, to fulfil and maximize the Cosmic Laws for the completion of the Evolution of Humanity.  There is so much to do, and so few human beings, who are yet ready to step into the Full Power of their impending Christed Light Body.  Lord Melchizedek explained much in is last Discourse, El Morya in His Discourse, and Metatron is sitting on the edge of His Seat to share one of the most important facets of this Divine Plan that you have heard to date.  We/you have 10 years to get this sorted from your perspectives, The Spiritual Triad, are already making Plans for their next Spiritual Force Impulse in 2025 and the intensity and the Will and Power behind this, shall all depend upon you, Our Dearly Loved Brothers and Sisters.

“Individuals can no longer achieve the levels of successes needed any longer, only in group formations, in direct communication with the various Ashrams of the Masters, and Spiritual Triad will this happen.  Lord Melchizedek said, ‘Think Groups Dear Ones’!

“So, let Me speak of Groups for a moment.  What I am about to share is somewhat premature for many of you to understand, but for the benefit of planting a Seed of Consciousness within you, I Am going to share this anyway.  And I tell you this, it is no coincidence that the EGA Group, today is writing the days lesson for Rule 11 of the 14 Rules.  Yes, the EGA Group has spent the last 91 days also Studying the 14 Rules, not as an experimental Group, but as a Group Initiative, who have been together, as a Group, for around 20 months, and who have studied everything brought forward to date, and who have given Decrees, Pledges and Promises to their own I Am Presences, as Fully Committed Members to the EGA Council.  It is however, also fair of Me to say, that even at these levels of commitment, there still remains that potential that unless certain levels of responsibility, allegiance, loyalty and faithfulness, that depends upon further choices and attainments that shall prove one way or another that shall result in the formation of a Group Antahkarana or not.  This potential remains, and so this is where the Hierarchy has seen fit to open the door wider for a greater number of Disciples to enter this Divine Plan.  I shall paraphrase what I said in Rule 11, through My Beloved Sister Alice Bailey.  Take the time to read this very closely for it is a major factor, that has yet to be processed within this Divine Plan to date, and one that needs everyone’s closest attention for the successful formations of the Group Antahkaranas of any Group, anywhere in the world, if they are going to Become Part of any Christ Councils in the future.  I said;

“A group is brought together under the karmic law, ashramic necessity and soul direction.  Immediately there is presented to the watching Masters an opportunity for the very definite training of some willing aspirants, but also an equally definite point of tension, indicating real difficulty.  There is little, in reality, to link these people except inclination, a joint aspiration and a goal seen and held in unison.  The outstanding characteristic of such a group is spiritual selfishness.  This statement may surprise you until a close scrutiny of your own heart is undergone, and then I venture to predict that you will discover that it is not divine love of humanity that has enabled you to find your way into the outer group of some Ashram, but desire for development, for achievement and for liberation.  The first step, therefore, is to recognize this and hence the injunction so oft misunderstood:  Kill out desire.  This has to be the first destructive activity of the disciple.  It is not what the disciple seeks or wants or desires which should condition him/her and drive him/her to what we might call “ashramic acquiescence,” but the all impelling motive of the world need.  So, the disciple begins to rid himself of desire by a process of attrition.  He does not positively fight desire with a view to its elimination; he/she does not seek to transmute it (as should the probationary disciple), but he/she ceases to give it any recognition; he/she fails to provide it with the needed stimulation of attention, for as ever, energy follows thought; he/she is preoccupied with world need and with the service he/she can render, and—almost inadvertently, as it were—desire dies of attrition.

“It will be apparent to you, therefore, that it will take time for all the members of a group to achieve the destruction of individual desire, and that until some measure of this united liberating process is attained, the group cannot go forward together as a unit on the Way of Initiation.” End Excerpt.

“Here you have it Dear Ones, you have been led here, along with a Cosmic Geometric Pattern of Light that your Soul continues to follow in accordance with your Divine Path.  It is your Purpose in this lifetime to come to that point in your evolution, to step more fully upon your own Light trajectory.  Each of you here, no matter what you believe you understand, or not, accept your readiness or not, trust your Qualities and Virtues or not, imagine your potentialities or not, you are here!  Not only that, you are here in a Group of like-minded Souls with the same Mission, should you so choose it to be so?  It is only doubt, that will direct you to any one of the slip roads away from the Highway I spoke of above before you.

“Each of you belongs to an Ashram, and that Stream of Consciousness or Circle of Light now has the potential to Unite in a way that has never been experienced within the history of mankind to date. Yes, the consciousness of 80 or so years ago has changed in its necessity to be understood today in the New Consciousness.  In the past, it was more about mental understanding, but today it is inclining toward the Heart Knowing!  Do you understand?  Today it is about Divine Trust and Faith that if one follows their own Star Patterns, Light trajectories, set within the Cosmic Geometric Matrices, slowly coming into a new manifested form, as Lord Melchizedek was alluding to as part of the New Ashrams, Circles of Light, now awaiting Creative Inaugurations.  Dear Souls, Beings like you are doing this, you are defining the way because you are slowly understanding the Cosmic Laws, and how to creatively use the Powers of Love, Will, Wisdom and Divine Intelligence to bring about a more suitable mode of Education for the Empowerment of the masses of humanity.

“This begins Dear Hearts, with the full Self-Realization that you have nothing to Prove any longer.  Just your full participation in Service to Humanity, by dissolving aspects of your old self, that makes way to allow you to be free to accept your Birth Right as a Child of God.  This Self-Realization needs no intellect (lower mind activity).  It does however simply require your Divine Trust and Faith, to follow your Heart, undeterred, unwaveringly and without those facets of human thought that only continues to delay your arrival at Self.

“I do not wish to go into the Building of the Antahkarana at this time as this is indeed a whole other subject matter beyond the parameters of this Rule 1 Study, although much is alluded to it as part and parcel of it to move forward.  You have the information regarding this subject and you can use your own discretion as to how this may be implemented or not.  This remains an open facet of this Trial.  So, all I wish to say now is enjoy the experience and please share your findings within the Group, and if you have any questions, you will find the answers being provided more than adequately.

“Remember to fast track your Vibrational Resonances still requires your undivided attention and you still need to do the work as it is presented to you, however, it shall be as if as you walk your own steps that Light up, to show you the way. Such a way will be implanted with many challenges, obstacles and difficulties, you are going to have to prove your dedication, your abilities to stand before the tests and trials, but fear not, Dear Hearts, We Stand beside and behind you in Full Support of your Becoming the Christed Son/Daughter Servant of God!   

“Time now to set yourself to the task in Trust and Faith of your Own Volitions and Vocations.

“We Are One

“I Am Master Djwhal Khul, in Your Service”.

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  1. Thank you for this Peter! Very much appreciated. Peter can I ask you, have you read the papers on tectonic plate shifts by Melchizedek ?

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