Mary Jesus EGA Heading

Hello Dear Souls, and Beloved Family of Light,

I Am Peter Melchizedek, and I Am the Founder of The Elemental Grace Alliance. This Alliance is the result of the gathering of a Christ Council that was formed with the Intention of seeking resolutions for all of the problems upon Earth and within the realms of human consciousness.  It IS the story of humanity and our loss of Divine Consciousness and the path of our True Connections with The Prime Creations of Mother/Father God, through the Elemental, Nature, Devic and Angelic Host Kingdoms.

In January of 2011, I was Over Lighted with an idea, an inspiration that has changed the direction of my life.  It has taken nearly 4 yours to bring into it full Expression and now I Am about to share all that has been formalized for its introduction to those open to receive it. This Mission inspired by My I Am Presence and God, has a Divine Desired Expression to Manifest now upon the Earth through many other Divinely Inspired Human Beings.  If you have arrived at this site and perhaps are open to new ideas and concepts to discover a Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit for you, your Family, the Elemental, nature, Devic and Angelic Host Kingdoms and the World, then perhaps there is something within this Divine Plan, that God Desire’s for you to know and discover here. Only you will discern that for yourself before it becomes a Knowing!

If your Heart is quickened by this potential, then Your I Am Presence is speaking to you at this very moment. If so, then please come and enter My/Our Heart sharing.  I Know, through God, that We have some truly major Work to dedicate Our Lives to now, as We Fully Embrace the New Cosmic Consciousness of the New 7th Golden Age!   The Age of the Second Coming of ‘The Christed Ones’; the 144,000 Human Beings who are now aligning with each other for the final stage of the Salvation of Humanity.  Are you one of these Beings? Right Now so much potential is available for us to remember, it will only take some changes within our own thought processes and Our DNA encodements will follow.

In Love We Share, In Light We Respond, In Life We Live!

Welcome to Your New Life, if that is your choice!

Peter Melchizedek

Who Is Peter Melchizedek?


I Am what I call a Conscious Evolutionary Guide.  I Am a Member of the Christ Councils of Lights, a Disciple of the Order of Melchizedek and a Priest of the same Order. My studies have included many areas of Metaphysics, Ontology, Quantum Physics and Earth Energies.

My Work with the Christ Councils and the Elohim are through these Love Vibrations that assist people in shifting their consciousness from lower thought forms to Higher Ones. I use the tools of the physical world and the logical mind to resonate Truth within the hearts of those who have given themselves permission to be healed and accept Their Own Mastership and Godship.  I take complex dynamics and quantum physics, reducing them to simple logical parameters for others to follow and align to, should this be their choice.

My Principle Interest in Galactic Human Affairs, Ontology and the diversification of my awareness and Knowledge of Universal Energies and their Laws and Principles, can make any seminar, workshop, consultation or talking engagement, quite thought provoking, offering many opportunities for change.

I would love to hear from any one who is interested in my ‘I Am’ Work or who would like to participate at some level.  I may also be in a position to answer any questions one may have as to their continuing spiritual growth and development.

All inquiries are answered by me personally, so do not hesitate to contact me.

In Love and Light



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